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									Document title:                            Due diligence checklist

                                           Template last updated on 15/06/10 by IR (v1.3)

Document purpose:                          This checklist is to be used in planning and developing
                                           partnerships and collaborative provision and to seek initial
                                           institutional approval for the development of collaborative provision
                                           with new partners via Corporate Management Team.

                                           All agreements and contracts relating to partnerships and
                                           collaborative provision must be accompanied by a completed due
                                           diligence checklist before they are signed by the Vice-Chancellor
                                           (or nominee).

Drafting notes:                            Here is a link to guidance a document issued by the Registrar and
                                           Secretary's Office:

                                                Introduction to partnerships and collaborative provision

                                           Ensure that you are familiar with this guidance document and all
                                           other relevant guidance.

                                           Note in particular the provisions of the guidance regarding required
                                           process and approvals that are required.

                                           This checklist is required for any activity that involves a partner or
                                           collaborating body or that puts the University into either an
                                           academic agreement or contractual relationship with any
                                           organization or individual. It seeks to ensure that due diligence has
                                           been shown and that the University’s resources and reputation are

                                           The checklist is divided into three principal sections:

                                           A Institutional information
                                           B Initial institutional approval
                                           C Due diligence information

                                           All checklists must be viewed by the QSRE team prior to
                                           submission in order to verify accuracy of content.

                                           Sections A and B must be presented to the Corporate
                                           Management Team for initial institutional approval and then a
                                           scanned, signed copy must then be sent to the Head of Quality,
                                           Standards, Review and Enhancement (QSRE). Part C should then
                                           be completed, signed by the Chief Operating Officer, and then a
                                           signed, scanned copy of the entire document must be sent to the
                                           QSRE team together with any written agreements that require

                                           However, if either a partnership (not collaborative provision) or
                                           extension to existing collaborative provision relationship is sought
                                           then Section B is not applicable. This must be noted within Section

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                                           Not all sub-sections of the checklist apply to every activity. If the
                                           sub-section is not applicable, state this within the box provided.

                                           Likewise, if there is additional information, this must be appended
                                           to the checklist when submitted.

                                           If the proposed activity involves an international party or is likely to
                                           involve overseas students studying in the UK, you must contact
                                           the Head of the International Office who will make the following
                                           checks and report outcomes to you:

                                                Consult the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) Register
                                                 of Sponsors licensed under the Points-Based System for Tier 4
                                                 (applies only to overseas students in the UK)
                                                Check accreditation and claims on the proposed partner’s
                                                Contact UK HEI partners listed on proposed partner’s website
                                                 (as appropriate)

                                           Provisions of the checklist that require amendment to suit a
                                           particular arrangement are highlighted in yellow and green. All
                                           such highlighting must be removed before the document is
                                           submitted to the Registrar and Secretary’s Office. This coversheet
                                           must also be removed before submission.

Changes:                                   v1.2: Addition of processes relating to CMT approval and role of
                                           the International Office.

                                           v1.3: Revision of checklist to accommodate requirements of CMT
                                           for overview of proposal. Splitting of form into sections A, B and C.

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Leeds Metropolitan University
Registrar and Secretary’s Office
Quality, Standards, Review and Enhancement



         This section provides basic information about the proposed collaborating body and
         type of relationship sought.

         Partner or collaborating body                            Name

         Address and main contact (and                            Details

         It is already an established partner of                  Yes/No
         this University                                          Details in brief (if yes)

         Type of organization                                     Delete from the following as applicable:

                                                                  Higher education institution
                                                                  Further education college
                                                                  UK private education provider
                                                                  Non-UK education provider
                                                                  UK private institution - SME
                                                                  UK private institution - large
                                                                  UK other public sector organization
                                                                  Multiple of different types

         Type of activity (see also Introduction to   Delete from the following as applicable:
         partnerships and collaborative provision for
         details)                                     Partnership
                                                      Memorandum of co-operation
                                                      Memorandum of articulation
                                                      Memorandum of progression
                                                      Memorandum of understanding
                                                      Undergraduate Student (Exchange / Study
                                                      Abroad) Memorandum

