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					Kidzown     List      Book    Title/First Line                        Alternate Title/s                     Composer/s

             sub      sheet   All My Days                             Beautiful Saviour                     Stuart Townend
             play     sheet   All to Jesus I surrender                                                      Jason van de Venter
             sub      sheet   All who are thirsty                                                           Brenton Brown and Glenn Robertson
            learn     sheet   Almighty God                                                                  Tim Hughes
             trad     sheet   Amazing Grace                                                                 John Newton, arr. David Peacock

          christmas   sheet   As angels looked on                                                           James Gregory
             trad     sheet   As pants the hart for cooling streams                                         Hugh Wilson
             play     sheet   Awesome God                             Your voice is                         Vicky Beeching
             play     sheet   Before the throne of God above                                                Vikki Cook
             trad     sheet   Be Thou my vision                                                             Ancient Irish

   y         play     sheet   Blessed be Your name                                                          Beth and Matt Redman
   y         play     sheet   Celebrate                                                                     Ben Cantelon
             sub      sheet   Come and fill me up                     I can feel you flowing through me     Brian Doerksen
             trad     sheet   Come down O Love divine                                                       trad
             play     sheet   Come, now is the time to worship                                              Brian Doerksen
   y         sub      sheet   Dance, dance                            Joy is in this place                  Tim Hughes
            learn     sheet   Even though I walk through the valley   You never let go                      Matt & Beth Redman
             play     sheet   Everyone needs compassion               Saviour, Mighty to save               Reuben Morgan & Ben Fielding
   y        learn     sheet   Everything                              God in my living                      Tim Hughes
          christmas   sheet   From the squalor of a borrowed stable   Immanuel                              Stuart Townend

             play     sheet   Give thanks to the Lord                 Forever                               Chris Tomlin
             play     sheet   God of justice                          We must go                            Tim Hughes
             play     sheet   Great is your faithfulness              Unchanging                            Chris Tomlin
   y         play     sheet   Hands hands fingers thumbs                                                    Doug Horley
   y         play     sheet   Happy Day                                                                     Tim Hughes/Ben Cantelon
   y         play     sheet   He loves to hear us shout                                                     John Hardwick
             play     sheet   Here I am                               Majesty                               Stuart Garrard & Martin Smith
             trad     sheet   Here is love                                                                  arr. Roger Mayor
   y        learn     sheet   He's the one                            Superhero
            learn     sheet   Holy                                    Holy Holy God Almighty                Brenton Brown
             play     sheet   Hope of the nations                     Jesus, Hope of the nations            Brian Doerksen
             sub      sheet   Hungry                                  Falling on my knees                   Kathryn Scott
             play     sheet   If Ever I should Falter                                                       Martyn Layzell
             play     sheet   I have heard                            The Father's Song                     Matt Redman
             play     sheet   I'll Stand                                                                    Joel Houston

             play     sheet   I'm forgiven                            Amazing love                          Billy James Foote
             play     sheet   I'm giving you my heart                 Surrender                             Marc James
   y         play     sheet   I'm gonna clap my hands                                                       Mark Depledge
             play     sheet   In Christ alone                                                               Stuart Townend/Keith Getty
   y         play     sheet   I reach up high I touch the ground                                            Judy Bailey
             play     sheet   I've found a love                       When I call on your name You answer   Ben Cantelon
            learn     sheet   I've thrown it all away                 Take the world                        Matt Redman
Kidzown     List      Book    Title/First Line                              Alternate Title/s              Composer/s

