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									                                                    Highlights of the Year
                                                    April 2001                                     July 2001
                                                    Unveiled proposals at the exhibition           Introduced Reserve List system as a
                                                    “Making Orchard Road More                      feature of the Government Land Sales
                                                    Happening!” organised jointly by URA           programme to give the market flexibility
                                                    and STB to make Orchard Road even              to decide on land supply.
                                                    more vibrant, more attractive and more
                                                    connected.                                     Released final Concept Plan 2001, a
                                                                                                   long-term plan that will guide
                                                    Released new guidelines to allow all core      Singapore’s physical development for
                                                    media activities to be housed in industrial,   the next 40 to 50 years, after extensive
                                                    warehouse and business park zones.             public consultation.

                                                    May 2001                                       Recognised seven conservation building
                                                    Announced new guidelines to encourage          projects with the Architectural Heritage
                                                    building owners to build underground           Awards for sensitive restoration works.
                                                    pedestrian links to MRT stations.

                                                    1                                              3

                                                    Held inaugural meeting of the                  August 2001
                                                    International Panel of Architects and          Organised the Duxton Plain
                                                    Urban Planners.                                International Architectural Design
                                                                                                   Competition to get fresh and innovative
1 More underground links with shops and             Commenced construction works for the           ideas on high-rise, high-density public
  eating outlets to MRT stations encouraged.        first phase of the Common Services             housing.
2 Handing over of the first New Downtown            Tunnel network in the New Downtown.
  sale site to the developers.                                                                     Simplified change-of-use guidelines with
                                                    June 2001                                      new Building Use table and launched
3 Restored MITA Building, a winner of the URA
                                                    Relaxed guidelines to encourage the            the change-of-use Lodgement Scheme
  Architectural Heritage Awards 2001.
                                                    provision of balconies in residential          to be more pro-business.
4 More design flexibility for strata landed         developments to enhance Singapore’s
  housing given.                                    Garden City ambience.                          September 2001
5 Simulation of the new Merlion Park when                                                          Relaxed guidelines on strata landed
                                                    Held Building Agreement Signing
  completed - a perfect picture spot.                                                              housing developments to provide more
                                                    ceremony for the first sale site in the
6 More places in the Central Area allowed for                                                      flexibility in design.
                                                    New Downtown.
  vibrant advertisement signs.
7 Chek Jawa to be kept for as long as land is
  not needed for development (photo courtesy
  of Ria Tan).
8 Key roads in Woodlands to be enhanced and
  transformed into attractive “green boulevards”.
9 The Jury in deliberation during judging of
  the Duxton Plain International Architectural
  Design Competition.                               2                                              4
                                                    Highlights of the Year

                                                                                                                                   URA annual report 01/02

October 2001                                Completed URA Enterprise, a               Signed a Memorandum of
Suspended the Confirmed List of the         comprehensive study on how URA has        Understanding with Thailand’s
Government Land Sales programme.            been doing and how it can do better.      Government Housing Bank to provide
Land will only be made available through                                              assistance in setting up their National
the Reserve List system instead.            January 2002                              Real Estate Information Centre.
                                            Led comprehensive review with various
November 2001                               government agencies on reclamation        March 2002
Launched the home-office concept            plans for Chek Jawa, which resulted in    Relaxed guidelines on industrial,
in five pilot areas to allow all types of   MND’s announcement of the decision        warehouse and business park
small businesses to use residential homes   to put off works to allow the unique      developments following POWER session
as offices.                                 nature ecosystems to be retained for      review.
                                            as long as possible.
Sold a site at Gopeng Street near                                                     April 2002
Tanjong Pagar MRT station for high-rise,                                              Launched new URA mission statement
high-density residential use to inject                                                at first public URA Corporate Plan
more housing in the city.                                                             Seminar, where key directions and
                                                                                      initiatives were also highlighted by
Started works for the new Merlion Park                                                Minister for National Developement
in Marina Bay.                                                                        and CEO, URA.

                                                                                      Facilitated discussions to achieve a win-
                                                                                      win solution in balancing nature
                                                                                      conservation and new golf course
                                            7                                         development at Kranji.

                                            Organised first Public Officers Working   Sold historic Waterboat House at
                                            to Eliminate Red Tape (POWER) session     Singapore River for commercial
5                                                                                     development as part of plans to revitalise
                                            with building professionals to review
                                            development control guidelines on         the waterfront area.
Released finalised Landmark and
Gateway Plan for the Central Area after     industrial, warehouse and business
                                            park developments.                        Announced winning scheme of the
public consultation.                                                                  Duxton Plain International
                                            February 2002                             Architectural Design Competition and
Launched online subscription-based Real                                               launched exhibition showcasing all
Estate Information System to provide        Released finalised urban design plans
                                            and guidelines for Orchard Road.          design schemes submitted.
timely information and data on
Singapore’s property market.
                                            Exhibited plans and proposals to
December 2001                               create a better living environment for
Extended the number of areas where          Woodlands residents.
advertisement signs would be permitted
in the Central Area to add more colour
and vibrancy at night.


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