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					    Friends of 89.5
A newsletter for supporters of CIUT 89.5 FM University of Toronto Radio                               Issue 34 Summer 2010

 Friends of 89.5                          Carry On Regardless
 Spring Drive Results                     CIUT Broadcasts Despite UofT’s Summit Closure
 We’re pleased to announce that            CIUT listeners know that 89.5
 1199 donors pitched in this past          is here 365 days a year, with fresh
 April, pledging $54,773 in support        alternative radio content you can’t
 of CIUT FM. Thank you team, we            get anywhere else. This past year has
 could not do it without you!              brought several major challenges to
                                           that commitment. Our move from
                                           91 St. George to Hart House had us
 Wall of Friends                           hopping, with old and new studios
 It’s here and it’s dandy! If you          overlapping to keep us on air. But the
 contributed to the Wall of Friends        University of Toronto’s decision to
 campaign, you’ll receive an invitation    close the entire St. George campus
 to the grand unveiling soon.              because of the G20 Summit meant           Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman with Take 5
                                           we had to broadcast for four days         host Dave Peterson, at our temporary studios in
                                           without access to our regular studios. The Gleaner community newspapers office.
                                           Lenny Lombardi, CEO of CHIN
                                           1540 AM and CHIN-1 91.9, generously donated the use of a production studio,
                                           but as it was not available for the entire period we also camped out at The Gleaner
                                           community newspapers office, which required transporting and setting up (and
                                           tearing down!) a wack of broadcasting gear. CIUT volunteers were troopers, boldly
                                           taking on the challenge of producing their shows from unfamiliar facilities, with
                                           surprising few hiccups.

                                                                                     As if that didn’t keep us busy enough, CIUT
                                                                                     presented a special broadcast on June 26,
                                                                                     providing alternative perspectives of the G20
Prize Draw Winners                                                                   Summit. Hosted by CIUT personalities
                                                                                     Phil Taylor, (The Taylor Report) and Dave
Tom J., donor to No Man’s Land,                                                      Peterson (Take 5), the program presented
is seen above with his spankin’ new                                                  information under-reported or completely
Orange Raptor Electric Bike, donated                                                 ignored elsewhere. Guest commentators
by Svend Petersen of Mobility                                                        included Lori Wallach, Director of Public
Unlimited (left). Zorah S., supporter      Karibuni host Nadine McNulty in the       Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, lawyer
of The More the Merrier, won the           CHIN studio on College Street.
Norco Olympia Bike, courtesy of Bikes                                                Peter Rosenthal, Ken Newman, National
on Wheels. The two Arts and Culture                                                  Director of United Steel Workers, Ontario
Prize Packs went to David K., donor        Federation of Labour President, Sid Ryan and economist Michel Chossudovsky,
to Stylistik Endeavours, and Adam          from the Centre for Research on Globalization. We also had reports from the march
R., friend of No Beat Radio. Thanks        by Take 5’s Julia Chapman and Will Campbell, and Taylor Report contributors Jacob
so much to everyone who paid their         and Peter Liebovitch. As a capper to the evening, Amy Goodman spoke to a capacity
pledge and became a Friend of 89.5!        crowd at Trinity St Paul’s, with proceeds donated to CIUT. Thanks to everyone who
                                           worked so hard to make CIUT’s Summit weekend a success!
                                            The CIUT Scene

                                                                                       Performer Muna Mingole drops by the
  Friends of 89.5 is published by                                                      CIUT broadcast tent during AfroFest.
  CIUT 89.5 FM University of
  Toronto Community Radio
  89.5 Tower Road
  Toronto ON M5S 0A2
  Office: 416-978-0909
  Requests: 416-946-7000                    CBC alumnus Andy Barrie on-air with
  Editor/Membership Coordinator:            Green Majority host Peter Stock during
  Barbara Isherwood, ext. 209,              our Spring Drive.
  Station Manager: Brian Burchell,
  ext. 203,
  Station Manager’s Assistant/Co-op                                                    CIUT’s fab Live Music Producer Jonathan
  Coordinator: ext 210                                                                 Hawkes.

