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                    2010-2011 STAFF
ADMINISTRATION             KINDERGARTEN                      FIRST                    SECOND
Marshall Hunt, Principal     Addrienne Bennett          Gray Crabtree               Myra Cardenas
     Jim Cullop,               Sarah Garbett            Allette Gordon              Natalie Clavon
  Assistant Principal           Terry Hill             Melissa Mansfield            Rhyan Johnson
 Stephanie Williams,          Heather Hubler           Morgan McMullin              Kathy Williams
  Resource Teacher           LaTia Pemberton            Erica Mitchell

     STUDENT                     THIRD                     FOURTH                      FIFTH
     SERVICES              Nichole Brooks-Giles           Vickie Fahed              Zil McCurty
      Jessie Hicks,           Celeste Martin               Sonya Hall              Valerie Mooney
   School Counselor            Karma Reed                Jackie Morgan            Besnesta Robinson
    Jessica Murray,           Danielle Sims                                        Zenola Stevens
      Mary Lopes,
     Social Worker

ADMINISTRATIVE                 RESOURCE                EXCEPTIONAL                   FEDERAL
   SUPPORT                      Jessica Cullen,         EDUCATION                   PROGRAMS
Connie Durvin, Secretary       Math Teacher in            Sharon El-Dada,             Alisa Smith,
   Vanessa Franklin,              Residence              LD Resource K-2             Title 1 Teacher
                              Jordan Flower, Art          Pauline Haswell,
    Office Assistant                                                                 Bonita Sendra,
                                                          LD Resource 3-5
     Linda Willis,          Rufus Johnson, Music                                     Title I Teacher
                                                         Deborah Walker,
   Clinic Attendant            Zynora Manson,                LD Resource            Jeanne Dunham
                                Music Itinerant            Tabatha Lewis,           Robbin Gaston,
                                Tanya Smither,               K-2 Autism           Teacher, State PreK
                             Physical Education         Venice Cheatwood,               Program
                            Bonnie Bridgewater,           3-5 ED Teacher             Melody Willis
                                 PE Itinerant              Janet Thomas,             Haydee Rivera
                             Katherine Burgess,          Paraprofessional          Paraprofessionals,
                             Library Information    Shaundell Edwards-Hamlin,     State PreK Program
                                   Specialist                 3-5 Autism
                                                             Liz Alcala,
                                Cheryl Bauer,
                                                            3-5 Autism IA
                               Library Assistant          Teresa Williams,
                              Deborah Jackson,             PEDD Teacher
  FOOD SERVICE             Primary Gifted Teacher         Angie Luebbert,          CUSTODIAL
     STAFF                    Janine Burns, ELL      PEDD Paraprofessional           STAFF
       Joy Pride,                                     Beth Stribling, Speech      Gregory Cheatham,
   Cafeteria Manager                                       Marisa Collins,          Mark Brailey
                                                             SLI Support
 Florence Brown-Black                                                              John Stockman
                                                    Katie Gilliam, Occupational
      Julia Glenn                                              Therapist
                                                                                     Sherry West
    Pamela Holman                                          Vacant -Visual
    Carolyn Valiare
                               HARVIE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                                  2010-11 SCHOOL YEAR
KINDERGARTEN                                    SECOND GRADE
1 pair of metal Fiskars scissors                4 composition notebooks (NO SPIRAL-
1 rest mat and towel                            black/white sewn ones only)
2 blue vinyl pocket folders                     3 pairs scissors
4 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons                   4 boxes crayons – box of 24
1 pack washable markers                         1 plastic school box
30 glue sticks (NO LIQUID)                      10 glue sticks
1 small Elmer’s glue                            1 ruler (cm. & inches)
1 bottle liquid antibacterial soap              8 plastic pocket folders (2 each read, blue, yellow
1 bottle hand sanitizer                         and green)
2 boxes yellow #2 pencils (SHARPENED)           4 pink pearl block erasers AND 1 pack pencil-top
1 box of gallon ziplock bags                    erasers
1 box of sandwich ziplock bags                  Ziplock bags: 1 box gallon, 2 boxes sandwich
2 large boxes of tissues                        4 standard-size boxes of tissues
1 container of bleach wipes                     4 highlighter pens
1 pack of 3x5 index cards                       8 dry erase markers
2 marble composition black & white books        1 box of band aides
1 spiral notebook                               2 packs 3x5 index cards
5 dry erase markers (Expo 2)                    4 boxes #2 pencils
Complete change of clothes, labeled!!!          3 LARGE bottles hand sanitizer
                                                2 bottles of glue
                                                1 binder (1 ½ inches)

