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					                                                         Virginia Department of Education
                          Certification of Budgeted Operational Expenditures from Local Funds to Meet
                          Required Local Effort and Required Local Match for Fiscal Year 2011 - PART I
                                                           Based on Chapter 874, 2010 Acts of Assembly

This file determines whether budgeted required local effort for mandatory Standards of Quality (SOQ) accounts for fiscal year 2011, in accordance with language and
funding levels contained in Chapter 874, 2010 Acts of Assembly, has been met by school divisions.

In addition, this file also determines the amount of local funds available to meet budgeted required local match for optional Lottery funded accounts for fiscal year
2011. The collection of budgeted required local match data was included in Chapter 874 and directs the Department of Education to collect the required information to
determine if a school division has appropriated the local funds required to support the local match based on all Lottery funded accounts in which the school division
elects to participate. This information must be reported to the General Assembly each year.

Once this file is complete, it will need to be uploaded to SSWS on the Department of Education Web site in order to complete PART II, which will generate the program
certification forms for all required local match programs previously included within this file. In PART II, school divisions will also be able to elect whether or not to
participate in a program that requires a local match.

This file contains the following worksheets:

"State & Local Funds Worksheet" - This worksheet is similar to the department-issued calculation template, and shows projected fiscal year (FY) 2011 entitlements
for SOQ and Lottery funded accounts requiring a local match of funds, as well as other SOQ, Incentive, Lottery, and Categorical accounts that do not require a local
match of funds. This worksheet allows you to change the March 31 Average Daily Membership (ADM) used in the funding projections by clicking on the button labeled
"Click Here to Run New ADM." Please note that changing ADM in this file only changes the estimated funding for accounts that are funded on the basis of ADM. The
estimated funding for all other accounts remains the same.

"Budgeted RLE" - This worksheet must be completed to determine whether required local effort for mandatory SOQ accounts for FY 2011 has been met. You cannot
proceed to the other worksheets in the file until this worksheet is completed in full. Please note that this worksheet refers to the Annual School Report Financial Section
(ASRFIN) reporting requirements for actual Required Local Effort reporting. These notations are indicated with "*", and then the applicable function-object-cost center-
program code combinations. For a detailed listing of the account structure used on the ASRFIN, please see Attachment C to Superintendent's Memorandum No. 164-
10, dated July 16, 2010.
"Summary" - This worksheet contains a summary of the information entered and calculated in this file. It also includes instructions on how to access PART II of the
Required Local Effort and Required Local Match data collection.

Before completing this file, It is highly recommended that you read Superintendent's Memorandum Number 164-10, dated July 16, 2010, along with Attachments A,
B and C to the memorandum. Attachment B includes detailed instructions for completing the fiscal year 2011 Budgeted Required Local Effort and Budgeted Required
Local Match certifications. Copies of the superintendent's memorandum and attachments can be downloaded from the budget office Web site:

Please note that each locality participating in a jointly-operated school division is required to individually report their budgeted and actual expenditures to meet Required
Local Effort and Required Local Match. For fiscal year 2011, each locality participating in a jointly-operated school division (Bedford County and Bedford City, Fairfax
County and Fairfax City, Greensville County and Emporia, and James City County and Williamsburg) must submit separate reports.

                                                         Virginia Department of Education
                          Certification of Budgeted Operational Expenditures from Local Funds to Meet
                          Required Local Effort and Required Local Match for Fiscal Year 2011 - PART I
                                                            Based on Chapter 874, 2010 Acts of Assembly

NOTE: The Required Local Effort and Match template is protected and designed for data entry only. The template should not be altered in any way. If you submit a
file to the department that has been altered and this file is identified in the course of the department's review, it will not be accepted because data integrity could be

The Required Local Effort and Match template contains cell links and error checks in addition to hidden coding features. As you are entering and editing data in the
template, it is imperative that you do not cut information from or paste information into the worksheets. These functions will break the links and the error checks built
into the template, which will cause problems when the data is reviewed by the department. Should information be inadvertently cut from or pasted into the template,
click on "Edit" on the top of the Excel template and then click on "Undo Typing." If you are unable to "undo" any cut or paste functions, it is recommended that you
download a new template from the department's Web site and re-enter your information.

     1. Select your division using the drop-down box located at the top of the sheet labeled "State & Local Funds Worksheet." A box will appear that asks you to
     confirm that you have chosen the correct division. If the division name is correct, click "Yes." If you have selected the wrong division, click "No" and select the
     correct division using the drop-down box.

     2. After you have confirmed your division selection, entitlements and local match requirements for SOQ, Incentive, Categorical, and Lottery funded accounts,
     based on the department's projections for fiscal year 2011, will automatically be calculated. After the calculations are complete, a box will notify you that the file
     will NOT automatically be saved. You will need to save the file before proceeding.

     3. This file allows you to change ADM projections for fiscal year 2011. As noted previously, the template will automatically calculate state entitlements and
     Required Local Effort using DOE's current ADM projections. If you prefer to use locally derived ADM projections, click on the button labeled "Click here to run new
     ADM," which is located on the tab labeled "State & Local Funds Worksheet." This button allows you to run different required local effort scenarios using either
     DOE's ADM projections or your local ADM projections.

     4. Please note that page two of the "State & Local Funds Worksheet" provides you with all the variables used to calculate the state entitlements and Required
     Local Effort, such as the applicable per pupil amounts and your division's composite index. The data contained in this spreadsheet are based on funding levels
     contained in Chapter 874, 2010 Acts of Assembly.

     5. Detailed instructions for completing the Required Local Effort template and Certification are provided in Attachment B of Superintendent's Memorandum
     Number 164-10, dated July 16, 2010. Please read these instructions carefully to ensure that the template is completed accurately. Also, please review all cell
     comments and notes in the "Budgeted RLE" worksheet when entering data.

    If you have questions regarding the instructions or the Excel template, please contact budget office staff (below) at (804) 225-2025 or e-mail us at the following

                                                       Budget Staff:                           E-mail Address:
                                                     Brian Logwood           
                                                      Sterling Daniel        
                                                       Cecelia Rieb           
                                                       Sara Tatum             


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