  Program Director: Ken Stowar,
  ext. 201,
  Live Music Coordinator:
  Binny Colvin, ext. 218,
  Sales Coordinator/Program Director’s
  Assistant: Michelle Johnson, ext. 206,
  Music Director: Ron Burd, ext. 214,

                                            Splitlip Rayfield demonstrate the merits
                                            of the gas-tank bass, during one of our    Legendary musician Dave Brubeck, signature
                                            outdoor live music recording sessions.     performer of jazz standard Take 5, honoured
Getting Greener                                                                        CIUT by recording station IDs for us while
                                                                                       in town for the jazz festival.
With this issue the print version of
Friends of 89.5 is moving from a
quarterly to a semi-annual edition,
with the paperless bi-weekly CIUT
E-News providing a more frequent and
waste-free option. You can sign up for
the E-news through the CIUT website.
We’ll continue to mail this semi-annual
program guide, but if you’d prefer to
receive this electronically, please email   Chris Berube, hosting Electric Boogaloo with your              live from Canadian Music Week, with        Tuvan throat singing ensemble Huun Huur
request.                                    technician Miku Beltem, guest Rob Duffy,   Tu brought their unique sound to CIUT’s
                                            and Moondog’s Ballroom host Daibhid        Map Room studio for a performance on
                                            James surveying the proceedings.           Take 5.
                                                     perspectives from around the world.                 tribal rhythms and progressive beats.
                                                     dos mundos Wed. 6-8pm                               pet cemetery Wed. 12-2am
                                                     Bridge between traditional Latin sounds and         Everything from garage to rockabilly, folk to
                                                     new fusions.                                        70’s punk.
                                                     dreAmIng In stereo Fri. 3-5pm                       pop tArt Fri. 6-7pm
                                                     Diverse mix of rock, pop and folk, including        Rise and shine with fresh new pop-infused
                                                     the latest sounds of the Canadian music scene.      sounds from yesterday, today and tomorrow!
                                                     drIll squAd Tues. 5:30-8am,                         pot pourrI Sun. 11am-1pm
                                                     Fri. 10pm-12am                                      Multicultural array of news, music and guests
                                                     New York City Mixtape style, featuring hip          from the francophone diaspora.
                                                     hop, R&B, reggae, house, old school and more        the prophecy Sun. 8-10pm
                                                     the end of tAste Wed. 5:30-8am                      Techno and jungle beats, UK sounds with
                                                     Highlighting the new and re-examining the old.      occasional crossover into jazz, hip hop, R&B,
                                                     equAlIzIng x dIstort                                reggae, Latin etc.
Program Guide, August 2010                           Sun. 10pm-12am                                      rAdIo boogIe Wed. 3-5pm
                                                     Latest hardcore punk releases, demo feature,        Bluegrass and old time country.
AbstrAct Index Thurs. 10pm-12am                      show calendar, 10 favourite releases, live bands.   rAdIo punjAb Mon.-Fri. 2-3pm
Visceral music, electronics from the beatless to     evI-dAnce Sun. 9-10am                               A forum for Punjabi-speaking Canadians.
densely polyrhythmic, dub & reggae.                  Local & international coverage for dance and        rAW sugAr Sun. 12-2am
AcoustIc Workshop Mon. 7-8pm                         non-dance literate listeners.                       Variety of new music ranging from Modest
Roots, or contemporary acoustic. It’s still folk     funky frIdAys Fri. 5:30-8am                         Mouse to TV on the Radio to Arctic Monkeys.
music.                                               The funkiest sounds heard anywhere!                 reAl cool tIme Tues. 6-7pm
AfrIcAn WomAn & fAmIly                               globAl rhythms Sun. 3-6pm                           Garage to glam, beat to bubblegum, rockabilly
Sat. 12-1pm                                          Traditional, modern, folk, roots, hybrids and       to raunch, powerpop to punk, soul to surf.
For, about and by the African community.             fusions from around the world.                      reggAe rIddIms Wed. 8-10pm
All four corners Mon. 12-2am                         gospel musIc mAchIne Sun. 6-9am                     From here and abroad, interviews and music
Half-hour segments linking quirky and creative       Contemporary, traditional and inspirational         from dub to dancehall reggae.
music by genre, artist or theme.                     gospel music.                                       resIstAnce on the sound dIAl
AlternAtIve rAdIo Mon. & Thurs,                      the green mAjorIty Fri. 10-11am                     Sat 11am-12pm
11am-12pm                                            Canada’s first and only all-environmental radio     About people of colour around the globe.
Public affairs: information, analyses and views      news hour.                                          News, arts, education, dance, history!
frequently ignored or distorted in other media.      heAvy rebel rumble Sat. 12-2am                      rock And roll rAdIo Thurs. 12-2am
AmAlgAmAtIon In sound                                Metal, industrial, hard rock and punk.              All the hits you just can’t miss. A lean mean
Fri. 12-2am                                          hIgher ground Thurs. 8-10pm                         time machine. A familiar place in outer space.