                                                THIRD GRADE
                                                Flashcards: addition, subtraction, division and
FIRST GRADE                                     multiplication
2 boxes of 24 crayons                           1 box Ziplock gallon bags (girls only)
12 glue sticks                                  1 box Ziplock sandwich bags (boys only)
2 bottles of white glue                         6 black/white composition notebooks-NO
1 pack index cards                              SPIRAL
3 standard boxes of tissues                     8 plastic folders (2 each red, green, yellow, blue)
4 boxes of SHARPENED pencils                    6 boxes of sharpened #2 pencils
2 pairs of scissors                             2 boxes crayons-no more than 16-count
1 box band aides                                1 box colored pencils
5 black & white composition books (NO SPIRAL)   20 glue sticks
2 yellow PLASTIC pocket and prong folders       2 pairs of Fiskars scissors-not plastic
2 red PLASTIC pocket and prong folders          4 large boxes of tissues
2 blue PLASTIC pocket and prong folders         1 small pencil bag with Zipper (NO boxes)
2 green PLASTIC pocket and prong folders        1 pack of highlighter pens
2 LARGE bottles of hand sanitizer               1 pack of red pens
4 dry erase markers                             2 black Sharpie markers
1 pack highlighters                             1 box of band aides
1 package of cap erasers                        2 large bottles of hand sanitizer
1 package of pink erasers                       2 packs of 3x5 index cards
1 box of markers                                1 plastic index card box
1 plastic school box                            1 pack index card dividers2 packs of dry erase
3 containers bleach wipes                       markers
                                                1 ruler
                                                1 pack of loose-leaf paper
                                                1 3-inch binder
                                                1 container of bleach wipes
Ruler-metric on one side
                                             FIFTH GRADE
2 boxes of 24 or more crayons
2 pairs scissors                             6 composition notebooks
2 8-ounce Elmer’s glue AND 24 glue sticks    1 box of colored pencils
6 packs #2 pencils (no mechanical)           1 box of crayons
4 pink pearl block erasers                   1 3-inch 3-ring binder
2 packs of loose-leaf paper                  1 pair of scissors
1 ring binder notebook (3-inch)              3 large boxes of tissues
5 boxes of tissues                           6 boxes of #2 pencils with erasers (NO
1 box of colored pencils                     mechanical)
7 composition notebooks (NO SPIRAL)          6 packs of loose-leaf paper
7 pocket folders WITH 3 holes
                                             1 box of washable markers
1 pack (3-pack) of yellow highlighter pens
3 packs of red pens                          1 ruler (metric and U.S. Customary)
BOYS: 1 box Ziplock quart size bags          2 bottles of hand sanitizer
GIRLS: 1 box Ziplock gallon size bags        10 large glue sticks
1 pack dry erase markers                     1 box of band aides
2 containers of bleach wipes                 2 4-count packs of highlighters (per 9 weeks)
1 large bottle of hand sanitizer             4 pink block erasers (per 9 weeks)
1 box of band aides                          4 packs of 3x5 ruled index cards
1 pack 3x5 and 4x6 ruled index cards         1 paperback Webster dictionary
1 set of multiplication flash cards          9 plastic pocket folders
1 clear plastic shoebox with lid
                                             2 packs of red ink pens
                                             2 containers of bleach wipes (per 9 weeks)
                                             Boys: 1 box Ziplock gallon bags
                                             Girls: 1 box Ziplock sandwich bags
                                             1 pack of dry erase markers (per 9 weeks)
K-2 AUTISM                                   1 plastic shoebox with lid
2 boxes of baby wipes
1 box disposable gloves size L               PEDD
4 boxes of tissues                           Please label with child’s name:
4 glue sticks (no glue bottles)              Backpack
1 box Crayola crayons
                                             Big shirt for art & painting, new or used, to be
1 bottle of antibacterial soap
3 1-subject notebooks                        kept at school
1 1and ½ inch 3-ring binder (white)          2 boxes of Ziplock bags (1 small & 1 gallon
Play-Doh                                     size)
1 pocket folder                              2 boxes of tissues
Pull-ups if not toilet trained               2 bottles of antibacterial hand sanitizing gel
1 pair Fiskars scissors                      2 large containers of antibacterial bleach
1 pack watercolor paints                     wipes
1 rest mat (KG only)                         4 boxes disposable gloves size if child is in
                                             1 1-inch 3-ring binder for home
                                             communication book
                                             2 glue sticks
                                             1 box Crayola crayons
                                             2 boxes of Wet Ones or baby wipes
                                             1 package of Velcro
                                             2 plastic shoeboxes with lids for snacks
                                             Extra clothes
Mr. Marshall Hunt, Principal
Telephone (804) 343-7010

