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									SUMMER 2009

                                   Sunterra News


                  Summertime. And the living is easy.
                                                     That perfect combination of a sunny day, a warm
                          breeze and the aroma of flame-kissed meats sizzling on a grill makes one wish the lazy days of summer
                   would never end. Although the season is fleeting, memories of great food in the company of good friends lasts forever.
              Effortless Entertaining                                                                       Gourmet Grilling
              Picnics in the park require little except shrewd packing skills, a great                      The outdoor barbecue is a social activity best enjoyed with family and
              location and some effortless meal ideas. Freshly-made Sunterra deli                           friends. Central to this experience is the thrill of the grill. Whether it’s
              salads, like Crisp Broccoli and Sweet Grape and Signature Five Bean                           tender kabobs sandwiched between fresh vegetables or an endless
              Salad, provide a refreshing contrast to the summer’s heat. For last-                          variety of marinated meats or seafood, grilling doesn’t require
              minute chefs, dips and spreads, like Sunterra’s Roasted Red Pepper                            constant attention or much in the way of clean up, meaning you have
              dip, Hummus or Tzatziki, served with crudités, are an easy addition                           more time to do what you enjoy most.
              to any backyard party.
                                                                                                            Inside this issue, you’ll find tips for grilling up the perfect get-
              Berry Abundance                                                                               together, along with our satisfyingly simple recipe for Grilled Summer
              The sweet taste and rich hues of berries are a harbinger of                                   Vegetables. We hope you can take time this summer to fire up the
              summertime. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, these sun-                                 grill, sit back, relax and savour the best of the barbecue season.
              ripened super fruits are the perfect summer treat. Fresh berries and a
              generous scoop of vanilla-bean ice cream served in a crispy, golden                           Win the Ultimate Backyard Barbecue Bash. See page 2 or in store for
              waffle cone is a grown-up take on the traditional ice cream cone.                             more details.

               Commerce Place: 201, 10150 Jasper Avenue Tel. 780.426.3791 • Lendrum Shopping Plaza: 5728 - 111 Street Tel. 780.434.2610
                                                          Sunterra Catering: 780.426.3807

                             Sunterra – helping busy people enjoy wholesome meals.
Our Favourite Things for Summer
                                                   gourmet grilling
                                                   Stonewall Kitchen Marinades and Grille
                                    Sauces are a distinctive and versatile addition to any
                                    backyard get-together. The Thai, Tuscan and Burgundy
                                    marinades, along with grille sauces like Maple Chipotle,
                                    are great for roasting, grilling, or even tossing on pasta.
                                    ($8.99/330 ml • Stockboy Special $7.64)
                                                                                                  herbs Herbs provide a punch
                                                                                                  of flavour to summer entertaining. Dill
                                                                                                  leaves are a traditional flavouring for
                                                                                                  fish, beets and carrots. Closely related to
                                                                                                  the Welsh onion, chives are often used
refreshingly                                          clean •
                                                                                                  in salads, along with basil. For grilling,
                                                                                                  oregano brings out the best in poultry
delicious                                             elegantly                                   while thyme is excellent with red meat
Perfect for a warm and sunny
day, Zora’s Lemonade is a                             green                                       and fish. And when it’s time for dessert,
                                                                                                  mint perfectly pairs with chocolate.
local product made with                               A safe and effective                        ($2.99/package)

freshly squeezed organic                              alternative to strong

lemons without the work or                            chemicals and fragrances, Caldrea Dish

the mess!                                             Soap is made with essential oils and
($12.99/750 ml)                                       earth-friendly products which naturally
                                                      tackle grease while keeping your dishes     blissful
                                                      clean and bright.                           Everybody loves
                                                      ($6.99/473 ml)                              ice cream. MacKay’s
                                                                                                  Ice Cream from

                         quick & easy                                                             Cochrane, Alberta has been a tasty
                                                                                                  tradition for 60 years. MacKay’s hand-
                         Perfect for your backyard barbecue, enjoy four hamburger
                                                                                                  crafts small batches of your favourite,
                         patties from Sunterra Farms, freshly made hamburger buns,
                                                                                                  blissful flavours for the ultimate in rich,
                         cheddar cheese, sliced vegetables and Sunterra BBQ Sauce…all
                                                                                                  creamy, premium ice cream.
                         in one pack for effortless entertaining. All you have to do is fire
                                                                                                  ($5.99/481 ml)
                         up the grill.
                         ($9.99/package of four)

              summer salad
              This popular summer salad is a wonderfully colourful sidekick that will complement
your backyard barbecue. Sunterra’s Bocconcini Salad is made with fresh cherry tomatoes, baby
bocconcini and basil. Alternatively, bite into Sunterra’s Crisp Broccoli and Sweet Grape Salad
or our Greek Salad to cool you down on a warm day.
($1.29–$1.69/100 g)
Summer Happenings
            The Art of Outdoor Cooking
There is nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes from cooking the perfect, tender-on-the-
inside, charred-on-the-outside cut of meat or crunchy, roasted vegetables, with flawless grilling
  marks. With the right tools and tips, becoming a master of the grill can be effortless and fun.

