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      surplus to the continuing operations of
          Optical Coating Laboratories Ltd.
                      Ridge Way
               Hillend Industrial Park
                     Dalgety Bay
                    Fife, Scotland

  Lens Manufacturing and Coating Plant

              The Auction
       Thursday November 1 2001
         Beginning at 10.30am

     1 Copthall House, Station Square, Coventry. CV1 2FT, England
       Tel: +44 (0) 24 7663 2277 Fax: +44 (0) 24 7663 2226
      Email: Web:
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        WEBCAST                                           OPTICAL COAT
       ON-LOCATION                                                                                                 Optical Coating
         AUCTION                                                                                                   OCLI 1 x 1 x 1m thermal
                                                                                                                   evaporation vacuum
                 The Auction                                                                                       coating chamber, single
                Thursday Nov 1 2001                                                                                door, double planetary
                Beginning at 10.30am                                                                               rotary drive, diffusion
                                                                                                                   pump with polycold
                     Viewing                                                                                       refrigerant, CV-10 gun
                                                                                                                   controller quartz hea-
  Wednesday Oct 31 2001 9.00am to 4.30pm                                                                           ters, glow discharge,
      and on the morning of the sale.                                                                              Stokes 212 H-11
                                                                                                                   roughing pump and
                The Location                                                                                       Roots 615 RGS booster.

       surplus to the continuing operations of
 OCLI        - Optical Coating Laboratories Ltd.           OCLI Vacuum Coater with Diffusion Pump
         Ridge Way, Hillend Industrial Park
            Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland
                                                                                           BALZERS 36” x 36” x 36” thermal evaporation
                                                                                           vacuum coating chamber, single door, double
                 Directions                                                                planetary rotary drive, CTI Cryogenic pump,
                                                                                           CV-10 electron beam source controller, 2
                By air (Edinburgh airport):
                                                                                           electron beam sources, 2 banks of 3 position
      To drive to OCLI using the A8, M9, A800 and the                                      resistance sources, optical monitor, quartz
      A921 Roads. (This should take about 1/2 an hour.)                                    heaters, glow discharge, Balzers roughing pump.
                 By road from the North:
  Turn off the M90 at Junction 1 and follow the A921                                       BALZERS 36” x 36” x 36” thermal evaporation
                                                                                           vacuum coating chamber, single door, double
 past Inverkeithing through Hillend to Dalgety Bay and
                                                                                           planetary rotary drive, diffusion pump with
       turn off at the Dalgety Bay Turning (See Map)                                       polycold refrigerant, CV-14 electron beam source
            By Road from the South and West:                                               controller, other details as for above machine.
 Take either the M8, M9, A8 or A9 to the Forth Bridge
 Road, after crossing the bridge turn off at junction 1                                    OCLI 42” x 42” x 42” thermal evaporation
                                                                                           vacuum coating chamber, single door, double
                  and proceed as above.                    PACVD System
                                                                                           planetary rotary drive, diffusion pump with
                                                                                           polycold refrigerant, CV-10 electron beam
                  The Woodside Hotel
            Aberdour. Tel: +44(0) 1383 860328
                  The Aberdour Hotel
            Aberdour. Tel: +44(0) 1383 860325
                  Queensferry Lodge
       North Queensferry. Tel:+44(0) 1383 410000

            Fordell Castle



       DALGETY BAY                             Auction

        1                     Industrial Est
      Hillend                                 Dalgety
                                                Bay                 OCLI 1m3 Vacuum Coater with Diffusion Pump

ING MACHINES                                                                                      WEBCAST
                                                                                                Can’t make it to Dalgety Bay? Now
                                                                                                with DoveBid’s Webcast technology
                                                                                                anyone around the world can bid on
                                                                                                this auction through the Internet. Go to
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                                                                                                of the sale and download the free
                                                                                                software. Bid in real Time!

                                                                                                All you need is your computer, internet
                                                                                                access and a touch-tone telephone to
                                                                                                participate in this live auction.

                                                                                                With Webcast technology, you are
                                                                                                virtually there on the auction floor. The
                                                                                                action is live and you are bidding
                                                                                                with people in the room and around
                                                                                                the world.