September 2010

Dear Harvie Elementary School Heroes:

As the 2010-2011 school year begins, I would like to welcome each of you back to your fully-
accredited Harvie Elementary School. At Harvie Elementary School, our Heroes are important to
us. Our parents are also important. Together we can reach new heights! Your support of school
programs and participation in the activities help to assure academic success for your child. As we
start this new year, students will be expected to perform and achieve at a very high level each day.
Please help us help your child by getting him/her to school on time each day; by making sure your
child has everything he/she needs to have a successful day; and by reinforcing school rules and
expectations at home.

This PARENT-STUDENT HANDBOOK has been developed to provide you with information
regarding routine procedures at the school. Please read and discuss the handbook with your child.
After you have read the book, sign the last page and return it to your child's teacher.

Please review the school-wide discipline plan and Code of Conduct. We have included a copy of
the discipline plan in this handbook as a gentle reminder as well. I hope that you have reviewed it
thoroughly with your child. Please be aware that we will begin consistently enforcing all outlined
consequences (both positive and negative) on the first day of school. It is important that students
come to school ready to learn.

I look forward to your individual and collective contributions to our school this year. I wish you all
a successful and productive school year. At Harvie we are Committed to Excellence; in 2010-
2011 Heroes Go Above and Beyond in Achievement!!

If you have any questions, call the school office at 343-7010. I eagerly anticipate working with you
throughout the school year.


Marshall Hunt,

Helping – Helping all students move toward improvement every day
Everyone – Every person in our school counts and is destined for greatness
Realize – Realizing that we must respect ourselves, this place, and come to
school prepared to learn

Opportunities – Making every day count; making the most of our learning
Excellence – Outstanding achievement is the goal for every student
Success – Helping students set goals and plan for accomplishment

             “A Hero Lies In You”

         A copy of the Policies and Regulations Manual of
          Henrico County Public Schools is maintained in
             each school library as well as in any public
         library of the County, and is available to students
                and employee as well as the public.
A WRITTEN EXCUSE IS REQUIRED from the parent/guardian when a student is absent or
tardy, stating the reason for such. Acceptable excuses for temporary absence from school are as
follows: illness of pupil; serious illness in the family that necessitates the absence of the pupil;
death in the family; religious holidays observed by persons of their faith; or excused by the

PLEASE NOTE: State Law requires that we contact you whenever your child is absent.
Therefore, we ask that you please call us by 8:30 a.m. (343-7010) if your child is absent for any
reason. While time lost from school can never be made up fully, students who have excused
absences will have the opportunity to make up written work or independently done work. After 3
unexcused absences, you will be contacted by letter.

Accelerated Reader
The Accelerated Reader program is a great tool for motivating students to read. Teachers,
principals and parents across the United States and Great Britain have been amazed at the results
they have seen with this program. Students learn to read by reading -- and the more they read, the
better they get. This program is a perfect complement to our language arts curriculum.

To use the Accelerated Reader, a student reads a book from the school's chosen quiz disks and then
tests his knowledge and comprehension of the book by answering multiple-choice questions. All
classes will participate in the Accelerated Readers program; readers will be recognized regularly.
Our school library information specialist has additional information in the library.

Parents are reminded that students should never be on campus before 7:25 A.M. Teachers are
not required to report until 7:25. Please do your part to help us maintain a safe environment for
your child. School starts promptly at 7:50 each morning.

Change Of Address/Telephone/Guardianship
Please notify the school immediately of any changes in a student's address, telephone number or
guardianship. If you move outside the Harvie attendance zone, you will be required to withdraw
your child and enroll in the school designated for your new address. Please be advised that if we
determine that you no longer live in our attendance zone, we will withdraw your child until
appropriate proof of residence is presented.

