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					2nd DACAR Progress Meeting 15th April 2010
               GS1 Offices

            Dr. Christoph Thuemmler 2010
1.   Introductions and Welcome
2.   Report on the current stage of the project and description of progress for each
     active work package including summary of the status of all due deliverables and
3.   Further elaboration on the 2nd level plan and confirmation of details
4.   Q1 claim submission and requirements for Q2 claim
5.   Review of project expenditure against the spend profile and the status of grant
6.   NIHR research portfolio
7.   Workshop at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital on 24 th/25th May
8.   Additional points
9.   Confirmation of next quarterly meeting
NIHR Portfolio
•   WP1 Security Management: on schedule, results expected by the end of Q3
•   WP2 Smart Devices and System Integration: on schedule, results expected by the end of Q4
•   WP3 Data Capture and Middleware: ahead of schedule
•   WP4 Project Management: Delayed, Q1 claims now submitted, C+W and Imperial will have to
    provide Independent Accountant reports within the next 4 weeks and have agreed to do so.
    Staff recruited apart from one PhD student which is immanent. Clinical environment analysis
    will be completed in May. Additional to the outlined aims and objectives a needs assessment
    will take place. Cost efficiency analysis to start after the workshop in May (agreed delay due
    to C+W needs assessment)
•   W5 Codes and Standards: RFID Standards definition to be taken over from CASAGRAS and
    GRIFS. 4 weeks delay. Researcher will pick up once appointed
•   W6 Evaluation, Clinical Risk analysis will start in June ahead of scheduled due to operational
•   W7 User security integration: User risk analysis delayed until after the Workshop in May in
    order to respond to the needs identified by C+W.
• Chelsea and Westminster NHS submitted “nil”
  claim for Q1
• Imperial College submitted “nil” claim for Q1
• There is currently no indication for over-or
  under-spending although we have to wait
  until Q2 will be submitted by 31st May
              CELESTOR LTD
• Celestor Ltd founded in March
• Christoph Thuemmler CEO, Sofyane Khedim
  Technical Director, several shareholders
• Independent Enterprise to provide specific
  consulting and services on top of a cloud
  infrastructure provided by growing number of
• Memorandum of Understanding with Siemens
  AG in place
           Kaiser Permanente
• Strong interest in DACAR development
• Interest in DACAR processes and technology
• Collaboration in future projects subject to
• Visit to Kaiser research centre planned for end
  of April
• Dr. Thuemmler to speak at Technology
  Changing Healthcare in Sterling on 19th May
• Workshop at Chelsea and Westminster
  Hospital to be held at 24th/25th of May 2010
• Invitation to present outcomes at ehealth
  2010 in Vancouver 30th May to 3rd June
• Dr. Thuemmler to present
• Papers to be published in July/August
               Next Meeting
• 6th July 2010 ?

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