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CCMTA News Summer 2006 Issue


									Volume 14, No. 2                                                                                                        Summer 2006

                    C C M T A
                               n e w s
N e w s l e t t e r o f t h e C a n a d i a n C o u n c i l o f M o t o r Tr a n s p o r t A d m i n i s t r a t o r s

Revamped web site coming soon                                                                                   Inside
                                                          The web address is now a            2006 Annual Meeting
                                                          staple of CCMTA business. Launched a
                                                          decade ago, redesigned in 2001, it will now      3
                                                          benefit from significant improvements in         Roadcheck 2006
                                                          2006 as new products and services will be
                                                          added by the end of the summer in order to       4-5-6
                                                          better serve all CCMTA members.                  Committee news
                                                                                                           • Home stretch for CDLA
                                                                                                           • HoS: application guide
                                                       Government and associate members who                  this summer
                                                       rely on the web site will have noticed              • RSRP in brief
                                                       CCMTA makes every effort to post                    • Trip inspections: set for
                                                                                                             July 2007
                                                       documents electronically. The background            • Forum on aging drivers
                                                       information for the standing committee                a success
                                                       meetings, for instance, has been distributed
                                                       in this fashion for the last nine years. The        7
daily hits (visits) on average over 100 per day.                                              News from all over
                                                                                                           • Commercial vehicle
                                                                                                             brake safety symposium
Additions                                                                                                  • FMCSA examines US/
Recognizing the web site has become an invaluable working tool, CCMTA is adding features to it in            Canadian reciprocity
order to improve communications. The third-generation site will boast some members only pages for            issues with proposed
its three standing committees, a discussion forum, survey and search engine capabilities and an              policies
updated layout. In an effort to better highlight the work performed within committees as well as
project groups, both government and associate members will have better access to agendas, notices
                                                                                                           Committee news
of conference calls, background information, records of decisions, documentation as well as a host         • Distracted driving sub-
of reports.                                                                                                  group starts work

                                                                                (Continued on page 13)     9
                                                                                                           CCMTA’s Road Safety
                                                                                                           • Police forces launch
 Making Canada’s roads the safest Tincourtesy ofworldthwest Terr itories
                                PeO O: cour
                                         the the Northwest erritor
                                        ourt      Nor
                                                    orthw          ories                                     Canada Road Safety
 – are we there yet?                                                                                         Week in Charlottetown

 When Road Safety Vision 2010 was launched           positive impact. While RSV 2001 had no quan-          In the jurisdictions
 in 2001, all jurisdictions agreed a mid-term        titative targets like its successor RSV 2010, the
 review of the initiative would be made to           strategic objectives were met. Improvements           12
 determine if stakeholder efforts were on track to   were achieved as a result of initiatives that         News from all over
                                                                                                           • child seat anchoring
 enable Canada to achieve its goal of having the     addressed the most obvious problem areas –              devices coming to school
 safest roads in the world.                          non-use of seat belts or child restraints, drinking     buses in 2007
                                                     and driving, and other high-risk behaviours such
 Collective road safety interventions between
 1996 and 2001 in support of RSV 2001 had a                                       (Continued on page 5)
                                                                                                           Calendar of Events
2006 Annual Meeting
Good business meetings and great weather!                                             Thank you sponsors!
Prince Edward
Island played host
to CCMTA’s 2006                                                                           Platinum
Annual Meeting and
                                                                                      • Digimarc Corporation
organizers certainly
                                                                                      • Registrar of Imported Vehicles
got a boost from an
                                                                                         (Adminserv – A Livingston Company)
unusually warm                                                                        • R.L. Polk Canada, Inc.
spell for the month                                                                   • U-Haul Canada
of May. Things
could not have
worked out any                                                                            Gold
                                                                                      •   3M Canada Company
One of the highlights of                                                              •   EDS Canada
the week was the                                                                      •   Experian Automotive
launch of the 2006                                                                    •   Giesecke & Devrient
                                                                                      •   LoadTrak
Canada Road Safety         W ith the colour                        CCMTA
                                              guard behind him, CCMTA 2005-
                                                                                      •   Unisys Canada Inc.
Week in the adjoining      2006 President     John MacDonald welcomed all
park (see page 9).         participants on    Sunday, May 14 t h .

Delegates were fortunate to enjoy the         P.E.I. volunteers, for making this
fabulous weather during the optional          Annual Meeting our best ever.           •   AAMVA
activities, the bus tour of the Island and                                            •   Business Technology Consulting
the golf game at The Links at Crowbush.       2007                                    •   Canadian Bank Note Company Limited
                                              Planning is already under way for the   •   Canadian Transportation Equipment
Record participation                          2007 CCMTA Annual Meeting, to be             Association
What’s more, this year marked an all-         held May 13-17, in Edmonton,            •   Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association
time high (275) in the number of              Alberta. See you there!                 • /
delegates (and companions) and                                                        •   CEM Benchmarking Inc.
                                                                                      •   CN
sponsors. CCMTA’s exhibition was sold-
                                                                                      •   KPS & Associates Inc.
out. Our thanks to all, including the
                                                                                      •   Zebra Card Printer Solutions

                                                                                      •   730 Permit Services, Inc.
                                                                                      •   Accident Support Services International Ltd.
                                                        From l. to r.: Dwain
                                                                    r.:               •   Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp.
                                                        Smith, Johanne St-Cyr         •   Association of International
                                                        (accepting for Linda               Automobile Manufacturers of Canada
                                                        Thériault), Carole            •   Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association
                                                        Machtinger,         Fuhr
                                                        Machtinger, Mitch F uhr,      •   Carfax, Inc.
                                                        Jennifer Kroeker-Hall and     •   Datacard Group
                                                        Jean Wilson.                  •
                                                                                      •   GET Canada Inc.
                                                                                      •   Insurance Bureau of Canada
                                                                                          Intelli-Check, Inc.
 2006 CCMTA award recipients                                                          •
                                                                                      •   J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
                                                                                      •   Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council
 Chairs ending their two-year term at the helm of their respective standing           •   PEI Automobile Dealers Association of Canada
 committee: Jean Wilson (RSRP) and Mitch Fuhr (D&V)                                   •   Petroleum Services Association of Canada
 Associate Member’s Award: Carole Machtinger                                          •   Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association
 Jennie 2Howie Government Member’s Award: Jennifer Kroeker-Hall                            of Canada
 Two special awards were given to people who have gone beyond the call of duty:       •   VeriSol (Verification Solutions Inc.)
 Dwain Smith (MTO) and Linda Thériault (SAAQ) for the Hours of Service                •   War Amputations of Canada
                                                                                      •   Wheels Inc.
 Interpretation Guide.