   y         sub      sheet   Jesus, be the centre                                                         Michael Frye
             sub      sheet   Jesus, Jesus, Healer, Saviour                                                David Fellingham
             sub      sheet   Jesus, Jesus, Holy And Anointed One                                          John Barnett
   y         play     sheet   Jesus' love is very wonderful                                                H W Rattle
             sub      sheet   Jesus loves me this I know                                                   Anna Warner
             play     sheet   Jesus, my passion                             Above all else                 Vicky Beeching
             sub      sheet   Jesus, we enthrone you                                                       Paul Kyle / Arr Geoff Baker
             play     sheet   Jesus You are mercy                           Jesus You are worthy           Brenton Brown
            learn     sheet   Jesus, Your Name we raise                     Lift You High                  J.Dean, C.Nicholls, D.Gooding, R.Gooding
             play     sheet   King of Kings, Majesty                                                       Jarrod Cooper
             sub      sheet   Lead us Lord                                                                 Brian Doerksen
   y         play     sheet   Light of the World                            Here I am to worship           Tim Hughes
             play     sheet   Lord I come to You                            The Power of Your Love         Geoff Bullock
             trad     sheet   Lord of the Dance                             I danced in the morning        Adapted by Sydney Carter
             play     sheet   My Lord what love is this                     Amazing love                   Graham Kendrick
             sub      sheet   Name above all names                                                         Neil Bennetts
             play     sheet   Oh Kneel me down again                        Humble King                    Brenton Brown
             trad     sheet   O Jesus, I have promised                                                     John Ernest Bode
          christmas   sheet   O Jesus Son of God                            Light of the World             Matt Redman
            taize     sheet   O Lord hear my prayer                                                        Jacques Berthier
   y         play     sheet   Open the eyes of my heart                                                    Paul Baloche
            taize     sheet   O Praise the Lord our God                                                    Jacques Berthier
   y         play     sheet   Our God is a great big God                    Great Big God                  Jo and Nigel Hemming
             play     sheet   Over all the Earth                            Lord, Reign in Me              Brenton Brown
   y         play     sheet   Praise him you heavens                        Great in Power                 Russell Fragar
             play     sheet   Praise is rising                              Hosanna                        Paul Baloche & Brenton Brown
             play     sheet   See, what a morning                           Resurrection Hymn              Stuart Townend & Keith Getty
            taize     sheet   Stay with me                                                                 Jacques Berthier
   y         play     sheet   Strength will rise as we wait                 Everlasting God                Brenton Brown & Ken Riley
             trad     sheet   The day of resurrection                                                      St John of Damascus
             play     sheet   The people who walk in darkness have seen a
                              great light
             play     sheet   There must be more than this                  Consuming Fire                 Tim Hughes
   y         play     sheet   The splendour of the King                     How great is our God           Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves & Ed Cash
   y         play     sheet   The wise man built his house upon the rock                                   unknown
             sub      sheet   This is my desire                             Lord I give you my heart       Reuben Morgan
             play     sheet   This is our God                                                              Rueben Morgan
             sub      sheet   This is the air I breathe                     Breathe                        Marie Barnett
          christmas   sheet   Thorns in the straw                           Since the day the angel came   Graham Kendrick
             play     sheet   We fall down                                                                 Chris Tomlin
             trad     sheet   We have a gospel                                                             Edward Burns
            learn     sheet   Welcomed in to the courts of the King         Face Down                      Matt Redman
             play     sheet   We stand and lift up our hands                Holy is the Lord               Chris Tomlin & Louie G
             play     sheet   When all around is fading                     He's got the whole world       Tim Hughes
             trad     sheet   When I survey                                                                Isaac Watts
             play     sheet   Who can know                                  I stand in awe                 Martyn Layzell
Kidzown   List   Book    Title/First Line                             Alternate Title/s     Composer/s

          sub    sheet   Wonderful, so wonderful                      Beautiful One         Tim Hughes
          play   sheet   Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness                         Al Gordon
          sub    sheet   You are a Holy God                                                 Brian Duane & Kathryn Scott
          sub    sheet   You are everything                           Everything I need     Brian Doerksen & Steve Mitchinson
          sub    sheet   You are God in heaven                        Let my words be few   Matt & Beth Redman
          play   sheet   You chose the cross                          Lost in wonder        Martyn Layzell
          play   sheet   Your love                                    Pour over me          Stuart Townend
          play   sheet   Your love is amazing                         Hallelujah            Brian Doerksen & Brenton Brown
   y      play   sheet   You Shine                                                          Brian Doerksen
Sparks   Kidzown   List    Book       Title/First Line                              Alternate Title/s           Composer/s       Key Playing Notes   Theme Keywords Scripture Ref   Source   CCLI # / Publisher