                                                                  Collaborative provision
                                                                  Off-site delivery
                                                                  Joint delivery
                                                                  Validated delivery (College-enrolled
                                                                  Validated delivery (University-enrolled
                                                                  Premises-only trans-national education
                                                                  Joint trans-national education
                                                                  Partner-only trans-national education

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2f2c49ec-bd45-4a62-92fe-7cc4fc3e7133.doc                                              3
                                                                   Dual award
                                                                   Joint award

         Lead faculty                                              Enter name of lead faculty

         Lead contact                                              Enter name of lead contact

         Commencement date and duration                            Date of commencement of activity
                                                                   Duration of activity

         Scheme or course(s)                                       Enter name of scheme or course(s)

         Related agreement(s)                                      Enter details of agreement(s) to be


         This section should provide assurance as to the financial soundness and credibility and
         robustness of reputation of any partner or collaborating body.

         For advice in this area you may wish to consult the Governance and Legal Affairs team
         and/or professional accountants.

         The organization does not require financial and reputation verification because:

         The organization’s reputation is well                    Yes/No
         established domestically /                               Details

         Other (e.g. activities do not involve a                  Details
         financial risk)

         The organization’s financial position has been professionally checked:

         Through reference to its published                       Yes/No

         Other                                                    Details

         The organization’s reputation has been checked:

         Through checks with other academic                       Yes/No

         Through consultation with the British                    Yes/No
         Council and/or other suitably placed
         neutral bodies [Delete if not appropriate]

         Any other ethical, legal or reputational                 Details
         issues (e.g. what kind of organization is
         the University proposing to deal with)

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         Further information                                      Details

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2f2c49ec-bd45-4a62-92fe-7cc4fc3e7133.doc             5

         This section provides information relating to the initial institutional approval by
         Corporate Management Team (CMT) and must be completed and signed by the Dean
         of the faculty. This section is not applicable to partnerships or extensions to existing
         collaborative provision.

         Name of Dean                                             Name


         Date of signature                                        Date

         Date viewed by QSRE team                                 Date

         Date of CMT meeting                                      Date

         Signature of Chair of CMT (if approved)

         If initial institutional approval is not required:

         Name of Dean                                             Name


C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2f2c49ec-bd45-4a62-92fe-7cc4fc3e7133.doc                                6

         This section should provide further details as to the proposal. It must be approved and
         signed by the Chief Operating Officer of the faculty before being submitted to the
         QSRE team, together with any supporting paperwork and/or written agreements.

         Name of Chief Operating Officer                          Name


         Date of signature                                        Date


         Initial institutional approval not                       Give reason, i.e. development is not
         required                                                 collaborative provision; this is an extension
                                                                  of an existent relationship with a current
                                                                  partner; not applicable (approval has been
                                                                  granted), etc.

         SPA granted (if applicable)                              Date

         Fee level and date fee exception                         Fee
         approved (if applicable)                                 Date of approval (attach evidence of

         Programme code(s)                                        Enter Banner programme codes


         This should detail how the proposed activity contributes towards University Strategic
         Plan (and Internationalisation strategy (2008-12) if relevant). Particular attention should
         be paid to the following:

         Strategic themes

         Putting students at the centre of our                    Details
         activities and providing a flexible and
         relevant curriculum with excellent
         teaching and learning

         Providing a supportive, inclusive and                    Details
         welcoming environment, and preparing
         students for employment and lifelong

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2f2c49ec-bd45-4a62-92fe-7cc4fc3e7133.doc                                             7
         Being a catalyst for social and                          Details
         economic progress in and for our
         region, nationally and internationally,
         through research and enterprise

         Engaging, valuing and developing our                     Details
         diverse community of colleagues

         Ensuring financial and environmental                     Details
         sustainability and a high quality estate

         Internationalisation strategy

         1       Internationalising learning,                     Details
                 teaching and research

         1       Curriculum and student                           Details
                 experience beyond boundaries

         2       A university of international                    Details
                 festivals and partnerships

         3       A globally responsible leadership                Details

         4       Using all our talents to the full                Details

         Faculty strategy

         Indicate how other University or faculty strategies (if any) are addressed through this
         activity [delete section if not applicable].