 2 CCMTA news - Summer 2006
Roadcheck 2006

OOS trend compares with last year’s results
The vast majority of commercial             which crop up annually :
vehicles, 79.8%, inspected during           logbook infractions,
Roadcheck 2006 passed the CVSA              incomplete paperwork and
Level I requirements compared to            mechanical defects.
a slightly lower out-of-service rate
of 18.5% last year.                         “The process is slowed by
                                            sometimes 20 or 25
A total of 7,634 vehicles were inspected    minutes when the driver
during this year’s blitz. Of those, 1,541   fails to produce certain
were placed out-of-service , although in    documents. Some have
many cases drivers were able to make        not bothered to update
the necessary adjustments on site, were     their books for some time.
re-inspected and continued on their trip.
                                            “Also, during their pre-trip
Of all OOS defect violations, about half    inspection, some drivers
(50.8%) dealt with brake issues             never check to see if they   This U.S.-bound truck was among the commercial
(whether adjustment or the system).         have the paperwork.          vehicles randomly selected for a CVSA Level I
Other violations were safe loading          Granted, they can drive                                     Roadcheck,
                                                                         inspection during this year ’s R oadcheck, in
(12%);lights (10%); suspension (8.6%)       different vehicles (over     Lancaster (Eastern Ontario).
and tires and wheels (6.8%). These          their shift period) and so,
numbers are consistent with previous        they won’t always know where the           Overall, the 2006 results continue a ten-
Roadcheck initiatives.                      insurance papers are.” added               year downward trend in the OOS rate.
                                            enforcement agent Kentell.
                                                                                                   (See related article on page 12)
According to MTO statistics, between
7,500 and 8,000 commercial vehicles
make their way daily from Quebec
Highway 20 (just east of the inspection
station) to Prescott (south of Ottawa)
along Highway 401. It’s a main
thoroughfare between Montreal and
Toronto. Eastern Ontario’s Lancaster
station is open 24 hours a day, seven
days a week. Its working area was
almost doubled last summer. Four
enforcement officers work
simultaneously. This is where CCMTA
witnessed the first few hours of
Roadcheck 2006.

A little bit of everything
Ian Kentell, District Enforcement Co-       CVSA Level I inspections only (* figures updated June 29, 2006)
ordinator and supervisor on this specific
shift, noted some of the discrepancies

MTO enforcement officers at work, from left to right: Jamie Barber shows driver Thomas Bernard a defective line;
                               driver;     Kentell                             Raymond Parisien           brake
Doug Howes points a leak to a driver ; Ian K entell in the renovated building; R aymond Parisien checking brak e push
rod limits.

                                                                                             Summer 2006 - CCMTA news
                                                                                                            CMTA                3
Committee news

CDLA target of December 2006                                                            RSRP in brief
Canadian Driver Licence Agreement             payment of fines issue and the
Project Group Chair Mitch Fuhr reported       developments and impacts of US            CCMTA’s Board accepted both the
in May 2006 that completion of the            legislation on the CDLA.                  SISM and National Occupant
CDLA remains the top priority for D&V.                                                  Restraint Program (NORP) annual
The new agreement will enhance the                                                      monitoring reports. The 2004-2005
existing CDLC, signed in 1990, which                                                    Speed and Intersection Safety
allows for the exchange of driver licences                                              Management (SISM) monitoring report
and conviction information between                                                      included a list of initiatives various
Canadian jurisdictions, and will also                                                   jurisdictions implemented such as
include enhancements to both driver                                                     heftier fines, tracking intersection and
licence administration and identification                                               speeding offences, running media
security.                                                                               campaigns to promote safe driving
                                                                                        practices or monitoring intersections
The working group met in June in                                                        because of recent construction
Ottawa and established a number of                                                      changes.
important criteria for acceptance into the
CDLA and prioritized the CDLA articles                                                  As a side note to the 2005 NORP
to determine which initially can be filed                                               monitoring report, NORP Task Force
                                              CDLA participants wrapping up             Chair Shannon Ell informed all
as exceptions. The next steps to meet
                                              discussions in Ottawa. L. to r.:          participants the Board had approved
the December deadline include a               Carolyn Burggraaf (NL), Ross Burns
dedicated D&V and project group                                                         joint CCMTA-Transport Canada
                                                         Tomlinson (CCMTA),
                                              (ON), Ian Tomlinson (CCMTA), Mitch
meeting in September to review the                                                      funding in order to conduct the annu-
                                              Fuhr (AB), Harold Blaney (QC),
acceptance criteria, the final draft of the   Claude Gélinas (QC) and Sam Erry
                                                                                        al seatbelt survey for an additional
agreement, completion of the non-             (ON).                                     two years.

 HoS: application guide due out this summer
 The Project Group on HoS                     preparing camera
 Interpretation/Implementation has            ready brochures,
 been working steadily since the              wallet cards and
 regulations were published in the            posters.
 Canada Gazette, Part I, last
 November. The group met with                 Implementation in
 regulated stakeholders in May and            2007
 early June to finalize the application       All jurisdictions
 guide, and in the process, Transport         indicated their
 Canada identified a number of                commitment to the
 technical amendments to the                  January 1st, 2007
 regulations which will be made over          implementation date,
 the course of the summer.                    barring unforeseen
                                              circumstances, such
 As a result of regulated stakeholder         as elections and a
 input and the promised technical             time slot on the
 amendments, the draft Application            legislative agenda.
 Guide was reviewed and amended
 during the June meeting.                     It is expected the
                                                                     Trucking firms and drivers alik e should soon be
                                              final Application
                                                                     able to consult the hours of service guide.
 Jurisdictions as well as the industry        Guide will be
 have commenced the development and           available in August. When ready, it will
 preparation of training materials. In        be posted on the CCMTA web site.
 addition, TC has committed to

