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D60920 AIG Newsletter Oct E


									                                                                                                                                                   3rd Quarter 2006
    Accident & Health Newsletter for AIG South Africa Ltd. and AIG Life South Africa Ltd.

   Invigorate, Innovate & Invest

                                               Invigorate                                            We are also fortunate to be part of the
                                                                                                 leading international insurance organization
                                               1. Prioritize our countries by size and           and we are increasingly sharing best
                                                  growth. South Africa is a tier I country       practices from around the world.
                                                  because of its size, present contribution
                                                  and potential. We have operations in           Invest
                                                  Kenya and Uganda and write business
                                                  in eight other countries on the continent.     We need to invest big to win big. We have
                                                                                                 recently completed a significant minority
                                               2. Sharpen our focus on Voluntary                 investment in a black owned call centre that
                                                  Employee Benefits, Direct Marketing,           is dedicated to distributing A&H products.
               Patrick Corbett                    and Electronic Travel (in 11 African           We are hungry and looking for other
                                                  countries) to enable us to make our            strategic investments which will help grow
                                                  business less price-sensitive and,             our business.
                                                  ultimately, more profitable.
Within the foreign general insurance
                                                                                                 The investment in our e-travel platform, the
business of AIG, Accident & Health             3. Align our resources to support current         TravelAfrica front end, is already reaping
                                                  and expanded distribution needs.               the rewards in South Africa and this is being
produces more than US$3 billion insurance                                                        rolled out in 11 African countries as we
                                               4. Assess our operational and systems             broaden our travel footprint in Africa. We
premiums which over recent years has
                                                  needs to maximize support for our              continue to invest in this distribution to
consistently grown 15% per annum                  business especially in DM, VEB and e-          allow for direct to consumer internet sales,
                                                  travel.                                        intranet sales and corporate online travel.
whilst maintaining a healthy margin.
                                               5. Maximize the “Office of the Customer”          Investment in people is essential and we
    Africa in premium income terms, is the        initiatives.                                   continue to grow the A&H team in Africa, not
fourth largest region in the world and South                                                     only with headcount but with a view to improve
Africa is recognized a tier 1 country and as   6. Segment our customers across all groups        quality with local and international training.
such, our contribution to the worldwide           where we have seen an emerging                 The key is the sustainability of our growth and
effort cannot be underestimated. The              propensity to buy A&H products in              building the bench forms a big part of this.
expected contribution from Africa in 2007         conjunction with CRM development.
is 20% growth which can be attained with
the strategies we have in place, laser focus   Innovate
                                                                                                   Thank you once again for being
on the execution of these strategies and
with continued investment in the resources     We need to take time to innovate and to set
                                                                                                   part of this winning team, and
to support implementation.                     up a structure to facilitate this. Therefore in
                                               2007 we will be setting up Profitable Growth        remember…win Big with A&H.
   What is driving this growth can be          Teams and we will be looking to all our
encapsulated in three words: Invigorate,       partners to participate and contribute to the
Innovate, Invest.                              innovation process.

                                                                                                                               Page 1
  Looking Ahead to 2007

An integral part of A&H South Africa is the    For 2007 our budget has been set at a        This we believe can be achieved with the
                                               further 19% growth, which from a growth      key strategies identified at the conference
evolution of the business and change. The      perspective is extremely aggressive based    which the team is already very busy
reason for this is to ensure that we remain    on the size of the A&H book.                 implementing.

ahead of our competitors and always            However the major challenge that the team    The conference was a huge success and
                                               set for themselves during the budget         the A&H team left Rustenburg exhausted
achieve our aggressive growth targets.
                                               conference is to achieve R1 billion annual   but excited about what the remainder of
                                               premium income by 2009!                      2006 and 2007 holds for us.
As part of this we hold an annual
A&H budget conference, which this
year happened during June in Rustenburg.
The conference was held over 5 days and
was attended by a group of 34 individuals
from A&H.

The objective of our annual budget
conference is to review year to date results
and strategies and to plan for the year
ahead. With this challenge in mind the
team worked hard to come up with new
strategies and key focus areas for 2007
to ensure that we achieve the required

In 2006 we estimate to achieve 19% growth
over prior year for Accident & Health
overall which is in excess of R650 million
annual premium income.