Soul, soulful house, jazz cuts & more.               Underground jazz, Latin, soul, funk, deep           sex cIty Sat. 5-6pm
AnImAl voIces Tues. 11am-12pm                        house, drum & bass; new to rare older music.        Sexuality in relation to sexual health, art,
Interviews and issues from the realm of animal       hoWl Tues. 10-11pm                                  politics, activism and cultures.
liberation.                                          Multi-level breakdown of the zeitgeist of           some Assembly requIred
bAck to the sugAr cAmp                               poetic expression, from neo-beat to beat box.       Sat. 5-6am
Thurs. 6-7pm                                         IndIgenous WAves Mon. 4-5pm                         Audio art: tape manipulations, digital
Ambiance with an axe, the CPR tracks and             Aboriginal issues and dicussion, presented by       deconstructions, turntable creations.
great Canadian music.                                UofT’s First Nations House.                         stolen moments Tues. 3-5pm
bAng! Fri. 7-8pm                                     IslAnd breeze Wed. 10pm-12am                        Hip hop, R&B, soul, jazz, other relevant
From Japanese Devo-esque punk to Swedish             Calypso from the Caribbean islands and around       grooves.
sampling.                                            the world.                                          stylIstIk endeAvours Fri. 8-10pm
beIng there Sat. 2-3pm                               kArIbunI Sun. 6-8pm                                 The best underground hip hop, new and
Interviews & call-ins on wide range of subjects,     African music: classics, latest hits, artist        unsigned artists, rare groove & soul.
exploring how we think about cultural values.        interviews, Toronto’s African music scene.          sugAr foot stomp Thurs. 5-6pm
beyond borders Wed. 11am-12pm                        let the good tImes roll                             Jazz from the classic era — 1920’s & 1930’s.
repeated Mon. 4:30-5:30am                            Thurs. 3-5pm                                        superheAvy sounds Tues. 12-2am
Lectures from the Munk Centre for Global             Full range of blues from the 1920s to today,        Newest and most innovative sounds in heavy
Affairs.                                             with emphasis on blues news and live shows in       metal, doom, hardcore, ambient and noise.
beyond the clAssroom                                 the GTA.                                            tAke 5 Mon-Fr. 8-10am
Wed. 11am-12pm                                       the mAInlIne Mon. 3-4pm                             Fresh views on news and entertainment,
U of T events and issues.                            Students from Uof T’s Faculty of Medicine           community events, traffic on the half hour.
blIssful thunder Thurs. 12-2pm                       interview researchers.                              the tAylor report Mon. 5-6pm
Best in independent and alternative music.           mAsterplAn Sat. 8-10pm                              In the tradition of “speaking truth to power”,
cAreer buzz Fri. 11am-12pm                           It’s your Sat. night live non-stoppable HIP         we talk to informed and committed people
Ordinary people with extraordinary stories           HOP EXPLOSION.                                      whose voices must get through.
share twists and turns in their careers and lives.   the mInx sessIons Thurs. 7-8pm                      verItAble InfusIon Mon. 8-10pm
cAtWomAn Wed. 5-6pm                                  Rock, soul, jazz, house, drum n bass,               Rare cuts of funk, reggae, jazz, soul, blues,
Punk to funk, surf to swing, twang to tango.         electronica, all tracks highly emotive and          traditional & modern African music.
clAve Sat. 10-11am                                   uplifiting.                                         vIbe collectIve Sat. 3-5pm
Old, new and classic Latin dance music.              moondog’s bAllroom Tues. 5-6pm                      Interactive discussion of important issues,
creole-A-go-go Sun. 10-11am                          Blues, western swing, rockabilly, bebop, surf,      music, arts, spirituality, plus an hour of music.
News and music from Haiti, Guadeloupe,               garage, punk, mod, alt-country, and much more.      vIento sur Sun. 1-2pm
Martinique and Dominique.                            the more the merrIer Sat. 1-2pm                     Music stemming from Andean native people’s
dcs905 Sat. 10pm-12am                                For the arts curious (beginner or expert) - film,   right to their own culture.
Large spectrum of the drum ‘n’ bass                  theatre, dance and more.                            vInyl from the cIut crypt
community.                                           mornIng rIde Mon. 5:30-8am                          Tues. 8-10pm
dementIA 13 Tues. 7-8pm                              Taking reggae music to a higher level, to unite     Listeners choose music from thousands of vinyl
Delving into underground early prog, acid rock,      and communicate with the community.                 recordings found in our library.
sunshine pop and psychedelia.                        no beAt rAdIo Mon. 10pm-12am                        WhAt Is hIp? Sat. 6-8pm
democrAcy noW! Tues.-Fri.                            Independent D.I.Y. chaos & passionate               Old and new jazz; traditional, bebop, ballads,
4:30-5:30am, Mon.-Thurs. 10-11am, Fri. 5-6pm,        underground noise from around the world.            Afro Latin, Brazilian, soul funk, new fusions.
Sun. 5-6am, “Best of ” Sun. 2-3pm                    no mAn’s lAnd Wed. 12-2pm
Award-winning news program presents fresh            Unique cross-cultural mixology connecting
show descriptions                                                                                                                        august 2010
at               U of T Radio Program Guide
                                monday                TUesday        wednesday        ThURsday             fRiday          saTURday                sUnday
                    4:30am Beyond Borders           Democracy Now! Democracy Now!    Democracy Now! Democracy Now!                         Music