 4 CCMTA news - Summer 2006
Committee news

Trip Inspection: getting set for July 2007
Meeting in May as part of the 2006                                                    inspection when in Saskatchewan.
Annual Meeting, the CRA Committee
and Board approved the Trip Inspection                                                As part of the implementation process, a
Project Group’s recommendation that                                                   guidance document is being developed
jurisdictions agree to accept compliance                                              under the lead of Quebec’s Alain Turcotte
with either the existing or the new NSC                                               to foster a uniform approach to the
Standard 13 at roadside based on the                                                  enforcement of the revised standard.
legislated requirements in place in the
carriers’ base-plate province. Under this                                             Motor coach groups created
option, however, carriers will also have                                              As part and parcel of the revised
the possibility to move to the new                                                    standard’s new two-stage inspection
revised standard earlier than the                                                     protocol for motor coaches (see summer
prescribed national implementation                                                    2005 issue of News), two new project
target date of July 1st, 2007.                                                        groups were created. The Project Group on
                                                                                      Emerging In-cab Brake Monitoring
The Project Group, led by Ontario’s Peter                                             Technology, to be chaired by Manitoba’s
Hurst, was tasked with developing an                                                  Darren Christle, will explore emerging
implementation strategy for the transi-                                               brake push rod monitoring technologies.
tion period between implementation of                                                 The second group, led by British
the revised TI Standard in Saskatchewan                                               Columbia’s Greg Gilks, will monitor and
on July 1st, 2006 and cross-Canada          Montreal-based Zeeshan Iftikhar of        analyze CVSA and PMVI inspection results
implementation one year later. Under the    Transport d’ici goes through some         specifically relating to motor coach brake
reciprocal arrangement, Saskatchewan        of the pre-trip inspection points.        fitness as it pertains to the new standard.
agreed not to enforce the new require-                                                Reports are expected in the fall. The
ments relative to inspection schedule       tion period, as long as out-of-province   groups’ mandate runs to May 2007.
and driver declaration during the transi-   operators carried proof of a trip

Road Safety Vision 2010 review              territorial and municipal levels of       identifying the measures contained in the
(continued from page 1)                     government as well as public and          various strategies and implemented by
                                            private non-government agencies in        each jurisdiction, identifying areas where
as speeding and aggressive driving. The     Canada, coordinating efforts among        greater efforts are needed, identifying
number of road users killed decreased by    numerous stakeholders to improve          possible changes in targets and identifying
10% and the number of seriously injured     road travel in Canada is a huge           expertise and resources required to enable
fell by 16% despite constant increases      undertaking.                              Canada to achieve the quantitative targets
in the road user population. Canada’s                                                 of the Vision.
level of road safety, as measured by        Consultant hired
deaths per registered motor vehicle for     Assessing the progress made by all        Members of the three standing committees
this time period, improved by 10%. In       stakeholders in achieving the national    will be consulted as well as members of
2001 Canada’s motor vehicle fatality        target and sub-targets will be just as    the various task forces who have
rate ranked 5th among OECD countries        daunting. As a result, CCMTA and          strategies in place in support of a specific
based on “deaths per billion vehicle        Transport Canada are sharing the          sub-target. The input of CCMTA road
kilometres travelled”.                      costs to hire the Canadian Traffic        safety stakeholders will also be solicited
                                            Safety Institute to undertake this        through a survey to determine key
RSV 2010’s challenge is to successfully     important work through the next year.     activities being carried out among non-
achieve its target and sub-targets for                                                government road safety advocates.
fatality and serious injury reductions in   The consultant’s job will be to
crucial areas of road safety in Canada.     determine what sub-target progress        The final report is expected to be complet-
Since responsibility for road safety is     has been made nationally and within       ed by May 2007.
shared among federal/provincial/            each jurisdiction. This will be done by

                                                                                             Summer 2006 - CCMTA news
                                                                                                            CMTA                5
Committee news

Joint forum in Texas a success
A three-day forum, jointly hosted by
CCMTA and AAMVA, the first ever in
North America to focus on both driver
fitness and older driver issues, was held
in Austin, Texas on March 4 to 6,

The event, under the theme “Challenging
Myths and Opening Minds: Aging and
the Medically At-Risk Driver”, was
declared a success by the more than
150 delegates who participated, and
included topics on legal and medical
considerations, the screening assess-
ment and testing of drivers, strategies on
forming partnerships and public educa-
tion and awareness.

The third day of the forum, entitled
“Canada Day”, focused exclusively on
the Canadian experience and included a
number of sessions based on the first
two days along with specific presenta-
tions and discussions about successful        Participants at work during the
and innovative experiences, programs,         Canada Day portion of the forum.                          (Continued on the next page)

 Two new project groups at CRA
 As part of the May meeting, the CRA          2005, that the issue dealt with the         economic and practical regulatory
 committee created two new groups to          pointing of collisions as part of the       reasons to apply the associated
 review collision reporting for commer-       carrier profile, and as such a change to    legislation to intraprovincial trucks at a
 cial vehicles, and the application           the provincially mandated reportable        higher RGVW threshold.
 threshold of the National Safety Code.       collision threshold was unlikely to
                                              address the industry’s concerns.            Opinions differ as to whether those
 Collision reporting threshold                                                            vehicles at the lower end of the NSC
 The treatment of collisions as part of       The group will hold its inaugural           spectrum should be subject to the
 the carrier profile has long been raised     conference call some time in the            complete range of NSC obligations:
 as an issue by the trucking industry.        summer, with the first order of business    most are smaller trucks owned by the
 Under NSC Standard 14 on Safety              being the appointment of a Chair. The       trade and service sector, have two
 Rating, all reportable collisions must       PG comprises several jurisdictions as       axles, do not require a commercial
 be recorded on the carrier profile. As all   well as industry stakeholders.              class of driver’s licence, and do not fit
 motor vehicle collisions over $1000                                                      the freight carrier model. As such, it is
 property damage are legally reportable,      NSC threshold review                        argued the light commercial vehicle
 industry stakeholders suggest there          The second group, to be led by British      population should be covered by a
 should be a mechanism in place to            Columbia’s Greg Gilks, will look at         monitoring system that is focused
 exempt low-level collisions from being       options to improve the applicability of     more on safety operations and less on
 recorded on the carrier profile.             the NSC. NSC standards are applied to       administrative requirements.
                                              trucks and tractor-trailer combinations
 The issue was reviewed by CRA and            which operate interprovincially with a      Deliberations will start over the course
 the Road Safety Research Committee           registered gross vehicle weight in excess   of the summer. Both groups’ mandate
 in 2001/2002. The RSRP Committee             of 4 500 kg, although a number of           extends to the spring of next year.
 suggested at the time, and again in          jurisdictions chose for geographic,         Status reports are expected in the fall.