When checks are written for payment of field trips, etc., they should be made payable to HARVIE
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Separate checks should be written for each child. If the bank returns
a check for insufficient funds, closed account, etc., cash only will be acceptable for re-deposit
through the bank. Please be aware that the school office CANNOT MAKE CHANGE.
Class Changes
Students are assigned to classes at the start of the school year. Once the school year begins, no
changes in class assignments will be granted. Special permission may be granted for special
circumstances; however, as a general rule, moving students from class to class will not be
supported or approved. Only in extreme cases will requests to change a child’s teacher be honored
during the school year. A request will not be considered unless the parent and the child’s teacher
have met to discuss the concerns, and develop a plan of action to improve the child’s performance.
Please feel free to contact the school counselor or the resource teacher, before making your request
in writing to the principal.

Classroom Doors
Classroom doors are locked during the day. Parents are encouraged to visit; however, please be
advised that you will not be allowed to enter a classroom without a nametag from the office. This
procedure will be enforced the entire school year. Please do not be offended if asked to return to the
office to get a visitor's pass. In addition, if you are in the building as a visitor and you see someone
without a pass, we ask that you direct him or her to the office as well. We want to maintain a safe
environment for all students and visitors.

Parents of children who become ill or who are injured while at school will be notified. Parents must
provide transportation for their child. A Health History card with emergency information is
completed each year by the parent and kept on file in the clinic. If this information changes during
the school year, please notify the school immediately.

Medicine may not be given to a student without written permission from the parent. Request forms
are available in the clinic. The physician's prescription and/or written clearance giving the
following information should be submitted:

         1. Name of person to receive medicine
         2. Date of prescription
         3. Exact dosage
         4. Exact time dosage is to be given during school hours
         5. Physician's signature
On occasion, we may need to contact you when your child is sick. Please make sure current phone
numbers and emergency contact information is communicated with the clinic attendant. On the last
day of school, parents should pick up any remaining medications from the school clinic. Any meds
left after the end of the last day of school will be destroyed.
Code Of Student Conduct
Each student will receive a copy of the Code of Student Conduct, Henrico County Public Schools,
at the beginning of the school year. This document is a guide for responsible conduct and a method
of informing students, parents, and teachers of Henrico County expectations.

Students and parents are asked to become familiar with the Code of Conduct in order that
expectations may be consistent in all settings. Parents are asked to read the Code of Student
Conduct and to discuss it with their children. Parents and students should sign the last page of the
Code of Student Conduct and return it to the school. Together, students, teachers, and parents can
provide firm and meaningful discipline in the school.

The Henrico County Code of Conduct was developed to ensure that teaching and learning goes on
each day, in each classroom, without disruption. At Harvie Elementary School, we take this very
seriously. We follow the code, and expect all students to do likewise. Please review it frequently
with your child.
                              HARVIE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
At Harvie Elementary School we place a very high premium on providing classrooms where students can
learn and teachers can teach. Our mission is to educate all children in an environment focused on learning.
In order for each child to benefit from the many educational opportunities provided each day, high
expectations for student behavior have been established. Our entire school wide disciplinary plan is listed
below. Please review this with your child before the first day of school, and frequently throughout the year.

                                          SCHOOL RULES
                                           Respect Yourself
                                            Respect Others
                                          Respect Our School
                                Come to school each day prepared to learn

                   Respect:         Treat each person the way you want to be treated.

To ensure a positive educational environment for each child the following behaviors will result in immediate
suspension from school:
   Repeated disruptive behavior after several warnings
   Fighting
   Disrespect to a staff member
   Vandalism

Please be assured that many attempts will be made to address student misbehavior; however, NO CHILD

Teachers are expected to communicate with parents regularly when students are not meeting school–wide
and classroom expectations. When a child is referred to the office, parents should expect to hear from the
referring teacher. At times it is very difficult to get in touch with working parents during the school day, so
on occasion, the written notice will be your first indication that something has not gone well at school.
Parents are asked to contact the school to schedule a conference anytime a disciplinary notice is sent home.
Whenever a child is seen in the office a notice is sent home. Copies of these notices are kept in the office. It
is important that correct home and work numbers are maintained in your child’s file.

When misbehavior is recurring, the following steps are used:
  IN-CLASS – General Teacher Procedures
   verbal warning
   time-out (5-10 minutes) – in class
   phone call/ silent lunch/ conference
   after school detention
   referral to principal
        *       Referral to counselor may be included at any of the above steps
     Consequences listed below will serve to guide assignment of administrative consequences to
     students referred to the principal or resource teacher. These consequences have been established
     with the understanding that students receive a minimum of six opportunities in the classroom
     before the classroom teacher considers referring him or her to the office.

