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 CROATIA                                                                                  NEW          ONE WAY CRUISES
                                                                                           22/04 - 29/04 Dubrovnik – Opatija         (Superior)
                                                                                           29/04 - 06/05 Opatija - Dubrovnik         (Superior)
This jewel of the Adriatic Sea is a country of                                             30/04 - 07/05 Split – Dubrovnik
incredible beauty, a country of a thousand islands                                         03/09 - 10/09 Opatija – Split
and of ancient towns rich in history, customs and                                          24/09 - 01/10 Split – Opatija
tradition.                                                                                 01/10 - 08/10 Dubrovnik - Split

CRUISING                                                                                   ON M/S ARION (8 days/7 nights)
                                                                                            Cruise price sharing: from € 1050 to € 1445,
ON MOTOR SAILING BOATS                                                                        plus compulsory port taxes and tips € 92.
– ISLAND HOPPING                                                                           • Along the Croatian coast to Montenegro
                                                                                              and Albania and return.
Take an unforgettable holiday, cruising for a week                                         This completely refurbished ship with
from island to island. Anchor for lunch in the bay of                                      restaurant, show lounge, Lido bar, swimming
an uninhabited island, swim or snorkel in the crystal               Zadar                  pool, boutique, photo shop and beauty salon
clear sea, relax on deck, gaze at the beauty of the                                        accommodates 300 passengers in mostly
islands and return to civilization in the evening,                                         outside cabins. Cabins are air conditioned and
where you will dock at the bustling and picturesque                                        equipped with TV, telephone, hair drier and
harbour towns. The boats have between 10 an 20                                             safe. 130 crew members and an entertainment
cabins on and below deck. The cabins are with                                              staff of 15 will make this cruise an unforgettable
private facilities but very basic, mostly with bunk                                        experience. This cruise takes you from Koper
beds. But the atmosphere and the food supplied is                                          in Slovenia to the most beautiful towns along
great. Breakfast and lunch is served daily on board.                                       the Croatian coast to scenic Kotor Bay in
In the evening you can explore on your own the                                             Montenegro and Durres in Albania and back to
                                                                                           Koper. Transfers can be arranged from Venice or
charming medieval towns, walk through cobbled
                                                                                           Trieste to Koper.
streets and enjoy the local specialities of food and
                                                               Island-hopping              Cruise dates 2011: Sunday-Sunday on May 22,
wine. All you need for this trip are a few T-shirts,                                          29; Jun 5, 12, 19; Sep 4, 11, 18, 23; Oct 2.
shorts and a swimming costume.
                                                                                          TOURING BY BUS AND FERRY
  CRUISE ROUTES (8 days/7 nights)                                                          – for individual travellers
    KL 2 Split-Makarska-Mljet-Dubrovnik-                                                   ESSENTIAL CROATIA
    -Trstenik-Korcula-Hvar-Split                                                           (6 days/5 nights)
   Cruise price p.p. sharing:                                                              Package price: from € 498. Includes: 6 nights
    from € 395 in cabins below deck;                                                           with breakfast in 3 hotels, bus ticket Zagreb-
    from € 425 in cabins on deck.                                                              Split, ferry Split-Dubrovnik.
    KL 5 Dubrovnik-Sipan-Korcula-Hvar-                                                      • Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik
    -Mljet-Dubrovnik                                                                        See the bustling capital city of Zagreb (2 nights),
    Included: daily continental breakfast and                                               we suggest you visit Plitvice Lakes on a day trip,
    lunch on board.                                                                         travel by bus to Split (2 nights), famous for the
   Cruise price p.p. sharing:                                                              interesting Diocletian Palace. Enjoy the beautiful
    from € 350 in cabins below deck;                                                        scenery on a day trip on board a ferry from Split
                                                                                            to Dubrovnik. Discover Dubrovnik (2 nights),
    from € 380 in cabins on deck.                       St. Blaise’s Church – Dubrovnik
                                                                                            Croatia’s most beautiful city.
    Included: daily continental breakfast and
                                                                                            Dates: Tuesdays and Fridays, April to October.
    lunch on board.