                     y     SoF 1      Abba, Father
                     y     SoF 8      All hail the Lamb
                   trad    SoF 9      All hail the power of Jesus' name!
                     y    SoF 10      All heaven declares
                     y    SoF 14      All things bright and beautiful
                   trad   SoF 19      Amazing grace!
                   trad   SoF 21      And can it be?                                                            Charles Wesley
                     y    SoF 22      A new commandment
                     y    SoF 23      Angels from the realms of glory
                   trad   SoF 24      Angel voices ever singing
                     y    SoF 26      Ascribe greatness
                     y    SoF 27      As the deer
                     y    SoF 28      As we are gathered
                     y    SoF 31      As with gladness
                   trad   SoF 32      At the name of Jesus
                     y    SoF 34      At Your feet we fall
                     y    SoF 36      Away in a manger
                     y    SoF 37      Be bold, be strong
                     y    SoF 40      Be still
                     y    SoF 41      Be still and know
                   trad   SoF 42      Be Thou my vision
                     y    SoF 43      Bind us together
                   trad   SoF 51      Breathe on me, Breath of God
                     y    SoF 54      Brother, let me be your servant               The servant song
                     y    SoF 55      By Your side
                   trad   SoF 61      Christ the Lord is risen today
                     y    SoF 62      Christ triumphant
                     y    SoF 64      Colours of day                                Light up the fire
                     y    SoF 73      Come on and celebrate                         Celebrate
                   trad   SoF 77      Crown Him with many crowns
                   trad   SoF 79      Dear Lord and Father of mankind
                     y    SoF 89      Faithful One
                     y    SoF 92      Father God I wonder                           l will sing Your praises
                     y    SoF 102     Father, we love you
                     y    SoF 111     For I'm building a people of power
                     y    SoF 116     For unto us a child is born
                     y    SoF 120     From heaven You came                          The Servant King
                     y    SoF 124     Give thanks
                     y    SoF 132     God is good
                     y    SoF 133     God is here, God is present
                     y    SoF 140     Good Christian men, rejoice
                     y    SoF 145     Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise
                   trad   SoF 147     Great is Thy faithfulness
                   trad   SoF 148     Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah
                   trad   SoF 153     Hallelujah! sing to Jesus
                     y    SoF 155     Hark! the herald angels sing
                     y    SoF 161     He came to earth                              King of kings (He came to
                     y    SoF   168   Here is love
                     y    SoF   174   He who would valiant be
                   trad   SoF   183   Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!
                     y    SoF   188   Holy Spirit, we welcome You
                     y    SoF   189   Hosanna
                     y    SoF   192   How lovely on the mountains                   Our God reigns
                     y    SoF   194   How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
                     y    SoF   197   I am a new creation
                     y    SoF   203   I believe in Jesus
                     y    SoF   208   If I were a butterfly                         The butterfly song
                   trad   SoF   234   Immortal, invisible
                     y    SoF   236   I'm special
                     y    SoF   243   In the bleak midwinter
Sparks   Kidzown   List    Book       Title/First Line                          Alternate Title/s       Composer/s       Key Playing Notes        Theme Keywords Scripture Ref   Source   CCLI # / Publisher

                     y    SoF   251   It came upon the midnight clear
                   trad   SoF   252   It is a thing most wonderful
                     y    SoF   257   It's Your blood
                     y    SoF   267   I will change your name
                   trad   SoF   278   I will sing the wondrous story
                     y    SoF   285   Jesus Christ is risen today
                   trad   SoF   290   Jesus is Lord!
                     y    SoF   293   Jesus, Jesus                              Holy and anointed One
                     y    SoF   295   Jesus, King of kings
                     y    SoF   298   Jesus, Name above all names
                     y    SoF   299   Jesus put this song into our hearts
                     y    SoF   305   Jesus take me as I am
                     y    SoF   310   Jesus, we enthrone You
                     y    SoF   314   Joy to the world
                     y    SoF   315   Jubilate, everybody                       Jubilate Deo
                     y    SoF   316   Just as I am
                     y    SoF   321   Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us
                     y    SoF   334   Let Your living water flow
                     y    SoF   336   Lift up your heads to the coming King
                     y    SoF   362   Lord, the light of Your love              Shine, Jesus, shine
                   trad   SoF   377   Love divine                                                                            First Tune. Steady
                     y    SoF   379   Majesty
                     y    SoF   381   Make me a channel of Your peace           For Your kingdom
                     y    SoF   384   Make way
                     y    SoF   392   More love, more power
                   trad   SoF   393   Morning has broken
                     y    SoF   398   My Lord, what love is this                Amazing love
                   trad   SoF   400   My song is love unknown
                   trad   SoF   405   Now thank we all our God
                     y    SoF   408   O come all ye faithful
                     y    SoF   409   O come let us adore Him
                     y    SoF   410   O come O come Emmanuel
                     y    SoF   412   O for a thousand tongues                                          Charles Wesley
                   trad   SoF   418   O Jesus, I have promised
                     y    SoF   419   O let the Son of God enfold you           Spirit song
                     y    SoF   420   O little town of Bethlehem
                     y    SoF   423   O Lord, hear my prayer                                                                                      Taize
                   trad   SoF   425   O Lord my God!                            How great Thou art
                     y    SoF   433   O Lord, Your tenderness
                   trad   SoF   437   O my Saviour, lifted
                     y    SoF   438   Once in royal David's city                                                                                  Christmas
                     y    SoF   441   Only by grace
                     y    SoF   442   Onward, Christian soldiers
                     y    SoF   443   Open our eyes, Lord
                   trad   SoF   445   O praise ye the Lord
                   trad   SoF   446   O sacred head once wounded
                     y    SoF   453   Our God is an awesome God                 Awesome God (Mullins)
                   trad   SoF   456   O worship the King
                   trad   SoF   457   O worship the Lord
                     y    SoF   462   Praise God from whom all blessings flow   Doxology
                     y    SoF   464   Praise Him on the trumpet
                   trad   SoF   466   Praise, my soul, the King of heaven
                   trad   SoF   469   Praise to the Holiest in the height
                   trad   SoF   470   Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
                     y    SoF   475   Purify my heart                           Refiner's fire
                     y    SoF   480   Rejoice
                     y    SoF   485   Ride on, ride on in majesty
                     y    SoF   488   Rock of ages
                     y    SoF   489   See amid the winter's snow
                     y    SoF   491   See Him lying on a bed of straw
                     y    SoF   493   Seek ye first
                     y    SoF   495   Shout for joy
Sparks   Kidzown   List    Book       Title/First Line                               Alternate Title/s             Composer/s   Key Playing Notes                              Theme Keywords Scripture Ref   Source   CCLI # / Publisher

