CAULKING by gjjur4356


									CAULKING                                                                              18020 ASPHALT FILLER/SEALANT
                                                                                      DAP® PROFESSIONAL GRADE
                  00674                                                               BLACK BUTYL RUBBER AND
                  MULTI-PURPOSE SILICONE SEAL                                         ASPHALT BASED COMPOUND FOR
                  BEST QUALITY DOW CORNING®                                           FILLING AND SEALING CRACKS IN
                  TRADE MATE II™ CLEAR SILICONE                                       DRIVEWAYS, PARKING LOTS. FORMS
                  PROVIDES DURABLE, FLEXIBLE,                                         A DURABLE, FLEXIBLE, WATERTIGHT
                  WATERPROOF SEAL. USE INDOORS                                        SEAL. RESISTS GAS, OIL, GREASE
                  OR OUTDOORS. WITHSTANDS                                             AND SALT. 10 OZ CAULKING GUN
                  EXTREME TEMPERATURES. WON’T                                         CARTRIDGE.
                  SHRINK, CRACK, OR DISCOLOR. NOT
                  PAINTABLE. LIFETIME DURABILITY                                      18096 CONCRETE
                  GUARANTEE. 3 OZ.                                                    & MORTAR FILLER/SEALANT
                                                                                      DAP® GREY CONCRETE & MORTAR
                  100% SILICONE SEALANT                                               FILLER FILLS AND SEALS CRACKS IN
                  PROTECT AND SEAL WITH 100%                                          CONCRETE, MORTAR, AND MA-
                  DOW CORNING® SILICONE RUBBER.                                       SONRY. CONTAINS SILICONE FOR
                  WATERPROOF, FLEXIBLE, NOT                                           IMPROVED ADHESION AND WATER
                  PAINTABLE. 50 YEAR DURABILITY                                       RESISTANCE. DURABLE, FLEXIBLE,
                  GUARANTEE. MEETS FED SPEC TT-                                       AND WATERPROOF. PAINTABLE.
                  S-001534A, CLASS A. AVAILABLE IN                                    WATER CLEAN-UP. 10 OZ CAULKING
                  VARIOUS COLORS: 08646 WHITE,                                        GUN CARTRIDGE.
                  08641 CLEAR, 08642 BLACK, 08643
                  ALUM, 08647 BRONZE, 08649
                  ALMOND. 10 OZ CAULKING GUN
                                                                                      2910-300-66 CONCRETE PATCH
                                                                                      SHUR-STIK ® PATCH REPAIRS
                                                                                      CRACKS IN DRIVES, SIDEWALKS,
                                                                                      STONE, MORTAR, STUCCO, CEMENT
                  PREMIUM DOW CORNING® TRADE
                                                                                      BLOCKS, BRICK STEPS. INTERIOR/
                  MATE II™ WHITE 100% SILICONE
                                                                                      EXTERIOR USE. CONCRETE COLOR.
                                                                                      10 OZ CAULKING CARTRIDGE.
                  AND PROVIDES EXCELLENT
                  ADHESION. FOR INDOORS OR
                  OUTDOORS. WATER CLEAN-UP.                         TCH#     MFR#           DESCRIPTION
                  LIFETIME DURABILITY GUARANTEE.                    203150   00674        SILICONE SEAL CLEAR 3 OZ
                  10 OZ CAULKING GUN CARTRIDGE.                     203180   08641        SILICONE SEAL CLEAR 10 OZ
                                                                    203185   08642        SILICONE SEAL BLACK 10 OZ
                  00680 SILICONE TUB SEAL                           203190   08643        SILICONE SEAL ALUM 10 OZ
                  HIGH QUALITY DOW CORNING®                         203175   08646        SILICONE SEAL WHITE 10 OZ
                  WHITE TUB AND TILE SEALANT                        203195   08647        SILICONE SEAL BRONZE 10 OZ
                  SEALS NON-POROUS SURFACES                         203197   08649        SILICONE SEAL ALMOND 10 OZ
                  AROUND CERAMIC TILE AND
                  PLUMBING FIXTURES WITH 100%                       203198 08674          SILICONE SEAL WHITE 10 OZ
                  SILICONE RUBBER. 3 OZ.                                                    PAINTABLE

