Case study Blue Label Telecoms by gyvwpsjkko


									      Activi Technology Services (Activi) –           Rollout
      Successful national rollout of nearly             logistics – configure Lotto terminals and
                     8 000 Lotto terminals              distribute to technical teams;
                                                        install terminals on national basis;
     In 2006, the National Lottery Board                install shop fitting and issue consumables; and
   awarded Gidani a seven year tender to                test the terminal and sign-off.
    manage the running of South Africa’s
                                                      Support and handover
     national Lottery. In December 2006,
                                                        ongoing onsite operational support;
  Gidani appointed Activi to assist it with
                                                        scale down rollout;
the rollout and initial maintenance of new              testing of regional and national retail network;
  Lotto machines across                                 and
             South Africa.                              final preparation to go live.
                                                        initiate preventative maintenance procedures;
                  Case study                            manage new Lotto installations and
                                                        swap Lotto devices;
  Activi’s primary responsibilities included:           initiate terminal refurbishments; and
    the transportation of Lotto terminals, from the     manage terminal upgrades or downgrades.
    regional offices to merchant;
                                                      Identification, training and handover to Gidani’s
    the installation and commissioning of Lotto’s
                                                      operating teams
    the assembly and placement of Lotto’s stand       Activi’s national rollout plan was based on three to
    and merchandise;                                  five, 40 minute installations, per two man team,
    terminal testing and installation sign-off        per day. From February to April 2007, 102 Activi
    initial operational and field support; and        teams successfully deployed 7 652 new Lotto
    phase 2 handover to Gidani’s maintenance
    teams.                                            period 684 tons of electronic equipment was
                                                      handled and tracked 18 times from manufacturer
  Activi executed the rollout in five phases:
                                                      to retailer.
    design of the rollout “system” – procedures       In addition, Activi successfully fielded close to
    and technology;                                   30 000 onsite field support calls until May 2008,
    acquire “equipment” required for rollout;         when Gidani’s fully trained in-house maintenance
    recruit and train rollout teams; and              teams assumed full operational control over its
    route and logistics planning.                     Lotto terminals and in-store merchandising.

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