                     y    SoF   496   Shout for joy and sing
                     y    SoF   497   Show Your power, O Lord
                     y    SoF   498   Silent night                                                                                                                             Christmas
                     y    SoF   510   Spirit of the living God (Iverson)
                     y    SoF   511   Spirit of the living God (Armstrong)
                   trad   SoF   513   Stand up, stand up for Jesus
                     y    SoF   514   Such love, pure as the whitest snow
                   trad   SoF   519   Take my life, and let it be
                   trad   SoF   520   Tell out, my soul
                     y    SoF   524   Thank You, Lord, for this fine day
                   trad   SoF   527   The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended
                     y    SoF   529   The first nowell
                   trad   SoF   531   The head that once was crowned with thorns
                     y    SoF   532   The King is among us
                   trad   SoF   533   The King of love my Shepherd is
                     y    SoF   537   The Lord's my Shepherd (Trad)
                     y    SoF   542   There is a green hill far away
                     y    SoF   544   There is a Redeemer
                     y    SoF   545   There is power in the name of Jesus
                     y    SoF   546   There's a quiet understanding
                   trad   SoF   551   Thine be the glory
                   trad   SoF   557   Thou, whose almighty word
                   trad   SoF   559   To God be the glory!                           Victory song
                     y    SoF   569   We are standing                                Holy ground (We are
                    y     SoF 583     We'll walk the land                            Let the flame burn
                     y    SoF   585   We plough the fields and scatter
                     y    SoF   589   We shall stand
                   trad   SoF   593   What a friend we have in Jesus
                   trad   SoF   596   When I survey the wondrous cross
                     y    SoF   602   While shepherds watched
                     y    SoF   604   Who can sound the depths of sorrow
                     y    SoF   610   With all my heart
                   trad   SoF   619   Ye holy angels bright
                   trad   SoF   620   Ye servants of God
                     y    SoF   633   You laid aside Your majesty                    I really want to worship
                                                                                     You, my Lord
                    y     SoF 640     You shall go out with joy                      The trees of the field
                    y     SoF 646     All I once held dear                           Knowing You
                    y     SoF 657     Are we the people?                             Last generation                                                                           End-times
                    y     SoF   664   Beauty for brokeness                                                                          cheat sheet available for guitar players
                    y     SoF   665   Be free
                    y     SoF   672   Be still and know that I am God
                    y     SoF   673   Blessed be the name of the Lord (The name of
                                      the Lord)
                    y     SoF   678   Breathe on me, Breath of God (Fellingham)
                    y     SoF   688   Come and join the celebration
                    y     SoF   700   Did you feel the mountains tremble?
                    y     SoF   703   Down the mountain the river flows              The river is here
                    y     SoF   710   Father God
                    y     SoF   716   Filled with compassion                         For all the people who live
                                                                                     on the earth
                    y     SoF   722   Friend of sinners
                    y     SoF   728   Give me oil in my lamp                         Sing hosanna
                    y     SoF   739   Good news, good news to you we bring
                    y     SoF   742   Great is the darkness                          Come, Lord Jesus
                    y     SoF   747   Have you heard the good news?
                    y     SoF   753   He has risen
                    y     SoF   755   He is the Lord                                 Show Your power
                    y     SoF   759   Here I am once again                           Pour out my heart
Sparks   Kidzown   List    Book       Title/First Line                             Alternate Title/s           Composer/s       Key Playing Notes   Theme Keywords Scripture Ref   Source   CCLI # / Publisher