              Blain Waterford

   Page 2
  Group Benefits - Lifeline Plus Launch

Over the past 12 months the Group Benefits
                                              Our lucky winner was Colleen Creswell          Here are some of the changes that has
team have re-established AIG Accident &
                                              from Glenrand MIB and she and her partner
                                                                                             everyone excited about Lifeline Plus.
Health as a player in the Corporate Broker    will be jetting off to London for 4 days and
                                              will get the opportunity to meet our
Market. Their objective over the next 18                                                     •   Group Personal Accident – reduced
                                              colleagues at our London office.
                                                                                                 exclusions (e.g. war, terrorism, alcohol
months is to maximise the existing
                                                                                                 etc), increased limits (e.g. R150 million
relationships, expand Business Travel and     The main launch in Johannesburg was                ground accumulation limit) and
to increase the Group Benefits distribution                                                      additional assistance benefits (e.g.
                                              followed by Lifeline Plus launches in
                                                                                                 Lifeline Assist for accidental exposure
into other markets.                           Durban, PE and Cape Town. Please watch             to HIV/AIDS).
                                              out for roll out technical presentations
One of the key focus areas for the Group                                                     •   Business Travel Insurance – reduced
A&H Team for 2006 was the redesigning         which will be conducted countrywide.               exclusions (e.g. war, terrorism, alcohol
and enhancement of the Group Benefits                                                            and manual labour etc), increased limits
products and the launch of Lifeline Plus.                                                        (R75 million), additional assistance

                                                                                             •   Image Protector (Visitors PA) – reduced
                                                                                                 exclusions (e.g. war, terrorism, NBC
                                                                                                 etc) and improved policy wording.

                                                                                             •   Group Hospital Plan – is an entirely
                                                                                                 new addition.

                                                                                             With over 50 key changes to these
                                                                                             products, new marketing material and an
                                                      Gary Jack, Colleen Cresswell
                                                           & Blain Waterford                 exciting launch the Group Benefits team
                                                                                             are very proud of this initiative.

                                                                                             As you can see, it’s been exciting and
                                                                                             challenging to address the market needs
             Lifeline Plus Ogre
                                                                                             and enhance our product offerings while
                                                                                             maintaining the current product rating

Lifeline Plus was officially launched to                                                     structure and principles. The most exciting

our various partners on the 13th of                                                          and challenging of all was putting together

September 2006 at Conferencing on                                                            a launch that would do justice to these

Katherine.                                                                                   unique products.

The highlight of the launch was not the
                                                               Gary Jack                     We believe that our revolutionary products
story about how A&H defeated the status
quo, or Gary Jack taking on a 2 meter tall                                                   will change the face of the Corporate A&H
Ogre, or the stunning venue with the great
food and drink enjoyed by all - but the                                                      market in South Africa and we are excited
highlight was most definitely the draw to                                                    to see the response!
win a trip to London for two.

                                                                                                                           Page 3
    IPA / Speciality

It was decided that based on renewed                 to support and grow our various
                                                     partners and broker books of business.
focus and key strategies identified that IPA
                                                     Making specific use of the Office of the
/ Specialty would form a separate division           Customer techniques to existing policy
                                                     holders via direct response marketing
within A&H and no longer form part of
                                                     including inbound and outbound
A&H Group Benefits.                                  telemarketing and mailings.

The Specialty team is now headed up by           •   Offering added value to speciality
Mike De Jong who will be supported by                markets where embedded insurance
Palesa Mafoko and Roshnee Kistiah.                   cover will help them maximise their
                                                     current portfolio with their underlying
With a new team and dedicated resources              client base. Part of the embedded
the team will focus on the following areas           program value proposition is up selling
of business:                                         and cross selling via Direct Response
                                                     Marketing distributions using an agreed
•   Our Third Party Administrators,                  product sequence.
    who have a broker network selling
    AIG products.                                The Specialty team was put in place during
                                                 July this year and we have already seen
•   One of the key strategies for 2007 is        some new business wins and significant           Mike De Jong and Lucy Kalify
    making use of alternative distribution       growth on the Specialty book of business.

