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					                                                                Surf Coast Tourism Board Meeting
                                                                         Wednesday 19 July 2006

                            HELD AT THE SANDS TORQUAY
                              Wednesday 19 July 2006, 5pm


     Dee Stewart (Chair), Kevin McDonald, Bob Bailey, Brad Weetman, Anthony Gurry, David
     Dickinson, Matthew di Sciascio, Richard Everist (arrived 5.25pm), Nick Russell

      In attendance: Stephen Wall, Simon Loone, Charelle Cuolahan, Cr. Keith Grossman, Cr.
      Lindsay Schroeter

     Cr. Dean Webster, John Anderson, Ari Lingam


      Moved: Brad Weetman        Seconded: David Dickinson

      The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed as a true and correct record of the

5. BUSINESS ARISING:                                                             Action

5.1 Tourism Strategic Plan

Simon Loone reported that he met with Urban Enterprise and discussed the
public feedback. No major changes have been made to the document and the
final draft will be presented to Council on 15 August for adoption.

Simon Loone suggested the Board consider some PR for a launch of the Simon to draft one
document. Work still has to be done in regards to developing an annual action year action plan.
plan to support the strategies.

5.2 Torquay Visitor Centre/Surfworld         Opportunity Study Steering

Simon Loone advised that two positions are available for Board members to be
part of the Steering Committee for the Torquay Visitor Centre/Surfworld
opportunity study. It was suggested that the representative should be from

Bob Bailey, Nick Russell and Richard Everist expressed their interest in being
involved and it was suggested that amongst the three of them, there be two

representatives present at each meeting.

Moved: Matthew di Sciascio       Seconded: Kevin McDonald

Motion: That Bob Bailey, Nick Russell and Richard Everist be the Board Simon to advise
representatives on the Torquay Visitor Centre/Surfworld Opportunity Daryl Treloar of
Study Steering Committee. That amongst the three representatives, there representatives.
be two present at each Steering Committee meeting.

5.3 Tourism Research Australia: Surf Coast Shire Case Study

Simon Loone informed the Board that he has sought comments from Board
members with regards to the research brief. Feedback was received from
David Dickinson whom suggested a greater focus on retailers in tourism.

Geelong Otway Tourism is currently approaching consultants to undertake the
study. Simon Loone will provide further information at the next meeting.

5.4 Memorandum of Understanding

Simon Loone advised that Geelong Otway Tourism are currently drafting a
Memorandum of Understanding between the Geelong Otway Tourism Board
and each Local Tourism Association including the Surf Coast Tourism Board.

Stephen Wall reminded Board members that although a Memorandum of                   Simon to provide a
Understanding does already exist between the Geelong Otway Tourism and              copy of the draft
Council, it does not address issues such as collection of membership fees,          MOU          when
communication and associated administration.                                        available.

Dee Stewart indicated that this is a step in the right direction in terms of
improving communications and outlining responsibilities of both parties.

5.5 Vacant Position on Surf Coast Tourism Board

Stephen Wall advised that following the last Board meeting, a recommendation
was made to Council to permit the vacant position to be filled by a
representative of the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee.

Following a Council resolution, a letter has been sent to David Clarke inviting a
representative of the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee to be a member of
the Surf Coast Tourism Board until February 2007.

Moved: Nick Russell      Seconded: David Dickinson

Motion: That the Board endorse the action taken by Stephen Wall in
recommending to Council to permit the vacant position to be filled by a
representative of the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee as an interim


Inward and outward correspondence for the previous month was documented
and provided to the meeting for information.

It was noted that the letter to David Clarke, Great Ocean Road Coast
Committee, regarding the Land and Sea Discovery Centre was to express the
Board’s support in principle for the concept of the project.

Moved: Anthony Gurry        Seconded: Nick Russell

Motion: The Board receive and             note the inward        and    outward
correspondence report provided.


7.1 Monthly Report for June 2006

Simon Loone advised that there is no Finance Report for June 2006 as the
Finance Department requires an additional period of time to finalise all revenue
and expenditure for the year. A full report for the 2005-06 year will be prepared
and provided to the Annual General Meeting.

7.2 Council Budget

Stephen Wall advised that the Council budget was adopted on 27 June 2006.
Extracts from the Council budget that relate to tourism were provided to Board

Moved: Anthony Gurry        Seconded: Nick Russell

Motion: The Board receive and note information provided with regards to
the budget. The Board also thank Council and staff for their support in
relation to the budget process.