                                                                                                The image of the current asset being sold
                          Balzers Vacuum Coater with Diffusion Pump
                                                                                                will be displayed on your screen. You’ll
                                                                                                hear the auctioneer on your telephone.
 source controller, 1 bank of 3 position         OCLI out gassing vacuum chamber, size
 resistance sources, quartz heaters, glow        700mm dia x 700mm deep, with quartz            You press 1 on your telephone keypad
 discharge, Stokes 170-61 roughing pump and      heaters, Stokes 212 H-11 vacuum pump.          and press # key to end your bid. It’s
 Roots 615 RGS booster.                                                                         easy. It’s fun. It’s the future. And it’s here
                                                 3 MOBILE CLEANTENTS with down draught          now at DoveBid!
 OCLI 42” x 42” x 42” thermal evaporation        filtered air supply, size 2 x 2.6 x 2m high.
 vacuum coating chamber, single door, double     Coating Chambers (For Spares)                  WEBCAST HELPDESK
 planetary rotary drive, CTI Cryogenic pump,
                                                 LEICO 700mm dia x 700mm deep coating
                                                                                                00800 66996363 (Tollfree number)
 Temescal Simba 2 gun controller, 2 banks of 3
 position resistance sources, quartz heaters,                                                   TERMS AND CONDITIONS:
 glow discharge, Stokes 212 H-11 roughing pump                                                  Everything will be sold to the highest
 and Roots 615 RGS booster.                      NORDICO coating chamber with M5000 U
                                                                                                bidder for cash, in accordance with the
                                                 and M5000 L matching units.
                                                                                                autioneer’s customary Terms of Sale,
 PLASMA Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition                                                     copies of which will be posted on the
 (PACVD) system, size 700mm dia x 250mm
 deep, with top and bottom electrodes, MKS
                                                                                                premises. All payments must be made by
 gas flow control system, Lepel 17kva RF                                                        cash or cheques made payable to
 controller, gas cabinet with extraction.                                                       DoveBid. DoveBid assumes no liabillity
                                                                                                for errors in this listing.

                                                                                                IMPORTANT NOTICE:
                                                                                                Although information has been obtained
                                                                                                from sources deemed reliable, the
                                                                                                autioneer makes no warranty or
                                                                                                guarantee, expressed or implied, as to
                                                                                                accuracy of the information herein
                                                                                                contained. It is for this reason that
                                                                                                inspection prior to sale is recommended.
                                                                                                A 10% Buyers Premium will be in force for
                                                                                                this sale.

                                                                                                As a courtesy to our buyers, DoveBid can
                                                                                                provide contact information for shipping
                                                                                                companies that are scheduled to attend
                                                                                                this auction. For details, please visit the
             OCLI Vacuum Coater                            Balzers Vacuum Coater                DoveBid website at

                                       Lens Polishing                                   Lens Grinding and Edging Machines
                                       5 CARLAN model 8000 20” dia twin lap single      LOH MODEL RF2 spherical grinding machine
                                       spindle flat polishing machines with variable    S/N 1619, capacity 300mm dia.
                                       speed inner and outer drive (1997).
                                                                                        LOH MODEL WG edge grinding machine S/N
                                       2 STRASBAUGH model 6Y-4, four spindle, flat      01-000-905 (2000), capacity 140mm dia.
                                       concave and convex, 13” dia polishing
                                       machines, independent variable speed drive,
                                                                                        BOTHER type B15 curve generator, S/N
                                       automatic fluid recirculation.
                                                                                        029764 (1997), capacity 200mm dia.
         Disco Dicing Saw
                                       3 GARTNER four spindle, flat concave and
                                       convex, 13” dia polishing machine,
                                       independent variable speed drive, 1 machine      Lens Sawing and Dicing Machines

                                       with automatic fluid recirculation, 2 machines   DISCO MODEL DAD-2H/6T automatic dicing
                                       with manual fluid dispensing.                    saw S/N 006038 (1985 upgraded 1998) table
                                                                                        dia 6”
                                       2 BRYANT & SYMONS four spindle, flat
                                       concave and convex, 6” dia polishing             MEYER BURGER type TS 33 optical saw S/N
                                       machines, independent variable speed drive,      9/227 (1999), table dia 200mm, X axis
                                       automatic fluid recirculation.                   150mm, table stroke 200mm, Filtermist

        Meyer Burger Saw               TWO SPINDLE, flat concave and convex, 14”
                                       dia polishing machine, pneumatic down feed,      TYSLIDE 250mm dia manual saw.
                                       variable speed drive, automatic fluid

                                                                                        Lens Chamfering Machines

                                                                                        2 OPTO TECH type HSP 200 edge chamfering
                                       ABRALAP CLEVELAND model 750 precision            machines S/N 97295010/1 (1997), max
                                       flat lapping machine S/N 250, lapping plate      lapping disc 200mm dia, variable speeds.
                                       750mm dia, conditioning rings 355mm dia.