         Name of strategy                                         Details


         This section should contain information showing that due consideration has been given
         to all academic issues (if appropriate) and that they can be demonstrated to be robust
         and of appropriate quality.

         For advice in this area you may wish to consult wither your Chief Operating Officer (or
         nominee) and/or the Quality, Standards, Review and Enhancement team.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2f2c49ec-bd45-4a62-92fe-7cc4fc3e7133.doc                               8
         Is the partner or collaborating body                     Yes/No
         currently recognized by the University                   Date of recognition (if ‘yes’)

         If ‘no’ is institutional recognition                     Yes/No

         Further information (e.g. certain                        Details
         activities may not require recognition)

         Professional or statutory regulatory
         bodies (e.g. does the proposal have any
         implications for PSRB accreditation)

         Has an appropriate agreement(s) been                     Yes/No
         drawn up to support the activity

         Type of agreement(s) (see Introduction                   Agreement of the Contractual and
         to partnerships and collaborative                        Financial Arrangements for Collaboration
         provision for details)                                   Memorandum of Articulation
                                                                  Memorandum of Co-operation
                                                                  Memorandum of Collaboration
                                                                  Memorandum of Progression
                                                                  Memorandum of Understanding
                                                                  Services Agreement
                                                                  Undergraduate Exchange / Study Abroad
                                                                  Memorandum [delete as appropriate]


         This section should contain information relating to the financial viability of the activity
         and the potential for income generation.

         For advice in this area you may wish to consult your Chief Operating Officer and/or
         University Financial Services.

         Budgetary provision for this activity                    Yes/No
         has been agreed from Faculty funds                       Details

         Budgetary provision for this activity                    Yes/No
         has been agreed from other funds                         Details

 Institutional Recognition is only required for collaborative activity involving delivery of validated
academic provision by a collaborating body, i.e. it is not required for off-site delivery or articulation

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2f2c49ec-bd45-4a62-92fe-7cc4fc3e7133.doc                                              9

         This section should contain information relating to the legal soundness of the
         documentation. For advice in this area you may wish to consult Governance and Legal

         The activity uses only standard                          Yes/No
         document templates

         All amendments to standard document                      Yes/No
         templates have been approved                             Details and name of person approving (if
         through RSO                                              ‘yes’)


         This section should contain information relating to the monitoring and review processes
         applicable to this activity.

         For advice on this section you might want to consult your Chief Operating Officer.

         The activity falls within the normal                     Yes/No
         processes for academic monitoring                        Details
         and review (e.g. annual review, periodic
         review, etc.)

         The activity will be reviewed regularly                  Yes/No
         as part of annual reports from the
         faculty with subject area cognate to
         that award

         Specific monitoring and review                           Details
         processes have been established for
         this activity as detailed here


         This section should provide confirmation that the proposed activity does not conflict
         with any other University or partner activities in the region or with the same

         Potential conflicts / current partnerships have been checked with:

         Quality, Standards, Review and                           Yes/No
         Enhancement team                                         When

         Faculty Office(s) / RUN office                           Yes/No

         International Office                                     Yes/No

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2f2c49ec-bd45-4a62-92fe-7cc4fc3e7133.doc                                              10
         Further information                                      Details


         This section should provide information showing that consideration has been given to
         potential future opportunities related to this activity.

         For advice on this section you should consult your Chief Operating Officer.

         There is the potential for further                       Yes/No
         development in relation to this activity                 Details
         in the following areas


         This section should provide details of any other relevant matters related to this activity.

         Other relevant points                                    Details

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2f2c49ec-bd45-4a62-92fe-7cc4fc3e7133.doc                                   11

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