                                                                                                                          Some Assembly
                    5:30am                                                                                                  Required          Democracy Now!

                    6am                                               The End of
                               Morning Ride           Drill Squad                         Music           Funky Fridays
                                                                        Taste                                                 Music
                    7am                                                                                                                        Gospel Music
     spoken                      Take 5                Take 5           Take 5           Take 5             Take 5            Music
                    9am                                                                                                                            Evi-Dance
                                                                                                           The Green
                    10am     Democracy Now! Democracy Now! Democracy Now! Democracy Now!                                      Clave           Creole-a-Go-Go
    Toronto &                                                          Beyond the                                         Resistance on
                    11am      Alternative Radio     Animal Voices                    Alternative Radio    Career Buzz
    southern                                                           Classroom                                          the Sound Dial
                                                                                                                                                   Pot Pourri
     Ontario:       12pm                                                                                                  African Woman
                                                                                        Blissful             Electric        & Family
    89.5 fm                        Music                Music        No Man’s Land
                                                                                        Thunder             Boogaloo       The More the
                    1pm                                                                                                                            Viento Sur
                                                                                                                                                     Best of
   show info        2pm       Radio Punjab           Radio Punjab    Radio Punjab     Radio Punjab        Radio Punjab     Being There         Democracy Now!
  & streaming                The Mainline (UoT
  on the net:       3pm      Faculty of Medicine)
                                                        Stolen                        Let the Good         Dreaming In        Vibe
                                                                     Radio Boogie                    Indigenous             Moments                         Times Roll            Stereo         Collective
                    4pm                                                                                                                       Global Rhythms
                                 The Taylor           Moondog’s                       Sugar Foot
  Star Choice       5pm                                               Catwoman                           Democracy Now!      Sex City
                                   Report              Ballroom                         Stomp
   Satellite:                                                                         Back to the
                    6pm            Music            Real Cool Time                                          Pop Tart
                                                                                      Sugar Camp
 Channel 826                                                         Dos Mundos                                             What is Hip?            Karibuni
                    7pm          Acoustic            Dementia 13                     Minx Sessions           Bang!
   Rogers           8pm
                                 Veritable          Vinyl from the      Reggae                              Stylistik
   Digital:                      Infusion                                            Higher Ground                          Masterplan         The Prophecy
                    9pm                              CIUT Crypt         Riddims                            Endeavours
 Channel 946
                    10pm                                Howl
                              No Beat Radio                                              Abstract          Drill Squad                         Equalizing X
  request line:                                                      Island Breeze                                           DCS905
                                                                                          Index                                                  Distort
                    11pm                               Music
                    12am-         All Four            Superheavy     Pet Cemetery      Rock and Roll     Amalgamation      Heavy Rebel
                    2am                                 Sounds                                             in Sound                                Raw Sugar
                                  Corners                                                 Radio                              Rumble
                    2am-         Repeat                 Repeat          Repeat           Repeat              Repeat           Repeat             Repeat
                    4:30am    Programming            Programming     Programming      Programming         Programming      Programming        Programming