                  TUB & TILE ADHESIVE CAULK                         203145 00680          SILICONE TUB SEAL WHITE 3 OZ
                  DAP® KWIK-SEAL® IS ADHESIVE
                  AND CAULK IN ONE! MILDEW                          203330   18001        TUB & TILE CAULK WHITE 5.5 OZ
                  RESISTANT. EXCELLENT ADHESION                     203335   18032        TUB & TILE CAULK WHITE 10 OZ
                  AND FLEXIBILITY. DRIES TACK-FREE                  203337   18008        TUB & TILE CAULK CLEAR 5.5 OZ
                  IN 15 MINUTES. WATER CLEAN-UP.                    203340   18013        TUB & TILE CAULK ALMD 5.5 OZ
                  18001 WHITE, 18008 CLEAR, 18013
                  ALMOND ALL IN 5.5 OZ TUBE.                        203345 18020          ASPHALT CAULK BLACK 10 OZ
                  18032 WHITE IN 10 OZ CAULKING                     203346 18096          CONCRETE CAULK GREY 10 OZ
                  GUN CARTRIDGE.
                                                                    237060 2910-300-66 CONCRETE PATCH 10 OZ
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      FIRESTOP SEALANTS                                                   HIGH HEAT SEALANT
                        FSP™ AA446, AA448
                        FIRESTOP PUTTY                                                     601C HI-HEAT SILICONE
                        AN INTUMESCENT, PRE-MIXED                                          MEECO RTV INDUSTRIAL GRADE
                        FIRESTOP PRODUCT READY TO USE                                      SEALANT FOR SEALING, GASKETING
                        IN 1” X 3” X 12” BARS (AA446) AND                                  AND BONDING. IDEAL FOR SEALING
                        1/4” X 4” X 8” PADS (AA448). EASY                                  OVEN DOOR WINDOWS, PELLET
                        INSTALLATION. NO SPECIAL TOOLS,                                    STOVE FLUES AND GAS APPLIANCE
                        SKILLS, OR PREPARATION RE-                                         VENT PIPES. WITHSTANDS 450° F
                        QUIRED. SIMPLY PRESS IN PLACE.                                     CONTINUOUS OR 500° INTERMIT-
                        AA448 PADS ARE DESIGNED                                            TENTLY. 10.3 OZ CARTRIDGE.
                        SPECIFICALLY FOR USE AROUND
                        ELECTRICAL BOXES WHERE THEY
                        EXPAND TO PROVIDE UP TO 2                         TCH# MFR#           DESCRIPTION
                        HOURS OF FIRE PROTECTION PER                      220393 228221       601C CLEAR HI-HEAT SILICONE
                        ASTME-119 IN GYPSUM WALL-
                        BOARD CONSTRUCTION. THEY
                        ALSO PROVIDE AN IMMEDIATE
                        SEAL AGAINST SMOKE AND FIRE AS
                        WELL AS REDUCE SOUND TRANS-