 6 CCMTA news - Summer 2006
News from all over

                                            Commercial vehicle brake safety symposium
 FMCSA       initiates    reciprocity       planned for fall
                                            The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance       Brake, of the 4,055 drivers surveyed
 The US Federal Motor Carrier Safety        is planning a commercial vehicle brake       only 15 (0.37%) provided correct
 Administration has launched a two-         safety symposium in Indianapolis             responses to the questions regarding
 year “US/Canadian Reciprocity Issues       December 5-7, 2006. The event, a             brake adjustment.
 Study” (ending in February 2008) in        follow-up to the September 2000
 order to examine the effects of its        Toronto Brake Safety Conference, will        Arguably the largest study ever conduct-
 regulatory proposals and policy            bring together vehicle and brake manu-       ed on truck crashes, the 2001-2003
 initiatives on Canadian carriers and       facturers, carriers, fleet managers,         Large Truck Crash Causation Study
 drivers who operate in the United          technicians, government regulators,          released earlier this year by the FMCSA
 States. FMCSA would like to                enforcement personnel, drivers and other     and the NHTSA showed brakes were a
 harmonize (and achieve reciprocal          stakeholders in a bid to share knowledge     factor in 29.4% of all the crashes
 recognition of) its programs, policies     and develop strategies to improve            investigated.
 and regulations in cross-border vehicle    commercial vehicle brake safety.
 operations.                                                                             The symposium will provide participants
                                            Brakes comprise by far the largest           with the latest information on techno-
 Existing reciprocity agreements will be    percentage of out-of-service violations      logy advancements in the industry, best
 examined to identify which areas need      cited during roadside inspections in both    practices for inspection, maintenance
 to be improved upon in order to ensure     Canada and the United States. Enforce-       and operation of braking systems and
 the continued free flow of goods           ment data consistently shows a low           data on various aspects of brake
 between the two countries.                 number of truck drivers in North America     compliance and safety. The complete
                                            have a clear understanding of air brakes     program brochure can be downloaded at
 The study will be a topic during a         and brake adjustment. In a 2003 survey
 September CVSA workshop in Toronto.        of commercial driver knowledge on
                                            brakes conducted through Operation Air

Forum    (continued)

research and practices in Canada. Also       Key forum findings identified the need for:
included was a facilitated session
                                             • individual assessment
designed to start the process for the
                                             • partnerships, and engaging target groups
revision of CCMTA’s Aging Driver
                                             • data and research to support evidence-based practices
Strategy, developed in the late 1990s.
                                             • education and training for health care practitioners,
                                               enforcement officers and driving examiners
Co–Chairs Jennifer-Kroeker-Hall (BC)
                                             • sharing information
and Sue Lo (ON) of CCMTA’s Aging
                                             • identification of funding sources and legal issues
Driver Task Force noted this meeting set
                                             • clarity around who’s responsibility and role it is to discuss when it’s time
the ground work for the task force and
                                               to stop driving?
provided some direction on how the
existing strategy can be updated and
evolve to accommodate the coming
wave of aging drivers and fit with the
current reality of evidence-based medical    Questions to be resolved and addressed in the new
evaluation. This process will continue
                                             strategy     may     include:
with a special half-day session for both
                                             •   can cessation guidelines be developed?
D&V and RSRP committee members
                                             •   why not put more emphasis on alternative transportation?
planned for the November 2006 fall
                                             •   what evidence is there that retesting is effective?
                                             •   who is educating driving educators about older drivers?
                                             •   what is the role of licensing authorities and medical examiners?
CCMTA would like to acknowledge the
                                             •   who will fund individual assessments?
Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)
for its sponsorship and financial support
of Canada Day.

                                                                                               Summer 2006 - CCMTA news
                                                                                                              CMTA              7
Committee news

Distracted driving sub-group goes to work
“Driven to distraction” is a common          performance leading to increased risk of
catch phrase being used by members of        driver error, near-crashes or crashes.          D&V creates new groups
the road safety community today to
describe a form of impairment with           “The diversion of attention is not              Vehicle Inspection Standards
which the public is increasingly             attributable to a medical condition,            Led by Mark Francis of BC, the
becoming familiar.                           alcohol/drug use and/or fatigue”                group will address a number of
                                                                                             passenger vehicle inspection
CCMTA’s Sub-Group on Distracted              This definition holds several important         standards including a review of
Driving believes 20-30% of collisions        implications as to how jurisdictions can        possible standards for importation
involve distracted driving. Such occur-      approach the driver distraction problem.        of vehicles over 15 years old, flood
rences can arise from any number of          It excludes pre-existing conditions,            damage vehicles, national harmoni-
different sources: outside the vehicle       including impairment by alcohol or              zation and reciprocity issues.
(signs, billboards, people), within the      drugs, fatigue, and psychological state;
vehicle (vehicle controls, other occu-       however, any of these can make it easier        Alcohol Interlock Reciprocity
pants), items introduced into the vehicle    for a driver to be distracted or can            This working group, led by new
(food, beverages, maps and insects),         change the effect of a distraction.             committee member, Réjean
and actions (adjusting vehicle controls,                                                     Babineau of YT, will be developing a
manipulating audio equipment, talking        Using the definition, the sub-group aims        mandate for November to identify
on a cell phone, smoking, grooming).         to determine how frequently distraction         issues related to harmonization and
                                             occurs during the driving task; determine       reciprocity. Many jurisdictions have
To address this growing road safety          how frequently it is a factor in motor          introduced Alcohol Interlock
concern, the Sub-Group on Distracted         vehicle collisions (by collision type and       programs and issues have arisen
Driving recently completed a strategy        severity); identify key sources of              with drivers who relocate to another
which was approved by the CCMTA              distraction in collisions; identify how         jurisdiction when they are under an
Board of Directors in May 2006. It           distraction affects driver performance for      Interlock program as a sanction for
becomes a component of the Strategy to       a range of driving tasks; and, how              impaired driving.
Reduce Impaired Driving (STRID).             distraction affects a driver’s collision risk
However, while methods exist to              (for a range of driving tasks and driving       Detailed information on all groups’
measure alcohol-related collisions,          conditions).                                    mandates will be available on
jurisdictions do not yet have the ability                                                    CCMTA’s enhanced web site,
to measure the number of collisions due      In addition to the aforementioned, the, as of September.
exclusively to driver distraction. As a      sub-group has developed a list of
result, no Road Safety Vision 2010 sub-      recommendations to work towards in
target has been set due to the lack of a     the future as well as some for immediate
suitable baseline measure. The broad-        action. The full strategy can be obtained
reaching strategy rather considers all       from the CCMTA web site.
potential sources of distraction.