                    y     SoF   763   Here is the risen Son
                    y     SoF   771   Holy, holy
                    y     SoF   780   How deep the Father's love for us
                    y     SoF   781   How lovely is Your dwelling place            Better is one day
                    y     SoF   788   I believe there is a God in heaven
                    y     SoF   817   In the Lord
                    y     SoF   821   Into the darkness                            Come, Lord Jesus, come
                    y     SoF   827   Is it true today?                            History maker
                    y     SoF   830   I, the Lord of sea and sky                   Here I am Lord
                    y     SoF   835   It's rising up
            y       y     SoF   847   I will dance                                 Undignified
                    y     SoF   851   I will offer up my life
                    y     SoF   859   I will worship with all of my heart          You alone are worthy of
                                                                                   my praise
                     y    SoF   865   Jesus Christ                                 Once again
                     y    SoF   870   Jesus is the name we honour                  Jesus is our God
                     y    SoF   873   Jesus, lover of my soul                      It's all about You
                     y    SoF   880   Let everything that has breath
                     y    SoF   888   Let Your love come down
                     y    SoF   891   Like a candle flame                          The candle song
                   trad   SoF   892   Lord, for the years
                     y    SoF   895   Lord, I come to You                          Power of Your love
                     y    SoF   897   Lord, I lift Your name on high               You came from heaven to
                     y    SoF   902   Lord of all hopefulness
                     y    SoF   909   Lord we've come to worship You
                     y    SoF   912   Lord You have my heart
                     y    SoF   914   Love songs from heaven
                     y    SoF   921   Men of faith                                 Shout to the north
                     y    SoF   931   My God shall supply all my needs
                     y    SoF   935   My Jesus, my Saviour                         Shout to the Lord
                     y    SoF   937   My lips shall praise You                     Restorer of my soul
                     y    SoF   956   Oh, lead me                                  Lead me (Oh, lead me)
                   trad   SoF   968   O the deep, deep love of Jesus
                     y    SoF   972   Our God is great
                     y    SoF   975   Over the mountains and the sea               I could sing of Your love
                    y     SoF 976     Overwhelmed by love
                    y     SoF 980     Praise God from whom all blessings flow                                  Piercy/Clifton
                    y     SoF 983     Quiet my mind
                    y     SoF 990     Ruach                                                                                                         Spirit
                    y     SoF 993     Say the word
                    y     SoF 994     Search me, O God                             All consuming fire
                    y     SoF 1008    Sound the trumpet
                    y     SoF 1011    Standing in Your presence                    I live to know You
                    y     SoF 1013    Teach me to dance
                    y     SoF 1015    Thank You for saving me
                    y     SoF 1019    The cross has said it all
                    y     SoF 1025    The King of love is my delight               The King has come
                    y     SoF 1030    The Lord's my Shepherd (Townend)             I will trust in You
                    y     SoF 1034    There is a louder shout to come
                    y     SoF 1041    There's a place where the streets shine      Because of You
                    y     SoF 1047    These are the days of Elijah                 Days of Elijah
                    y     SoF 1048    The sky is filled
                    y     SoF 1049    The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord
                    y     SoF 1052    The world is looking for a hero (Champion)   Champion
                    y     SoF 1061    This is the place                            Holy ground
                    y     SoF 1066    Thy word
                    y     SoF 1067    To be in Your presence                       My desire
                    y     SoF 1076    We are marching in the light of God          Siyahamba
                    y     SoF 1083    We believe in Hebrews 13:8
                    y     SoF 1084    We bow down
Sparks   Kidzown   List    Book        Title/First Line                        Alternate Title/s         Composer/s   Key Playing Notes   Theme Keywords Scripture Ref   Source   CCLI # / Publisher

                    y     SoF   1093   Welcome, King of kings!
                    y     SoF   1095   Well, I hear they're singing            I've found Jesus
                    y     SoF   1105   We want to see Jesus lifted high
                    y     SoF   1106   We will give ourselves no rest          Knocking on the door of
                    y     SoF   1109   What a friend I've found
                    y     SoF   1113   When the music fades                    The heart of worship
                    y     SoF   1117   Who is there like You?
                    y     SoF   1118   Who paints the skies?                   River of fire
                    y     SoF   1120   Will you come and follow Me?            The summons
                    y     SoF   1121   Within the veil
                    y     SoF   1124   You are merciful to me
                    y     SoF   1125   You are mighty
                    y     SoF   1130   You are the perfect and righteous God   I come by the blood
                    y     SoF   1134   You came                                Fill the earth
                    y     SoF   1139   You make Your face to shine on me       And that my soul knows
                                                                               very well
                    y     SoF 1150 You shall be holy

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