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									                           Grün Mechanik Ltd
                                      Company Profile

The philosophy of our firm is simple, but successful:

The centre of our attention is the customer with his demand for the highest quality and
confidence in our reliability.

This measure of precision and reliability is achieved by using ultra modern production
technologies and a highly trained work force.

As a medium size company we have produced parts since 1976 for renowned manufacturers
in the machine building industry, the tool making industry an the consumer goods industry.

We manufacture single pieces as well as small and large series.

The size of our company enables us to be extremely flexible and pay particular attention to
customer demands.

Due to our modern production and quality control methods we believe we can be a
competitive partner for you.

We would like you to send your inquiries and let us prove our competitiveness regarding
quality and reliability.

Please find enclosed a list of machines with details of performance for your convenience.

We are at your disposal for a personal talk, i.e. a visit to your office or at our premises.

                     Visualize our company

Total plot area: 75 ares
Production area: 2400 square meters
Office area: 720 square metres

2 overhead cranes, lifting capacity 5 tons each
1 overhead crane, lifting capacity 10 tons (new production hall)
Own delivery van and one HGV

                               How to reach us

From Frankfurt Airport:
By rail, via Mannheim:

Frankfurt Airport – Mannheim – Kaiserslautern - Saarbrücken – Merzig

By rail, via Idar-Oberstein:

Frankfurt Airport – Mainz – Bad Kreuznach – Idar-Oberstein – Saarbrücken – Merzig

By road

A (M) 3 – A 67 – A 60 (Mainz) – A 63 (Kaiserslautern) A 6 – A 8 (Saarlouis / Luxembourg) -

From Luxembourg:
E 29/ 406 (407) to Remich/Mosel – Borg – A 8 Merzig

Form Dover / Calais:
E 40 Dunkerque – E 42 Lille – Tournai (Brussels) – Mons – Charleroi – Namur – E 25 Arlon
Luxembourg (direction Saarbrücken) – as from Luxembourg Airport

              Hotlines to your contact persons:


Grün Mechanik GmbH
Im Holzhau 11
D-66663 Merzig

PO box 11 01 61
D-66659 Merzig

Fone: +49 68 61/93 23-0
Fax: +49 68 61/93 23-11
Web :


Norbert Grün                                                                                   +49 6861/93 23-19
(managing director)

Dominik Grün                                                                                   +49 06861/93 23-31
Bachelor of Engineering
machine construction
assistant manager

Alexander Petry                                                                                +49 68 61/93 23-30
(production planning, quantity surveyor)

Theresia Ley                                                                                   +49 68 61/93 23-18
(chief buyer, business department)

Harald Leinen                                                                                  +49 68 61/93 23-50
(quality control)

                            List of Machines

Milling (CNC-controlled)
Horizontal machining centre – Matsuura MC 900 H
(Horizontal precision processing centre)
Table travel                        X-Axis (longitudinal)      920 mm
                                    Y-Axis (vertical)          720 mm
                                    Z-Axis (cross)             760 mm

Double pallet changer, work table area 630 x 630 mm, max. load 1.200 kg
Automatic tool changer, storage capacity 50
Additional facility: W-Axis – NC-ciruclar table

Horizontal machining centre – Toyoda FH 63 S
(Horizontal precision processing centre)
Table travel                        X-Axis                     1000 mm
                                    Y-Axis                      850 mm
                                    Z-Axis                      750 mm

Spindle revolution: 15000 min –1
Double pallet changer, worktable area 630 x 630 mm, max. load 1.300 kg
Automatic tool changer, storage capacity 120

Vertical machining centre – Norte VS 2000
Table travel                        X-Axis                     2000mm
                                    Y-Axis                      650 mm
                                    Z-Axis                     650 mm

Work table area 2120 x 500 mm
Max. load 2000 kg
Automatic tool changer, storage capacity 30
Additional facility: W-Axis – NC-circular table

Vertical processing centre – Norte VS 4000
Table travel                         X-Axis       2000 mm
                                     Y-Axis       650 mm
                                     Z-Axis        650 mm

Work table area 2120 x 710 mm
Max. load 3.000 kg
Automatic tool changer, storage capacity 56
Additional facility: W-Axis – NC-circular table

Vertical processing centre – Hedelius BC 100
Table travel                         X-Axis       3.500 mm
                                     Y-Axis       1.000 mm
                                     Z-Axis        750 mm

Work table area 4150 x 1000 mm
Max. load 4.000 kg
Automatic tool changer, storage capacity 55
Power capacity 50 Kw
Positioning tolerance Tp=0,015
Scattering range Psm=0,005
Control system: Siemens 840D
Additional facility: W-Axis – NC-circular table

Universal tool milling machine - MAHO MH 800W
Table travel                         X-Axis       800 mm
                                     Y-Axis       500 mm
                                     Z-Axis       550 mm

Facility: Universal circular table
Worktable area 900 x 614 mm

Universal tool milling machine – Maho MH 600 P
Table travel                         X-Axis       500 mm
                                     Y-Axis       400 mm
                                     Z-Axis       400 mm

Facility: Fixed angle table
Work table area 800 x 400 mm

Milling (Conventional)

Universal milling machine CORREA
Table travel                        X-Axis                   1250 mm
                                    Y-Axis                    600 mm
                                    Z-Axis                    750 mm