                                       6 LAPMASTER 15” dia flat lapping machines,
                                       with conditioning rings

    LOH Edge Grinding Machine          2 ROGERS & CLARKE model L100S, 4” lens
                                       polishing machines, S/N 10138849/50.

         Carlan Twin Lap

     Strasbaugh 4 Spindle Lap                                                                     LOH Spherical Grinder

Bead Blast Unit                                   workbenches, size 1500 x 900mm, with post                  1997 upgraded 2000
VACU-BLAST model PHF 12-2 Gen/Rec bead            formed edge laminate tops and built in power
blast unit, S/N 175, pressure chamber capacity    supplies (all 2001), 16 Buko stainless steel
30 litres, linked to Master 150 cabinet size      adjustable wire shelf units size 1200 x 600 x
1400 x 1200 x 1100mm S/N 200. Vokes               1600mm high.
Unipak bag type dust collector and DCE
Unimaster dust collector.                         3 LAMARFLO S 3000 model Class 100 HLF
                                                  laminar flow clean cabinets (2000).
NILFISK GS 83, 2100 watt industrial vacuum
                                                  36 TECHNOCHAIR type TC3128 chairs.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
KERRY 9 stage conveyorised ultrasonic parts
                                                  Scribing Machines
cleaner type GCH50-8 S/N 57679/1-3/97 (new        2 VILLA Precision model GS 100-24 scribing
1997, upgraded 2000) with Autotrans Mark 3        machines with plc control, capacity 24” x 24”,
basket transfer unit, basket size 400 x 275 x     (one machine 1995)
500mm deep, Tank operation sequence- A
wash, B rinse, 1 wash, 2 rinse, 3 wash, 4         CNC Engraver
rinse, 5 de-ironised rinse (1 to 5 with
                                                  DAHLGREN Wizzard 2000 CNC engraving
Pulsatron Mk 2 ultrasonic power sources), 6
                                                  machine with super-pro 4.05 software,
and 7 de-ironised rinse, 8 and 9 drying.
                                                  capacity 12” x 12”

KERRY Microsolve 250m ultrasonic parts
cleaner S/N 590 98/1-10/98 (1998), capacity
                                                  Furnaces and Ovens
400 x 250 x 300mm deep.                           2 CARBOLITE model HPF7/22 electric
                                                  muffle furnaces, maximum temperature
CREST ULTRASONICS model OC5, 4 stage
ultrasonic parts cleaner with dryer (1996),
capacity 350 x 250 x 350mm deep.                  GALLENKAMP Plus 2 lab oven, cat
                                                  number OPL 150 DTI-C, 2100 watt,
                                                  maximum temperature 3000C, size 440 x
CREST ULTRASONICS single tank ultrasonic          440 x 650mm.
parts cleaner, capacity 350 x 200 x 200mm deep.

                                                  GALLENKAMP lab type vacuum oven,
Workshop Furniture                                maximum temperature 2000C
65 KAYMAR 94 series single pedestal                                                                 Kerry 9 Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner


          Villa Scribing Machine                              Carbolite Furnaces                   Kerry Microsolve Ultrasonic Cleaner

         Bother Curve Generator                           Valublast Bead Blast Unit                 Crest 4 Stage Ultrasonic Cleaner

                                            INSPECTION EQUIPMENT

                                            Freezers                                            COLCHESTER Student 1800 gap bed centre
                                            2 SANYO model MDF 192 ultra low                     lathe capacity 13” x 30”, speeds to 1500 rpm dro.
                                            temperature freezer cabinets (2001), capacity
                                            88 litres, minimum temperature -800C.               COLCHESTER Bantam 12” x 20” centre lathe.

                                            Inspection Equipment                                STARTRITE 20 RWS bandsaw with blade
                                                                                                welder, throat 20”, table size 20” x20”.
        Sanyo Ultralow Freezers             2 MEIJI Techno RZ series 200m stereo
                                            microscopes (2000), each with FL-150 fibre
                                            optic light sources and JVC model TM 1700           Q & S Sawmaster 200 heavy duty power
                                      20    PN-K colour video monitor.                          hacksaw capacity 8”.