One common misconception that could mean the difference between a mouth-watering steak and a
hockey puck, is that barbecuing and grilling are one and the same. In fact, they are separate and distinct
techniques; barbecuing involves cooking food slowly over indirect heat, while grilling is a quicker
method that uses high heat but is still normally done on a barbecue grill.                                        WestJet market Chef, michael Cripps

Whether you’re barbecuing or grilling, here are some tips to help fire up your technique:                      Sunterra’s newest market brings
                                                                                                                nourishment to WestJetters
                                                       • Always remember to preheat your grill for at least
                                                         10 to 15 minutes to prevent food from sticking.      Sunterra is pleased to announce the
                                                                                                              opening of its eighth market, located in the
                                                       • Saucing too soon is a common mistake. Sauces         new WestJet Campus building.
                                                         high in sugar can burn easily if brushed on
                                                                                                              The new market is designed to support
                                                         meat too soon. Wait until the last five to 10        busy WestJetters by providing healthy,
                                                         minutes of cooking to brush on sauces and            nourishing food options that complement
                                                         apply in layers to form a glaze.                     their lifestyle.
                                                       • Long-handled tongs and spatulas are essential        Sunterra at WestJet Campus elevates the
                                                         outdoor cooking tools. Use tongs for flipping        concept of convenience; from prepared
                                                         burgers, sausages and steaks; spatulas for more      three-course meals to customized catering
                                                                                                              services and freshly prepared daily
                                                         delicate food like fish. Stabbing or turning         breakfast and lunch offerings.
• Lightly coat food with olive oil. This helps           meat with a fork will only release tasty juices.
                                                                                                              The new market is an exciting aesthetic
  prevent food from sticking to the grate, keeps       • When grilling with a closed barbecue lid, place      blend of the traditional, European-style
  natural juices in and helps produce those              an open can of beer on the grill. The beer will      market concept paired with modern, clean
  signature grill marks.                                 boil and keep the meats moist while adding           and fresh features designed to complement
                                                         flavour.                                             the cheerful feel of the new campus.
• Make sure your grill is clean. Use a steel wire
  brush to clean it or a crumpled ball of aluminum     • Cook fish skin-side down and don’t turn it. When
  foil held in tongs if you’re in a pinch.               it’s ready, it should peel easily from the skin.

                                                          SpoNSoreD By
                                            the official packaged Dairy provider of the 2010 Winter Games

        Use your Fresh Rewards card this summer and you and 10 friends could enjoy
   the ultimate, four-course backyard barbecue, hosted and prepared by a Sunterra Chef,
                and your very own, 22.5-inch Weber Gold charcoal barbecue.
                                   JUST BY SWIPING YOUR FRESH REWARDS CARD.

  With eight prize packages to be won, each valued at over $800, we guarantee you’ll love our gourmet take on this classic
                   summer activity. The only thing we can’t guarantee is the weather, and the mosquitoes.
Rewarding Customer Loyalty
                        Are you a member of our                                                                                                  These favourite
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                        Fresh Rewards Program?                                                                                                    cashier’s till.

