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									MOU Template

                         MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING


                                         (Country MOH)


                                      (Your organization)




This memorandum of understanding is made between the (Country) Ministry of Health and (your
organization) concerning the implementation of a neglected tropical disease (NTD) program to
control five NTDs: Lymphatic Filariasis, Onchocerciasis, Schistosomiasis, Soil-transmitted
Helminths (STH), and Trachoma. The agreed activities are supported by the Neglected Tropical
Disease Control Program through an agreement issued to (your organization) by the U.S. Agency
for International Development (USAID) and RTI International.

The following agreement has been established by the Ministry of Health and (Your

   a) Given that the (Country) Ministry of Health, in its national strategy, has specifically
      focused on battling disease as an essential element of its national strategy, and

   b) Given that the neglected tropical diseases at the focus of this specific agreement in
      (Country) are mainly: trachoma, lymphatic filariasis, onchocerchiasis, schistosomiasis
      and soil-transmitted helminthes, and

Memorandum of Understanding - Template
    c) Given that the focus of the program is to use mass integrated chemotherapy for treatment
       of NTDs, and

    d) Given that an integrated national strategy was developed and adopted by (Country) MOH
       for mass integrated treatment, and

    e) Given that the NTD Control Program (or your organization) is responsible for the
       financial management dedicated to this project, aided by the Ministry of Health and in
       agreement with USAID rules and regulations;

It is stated:

Article 1 : Protocol

The Parties subscribe to a bipartisan agreement to best collaborate in reducing NTDs in

The current memorandum, for the purpose of establishing terms for the Ministry of Health and
(your organization) will collaborate to establish steps/activities/actions for the mass integrated
treatment program.

Article 2 : Background

In the context of support for initiatives for nationally integrated NTD control programs, the
USAID NTD Control Program, through RTI International, gives grants to organizations to
directly support selected countries that meet specific qualifications. The goal of the program is to
demonstrate that integration of NTD country programs and interventions within NTD control are
efficient approaches to the control or elimination of the aforementioned diseases, and that these
approaches are more efficient than disease specific, non-integrated interventions. The program
works with countries already involved in NTD control. The program brings additional funding to
MDA coverage and strengthens the impact of integration.

The integrated (Country) NTD Control Program will be led by and managed by the (country)
MOH. The NTD Control Program will provide support for technical assistance and financial
support for the integration of disease-specific programs and for increasing the coverage of at-risk
populations as described in a five-year workplan. An annual planning meeting will be conducted
to prepare an annual budget and a detailed implementation workplan.

Article 3: Ministry of Health Involvement

The Ministry of Health, through (specific MOH office), undertakes:

    1. Direction and supervision of the NTD Control Program,
    2. Coordination of integrating all MOH NTD programs,

Memorandum of Understanding - Template                                                         2
   3. Working closely with drug donors to ensure that drug applications are submitted on time
       for timely processing, shipping, and receipt and that a copy of the application is sent to
       RTI International when it is submitted.
   4. Ensuring and making all necessary arrangements for the importation and clearing of all
       drugs, including payment of any verification fees, taxes, clearing agent fees, and any
       accruing fees,
   5. Ensuring the security and safety of the drugs by providing adequate and proper storage
       facilities in all sites where the NTD Control Program activities will take place (as per
       WHO guidelines),
   6. Distribution, storage, ensuring the security of, and tracking the inventory of all drugs for
       NTD activities,
   7. Ensuring that adverse events are monitored in a timely fashion, providing support to
       management, including treatment, investigation and reporting,
   8. Making arrangements with the National Drug Authority the sampling and analysis to
       verify that all drugs meet National Drug Authority standards,
   9. Providing post-MDA evaluations at the level of the general public,
   10. Maintaining support of donors to the NTD Control Program,
   11. Providing the international community with relevant information (updates?) of/on the
       progress of the program, contributing to the global effort toward determining the cost and
       efficacy of an integrated approach.

Article 4: Involvement of the NTD Control Program

In the context of financial and technical support to the Ministry of Health as they work against
NTDs, the USAID NTD Control Program will allocate a grant through (Grantee) to reach an
NGO agreement.