                                            OLYMPUS model BHM turret head binocular             KITCHEN & WALKER E38 - 800 radial drill,
                                            microscope, magnification x 5, 10, 20 and 40,       capacity 28”, spindle speeds to 1500 rpm,
                                            camera and monitor.                                 boxtable.

                                            MITUTOYO PJ250 profile projector, S/N 301-101,      ARBOGA type B1304 bench drill.
                                            250mm dia protractor screen, magnifications x 10.
           HP Vectra VE PC’s
                                                                                                CLARKE model CDP 501 F piller drill, speeds
                                            MITUTOYO toolmakers microscope.                     to 2700 rpm.

                                            KEMCO 235 digital height gauge.                     JONES & SHIPMAN 1300 universal grinder,
                                                                                                capacity 10” x 27”.
                                            NEWPORT 4’ x 10’ anti vibration floating table.
                                                                                                MYFORD HPM 5” x 15” cylindrical grinder.
                                            ZYGO model mark 2-02 interferometer with
                                            aperture converter, reference flat, transmission    RJH Bison 12” double end grinder, Creusen 8”
                                            sphere and Heidenhain 1700mm measuring scale.       double end bench grinder.

                                            ZYGO model PI-1 and GP-1 interferometers            MUREX Tradestig AC/DC 180 tig welder,
     Heraeus Climatic Test Chambers                                                             Transarc Tradesman DC 130 arc welder,
                                                                                                Nederman model 601063 filter box, welding
                                            MICROFLAT 3’ x 2’ granite table.
                                                                                                bench, Allday forge hearth.

                                            Test Chambers                                       TURBEX 800 de-greaser and parts washer.
                                            2 HERAEUS VOTSCH HC4020 climatic test
                                            chambers (1998) with model CTC-E control,
                                            temp range -400C to +1800C.                         FREEDY Vac Air portable sump cleaner (2001).

                                            HERAEUS VOTSCH VMT 07/64 temperature                WILMOT type WH 096 - CB500 portable
                                            test chamber (2000)                                 crane, capacity 500 kg.
    Heraeus Temp/Humidity Chambers
                                            HERAEUS VOTSCH VTRK-150 humidity test

                                            chamber (2000)

                                            WEISS SC450 salt spray test
                                            chamber (2000), volume 480
                                            litres, maximum temperature 550C.

                                            BRIDGEPORT Interact 1 CNC
                                            vertical machine centre S/N
          MEIJI RZ Microscope               663960989C with Heidenhain
                                            TNC 151 control, table size 14” x

                                            BRIDGEPORT BR2J2 Turret milling
                                            machine with 2hp varispeed head,
                                            table size 9” x 42”, power table feed.

                                            ELLIOTT Concord 460 gap bed centre lathe,
                                            capacity 32”/18” x 68”, speeds to 1500 rpm,
         JDS Unibase BBS Units              24” 4 jaw chuck.                                               Weiss SC 450 Salt Spray

SAFETY Unlimited flammable goods safety
store, size 2.5 x 4.9 x 2.0 m high, flameproof

KARDEX model 500 - 1850 x 863 - NT parts
storage carrousel S/N 00 - 004 750/001
(2000). total load 2 x 10,000 kg, max local
load 430 kg, overall size 2.3. x 3.5 x 4.8m high.

2 WILFLOW 150 kva 440v to 220v 3 phase

MITSUBISHI Movemaster EX robot.

5 - 6 SEAT COMBINATION canteen table and
chair sets.

HUSQVARNA model 9 - 26 pedestrian snow
blower, petrol engine.

Office Furniture                                                                     Flammable Goods Safety Store
NEW 2001 - 18 corner workstations with
desk height pedestal - 19 desk mounted wave
                                                    2 FITEL S199 fusion splicers
screens, - 9 Triumph Metrix 100 storage units

- 25 Axis C351 - 1A medium back chairs -            7 ANDO AQ 6317 B optical spectrum
other workstations and printer stands. Other        analysers
furniture - desks, chairs, conference tables,       8 NEWPORT model 1830C optical power
filing cabinets, screens, easy chairs, reception    meters with universal fibre optic detectors,
desk etc.                                           model 818-1S-1

IT Equipment
HP keyboards, 12 HP model D50615A - 15
inch LCD colour monitors, 1 HP Laserjet 4050
TN printer.
                                                                                                             Kardex Storage Carrousel
FIBRE OPTIC Telecom Test Equipment
(mostly 2001)                                                                                                                           20
7 JDS Uniphase BBS broad band source
7 JDS Uniphase SB series fibre optic switches.
1 JDS Uniphase PS3 PDL Multimeter.