     Once a referral is made, either the principal or the resource teacher will speak with the student, and
     make the appropriate judgement regarding an appropriate consequence. Any time a child is referred
     to the office it is the teacher’s responsibility to contact the parent via phone, written note or home
     visit, to discuss the offense (no exceptions).

OFFENSE                    1ST                   2ND                     3RD                    4TH                    5th
  Disrupting Class        Warning to            After-school            Suspension 1day;       Suspension 1-3 days    Suspension 3-5 days
   after several           student;              detention;              discipline letter;     (ESIP-                 (ESIP
   warnings                parent contact.       Alternative School;     conference required    Recommended);          recommended);
                                                 discipline letter                              discipline letter;     discipline letter;
                                                                                                conference required    conference/Child
1.   Fighting              Suspension 1-3        Suspension 3 days       Suspension 5 days      Suspension 5-10        Suspend until
                           days;                 (ESIP recommended)      (ESIP recommended)     days; refer to         hearing with
Defined: Disruptive        conference                                                           Discipline Review      Discipline Review
physical contact/          required                                                             Hearing Officer;       Hearing Officer
hitting/ pushing                                                                                Child Study
requiring adult
2. Vandalism               Work detail;          Parent conference       Suspension 1-3 days    Suspension 3-5 days    Suspend 5 days to
                           ASD                                                                                         hearing; ESIP
3.   Disruptive in the     Warning               Administrative Time     ASD                    Alternative Program    Suspension
     halls                                       Out
4.   Instigating a fight   ASD                   Parent conference       Suspension 1-3 days    Suspension 3-5 days    ESIP
5.   Possession of         Confiscation by       Confiscation by         Suspension 1-3 days;   Suspension 3-5 days;   Suspension 5-10
     inappropriate         teacher; silent       teacher ; ASD;          parent conference      ESIP                   days
     items                 lunch;                discipline letter                                                     (ESIP
6.   (Except tobacco,      discipline letter                                                                           recommended);
     drugs, weapons                                                                                                    Child Study
     etc – see Code of
7.   Stealing              In-school;            Suspension 1-3 days;    Suspension 3-5 days;   Suspension;            Suspend to hearing;
                           restitution; parent   restitution             restitution            restitution;           ESIP
                           conference                                                           Child Study
8.   Disrespect to         In-school             Suspension 1-3 days;    Suspension 3-5;        Suspension 5-10        Suspend to hearing
     Staff                 suspension 1-3        parent conference       ESIP;                  days;
                           days;                                         parent conference      Child Study
                           parent conference
9.   Disruptive/           Warning;              Parent to sign and      Bus suspension 1-3     Bus suspension 5-10    Bus suspension 15-
     Unsafe behavior       assigned seat         return bus discipline   days;                  days;                  20 days;
     on a school bus                             referral                parent conference      parent conference      removal from bus
                                                                         with driver

        Consistency:               We will follow the plan all of the time
        Cooperation:               We will work together for the good of the child.
        Discipline:                Discipline is everyone’s responsibility (Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday).
        Professional Respect:     Agree to disagree
        Sharing:                   We will share ideas to help students improve

     REMINDER: Structured, engaged direct instruction reduces discipline problems.
Parent visitation days are scheduled in the annual school calendar. Conferences may be held at other times
as needed; however, we ask that you send a note to your child's teacher or call the school office if you wish
to arrange a conference. The conference can then be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time for both the
parent and the teacher. At the conclusion of each conference, you will receive a conference documentation
form from your child’s teacher. This form will summarize all of the discussion that took place during the
conference. Please keep it to refer to when report cards come home. Parent conferences may not be
conducted while students are in the classroom for instruction. Parents are to report to the office to
confirm conference times before going to the classrooms.

All students must be off campus each day by 2:40 p.m., unless participating in an after school program.
Arrangements for rides etc. should be handled before school is dismissed. Parents who fail repeatedly to
pick up students in a timely manner, will be referred to social services.

Please be aware that all changes to a student’s regular mode of transportation home MUST BE MADE IN
WRITING. No changes will be taken over the phone.

