Sundown Towns by wanghonghx


									James W. Loewen (Jim)
 Sundown Towns

and what to do about them
• When [1890-1968, peak year 1970]
• Where [throughout US, except the
  traditional South]
• How many [in many states, a majority of
  all towns]
Pinckneyville, IL
Villa Grove, IL: Can you “see” the ordinance?
Can you “see” the ordinance?
Can you “see” the ordinance?
The largest attempt to create a sundown town:
Where are the
Can you “see” the FHA regulation?
Who is kept out?
The influence of sundown towns
             What is to be Done?

•   Require admission.
•   Require apology.
•   Require changed practice.
•   Require results.
•   Or remove federal housing!
•   “Residents Rights Act”
           Confirm a town
•Start with census, incl. “manuscript census.”
Trace former black residents.
•Read printed town and county histories.
•Do oral history: “experts,” genealogists, old
folks. Ask: “how do you know this?” etc.
•Confirm with newspapers, land records, if you
•Tell me! Cause change!
James W. Loewen (Jim)

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