Definition                                                            Techno Ramblings
One challenge for the sub-group was to
develop a definition of driver distraction
                                             “Live” metal to protect against side impacts
that could be adopted by all jurisdic-
                                             Germany has been known for decades for its engineering capabilities. Using an on-
tions. Guided by the discussions at the
                                             demand transformable metal in the doors and aided by cameras and a radar,
October 2005 CAA and TIRF Interna-
                                             researchers in a European Union project are developing a car which will better
tional Conference on Distracted Driving,
                                             protect passengers against a side impact.
the Distraction Sub-Group developed the
following definition included in the
                                             Using the premiss passengers are not as well protected during side impacts and that
                                             air bags don’t necessarily have time to deploy in such a situation, a complex system
                                             estimates the chances of such a collision with another vehicle. Its computer then
“Distracted driving is the diversion of
                                             sends an electrical current to a reactive metal in the doors which causes the beam to
attention from driving, as a result of the
          8                                  “swell”, thus reinforcing the door-to-frame junction. One car is to be fitted with all
driver focusing on a non-driving object,
                                             sensors and safety equipment by 2007, with crash tests starting in 2008.
activity, event or person. This diversion
reduces awareness, decision-making or

 8 CCMTA news - Summer 2006
CCMTA’s Road Safety Vision

Canada Road Safety Week drives point home
The morning was picture-perfect
as CCMTA Annual Meeting dele-
gates, a host of dignitaries as well
as many police representatives
from Atlantic Canada assembled
in Confederation Landing Park in
Charlottetown to witness the
launch of the 2006 Canada Road
Safety Week.

Canada Road Safety Week is a police
initative which was conceived as a way
to remind Canadians about safety while
they are driving. Annually launched in
the week immediately preceding the May
long weekend, officers are especially
attentive to situations which could put                                                       Police officers from the Atlantic
drivers – and other road users – at risk.                                                     provinces were on hand in
Officers also watch out for any impaired                                                      Confederation Landing Park.
driving, intersection safety, seatbelt or
speeding incidents. Canada Road Safety
Week has been endorsed by the Cana-
dian Association of Chiefs of Police and
has become law enforcement’s contribu-
tion to the Road Safety Vision 2010
national initiative.
                                              Minister Gail Shea (above)
A few spokespersons took to the               pledged her support to Canada
podium, including Charlottetown police        Road Safety Week and Road
                                              Safety Vision 2010’s objective of
chief Paul Smith. Prince Edward Island
                                              Canada having the safest roads in
Minister of Transportation and Publics        the world. At right, the rollover
Works Gail Shea was on hand. “Think           simulator.
about safety whenever getting behind the
wheel,” she reminded onlookers and
                                                                  News from all over
CCMTA president John MacDonald
reiterated almost 3,000 people are killed   Breathalysers: standard equipment in all vehicles?
and 13,000 are injured on Canadian          New York legislators are toying with the idea of creating a law which would make
roads each year. RCMP PEI super-            installation of breathalysers mandatory in all vehicles, a USA Today columnist
intendent Randy Robar also said a few       revelead in late April. According to Jayne O’Donnell, some would like this feature to
words in this capacity but also as a        become standard by 2009. Sweden would also be looking into such a step and has
representative of the Canadian Associa-     proposed the measure be adopted in that country by 2012.
tion of Chiefs of Police. He reminded the
audience police can ensure visibility on    Hey, drop the cellphone and stop!
the roads, but Canadians must do their      Los Angeles may once again become a fertile ground for another gadget first: a GPS-
part in adopting safe driving practices.    based warning system to signal a cellular-yielding driver he/she is coming to an
                                            intersection. Inventor Demetrius Thompson hatched the idea supposedly because he
                                            was hit twice by drivers using their cellular phone. Mr. Thompson’s efforts rely on
                                            reports he obtained suggesting hands-free cellular phones do not prevent accidents.
                                            Whenever a driver/phone user comes up to 300 feet from an intersection, the
                                            MyMobileAlert system emits a sound through the telephone to alert the driver/user he/
                                            she is arriving at an intersection.


