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Memorandum of Understanding for Nonprofit by sge21080


Memorandum of Understanding for Nonprofit document sample

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									JULY, 2008                                                                                       VOLUME

                              We would like to bring you up to date on the activities of the Greater Me
                            (GMGI) over the past three months, and invite you to participate with us in t
        MEMPHIS                                       Memphis Greenline (GMG) over the next years.
     GREENLINE, INC.                                    Please feel free to pass this newsletter on.

        The Greater
          Memphis                                                           HISTORY
     Greenline (GMG)            In June, 2004, members of a local nonprofit group, CommonSense, Inc.,
     is a proposed 13-        committee to discuss the feasibility of developing the GMG into a hiking/bik
       mile multi-use
     urban park/trail on    apparent that a new group, dedicated specifically to this project, was called f
       a former CSX              to all the local nonprofit groups which might be interested in promoting
      railroad right-of-    representative to a new Board of Directors. This group met for the first time
        way from the
       intersection of
                                                               then has met at least once per month.
       Grove/Union in
     Midtown Memphis                                   ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO DATE
      to near Houston                                                   501c(3)
        Levee in the
     suburbs of Shelby
                             The GMGI has received a 501c(3) from the Federal Government as a publi
           County.                                             the GMG are tax-deductible.
                                                           GOVERNMENTAL RECOGNITION
                                   We have met with a number of members of local government, and a
         The Mission of     Understanding which will give the GMGI official standing to help develop an
      Greater Memphis       final approval for any development resting with local government), is circula
      Greenline, Inc. is                           the City, the County, and the County Conservation Bo
      to collaborate in a
        partnership with
     local government in     Our site is . It contains a list of our B
     the development of     organizations they represent; pictures of a well established hiking/biking/equ
     the GMG and other      which we hope to emulate here; a section on the advantages of a neighborh
         unused railway
       right-of ways and     number of references for further reading; a survey which you can fill out ab
          easements in         would like to see in your neighborhood; pictures of an already-establish
          Memphis and                           Evergreen neighborhood; and volunteer/donation/contac
      Shelby County, to
         create a world-
      class recreational
    create a world-
   class recreational                                                 RECENT EVENTS
      trail system.
                              The City of Memphis and Shelby County made a joint offer to CSX for $2 m
                               Contrary to what one reads in the newspapers, this is not the end of negoti
                                parties in Memphis interested in acquisition of the right-of-way at a negot
                               assuming that the property will be acquired in the near future, and we hav
                                     funding groups to arrange pledges for development and maintenance

                                 We have just participated in two Earth Day Events – At Lichterman Natur
                                        There will be a Memphis Public
                              Shelby Farms on Sunday, Apr 22. We sincerely appreciate your interest in t
                                        Issues forum Sunday, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy recently mode
                              between the GMG and CSX. TheJuly 23, at
                                        3:00, at Shelby us, attempting to acquire a rail line from CSX. We
                              a dozen groups, includingFarms Park for the
                                        six Mayoral and County
                              We are attempting to develop a comprehensive nationwide negotiating strate
                              hope thatCommission candidates, who will near future.
                                         this might break the roadblocks in the
                                        respond to efforts to become a
                                  We applaud local written questions “Tree City USA.” We have calcula
                              posted on our website, at
                                        concerning the environment. We
For more information please   The GMG, when completed, could add this
                                        hope you can participate in an economic value to Memphis and S
                              year in tree value alone. event.
     Robert Schreiber             Lastly, CSX has begun removal of its track from just inside I
     (901) 767-2137           side of Tillman on the west. We have posted pictures on our website. W
                       VOLUME 1, NUMBER 4

he activities of the Greater Memphis Greenline, Inc.
e you to participate with us in the creation of the Greater
ne (GMG) over the next years.
 to pass this newsletter on.

fit group, CommonSense, Inc., formed an exploratory
 ping the GMG into a hiking/biking trail. It soon became
ally to this project, was called for. Invitations were issued
ght be interested in promoting this project to select a
his group met for the first time in August, 2004, and since
 at least once per month.

Federal Government as a public charity. All donations to
G are tax-deductible.
ers of local government, and a draft Memorandum of
 al standing to help develop and maintain the GMG (with
 th local government), is circulating between and among
nd the County Conservation Board.

.org . It contains a list of our Board of Directors and the
ell established hiking/biking/equestrian trail in Reston, VA
  he advantages of a neighborhood trail/linear park, with a
survey which you can fill out about what type of trail you
 ictures of an already-established trail in the Vollintine-
  and volunteer/donation/contact forms
de a joint offer to CSX for $2 million, which was refused.
 rs, this is not the end of negotiations between CSX and
n of the right-of-way at a negotiated fair price. We are
 in the near future, and we have begun contacting local
 development and maintenance, once it is in hand.

         – At Lichterman Nature Center on Saturday, Apr 21 and at
ely appreciate your interest in the GMG. Negotiations continue
 ils Conservancy recently moderated a conference call among over
 quire a rail line from CSX. We are not alone in having difficulties.
 e nationwide negotiating strategy through the Conservancy, and
 e near future.
 e City USA.” We have calculated the value of a tree, which is .
 nomic value to Memphis and Shelby County of $6,000,000 per

ack from just inside I-240 on the east all the way to the east
ed pictures on our website. We hope this is a good omen.

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