    Direct Marketing

One of the key focus areas for the Direct            endorsed databases and endorsed offers
Marketing team in 2006 has been the                  to new and existing databases.
growth and development of controlled and
exclusive call centre distribution, as well      •   Broad Market & Alternative Distribution
as the maximisation of our Office of the             – some of you may have already seen
Customer Strategies.This focus should                or heard some of our TV or radio ads
ensure we achieve in excess of 18% growth            and even some of our printed ads,
over prior year in 2006. With a budget of            during 2007 we will continue to focus
19% for 2007 the team will once again                on this initiative and test various
have renewed focus on the following                  approaches in order to maximize these
key strategies:                                      opportunities in line with the Data
                                                     Privacy Legislation.
•   Controlled and Exclusive Call Centre
    Distribution – this type of focus enables    •   Office of the Customer (OOC) – with
    us to maximize each opportunity with             the ongoing success of this program it
    our call centre partners and to together         goes without saying that OOC will
    focus on the growth and development              continue to be a major focus and
    that is required within each call centre         strategy for Direct Marketing in 2007.
    and type of business.
                                                 The Direct Marketing team is looking forward
•   Affinity Sponsor Development - with the      to an exciting and exceptionally successful
    threat of Data Privacy Legislation hanging   year in 2007 with the continued support of
    over all of our heads we have identified     our call center partners and our sponsors we   Lucy Kalify, Vanette van der Merwe
    the need to develop and maximise             believe we can set new records next year.              and Mandy Fourie

                                                                                                                        Page 4
    Voluntary Employment Benefits (VEB)

                                              The key focus of Voluntary Employment
                                                                                               •   New Business Strategy – the
                                              Benefits (VEB) in 2006 has been the
                                                                                                   development of new business
                                              rebuilding of the VEB team and evolving              opportunities within the SME market
                                              the business from a product focus to an              and with key National Accounts.

                                              employee benefits solution focus which will      •   Creating an Elite Agency Force –
                                              see this area grow in excess of 30% this             which will be focused on the Gauteng
                                                                                                   region with relevant support areas
                                              year which is a terrific result. With a budget       countrywide.
                                              in 2007 of 35% growth the team will continue
                                                                                               The VEB team believe that they have this
                                              to focus on the following key strategies:        year created a strong and stable team
                                                                                               which will not only ensure the growth of
                                              •   Maximising of Existing Accounts – once       the business income required but also
                                                  again the VEB team have proven how           ensure ongoing improved servicing of our
                                                  successful the Office of the Customer        current clients and brokers. We look
                                                  concept can be and up selling and            forward to an exciting and successful year
                Mike Stuart                       cross selling to current employees will      in 2007 and seeing the VEB area go from
                                                  continue to be a key focus in 2007.          strength to strength.


The Travel team has had an exceptional            2006. This is predominately due to the           can be achieved and the exceptional
year and are expected to achieve in excess        focused strategy within the Travel Call          results of 2006 can be repeated.
of 40% growth in 2006. With this                  Centre and this distribution remains a
enormous success almost behind them               key focus of the Office of the Customer
the team has now set themselves a high            and Travel Team.
benchmark for 2007.
                                              •   Electric Blue – Launched in September
In order to ensure that the Travel team is        of 2006 and has already proven to be
in a position to achieve their budget for         an effective tool for communication
2007, the team will focus on the following        and support for our Travel Partners.
key strategies and areas:
                                              •   New Product – Travel 365. This product
•   Travel Africa our web based front end         will launch in October and is an exciting
    launched in June of 2006, has already         completely new travel product that will
    proven to be hit with our Travel Agents       allow us to maximise alternative
    and our Travel Agency Partners, and           distribution mediums for travel and
    has been created to support our Travel        ensure that clients are covered all year
    Agencies in the issuing of AIG Travel         round. Look out for this exciting product!
    Insurance Policies.
                                                  The Travel team are exceptionally
•   NAC programs and NAC Up-sell - NAC            excited about 2007 and believe that
    programs with our various bank partners       although a challenge, with the support
                                                  of their various partners the budget                      Anrieth Symons
    have enjoyed substantial growth during