                                                                                              Summer 2006 - CCMTA news
                                                                                                             CMTA               9
In the jurisdictions
New driver licence, fine retrieval
and possible Ignition Interlock
program in NT                                 Ignition Interlock, joint digital pilot project in PEI
The Northwest Territories has been busy
with the implementation of a new driver       Prince Edward
licence. The first new licence, NT            Island has just
Commissionner Tony Whitford’s, was            recently passed
issued June 29, 2006 in the Yellowknife       legislation on a
issuing office. Offices in other communi-     new Ignition
ties will be added until all issuing agen-
cies are on-stream.                           Interlock
                                              program and
                 *****                        has signed a
                                              contract with
The Department of Transportation has          Alcohol
joined forces with the Department of          Countermeasure
Justice to address the problem of             Systems –
outstanding motor vehicle fines. As of        Guardian
June 1st, 2006, drivers who have unpaid       Interlock. The
fines issued in the Northwest Territories     Department of
in accordance with the Motor Vehicles         Transportation PHOTO: T. Garrity, P     .E.I. Department of Transportation
Act are denied driver and vehicle                                and Public Works
                                              and Public
licensing services until the outstanding                                                     Transportation        Public Works
account is reconciled.                        Works has been P rince Edward Island Transportation and P ublic W orks
                                              interested in      Minister Gail Shea signed the contract for the program
                                                                 last May while sitting in a Speedy Glass Chrysler PT
                 *****                        implementing
                                                                 Cruiser fitted with the device.
                                              an Interlock
The Department is considering the             program for
implementation of an Ignition Interlock       many years but due to its smaller population size it was not yet available in that
program. Legislative authority has been       region. PEI is the first of the Maritime provinces to adopt such a program.
established, and officials are construc-
ting the framework and details of the         PEI plans to have the program fully operational in the fall.
specific program.
                                              Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick completed a successful pilot program
Efforts are under way to implement a          with the exchange of digital images on the IRE network. For the first time ever,
new road safety program emphasizing           two provinces will not only be able to share a driver’s record through IRE, but
education, engineering and enforcement.       will be able to share that person’s digital image. This is an increasingly
A new coordinator will form the core of       important tool for verification and supports the CDLA.
the initiative, working with law enforce-
ment, other government departments            With the success of the program between the two provinces, other Canadian
and the public to raise awareness of          jurisdictions will now be in a position to schedule implementation of digital
road safety issues. As part of the            image exchange.
program a Transportation Safety Board,
chaired by the Deputy Minister, will be
established and will consist of represen-
tatives from organizations that have an      regions on the dangers of driving while     driving capabilities. Offered since
interest in road and vehicle safety.         impaired by cannabis. These sessions,       January of this year, the course is
                                             held between March and September            divided into five modules and aims to
Quebec promoting awareness,                  2006, are also designed to train people     train therapists in screening methods.
training and reaching out to other           who will in turn organize other seminars.
departments                                                                              SAAQ uses occupational therapists with
Among the numerous initiatives                               *****                       some people to determine their driving
undertaken in the last year, SAAQ                                                        ability but it found training was not
teamed up with the Association des           Also on the education front, SAAQ           always consistent. The Société thus
intervenants en toxicomanie (an              helped develop Montreal’s McGill            presented its requirements and followed
association of workers in the field of       University internet-based, bilingual        up on the course development.
substance abuse) to conduct 15 to 20         graduate certificate to occupational
presentations for young people in various    therapists who are called upon to assess                        (Continued on page 11)

 10 CCMTA news - Summer 2006
In the jurisdictions
(Continued from previous page)                                                             applicant has to produce in order to
                                                              *****                        obtain a driver licence. The number
                  *****                                                                    drops from 44 to 13. This process
The Fraudulent Document Recognition          As part of the Seniors’ Gold Plan             follows on the heels of a series of
Training has paid off. Two SAAQ              announced by the Saskatchewan                 recommendations from Ontario’s Auditor
employees were trained with the FDRT         government in May, SGI will provide free      General and falls in line with CCMTA’s
material. Their knowledge supported          non-driver photo identification to seniors    new acceptable document requirements.
police authorities as some 40 seized         (65 and over), as of June 1st, 2006,
documents were analyzed.                     including free fishing licences, reduced      Bill 169 seeks to improve daily vehicle
                                             rates on provincial bus lines and free        inspection standards by incorporating
                 *****                       entry into provincial parks.                  National Safety Code requirements for
                                                                                           trucks, trailers and buses. It will deem
SAAQ is adding to its on-line services.      Ontario targets false documents,              vehicles “unsafe” if debris and parts fall
SAAQclic-EED, launched last year,            further protects children                     off. It intends to look into new vehicle
enables designated employees in other        Ontario’s Bill 169 received Royal Assent      technologies (e-bikes, Segway Personal
provincial departments or in municipal       last November. In addition to heftier         Transporters and Low Speed Vehicles).
courts to conduct electronic data            fines for speeding and longer licence
interchange with SAAQ in matters             suspensions for some repeat offenders,                         *****
related to non-payment of fines, notices     it cracks down on Ontarians making a
of offences to road carriers, requests for   false statement, including an electronic      Late last year, legislation was passed in
information, etc.                            document. The fines are increased ten-        order to better protect children who ride
                                             fold (ranging from $400 to $50,000)           in vehicles. Young children must be
Legislative, research and service            for people convicted of having or dis-        buckled up in the appropriate child seat
changes in Saskatchewan                      playing a fictitious, altered, fraudulently   (including a booster seat). Ontario also
Two bills were proclaimed in the spring      obtained – and now, imitation – driver        now restricts the number of young
session of the Saskatchewan legislature.     licence.                                      passengers riding with a teen G2 licence
The Traffic Safety Act 2004 (TSA) and                                                      holder. Finally, owners whose vehicle
its 2005 amendments were passed and          Also on the identification front, the         illegally passes a stopped school bus
were proclaimed into force on July 1st,      Ministry of Transportation of Ontario         will be charged.
2006. The new Act is an amalgamation         has limited the number of documents an
of three existing Acts: The Highway
Traffic Act, The Motor Carrier Act and
The Vehicle Administration Act. In
addition, the new TSA includes the             Rollover simulator debuts in Saskatchewan
following legislative amendments:
• implementation and use of Standard           For every two people who die in an          SGI has partnered with the RCMP to
   Field Sobriety Tests – 24-hour              auto collision because they were not        take the simulator on the road to rural
   suspension resulting from a failed test     wearing a seatbelt, one would have          high schools, First Nations communi-
   or refusal to take the test;                lived had he/she taken the time to          ties, trade fairs, malls and other
• increased suspension period for              buckle up. SGI is driving home the          events as part of its traffic safety
   second .04 BACs in a five-year period       message with its newest traffic safety      education program.
   – from 24 hours to 15 days.                 tool, a rollover
                                               The simulator is a
Saskatchewan’s drinking and driving            vehicle cab with a
legislation has been in place for ten          motorized encasement
years. SGI will be doing an evaluation of      which rolls it, simula-
all areas, which is to be completed in         ting a rollover inci-
the spring of 2007. SGI has identified a       dent. Straw-filled
need to create a stronger linkage              dummies are used to
between traffic safety and insurance loss      show the effectiveness
prevention. The new long-term traffic          of seatbelts by
safety strategies will include opportuni-      simulating rollovers,
ties to reduce the severity of collisions/     first belted, then
injuries and to more strategically target      unbelted.               PHOTO: courtesy SGI
engineering dollars.