    Departure dates 2011:                                                                  DALMATIA AND ITS ISLANDS
  • KL 2: Every Saturday from 09.04 – 22.10                                                (7 days/6 nights)
  • KL 5 : Every Sunday from 10.04 – 23.10                                                  Package price: from € 540 Includes 7 nights
                                                                                               with breakfast in 3 hotels, bus Korcula, bus
  CRUISE ON SUPERIOR MOTOR SAILING                                                             Dubrovnik-Split.
  BOAT (8 days/7 nights)                                                                    • Split-Hvar-Korcula-Dubrovnik-Split
   Cruise price p.p. sharing:                           Mediterranean refreshment          Explore the bustling harbour town of Split
     from € 545 in cabins below deck and                                                    (1 night) and see the interesting Diocletian
     from € 575 in cabins on deck.                                                          Palace. Go by ferry to the island Hvar (3 nights)
     Includes: daily breakfast and lunch, guided                                            one of Croatia’s most scenic islands. Relax in
     city tour of Dubrovnik and Captain’s Dinner.                                           Hvar or go on individual trips to island Brac
  • Cruise Routes: KL 2 : as above                                                          and island Vis. Continue by ferry to Korcula,
                                                                                            on Korcula island (1 night) and explore this
  No bunk beds, cabins are more spacious, with
                                                                                            interesting town, said to be the birth place
  twin or double beds and with air-conditioning                                             of Marco Polo. Go by bus through the scenic
  (where possible due to technical restrictions                                             Peljesac peninsula or by ferry to Dubrovnik (2
  in some ports). These cruises include a guided                                            nights), in Croatia’s most beautiful town. Return
  sightseeing tour of Dubrovnik and a Captain’s                                             to Split by bus along the highly scenic coastal
  Dinner.                                                                                   road.
  Departure dates 2011: every Saturday from                                                 Dates: Starting on Tuesdays and Fridays, from
     21.05 – 17.09                                                                             April to October.
SELF-DRIVE TOURS                                                                      ACROSS CROATIA (8 days/7 nights)
                                                                                       Price: from € ### p.p. sharing.
 THE BEST OF CROATIA (7 days/6 nights)
                                                                                         Includes: 7 nights with breakfast in 3 hotels,
  Package price: from € 540 p.p. sharing.
                                                                                         car hire group A with unlimited mileage,
    Includes 6 nights with breakfast in 3 hotels,
    car hire group A with unlimited mileage,                                             insurance and VAT.
    insurance and taxes.                                                              • arr. by ferry from Venice: Porec-Opatija-
  • Zagreb-Plitvice lakes-Split-Dubrovnik                                                -Plitvice Lakes-Trogir-Dubrovnik
  Day 1: Arrive Zagreb, pick up your car and                                          Arrive in Porec and overnight. Pick up your car
  explore Croatia’s capital city. Overnight Zagreb.                                   the following morning and drive to Opatija
  Day 2: Drive to Plitvice National Park                                              (1 night), continue to Plitvice lakes (1 night)
  (140 km) to see the stunning scenery of 16                                          carry on to Trogir (2 nights) and end in
  crystal clear lakes interlinked by innumerable                                      Dubrovnik (2 nights)
  cascading waterfalls. Overnight Plitvice.                                           Dates: any day from April to October
  Day 3: After breakfast drive through scenic
  countryside to the coastal town of Trogir                                          COACH TOURS
  (260 km) a unique and most charming medieval                Plitvice Lakes
  town. Overnight Trogir.                                                             DISCOVER CROATIA (9 days/8 nights)
  Day 4: In the morning drive to Split (25 km),                                        Price: from € 830 p.p. sharing.
  a bustling town with its main attraction of the                                        Includes accommodation in 3 hotels, daily
  antique Diocletian Palace built in the 3rd century.                                    breakfast and dinner.
  Visit this most important Roman historical                                          • Zagreb-Plitvice-Dubrovnik-Split-Zadar-
  complex. Return to Trogir and overnight.                                               -Zagreb
  Day 5: Drive along the highly scenic coastal                                        Enjoy the highlights of Croatia travelling in the
  road to Dubrovnik (240 km), Croatia’s most                                          comfort of a luxury bus. This tour takes you
  beautiful town. Overnight ing Dubrovnik.                                            from Zagreb to Plitvice National Park with its
  Day 6: You have the whole day to explore this                                       16 crystal clear lakes interlinked by innumerable
  picturesque and one of the most preserved
                                                                                      cascading waterfalls. You will see Dubrovnik
  medieval fortified cities of the Mediterranean.