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                                                JOHANNESBURG                            011 408 6611
A&H Management
Patrick Corbett                                 Regional Vice President Africa          011 408 6861
Ron Agatep                                      Regional Underwriting Manager           011 408 6605
Blain Waterford                                 Profit Centre Manager South Africa      011 408 6805
Michelle Naidoo                                 Underwriting Manager SA                 011 408 6807
Khulekani Njokweni                              Senior Group Benefits Underwriter       011 276 9582
Julian Ellman                                   Consumer Business Underwriter           011 408 6823
Edith Vorster                                   Group Benefits Underwriter              011 408 6626
Judith Broodryk                                 Claims Manager                          011 408 6696
Sandra Swann                                    Claims - Direct Marketing               011 408 6932
Beverley Chame                                  Claims - Group Benefits                 011 408 6684
Riaana Jobson                                   Claims - Voluntary Employee Benefits    011 276 9591
Jeannine Gates                                  Operations Manager                      011 408 9583
Martin Wendt                                    Customer Service Manager                011 408 6806
Africa Projects
Carel Kotze                                     Regional Business Development Manager   011 408 6733
Marketing, Direct Marketing and OOC
Lucy Kalify                                     Marketing Manager                       011 408 6883
Jason Luyt                                      CRM Manager                             011 276 9584
Mandy Fourie                                    Senior Account Manager                  011 877 1925
Vanette van der Merwe                           Senior Account Manager                  011 276 9599
Anriëth Symon                                   Travel Manager                          011 408 6738
Gareth Levinsohn                                Account Manager                         011 877 1958
Voluntary Employee Benefits
Mike Stuart                                     VEB Manager                             011 408 6918
Bernie Gibb                                     VEB Agency Manager                      011 408 6976
Sandie Jenkins                                  VEB National Accounts                   011 276 9598
Karen Van Skalkwyk                              VEB Agency Manager                      011 877 1918
Group Benefits / Individual Personal Accident
Gary Jack                                       Group Benefits Manager                  011 877 1577
Joanne Gloag                                    Group Benefits Manager                  011 276 9361
Mike De Jong                                    Account Manager                         011 408 6818
Michelle Edmeades                               Account Manager                         011 408 6850
Nicholas Francis                                Account Manager                         011 877 1581
Lourens De Vries                                A&H Branch Specialist                   011 276 9596
Travel Marketers
Edward Maas                                     Travel Marketer - JHB                   083 304 1597
Penny Barry                                     Travel Marketer - JHB                   082 602 2054
Margie Manser                                   Travel Marketer - Durban                083 783 0914
Liz Mackay                                      Travel Marketer - CPT                   082 457 8327
Susan Boast                                     Travel Marketer - CPT                   083 412 5774
Bridgette Perry                                 Travel Marketer - Durban                082 093 7792
Voluntary Employee Benefit Consultants
Yolanda Louw                                    Benefit Consultant - Nelspruit          083 714 2601
Marnel Botha                                    Benefit Consultant - Polokwane          082 496 0510
Julio Rebello                                   Benefit Consultant - CPT                021 416 5180
Vernon Ramnarain                                Benefit Consultant - JHB                011 408 6611
Siven Pillay                                    Benefit Consultant - JHB                011 408 6611
Youshaa Motan                                   Benefit Consultant - JHB                011 408 6611
Amanda Koen                                     Benefit Consultant - PE                 041 373 0696

                                                DURBAN                                  031 366 0500
Thagy Govender                                                                          Branch Manager
                                                PORT ELIZABETH                          041 373 0696
Martin Wilson                                                                           Branch Manager
                                                JOHANNESBURG                            011 276 9319
Anthony O’Reilly                                                                        National Branch Manager
                                                PRETORIA                                012 362 2479
Jenny Smith                                                                             Branch Manager
                                                CAPE TOWN                               021 416 5188
Isaac Jacobs                                                                            Branch Manager

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