                                                                                                Summer 2006 - CCMTA news 11
News from all over

Child seat anchoring systems coming to school buses
New federal Transport Minister              required for years in passenger vehicles.      out an arrangement whereby not all
Lawrence Cannon made it official just                                                      seats would be fitted with the anchoring
days after it was published in the          Jay Rieger, one of the engineers respon-       systems, they had agreed to go ahead
Canada Gazette, Part II: all new school     sible for the standard at Transport            with the changes. On the operational
buses will be fitted with a certain         Canada, mentioned to CCMTA News                front, conceded Mr. Rieger, more
number of child seat anchoring systems      that while manufacturers had worked            discussion will be needed in order to
as of April 1st, 2007.                                                                     implement this new safety measure.
                                                                                           “Provinces, added Mr. Rieger, will have
Depending on their seating capability,                                                     to think about ways to implement these
these buses will sport between two and                                                     securement systems. TC will continue to
eight user-ready tether and lower                                                          offer direction in this area.”
universal anchorages on bench seats,
with provisions they not be anchored to                                                    Questions
the floor and none of the seats closest                                                    Some bus service providers have raised
to the emergency exits be so fitted.                                                       many questions about the adoption of
Children weighing less than 18 kg must                                                     the new safety initiative. Who will pay
ride in a forward-facing child seat.                                                       for the seats? Who will buckle or
Toddlers (weighing less than 10 kg and                                                     unbuckle the children? How much time
                                            PHOTO: A. Racine
aged up to one year) must be restrained                                                    will be needed to accomplish this simple
                                            Buses manufactured as of April 1st,
in a rear-facing seat. The changes to the   2007 will be required to be fitted             task as even school bus drivers run a
Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations reflect    with a number of anchorage devices             tight schedule?
the anchoring systems which have been                            seats.
                                            for infant and child seats.

 Road safety: two truck ers’ perspective...
      safety:     truckers’
 A life on the road                         is officially retired, but admits to getting   His travels have had him drive
 People who get behing the wheel of a       bored at home, and so he drives a              throughout the western US and to the
 commercial vehicle each have their         Peterbuilt tractor “for a friend” a couple     Canadian West Coast, as well as
 own unique story as with other jobs.       of times a week on the Cornwall                through portions of central Canada.
                                            (Ontario)-Valleyfield (Quebec) run. “I’ll      “People obey the speed limit more
 Martin Palfrey, who presently lives in     never do more than two loads a day!            here,” he says of his experience North
 the Cornwall area, stills thrives on       Why still do it? I like to drive! That’s       of the border. “Traffic is lighter, too. I
 driving... at age 71! “I started driving   how I relax. Winter doesn’t bother me...       get to see some beautiful country....
 when I was 15 and went on                               But the construction and the      But there are no regular working
 to tractors-trailers as soon                            tourists do...                    hours!”
 as I got my licence at 16!”
 states Mr. Palfrey. “I went                           “People can do the stupidest Mr. Bernard did have a few thoughts
 all over Canada and the US                            things at the wheel. They    on the industry. “It’s like anywhere
 and yes, I have seen change                           don’t know where                         else, you have good and
 for the better in the industry.                       they’re going so                         bad people. Every job will
 Trucks today are higher in                            they’ll cut you off.                     have its ups and downs. As
 weight and they tend to have                          Oh, and those                            far as the commercial driver
 more axles, so drivers have                           cellphones!”                             licences go, I wish they’d
 to know what they’re doing.” Martin    Palfrey                                                 clean up the industry some
                                                        Mid-life crisis                         more. The equipment has
 The veteran originally hails from         As for Thomas Bernard, from                          become five times better,
 Montreal but his family moved to          Knoxville, Tennessee, he                             partly because of better
 Cornwall in 1948. Over the years as       turned to trucking as a mid-                         enforcement. But the
 he was plying his trade, Mr. Palfrey      life crisis. “I was an engineer Thomas Bernard       driving schools are still not
 lived in Brownsburg (QC) and Niagara      and 23 years ago, I decided I                        tough enough on some
 Falls (ON).
        12                                 wanted to drive. It was something I had  (candidates). And experience remains
                                           been wanting to do for years. I had to   the best teacher.”
 “I spent my summers here in the area,”    convince my family. Others thought I
 he says of his younger days. Today, he    was nuts. But I don’t regret it!”

12 CCMTA news - Summer 2006
Canada has a new Minister of                takes over as Acting Assistant Deputy                                    Robertson.
                                                                                         new leader. She is Robyn Robertson
Transport. He is Lawrence Cannon a          Minister at Alberta Transportation Safety    She succeeds Herb Simpson who had
former Quebec provincial minister and       Services and is the new AB Board             been at the helm for 31 years as
more recently, municipal politician.        member.                                      President and CEO.