Stephen Wall advised that Council’s Executive Management Team approved a
temporary re-structure of the Torquay Visitor Centre and Surfworld Museum.
The temporary re-structure has been approved for a nine month period
scheduled to conclude on 27 April 2007.

A position has been advertised for a full time Coordinator for the Torquay
Visitor Centre and Surfworld and a review of staffing structure and business
plans will occur in line with the Surfworld/Torquay VIC opportunity study.

The budget allocation for Surfworld will be transferred to the tourism budget
and the Board will be encouraged to have input into the future direction of the

The consensus from Board members was that they support this decision and it

was suggested that future Board meetings be held at the museum.

8.1 Tourism Coordinator Report

Simon Loone provided the Board with a written report which outlines tourism
activity for the previous month. The following items were discussed:

Green Globe 21 Accreditation

Simon Loone explained that Surf Coast Tourism pays an annual fee of $2725
to continue the Surf Coast Shire region to be benchmarked as a Community.
There are many indicators required to achieve a benchmarked level including
air and water quality, however the only indicator that is related directly to
tourism is the number of Green Globe accredited operators (of which there is

Simon Loone questioned whether Green Globe 21 was relevant as a way for
Surf Coast Touirsm to monitor the environmental impact of tourism or whether
it is considered a more appropriate indicator for the environmental health of the
Surf Coast Shire in general.

It was agreed by Board members that Green Globe 21 is important for the Surf
Coast Shire as a whole, not just Surf Coast Tourism, and thus it be referred to
the Surf Coast Shire Environmental Unit as a Council initiative.

Moved: Matthew di Sciascio       Seconded: Bob Bailey

Motion: That Board suggest that the Green Globe 21 Accreditation be
referred to the Surf Coast Shire Environmental Unit as a Council

Sponsorship Request – Surf Coast Living Green Festival

Simon Loone requested Board members to consider the sponsorship request
made by the Surf Coast Living Green Festival in relation to the event
sponsorship guidelines.
                                                                           Simon to send letter
It was suggested that applying for a council community grant would be more to the Surf Coast
appropriate for this type of event.                                        Living       Green
Moved: Brad Weetman Seconded: Nick Russell

Motion: That the Board recommends to the Surf Coast Living Green
Festival to consider other appropriate avenues for funding such as the
council community grants.

Sponsorship Request – Winchelsea Festival

Simon Loone requested Board members to consider the sponsorship request

made by the Winchelsea Festival in relation to the event sponsorship

It was agreed that the Board should continue to support the event and provide Simon to send letter
a ‘bronze level’ sponsorship along with in-kind support.                      to the Winchelsea
Moved: Anthony Gurry Seconded: David Dickinson

Motion: The Board provide the Winchelsea Festival with a ‘bronze level’
($1000) sponsorship along with in-kind support.
8.2 Local Tourism & Trader Reports

Torquay Commerce & Tourism Association (TC&T)

Bob Bailey reported the following:

•   The after hour phone system at the Torquay Visitor Centre was discussed
    at their last meeting. Simon advised that the Torquay Visitor Centre will re-
    commence recording statistics on after hour enquires as of next month.

Winchelsea Tourism & Traders (WT&T)

Kevin McDonald reported the following:

•   The WT&T are currently organising a business breakfast function with
    guest speakers which will be held on 24 August 2006. Invitations will be
    posted early August.

•   Daryl Treloar is working on funding applications for the cultural centre in
    Winchelsea and will be reporting on progress soon.

•   WT&T have started planning an event to celebrate Marjorie Lawrence’s
    100th birthday in February next year.

Lorne Business & Tourism (LB&T)

Dee Stewart reported the following:

•   Their AGM has been postponed until 7 August due to lack of numbers at
    their last meeting.

•   The Great Ocean Road Marathon was discussed at their last meeting,
    Caribou Publications will be running the event again next year.

•   Some Lorne traders have suggested that there be bus shelters at the new
    bus stops along Mountjoy Parade.