Cleanliness and proper dress are required of all students. Grooming and attire which is distasteful or
demoralizing to others, or which present a safety or hygienic problem are not permitted. Flip-flops and other
thong-style shoes are not allowed for safety reasons. Dress, such as see-through shirts, scanty attire, apparel
to convey an inappropriate message, etc., which distracts others from the learning process is unacceptable. If
a student appears wearing inappropriate clothing, we will contact a parent to bring suitable clothing to
school. Please review your child’s attire each morning. School uniforms are optional. We encourage all
parents to send their child to school in the approved school attire, or in the attire of their choice in the
selected school colors. Uniformity in dress reduces the need for students to spend time dealing with faddish
fashion statements. For information on school uniforms, please contact us. All students will be expected to
adhere to School Board policies regarding dress once established.

Early Dismissal
Written requests for early dismissal should be made to the child's teacher by the parent/guardian. The time
of dismissal, reason and the name of the person who will be picking up the child from school should be
included in the request. This request in writing will assist the teachers in making arrangements so that the
disruption in the school day will be minimized.

Parents/guardians must come to the office and sign the Dismissal Log before a student may be allowed to
leave the school grounds. No student may leave the school grounds without being signed out by an
authorized person. If you send someone to the school to pick up your child, please inform them that they
may be asked to show picture identification. Please be aware that all early dismissals, whether excused or
unexcused, must be recorded in a student’s permanent attendance record.

              If you wish to pick up your student inside the building,
                you must sign out him/her through the main office.
Emergency Closing
Parents should make arrangements in advance for their child in the event school is closed early for
emergency conditions. Radio station WRVA-1140 AM will make official announcements
concerning school closings. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. Parents may also call the
Anytime School Line for Henrico County Public Schools at 345-1212 (9002). Emergency
conditions may include, but are not limited to, weather conditions, heat problems, electrical
problems, and security situations. Each parent should complete an Emergency Dismissal Form to
be kept on file at the school. Connect Ed messages will be sent in case of emergency.

Family Life
Family Life Education is part of the curriculum for grades 4 and 5 in Henrico County Public
Schools. An "opt-out" procedure is provided for parents if they would like to have their children
excused from instruction dealing with sensitive content. Parents may observe any portion of this
program when classroom visits are coordinated with the principal.

Field Trips
Written parental permission is required before a student is allowed to go on a field trip. In some
instances, a fee may be required to cover the cost of admission or commercial bus. Money
collected cannot be refunded if a student is unable to go on the field trip. Payment deadlines
are set so that trips are paid for prior to the students leaving.

                         NO MONEY CAN BE ACCEPTED
                           AFTER THE ESTABLISHED
                        DEADLINE. PLEASE DO NOT ASK
                          YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER TO
                            EXTEND THE DEADLINE.

Homework is an extension of classroom experiences. It will be assigned and enhanced by
cooperation and communication among pupils, teachers and parents. Classroom teachers at their
discretion may assign silent lunch to students who repeatedly report without homework
assignments. Students will be expected to complete the work during this time. Failure to complete
homework impedes a student’s learning and is very serious, and may warrant a parent conference.
                  Time allocations for homework will not exceed the following:
Kindergarten                              No specific time allotment; opportunities for
                                          readiness enrichment and language awareness
                                          should be encouraged.
Grades 1-2                                30 minutes per evening
Grade 3                                   40 minutes per evening
Grades 4-5                                60 minutes per evening

If you find that your child is spending more than the allotted time on the homework assignments
each night, please consult his teacher to discuss ways to help. Finally, each student in grades 3-5
has been given a daily assignment book to keep track of homework assignments. Parents are asked
to monitor this booklet, and to communicate frequently with their child’s teacher relative to areas
that present problems to the student while completing assigned work.

Student enrollment in the accident and/or dental insurance plan is transacted directly between the
parents and the insurance company. Applications will be sent home at the beginning of the school
year. This coverage is 24 hours and is highly recommended.

Lost and Found
All found articles are turned in to the clinic. Pupils may claim these before and after school. Parents
are urged to label their children's clothing. All articles not claimed at the end of end of each
academic quarter are given to a charitable institution.

Lunch/ Breakfast Programs
Students in grades K-5 may purchase breakfast or lunch. The prices are as follows (all are subject
to change):
Breakfast                     $ 1.35        Reduced price lunch                  .40
Reduced price breakfast           . 30      Milk                                 .65
Student Lunch                    2.25       Adult Breakfast                     1.50
                                            Adult Lunch                         3.00
Students may pre-pay for lunch by the week. Menus will be sent home at the beginning of each
month. If you plan to prepay, please send money in a sealed, clearly marked envelope. Your child
should give his lunch envelope to his teacher immediately upon arrival to school. Your child's
teacher will give the money to the cafeteria manager.