Boring machines

Boring machine Scharmann FB 90
CNC Boring and milling machine with Siemens control 840 Di
Table travel                     X-Axis                     1300 mm
                                 Y-Axis                     1000 mm
                                 Z-Axis                     1000 mm
                                 W-Axis                      500 mm
                                 B-Axis with Heidenhain, Typ RON 287c

Spindle diameter 110 mm
Work table area 800 x 1000 mm
Additional facility: Spindle slide Ø 500 mm
Max. Load 3000,-kg

Boring machine Juaristi
CNC Boring and milling machine with Heidenhain control TNC 430

Spindle Ø 130

Table travel                        X-Axis                   4000 mm
                                    Y-Axis                   2000 mm
                                    Z-Axis                   1825 mm
                                    W-Axis                   800 mm

B-Axis CNC hydrostatic with work table area 1600 x 1600 mm
Max. Load: 10.000 kg

Lathing (CNC-controlled)

CNC Lathe - Takisawa TS-20
Swing                                     500 mm
Collision free turning diameter
with Takisawa – turret                    250 mm
Lathing length                            600 mm
Distance between centre                   700 mm
Bar passage                                70 mm

Universal Lathe Boehringer DUS 560 ti
Cycle controlled Lathe with control Sinumerik 810 D

Swing                              610 mm
above bed                          610 mm
above cross slide                  365 mm
Lathing Length                     1500 mm
Bar passage                         62 mm

CNC Lathe - Okuma LH 35-N
Swing                              610 mm
Collision free turning diameter
above cross slide                  350 mm
Distance between centres          2000 mm
Bar passage                         75 mm

Lathing (Conventional)

Lathe – Ernault 435
Height of centres                   200 mm
Max. lathing Ø from spindle flange
above saddle                        435 mm
Max. lathing Ø above cross slide    230 mm
distance between centres           1300 mm

Lathe – Löw V 1000
Heigth of centres above faceplate 500 mm
Max. lathing Ø above saddle       1000 mm
Max. lathing Ø above slide rest    760 mm
Distance between centres          5000 mm

CNC-Universal Cylindrical Grinder Studer S40cnc
Max. distance between centres                1600 mm
Height of centres                             225 mm
Machine bed                                  Granitan S103

Turret type wheelhead with B-Axis
Workpiece wheelhead with highly accurate C-Axis Roundness accuracy 0,0004 mm
(Spindle operation)

X-Axis                table travel 275 mm
Z-Axis                table travel 1650 mm

Software              user orientated Studer Software


Cylindrical Grinder – Schaudt AR 1000
Max. grinding length                         1080 mm
Height of centres                             180 mm
Max. grindable diameter                       360 mm
Max. workpiece weight                         350 kg

Cylindrical Grinder Tschudin HTG 410
Workpiece wheelhead with improved concentric running

Height of centres                            1000 mm
Spindle passage                               24 mm
Longitudinal slide travel                    420 mm
Cross infeed slide travel                     45 mm

CNC Face Grinder Elb
Perfect Future BD20 Siemens 840D
Grinding Length                           2000 mm
Grinding width                                   600 mm
Grinding height                            600 mm
Table Load                                1400 kg

Control : Siemens 840 D
Additional facility: CNC-roundtable
Fibroplan with Siemens motor

Face Grinder
Worktable area             2000 x 600 (Height 600 mm)
All grinding machines have electronically balanced heads

Mig-Mag welding machine with round table
Welding capacity
   - engineering steel
   - high-grade steel
   - aluminium
   - aluminium alloys

Max. work piece weight 5000 kg (limited by max. load of crane)

CAD CAM Programming System with 3D Compatible
CAD Work Place

Interface for transfer and implementing drawings DXF, DWG, IGES

Graphical interactive NC-programming system
Graphics transfer from CAD
Graphically interactive generation of geometrics
Graphical management of tools
CAM lathing, dual axis machining of rotating work pieces
CAM milling; 21/2D , as well as 3D cycle controlled milling

Quality Control
Climatized control with state of the art electronic and conventional measuring systems.

3D Coordinate measuring machine LEITZ PMM-C700P
High precesion coordinate measuring system
Table travel                        X-Axis                1200 mm
                                    Y-Axis                1000 mm
                                    Z-Axis                 700 mm

Measuring accurracy; 0,6+L/600µm (L=measured Length in mm)

3-D coordinate measuring machine LK G-80C
Table travel                        X-Axis                2855 mm
                                    Y-Axis                1200 mm
                                    Z-Axis                1000 mm

Granite table, measurements         X-Axis                2855 mm
                                    Y-Axis                1890 mm
                                    strength               450 mm

Improved measuring accurracy: 1.9+L/250 µm (L=measured length in mm)
Max. table load 2700 kg (point strain)

Vertical Linear Measure with microprocessor controlled
measuring programmes - TESA Microhite
Measuring range 815 mm
Measuring range 600 mm

Measuring range 1000 mm

Digital roundtable – Fribosa Type DGT-280
Computer controlled

Measuring of

   -    coordinates
   -    angles
   -    spacing
   -    cam
   -    parallels
   -    planeness

Surface Measuring System – Mahr-Perthen S6P
Microprocessor controlled surface measuring system with automatic print-out.
Results measured for all surface measuring factors.
Print-out includes measuring results, complimentary information, intermediate results as well
as diagramme presentation and coordinate indication.

Hardness testing Machines WOLPERT Type 500 MRD
Digital hardness testing machine according to Rockwell.

Microprocessor controlled Vickers Hardness tasting and measuring machine with conversion
chart for all common hardness grades.

Contour Measuring System
Mahr Conturgraph CV200


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