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									APRIL 28, 2006                                                                                       VOLUME

                                 Welcome to our e-Newsletter. We would like to bring you up to date on
    GREATER MEMPHIS              Memphis Greenline, Inc. (GMGI), and invite you to participate with us in
         501c(3)                 Memphis Greenline (GMG) over the next years. Our previous newslette
                                                          Please feel free to pass this newsletter on
  The Greater Memphis
   Greenline (GMG) is a
  proposed 13-mile
                              In June, 2004, members of a local nonprofit group, CommonSense, Inc., for
    multi-use urban            to discuss the feasibility of developing the GMG into a hiking/biking trail. It
 park/trail on a former          new group, dedicated specifically to this project, was called for. Invitation
 CSX railroad right-of-         nonprofit groups which might be interested in promoting this project to sel
      way from the            Board of Directors. This group met for the first time in August, 2004, and si
     intersection of                per month. Out Board members are posted on our website, www.grea
    Grove/Union in                                         ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO DAT
 Midtown Memphis to                                                        501c(3)
 near Houston Levee            The GMGI has received a 501c(3) from the Federal Government as a pub
   in the suburbs of                                               GMG are tax-deductible.
    Shelby County.
                                         GOVERNMENTAL RECOGNITION AND STATUS OF
                                  A draft Memorandum of Understanding which gives the GMGI official s
                                maintain the GMG (with final approval for changes resting with local gove
                                survey of the property has been completed, and the Trust for Public Land
                                                          negotiations to purchase the property from CS
 The Mission of Greater
 Memphis Greenline, Inc. is                                                    WEBSITE
   to collaborate in a         Our site is, and to date it contains a lis
     public-private           the organizations they represent; pictures of a well established hiking/biking
 partnership with local         which we hope to emulate here; a section on the advantages of a neighbo
  government in the           number of references for further reading; a survey which you can fill out abo
  development of the             like to see in your neighborhood; pictures of an already-established trai
     GMG and other
                                                          neighborhood; and volunteer/donation/contact fo
 unused railway right-
      of ways and
unused railway right-
     of ways and                                             COMMUNITY INPUT AND SUPPORT
    easements in               We have held two more public events since December 2005 to survey opin
Memphis and Shelby              to see on the section of the GMG near them – at the Rotary/Germantown,
                                  appreciate that safety and security are primary concerns, and will work c
 County, to create a
                                 neighborhood associations and anyone else to ensure a satisfactory desig
                                                           meet with your group, just ask and we’ll arrange
park/hiking-biking trail

                                       Community support has been
                                       overwhelming. We already have a
                                       potential volunteer list of over 300,
                                       and as soon as the County has
 For more information please
                                       official access to the GMG (and it
           contact:                    won’t be considered trespassing), we
                                       will schedule some cleanup days
     Steven Sondheim
       271 No. Rose
    Memphis, TN 38117
      (901) 761- 1793

                                       We are in the process of establishing the following committees: Cl
                                       Fundraising, Community/Neighborhood, Volunteers, Publicity, Long
                                       Membership, and Security. If you are interested in participating, ple
                        VOLUME 1, NUMBER 2

 ike to bring you up to date on the activities of the Greater
vite you to participate with us in the creation of the Greater
 t years. Our previous newsletter is posted on our website.
ee to pass this newsletter on.

group, CommonSense, Inc., formed an exploratory committee
 MG into a hiking/biking trail. It soon became apparent that a
oject, was called for. Invitations were issued to all the local
 in promoting this project to select a representative to a new
 st time in August, 2004, and since then has met at least once
sted on our website,

Federal Government as a public charity. All donations to the
G are tax-deductible.
 which gives the GMGI official standing to help develop and
 hanges resting with local government) is still circulating. A
d, and the Trust for Public Land is helping with the ongoing
purchase the property from CSX.

 g, and to date it contains a list of our Board of Directors and
 a well established hiking/biking/equestrian trail in Reston, VA
 n the advantages of a neighborhood trail/linear park, with a
urvey which you can fill out about what type of trail you would
  of an already-established trail in the Vollintine-Evergreen
d volunteer/donation/contact forms
December 2005 to survey opinions on what people would like
m – at the Rotary/Germantown, and the Exchange Club. We
 mary concerns, and will work closely with government and
 e to ensure a satisfactory design. If you would like for us to
 oup, just ask and we’ll arrange it.

g the following committees: Cleanup, Design/Development,
 od, Volunteers, Publicity, Long-Term Planning, Newsletter,
e interested in participating, please contact us.

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