Article 5: Role of the Grantee

Grantee undertakes:

   1. Giving necessary support to the Ministry of Health in the way of technical assistance for
      the planning and direct implementation of integrated activities as well as evaluations as
      noted in the annual workplan and requested by the Ministry of Health,
   2. Ensuring project financing within the constraints of the budget as approved by the NTD
      Control Program, for full achievement of activities and targeted goals described in this
   3. Managing USAID funding, including producing management reports for RTI
   4. Regularly informing USAID/(Country) of the Program’s status,
   5. Producing reports for Washington/the NTD Control Program/RTI on USAID indicators
   6. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, recruiting a focal person (manager) for the
      NTD Control Program who will be at the disposal of the Ministry of Health and charged
      with facilitating integration and collaboration of different specific programs of the
      Ministry of Health, as well as with supporting the expansion/elaboration of technical and
      financial reports. This focal person will be under the joint supervision of the MOH and

Memorandum of Understanding - Template                                                       3
       the grantee. A detailed description of the desired focal point will be completed in
       collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

Article 6: Funding

The NTD Control Program will provide financial resources to the MOH in accordance with the
approved annual workplan and in accordance with USAID rules and regulations. The funds will
be directly provided by RTI through a support mechanism with the grantee. All budget planning
and allocation of resources for the MDA implementation will be decided by RTI or its grantee
and the MOH.

The annual planning process will be conducted jointly between the MOH and the NTD Control
Program (or its grantee). Funds are intended to add to existing NTD program resources and not
replace them. A key element of program success is the demonstration of additionality: that NTD
Control Program funds have resulted in expanded coverage, improved integration and cost
efficiencies. The budget and planning process must clearly describe (distinguish?) the resources
provided from other donors and the MOH, to demonstrate that the NTD Control Program funds
are creating “additionality.”

Article 7: Coordination

   1. The grantee will create a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and a Piloting Committee.
   2. The TAG will be composed of:
         a. Ministry of Health Program Coordinators .
         b. The grantee: the focal person.
   3. The Piloting Committee will be composed of:
         a. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, WHO, and any other key stakeholders.
         b. The grantee focal person.

Article 8: Reports

The Technical Advisory Group will produce the following reports:

   1. A monthly report including financial statements and program activity;
   2. A report on program achievements every 60 days and a financial report every 30 days
      following receipt of program funds;
   3. A semi-annual report in April and September of each year;
   4. A final report at the end of the project;
   5. The grantee will obtain directions re: proper completion of these reports from the TAG.

Article 9: Affiliation

   1. Groups will not be held responsible if they cannot honor their commitments, in total or in
      part, due to natural disasters, civil unrest or employment conflicts and any other causal
      factor that lies out of their control.

Memorandum of Understanding - Template                                                       4
    2. All deadlines presented to a group for completion of program commitments will be
       extended by an amount equal to the period in which this group would have been
       implementing prior to the “natural disaster.”

Article 10: Termination

This agreement may be terminated at any moment by:

    1. The discovery of an agreement between the two groups; or
    2. The advice of one group concerning the other, the subject of which being:

         a. Actions that signify a clear break with the agreement, resulting in situations impossible
         to reroute or rectify;
         b. Actions that signify a clear break with the agreement, and it is possible to remedy the
         terms but no appropriate remedy could be found in the timeframe of three (3) months.

Notice given at any point by either party leading to the inability of one to complete a project
component established by the agreement during a period of more than three months due to a
“natural disaster.”

All termination notifications must allow a minimum of three months before they go into effect.

Article 11: Conflict Resolution

The parties will be encouraged to resolve each conflict concerning the terms or goal of this
agreement. Any and all acts of litigation originating from the current agreement or from its
interpretation will require amicable negotiation and by default will undergo legal analysis.

Article 12: Duration, modification and completion

The current agreement will enter into force in (date) and will work to complete the plan for
integrated mass drug administration until September 2011.

It is possible to modify or partially delay the agreement by submitting written statements
between parties. Either Party can denounce/reject the current agreement, in return for a written
notification submitted by the other party at least sixty (60) days in advance.

This MOU may be modified at any time by either Party, given the need to add activities or new
funding under program plans.




Memorandum of Understanding - Template                                                         5







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