                        AA417 CERAMIC FIBER                               CAULKING
                        DESIGNED AS A COMPANION
                        FILLER FOR LARGE VOIDS BEHIND
                        AREAS WHERE FIRESTOP PUTTY OR                                      18268 ROOF SEALANT
                        CAULK IS USED. FIRESTOP PUTTY                                      DAP® BLACK HIGH PERFORMANCE
                        OR CAULK SHOULD SANDWICH                                           ASPHALT-BASED SEALANT FORMS
                        CERAMIC FIBER IN WALLS TO BE                                       A DURABLE, FLEXIBLE, WATERTIGHT
                        EFFECTIVE. SOLD IN 2 LB BAGS.                                      SEAL. EXCELLENT FOR SEALING
                                                                                           ROOFS AND FLASHING, SPOTTING
                                                                                           SHINGLES, AND REPAIRING ROOF
                        LBS™ AA417                                                         LEAKS. CAN BE USED IN WET OR
                        FIRESTOP LATEX CAULK                                               DRY APPLICATIONS. 10 OZ CAULK-
                        WILL NOT SHRINK, CRACK, OR                                         ING GUN CARTRIDGE.
                        HARDEN. SUITED FOR PLASTIC PIPE
                        OR LARGE INSULATED PIPE WALL
                        PENETRATIONS. MAINTAINS SEAL                                       18192 BUTYL-FLEX®
                        EVEN DURING BUILDING SHIFTS,                                       GUTTER & FLASHING SEALANT
                        MOVEMENT, OR VIBRATION OF THE                                      WHITE BUTYL RUBBER FORMULA
                        PENETRATING ITEM. 10.3 OZ                                          PROVIDES FLEXIBLE, WATER TIGHT
                        CARTRIDGE.                                                         SEAL FOR GUTTERS, DOWNSPOUTS,
                                                                                           LAP JOINTS, FLASHINGS, ROOF
      TCH#      MFR#       DESCRIPTION                                                     VENTS, ALUMINUM SIDING. STANDS
      351500    AA446      FIRESTOP PUTTY 1” X 3” X 12”                                    UP TO TEMPERATURE EXTREMES.
      351505    AA448      FIRESTOP PUTTY 1/4” X 4” X 8”                                   MEETS ASTM SPEC C-1085. 10 OZ
      351530    AA417      CERAMIC FIBER 2LB BAG                                           CAULKING GUN CARTRIDGE.
      351520    AA741      FIRESTOP LATEX CAULK
                                                                          TCH# MFR#           DESCRIPTION
                                                                          203354 18268        ROOF SEALANT BLACK 10 OZ

                                                                          203917 18192        BUTYL-FLEX® WHITE 10 OZ
                                                                                              GUTTER & FLASHING SEALANT