                                                              Husqvarna Snow Blower
                                                                                                               Freddy Sump Cleaner

            Bridgeport Interact 1                                Canteen Furniture                             Sample Workstations

If you wish to be contacted for forthcoming sales by e-mail or fax, please register at

Forthcoming DoveBid Auctions and Private Treaty Sales including:
Oct 3 2001    CPC Inc - New Date: Randolph, MA USA (On-Location)
              2 Complete Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Facilities
Oct 3 2001    Schober Printing Company, Detroit, MI USA (On-Location)
              Forms Printing Plant
Oct 4 2001    A Captive Printed Circuit Board Facility - New Date: Somersworth, NH USA (On-Location)
              2 Complete Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Facilities
Oct 4 2001    Eagle Trim, Inc: Randolph, Kalkaska, MI USA (On-Location)
              Automotive Trim Manufacturing Facility - (21) Upacting 4-Post Hydraulic Presses to 600-Ton
Oct 9 2001    Bonlac Foods: Camperdown, Vic. Austrailia (On-Location)
              Dairy Product Processing Machinery
Oct 10 2001   Kimberly-Clark - New Date: Mobile, AL USA (Webcast)
              Complete 200 TPD Pulp Mill
Oct 10 2001   AristaSoft - San Jose, CA USA (Webcast)
              Computer and Telecommunications Equipment
Oct 11 2001   GE TIP: Chigago, IL USA (Webcast)
              Special Sales event. Hundreds of Fleet Maintained Trailers, Various models, years, and lengths,
              Incudes storage, cartage and road trailers
Oct 11 2001   Dot-Com Exchange VIII - Silicon Valley, CA USA (Webcast)
              Computers and Telecommunications Equipment
Oct 13 2001   SAF Warrant Officers & Specialists Club: Singapore (On-Location)
              Complete Clubhouse Facilities: Audio Visual Equipment, Restaurant’s Equipment and Furniture, etc.
Oct 17 2001   Convergent, Inc:- Englewood, CO USA (Webcast)
              Computer and Telecommunications Equipment
Oct 18 2001   The Boeing Company: St. Louis MO USA (On-Location)
              Tool Grinding, CNC Machining & Processing Equipment
Oct 23 2001   Xerox Corporation:- Webmaster, NY USA (Webcast)
              Semiconductor/Wafer Fab, Packaging, Ink/Chemical, Test & Measurement, Injection Molding, Extrusion, Metalworking Facilities
Oct 23 2001   Euclid Tool & Machine Company, Inc:- Bay City, MI USA (Webcast)
              Complete Machine Tool Design and Manufacturing Facility
Oct 24 2001   Agilent Technologies, Inc: - (Online)
              Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment
Oct 30 2001   GS Technologies Operating CO.,Inc.dba GST Steel Company: - Kansas City, MO USA (Webcast)
              Complete Steel Processing Mill Facility
Nov 8 2001    Dot-Com Exchange IX:- Silicon Valley, CA USA (Webcast)
              Computers and Telecommunications Equipment
Nov 13 2001   Xerox Corporation, Dundalk Ireland:- Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland (Webcast)
              Inkjet Manufacturing Equipment
Nov 15 2001   Motorola Limited, Bathgate, Scotland:- Bathgate, Scotland UK (Webcast)
              Mobile Phone Handset Manufacturing, Featuring SMT, Printed Circuit Board Assembly & Electronic Test & Manufacturing Equipment
Dec 6 2001    Dot-Com Exchange X:- Silicon Valley, CA USA (Webcast)
              Computers and Telecommunications Equipment
Ongoing       Corus (Hoogovens):- Ijmuiden, The Netherlands (Private Treaty)
              Steelmaking Equipment and Rolling Mills
Ongoing       Folkes Forge Ltd:- Halesowen, England, UK (Private Treaty)
              Open Die Forges
Ongoing       Schelde Machinefabriek:- Vlissingen, The Netherlands (Private Treaty)
              Heavy Industry Machine Tools

                                     1 Copthall House, Station Square, Coventry. CV1 2FT, England
                                       Tel: +44 (0) 24 7663 2277 Fax: +44 (0) 24 7663 2226
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