Alberta Transportation and Infrastructure   Newfoundland and Labrador is now             In late breaking news, TC’s Derek
has a new boss, The Honourable Ty           represented on the Board by Gerard           Sweet’s
                                                                                         Sweet successor has just been
Lund                                        (Gerry) B. Antle who took over as            named. Kash Ram takes over as of
                                            Registrar of Motor Vehicles on April 3rd,    July 31st as Director General, Road
Angus MacIsaac is Nova Scotia’s new                                   Norman,
                                            2006, replacing David Norman who             Safety and Motor Vehicle Regulations.
Minister of Transportation and Public       moved over to labour relations in the NL
Works.                                      Public Service Secretariat.
                                                                                         CCMTA welcomes
Changing of the guard also in Nunavut:
Olayuk Akesuk is the new Minister of
                                            New chair at the helm of RSRP.
                                            Transport Canada’s Brian Jonah takes
                                                                                         new members
Economic Development and Transporta-        over from outgoing Jean Wilson               Mr. Joseph Bavota
tion.                                       (ICBC). Carolyn Halbert (MPI) has            General Manager
                                            been nominated as vice chair.                Association des mandataires en
Donna Cansfield became Ontario’s            Representatives at the RSRP table met        vérification mécanique du Québec
new Transportation Minister, last May.             Golding,
                                            Scott Golding Senior Policy and
She replaces Harinder Takhar who            Program Analyst, Road Licensing and          Ms. Marliese Janes
moved on to become Minister of Small        Safety Division, Department of               President
Business and Entrepreneurship.              Transportation of the Northwest              Newfoundland and Labrador Safety
                                            Territories. As for Manitoba’s Barry         Council
MTO’s Frank D’Onofrio is moving on.         Watson,
                                            Watson he has left RSRP. Nunavut’s
He left his position as Assistant Deputy    Rosie Nuliayok replaced Lorna Gee            Donald K. Miller
Minister in June to become ADM at the       (Ms. Gee remains on the Board).              Sr. Fleet Manager
Ministry of Government Services to help                                                  Federal Express Corporation
implement the ServiceOntario initiative.    Quebec’s Harold Blaney becomes
Ernie Bartucci will be replacing him        D&V chair, replacing outgoing Mitch          Mr. David Myrah
on the Board as ADM, Road User              Fuhr (AB). Susan McCracken (NB)              Transportation Safety and Compliance
Safety, on an interim basis. Speaking of    becomes vice chair. A few new members        Eveready Industrial Services Corp.
the Board, BC’s Chris Boxall has been       made their first official appearance:
replaced by Mark Medgyesi Also,             Réjean Babineau (YT), Dave                   Mr. Paulo Nunes
Manitoba’s Ward Keith has replaced          Petryshen (NU) (who replaces James           MFM International Inc.
Clarke Campbell and Darren                  Demcheson), Kelley Merilees-Keppel
Christle on the Board.                      (NT) and Brian Rapinchuk (MB).               Mr. Marvin Wiebe
Gregg Hooke has retired from the            In associate member news, the Traffic        2 Secure Cargo Systems, Inc.
Alberta government. Jeannette Espie         Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) has a

     News from all over...
                                             Web site (continued from page 1)            become a member of CCMTA and
                                                                                         benefit from these enhanced features.
An 18-year old British driver got more       The key to accessing the revamped
than he bargained for when six police        web site and its new features will lie in
cruisers and a helicopter chased after       issuing passwords and identification           highlights:
him while he was driving a tractor at the    numbers. To this effect, a user
breakneck speed of 19 km/h. The chase                                                      • enhanced content with working
                                             instructions package will be sent to
happened on a Devon County (England)                                                           group/task force specific pages
                                             government and associate members in
highway. After three tries, officers were    late August or early September.               • search engine
able to nab the drinking driver. He was                                                    • members’ access through
charged with dangerous and impaired          The official launch date for the                  identification number and
driving and taking the wheel without any     enhanced service has been set for                 password
insurance.                                   September 6th, 2006. Now is a good            •   forum and survey capabilities
                                             time for all who have a stake in motor
Source: Agence France Presse as              transportation issues and policies to
snapped by

                                                                                               Summer 2006 - CCMTA news 13
       CCMTA news :
    Newsletter of the                                                                 C h u c k l e s c o r n e r
 Canadian Council of
                                       Calendar of Events
     Motor Transport
      Administrators            North American Inspectors
                                Championship (NAIC)
        Volume 14, No. 2
                                August 14-20, 2006
           Summer 2006
                                New Orleans Marriott (LA)
  Editor and Designer
   Jacques Des Becquets         AAMVA International Conference
        Summer 2006
                                August 27-31, 2006
             Valerie Todd       Sheraton Burlington (VT)
           Ian Tomlinson
        Sylvain Tremblay        Brake Safety Awareness Week
                                August 27-September 2, 2006
      How to reach us
    2323 St-Laurent Blvd.       CVSA Fall Workshop
           Ottawa, Ontario      September 23-28, 2006
                 K1G 4J8
                                Fairmont Royal York (Toronto, ON)
                   E-MAIL                                                      Some boy scouts from the city were on a camping
                WEB SITE        CVSA North American Cargo                      trip. The mosquitoes were so fierce, the boys had to       Securement Harmonization Forum                 hide under their blankets to avoid being bitten. Then
 PHONE 613-736-1003
                                September 24, 2006                             one of them saw some lightning bugs and said to his
     FAX 613-736-1395                                                          friend: “We might as well give up. They’re coming after
                                Fairmont Royal York (Toronto, ON)
                                                                               us with flashlights.”
            CCMTA news
 is published twice a year      CCMTA Fall Meetings
  to communicate CCMTA          November 8-9, 2006 Delta Ottawa
     decisions and provide
                                Ottawa (ON)                                    Four high school boys afflicted with spring fever
             reports on the                                                    skipped morning classes. After lunch they reported to
    organization’s projects
            and initiatives.    CVSA Commercial Motor Vehicle                  the teacher they had a flat tire. Much to their relief she
                                Brake Safety Symposium                         smiled and said: “Well, you missed a test today so
                                December 5-7, 2006                             take seats apart from one another and take out a
        ISSN 1192-747X                                                         piece of paper.” Still smiling, she waited for them to
                                Hyatt Regency Indianapolis (IN)
                                                                               sit down. Then she said: “First Question: Which tire
 Insert Service for the                                                        was flat?”
    A service geared to any
   organization wishing to
        promote a product,     CCMTA’s vision
service or upcoming event.     The safest and most efficient movement of people and goods by road in the world.
                For details,
 please contact the Editor.
                               Its mission
  CCMTA news is distri-
  CCMTA                        To provide a national forum for development of public policy and programs for road safety and driver and
 buted free of charge to all   vehicle licensing.
government and associate
    members. Special bulk
  orders (10 or more) are
                               Its strategic goals and objectives
   available from CCMTA.       Enhance programming by...
 Please contact the Editor.    • Adopting a broader view of problems and issues that cut across all sectors
    Articles may be repro-
            duced in whole     • Expanding research integrating industry practices and expertise
             or in part with   • Ensuring effective priority setting and improving measures for prevention and detection of problems
              proper credit.
                               • Continually reviewing program relevance and effectiveness

                               Expand outreach by...
         Également             • Raising the profile of Road Safety Vision 2010
      disponible en            • Improving communication and linkages with police and law enforcement agencies
                               • Pursuing harmonization with the United States, Mexico and Europe
                               • Implementing strategies to enhance stakeholder participation
                               • Pursuing advocacy positions and strategies

     14 CCMTA news - Summer 2006

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