      OAKDALE MN PHONE: 1-651-735-2200   FAX: 1-651-735-1800              NEW HOPE MN PHONE: 1-763-535-4660 FAX: 1-763-535-2005
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CAULKING                                                                              ACRYLIC LATEX SILICONE CAULK
                                                                                      DAP® ALEX PLUS® CAULK IS A
                 POLYURETHANE                                                         SUPERIOR QUALITY, MOISTURE
                 CAULK/SEALANTS                                                       AND MILDEW RESISTANT, MULTI-
                 THREE EXTREMELY DURABLE                                              PURPOSE CAULK FOR INTERIOR OR
                 PROFESSIONAL QUALITY WATER-                                          EXTERIOR USE. HIGHLY FLEXIBLE
                 PROOF DAP® POLYURETHANE-                                             AND DURABLE. PAINTABLE. 35 YEAR
                 BASED SEALANTS FOR USE OUT-                                          DURABILITY GUARANTEE. EXCEEDS
                 DOORS. ALL MEET ASTM SPEC C-                                         ASTM SPEC C-834. 10 OZ CAULKING
                 920, CLASS 25 AND FED SPEC TT-S-                                     GUN CARTRIDGE. 18156 CLEAR,
                 00230C, CLASS A, AND ARE IN 10                                       18152 WHITE, 18118 GREY, 18122
                 OZ CAULKING GUN CARTRIDGES.                                          TAN, 18120 BROWN AND 18130
                 18810 WHITE POLYURETHANE                                             ALMOND COLORS.
                 ADHESIVE/SEALANT IS FOR A
                 VARIETY OF SURFACES. 18814 GREY                    TCH#      MFR#       DESCRIPTION
                 FORMULATED FOR SEALING AND                         203399    18810 POLYURETHANE CAULK WHITE 10 OZ
                 FILLING CRACKS IN ALL TYPES OF                     203401    18814 POLYURETHANE CAULK GREY 10 OZ
                 MASONRY, STONE AND CONCRETE,                       203406    18816 POLYURETHANE CAULK BLACK 10 OZ
                 PAINTABLE. 18816 BLACK DESIGNED
                 FOR A VARIETY OF ROOF SURFACES.                    203347    18026 CAULK-BE-GONE® REMOVER 5.5 OZ
                 18026 CAULK-BE-GONE®                               203350    18326 ADHESIVE CAULK WHITE 10 OZ
                 DAP® CAULK-BE-GONE® CAULK                          203355    18333 ADHESIVE CAULK CLEAR 10 OZ
                 EASY REMOVAL. FAST ACTING                          203352    18230 KWIK FOAM® SEALANT TAN 12 OZ
                 FORMULA WORKS IN AS LITTLE AS                      203353    18232 KWIK FOAM® SEALANT TAN 24 OZ
                 TWO HOURS. THE FRESH-SCENT
                 GREEN GEL DOES NOT HARM                            203915    18156   ACRYLIC LATEX CAULK CLEAR 10 OZ
                 SURFACES. USE FOR INDOOR OR                        203920    18152   ACRYLIC LATEX CAULK WHITE 10 OZ
                 OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS. 5.5 FL                       203925    18118   ACRYLIC LATEX CAULK GREY 10 OZ
                 OZ.                                                203930    18122   ACRYLIC LATEX CAULK TAN 10 OZ
                                                                    203395    18120   ACRYLIC LATEX CAULK BROWN 10 OZ
                 ADHESIVE CAULK                                     203940    18130   ACRYLIC LATEX CAULK ALMND 10 OZ
                 DAP® ALL PURPOSE ADHESIVE
                 LIKE CAULK. USE INDOORS OR
                 ADHERES TO ALMOST ANY SUR-
                 FACE. 18326 WHITE OR 18333                                           MS11-12C
                 CLEAR, BOTH IN 10 OZ CAULKING                                        CRYSTAL CLEAR CAULK
                 GUN CARTRIDGE.                                                       ALL WEATHER ELASTOMERIC TRI-
                                                                                      POLYMER SEALANT. EXCELLENT
                 KWIK FOAM®                                                           EXTERIOR SEALANT THAT ADHERES
                 INSULATING SEALANT                                                   TO MOST BUILDING MATERIALS
                 DAP® TAN KWIK FOAM® IS A ONE                                         WITHOUT PRIMERS, INCLUDING
                 COMPONENT, MOISTURE CURE,                                            CEDAR, REDWOOD, AND VINYL.
                 POLYURETHANE FOAM THAT                                               EXTRUDES EASILY AND STAYS
                 EXPANDS TO ECOMOMICALLY FILL                                         FLEXIBLE IN HOT OR COLD TEM-
                 AND SEAL LARGE CAVITIES. STOPS                                       PERATURES. STAYS CRYSTAL CLEAR.
                 AIR INFILTRATION AND WILL NOT                                        10.5 OZ CARTRIDGE. CONFORMS
                 DEGRADE OR SHRINK. CONTAINS                                          TO: FEDERAL SPECIFICATION
                 FLAME RETARDANT AND MEETS                                            TT-S-001657 TYPE I; TT-S-00230C;
                 MONTREAL PROTOCOL 1987. 18230                                        ASTM C920-86 TYPE S, NS,NT; AAMA
                 IS 12 OZ SIZE, 18232 IS 24 OZ.                                       1407.1-78; AAMA 803.3-92

                                                                    TCH#       MFR#         DESCRIPTION
                                                                    309500     MS11-12C     CRYSTAL CLEAR CAULK

OAKDALE MN PHONE: 1-651-735-2200   FAX: 1-651-735-1800              NEW HOPE MN PHONE: 1-763-535-4660 FAX: 1-763-535-2005
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