  Overnight Dubrovnik.
                                                        Amphitheatre Pula – Istria    the fascinating city enclosed by huge medieval
  Day 7: Return you car at Dubrovnik airport.                                         walls. Split with the amazing Diocletian
  Dates: Any day from April to October.                                               Palace, the Roman Forum from the 2nd century
                                                                                      BC in Zadar, and the interesting sites of
 THE BEST OF CROATIA                                                                  Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.
 - EXTENSION PROGRAMME                                                                Departure dates: May 18; June 15; Jul 13;
  Extension Price: from € 178 p.p. sharing.
                                                                                         Aug 17; Sept 14, 21.
    Includes cabin on ferry and one night in
    Opatija with breakfast.                                                           CROATIAN DELIGHT (6 days/5 nights)
  • Dubrovnik to Zagreb                                                                Price: from € 570 p.p. sharing.
  Day 7: in the morning take ferry from                                                 Includes accommodation in 3 hotels with
  Dubrovnik to Rijeka. Relax on board and enjoy                                         daily breakfast and dinner.
  the view of the many islands you will pass by.
                                                                                      • Zagreb-Plitvice-Split-Dubrovnik
  Overnight on ferry in an outside cabin with
                                                                                      On this one-way tour you will experience
  private facilities.
  Day 8: Arrive early morning in Rijeka and take                                      the beauty of the countryside and the most
  bus or taxi to nearby Opatija, Croatia’s most                                       important cities.
  famous seaside resort. Overnight Opatija.                   Island of Rab           Departure dates: May 17, 24, 31; June 14, 21;
  Day 9: Take bus to Zagreb airport.                                                    Jul 5, 12; Aug 2, 9, 30; Sept 6, 13, 20, 27
  Dates: departing Dubrovnik on Thursday or
                                                                                      HIGHLIGHTS OF CROATIA (8 days/7 nights)
    Sunday, from April – October.
                                                                                       Price: from € 755 p.p. sharing.
 DALMATIAN DISCOVERY (7 days/6 nights)                                                  Includes: accommodation in 3 hotels with
  Package price: from € 560 p.p. sharing.                                              daily breakfast and dinner
    Includes: 6 nights with breakfast in 3 hotels,                                   • Dubrovnik-Split-Zadar-Zagreb-Plitvice-
    car hire with unlimited mileage, insurance                                          -Dubrovnik
    and VAT.                                                                          This round trip tour takes you through beautiful
 • Trogir/Split-Makarska-Korcula-Dubrovnik                   Spinning wool
                                                                                      countryside and to the most interesting cities
 Stay in the unique medieval town of Trogir
 (1 night) and see the interesting Diocletian                                         and highlights of Croatia.
 Palace in nearby Split. Drive to Makarska                                            Departure dates: May 15, 22; June 12,19;
 (2 nights), one of the most beautiful areas                                            July 10, 17; Aug 14, 21; Sept 11, 18, 25.
 of Croatia. Continue further South to Ploce                                          ADRIATIC HIGHLIGHTS (5 days/4 nights)
 and take a ride on the car ferry crossing to the                                      Price: from € 510 p.p. sharing.
 historic town of Korcula, (1 night) said to be
                                                                                        Includes accommodation in 3 hotels with
 the birthplace of Marco Polo. Next day, after a
 short ferry crossing again, drive through scenic                                       daily breakfast and dinner.
 Peljesac peninsula, Croatia’s biggest wine                                           • Dubrovnik-Split-Trogir-Zadar-Zagreb
 growing area, to the main land and along the                                         A short tour capturing the most important
 scenic coast to Dubrovnik (2 nights). Explore                                        highlights.
 Croatia’s most beautiful town                                                        Departure dates: May 15, 22; Jun 12, 19; Jul
 Dates: any day from April to October.                                                  10, 17; Aug 14, 21; Sep 11, 18, 25.