•   LB&T have made a request to the Surf Coast Shire in relation to the rural
    strategy review and having representatives from LB&T or the Board

Aireys Inlet Tourism & Traders (AIT&T)

Charelle Cuolahan provided the Board with comments from John Anderson
following their last meeting, which were provided by email:

•   The new tourism fees were discussed at their last meeting and the AIT&T
    would like further clarification on the new structure. There is a concern that
    some businesses may be incorrectly categorised and there is also a
    deficiency in the way rate notices are detailed.

•   Simon Loone advised that the he has emailed Kevin Morrisey in order to
    provide further clarification on the membership structure and information on
    the rate notices has been revised to encourage commercial members to
    join with Surf Coast Tourism.

•   Stephen Wall also advised that the Council budget clearly outlines
    information on the commercial/industrial rate.

8.3 Skills Based Reports

•   Matthew di Sciascio reported that the Wine Growers Association have
    started planning for the Toast to Coast event. The next event will be held
    over two days instead of one which will include one day out in the regions.
    The Wine Growers Association has also been approached by event
    organisers for Scandia Week and will be looking to include some branding
    of the three wine regions during the event.
•   Nick Russell reported that work is underway in planning the 50th
    anniversary of surfing with Surfing Victoria and Quiksilver, which will
    include a surfing competition and commemorative dinner. Rip Curl are also
    currently investigating a film featuring Mick Fanning and have been talking
    to Torquay Sunset Cinema in relation to this.
•   Brad Weetman reported that the Managing Director of Tourism Australia
    will be at the Cumberland on Monday 24 July 2006. Simon Loone advised
    that the Managing Director is meeting with various local tourism industry
    representatives including himself to discuss local issues.
•   David Dickinson advised that Geelong Otway Tourism have arranged an
    event in Torquay for members to meet the new Chief Executive Officer of
    Tourism Victoria.
8.4 Great Ocean Road Marketing (GORM)

Simon Loone reported that the branding workshop with Tourism Victoria was
very successful and thanked the Board members who attended. In six to eight
weeks a proposal of how the Surf Coast branding can work in with the Great
Ocean Road branding ‘a natural stretch of therapy’ will be provided by Tourism

8.5 Geelong Otway Tourism

Dee Stewart reported that the annual projects plan was adopted at the last
Board meeting. A copy of the annual projects plan was distributed to all Board
members at the meeting.

The annual projects plan and marketing packages have been sent out to
members. Dee Stewart raised concern with the marketing packages as it was
not discussed at a Board level or officer level and the marketing packages
appear to be quite expensive. This matter will be raised at the next Board

Simon Loone extended an invitation to Board member to attend the next
Geelong Otway Tourism Board meeting on 27 August. Prior to the meeting a
presentation will be made on the Social Impacts of Tourism study for the Surf

8.6 Council Report

Cr. Keith Grossman reported that the two optional dress beaches in Torquay
were discussed at the last Council meeting. Council have made a
recommendation to the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee to remove one of
the optional dress beaches.


9.1 Geelong By-pass Road
The potential impacts of the Geelong By-pass road was discussed. Richard Stephen to follow up
Everist queried the statistics available in terms of traffic and suggested that it Geelong By-pass
needs to be explored further by the board. Stephen Wall advised that Council Road.
has been involved to date and a session is being held with affiliated parties to
discuss the By-pass Road soon. Stephen Wall will explore further and ensure
an invitation is extended to Board members.

9.2 Lorne Visitor Centre Displays

Anthony Gurry queried how the Lorne Visitor Centre displays were going and Simon to provide
requested a report to be provided at the next meeting.                     report   on LVC
                                                                           displays at next
9.3 Signage                                                                meeting

Anthony Gurry queried how the signage policy enforcement was going.
Stephen Wall reported that the Surf Coast Shire Signage policy was adopted
which has included a six month lead up period before strict enforcement.

Anthony Gurry raised concern with the placement of the emergency signs near
Mount Duneed turn off as it blocks the arrival signs. Simon Loone reported
that he has followed up on this matter and requested that it be relocated.

9.4 Meeting Date

Simon Loone advised that Ari Lingam can no longer attend meetings on            Charelle to send
Wednesdays. There was much discussion about an appropriate meeting date         Board      members
and it was decided to hold meetings every second Thursday at 5.30pm             meeting dates and
commencing August 2006.                                                         venues for 2006.

NEXT MEETING: AGM 5.30pm Thursday 10 August 2006, Bellbrae Estate (Longboard)


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