   It’s simple and it’s free: earn 1 point for every dollar spent at Sunterra, using a keytag or your phone number.                          40 POINTS — 99¢ value
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 To redeem for an item on this list, simply fill out a redemption form, available at both of our market locations and                        • Fresh Cinnamon Bun
     online at A gift certificate will be mailed to you in approximately three weeks.
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  Deep Conditioning
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                                                  2,830 POINTS — $85 value                               Facial                              • Fresh Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit
1,660 POINTS — $50 value                                                                                                                       Juice (470 ml)
                                                  • EvelineCharles Pedicure
• $50 Gift Certificate towards
                                                    Treatment                                          5,000 POINTS — $150 value             140 POINTS — $3.49 value
  your next rental with Budget
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• Honens International Piano                                                      • $150 EvelineCharles Gift                                 • Artisan Bread (1 loaf)
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  Competition CD Box Set                                                            Certificate
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                                                    Edmonton                                                                                 • Fresh Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit
• Sunterra Cooking Class Pass                                                                          15,000 POINTS — $450 value
  for One. Includes 1½ hours                                                                                                                   Juice (940 ml)
                                                  • $100 Sunterra Gift                                 • Fully Catered At-home
  of instruction, full set of                       Certificate                                          Sunterra Dinner for 10              280 POINTS — $6.99 value
  recipes, buffet dinner and a                                                                           (Standard Menu)
                                                  • Sunterra Cooking Class Pass                                                              • Grab & Go Salad for One
  glass of wine
                                                    for Two. Includes 1½ hours
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                                                                                                                                             • Two Friday Night Feasts
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Friday Night Feasts                                                 Friday Night Feasts
                       …continued                                                     All Meals $14.99
                 All Meals $14.99                                    Enjoy gourmet, take-home dinners every Friday. To
 Enjoy gourmet, take-home dinners every Friday. To                  ensure availability, please call to pre-order your Friday
ensure availability please call to pre-order your Friday             Night Feast. Dinners require reheating. Vegetarian
 Night Feast. Dinners require reheating. Vegetarian                   options available, please speak to our market chef.
 options available, please speak to our market chef.
                                                                                              JUNE 5
                      AUGUST 7                                                        Roasted Corn Salad
                       Greek Salad                                             Barbecued Sunterra Baby Back Ribs
                                                                      Herbed Potato Wedges and Seasonal Roasted Vegetables
        Greek Lamb Kabobs with Lemon Potatoes
                                                                                       Black Forest Cake
             Pita Bread and a side of Tzatziki
                                                                                              JUNE 12
                                                                                    Cream of Mushroom Soup
                     AUGUST 14                                             Roasted Fresh Salmon Filet with Mango Salsa
            Garden Vegetable and Lentil Soup                                        Wild Rice and Green Beans
       Roasted Fresh Salmon Filet with Mango Salsa                                       Mixed Berry Tart
                Wild Rice and Green Beans
                     Mixed Berry Tart                                                         JUNE 19
                                                                                     Broccoli and Grape Salad
                     AUGUST 21                                                   Cajun Striploin with Creole Sauce
                Broccoli and Grape Salad                                            Corn and Black Bean Orzo
              Barbecue Sunterra Striploin                                              Chocolate Pecan Pie
           Stuffed Baked Potato and Coleslaw
                  Chocolate Pecan Pie                                                         JUNE 26
                                                                                    Tomato Bocconcini Salad
                     AUGUST 28                                            Baked Halibut with Tarragon Peppercorn Butter
                       Lentil Salad                                        Tropical Mango Rice and Roasted Asparagus
                    Tandoori Chicken                                                       Lemon Tart
   Basmati Rice, Vegetable Samosa and Mango Chutney
              Coconut Tart with Fresh Berries                                                  JULY 3
                                                                                              Greek Salad
                                                                                          Chicken Souvlaki
                                                                                  Rice Pilaf, Tzatziki and Pita Bread

Cooking Classes
                                                                                              JULY 10
                                                                               Caesar Salad with Mini Garlic Crostinis
                                                                                       Maui Baby Back Ribs
                                                                               Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Coleslaw
                                                                                             Fruit Flan
                            FreSH FooD, GooD FrieNDS, Great time!
                                                                                              JULY 17
                                                                             Marinated Mushroom and Tomato Salad
Sunterra’s cooking classes are designed to be                                      Adobo Rubbed Flank Steak
                                                                      Roasted Potato Wedges and Seasonal Mixed Vegetables
     fun, informative and entertaining.                                               Mixed Berry Mousse

     Register now for our new                                                                 JULY 24
                                                                                       Thai Noodle Salad
           cooking class.                                                          Lemon Grass Chicken Breast
                                                                              Steamed Rice and Stir-Fried Vegetables
                                                                                         Peach Cobbler
Tuesday, June 30 – Patio Entertaining
                                                                                              JULY 31
     Please call 403.263.9759 for more information.                                     Cucumber Dill Salad
    Classes are held at our Village Marché location:                                      Seafood Paella
   TransCanada Tower, +15 level 450 - 1st Street S.W.                                      Key Lime Pie
Sunterra Recipe
   Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables
   These fresh and wholesome grilled vegetables can be served hot as a grilled vegetable platter or an ideal side dish to barbecued skewers or meat.               By Sunterra Chef Julie Weir

   1 each of red, yellow and green bell peppers, cut into 1-inch-wide strips           Dressing
   2 red onions, cut into ½-inch-thick rings                                           ¼ cup balsamic vinegar           ½ tsp salt
   2 small zucchini, cut on the bias into ½-inch-thick slices                          ¾ cup olive oil                  ½ tsp black pepper
   4 Roma tomatoes, each cut into halves                                               1 tbsp crushed garlic            Place dressing ingredients into a lidded
   1 asparagus bunch, ends trimmed                                                     2 tbsp white sugar               jar and shake until mixed.
   1 medium eggplant, cut on the bias into ½-inch-thick slices                         2 tbsp lemon juice
   1 oz fresh basil leaves

   Brush all the vegetables with olive oil and season with salt and crushed pepper. Lay out on the grill
   and cook for approximately 6 to 8 minutes, flipping half way through.

   Remove the vegetables from the grill and toss them with dressing. Arrange on a platter and garnish
   with fresh basil or freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

   ServeS approximately Six people

Sunterra Quality Food Markets
200, 1851 Sirocco Drive S.W.
Calgary, AB T3H 4R5

Phone: 403.266.2820
Fax: 403.266.2557

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