Students who desire to purchase breakfast should arrive at the dining room between 7:25 a.m. and
7:40 a.m. Students must have a breakfast pass from the teacher, to enter the cafeteria during
breakfast hours. Car riders and van riders who report to the cafeteria after 7:40 will not receive

Students who come to school without lunch money, or whose account balances are low, will be
given a class A lunch (cheese sandwich and milk). Please note that this policy is consistent with
county guidelines. If your child is allergic to milk, an alternative meal will be provided if your
child has an appropriate doctor’s note on file. Beginning the second week of school, students
without lunch money may take advantage of Food Services’ computerized charge system. Students
will not be allowed to phone for forgotten lunches and lunch money. Please share this information
with your child.

                         NO REFUNDS ON PRE-PAYMENT OF MEALS
Parents who prepay for student meals should monitor these funds since School Food Services
DOES NOT MAKE REFUNDS at the end of the year or when students leave the county. However,
there are other options:
         All student meal funds (including are linked to the student’s I.D.
            number and follow the student to any school location within Henrico County. Therefore,
            all fund balances from the previous school year (2009-10) automatically carry forward
            to the new school year (2010-11) no matter what school the student attends. This will
            also include all children relocated due to the restructuring of Mt. Vernon Middle and
            New Bridge Schools.
         If a student leaves the County, the balance in their account may be transferred to another
            student in any Henrico County school. For assistance, please call our Cafeteria
            Manager, Mrs. Pride, from 7:00am-7:20am; 8:15am-10:00am; and 12:30pm-1:30pm.

Henrico County Public Schools employs, an online money
replenishment program that allows parents and guardians to electronically provide lunch money for
their students.

The computer program allows parents to pay and replenish a student’s lunch
money account using their Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards via a secure Internet site. This
partnership increases lunch line service, allows parents to track balances and student meal histories,
and limits lunch money theft.

Parent Patrol
A Parent Patrol squad will again be established to assist in assuring the safety of all staff and
students. Applications for Parent Patrols will be included in your back to school packet. Approved
parents will wear the same belt as worn by student Safety Patrols, and will help monitor the halls
and parking lots for security. Parent Patrols should be offered our cooperation and support.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
Parents are encouraged to join and participate in the PTA. PTA membership is again $5.00. Please
be aware that $5.00 will pay for each child enrolled at Harvie, and for 1 adult. All adults in the
household are encouraged to get individual memberships. Meetings will be held at regular intervals
throughout the year; information will be sent home with every student.

School Board policy allows only one social function on school time per year during school year. By
tradition, this will be on the last day before our winter break. Birthdays: please do not bring
balloons to school; cakes or cupcakes only, and only during lunch.
Petty Cash
When sending money to pay for field trips or other school obligations, please send the exact
amount of money. The office cannot make change. School board policy prohibits us from keeping
petty cash in the main office. We appreciate your assistance with this matter.

Report Cards
The purpose of the report card is to inform the parents of the teacher's best judgment of the
student's current growth and performance. The report card is an essential line of communication
between teachers, parents, and students. The report card for each grading period, except the final
one in June, should be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to school. The nine-week
grading period ends as follows; report cards will be sent home approximately one week later.

End of Nine Weeks:
       1st nine weeks         November 10, 2010
       2nd nine weeks         January 27, 2011
       3rd nine weeks         April 1, 2011
       4th nine weeks         June 17, 2011

Students in grades 3-5 who make all A's and/or B's on Reading, English, Spelling, Math, and
Science/Health will be recognized as Academic Honor Roll students. Students who make all A's
will be designated as Distinguished Honor Roll students.

Safety Patrols
Students may serve as Safety Patrols only with written permission from their parents. Safety Patrols
are selected on the basis of maturity, dependability, and responsibility. They will receive
appropriate instruction and will be supervised by a competent adult at all times. Safety Patrols
represent the school staff and administration. The purpose of the Safety Patrol is to assist in the
safety of students to and from school. Students and adults should cooperate with Safety Patrols at
all times.

Students must meet certain eligibility requirements to participate in student council. Students in
grades 4 and 5 may hold school-wide offices, and students in grades 2 and 3 may serve as
representatives for their respective classes. Information will be shared with students during the first
weeks of school.
School Hours
Students must be in their classrooms before 7:50 a.m. Students reporting to their classrooms after
7:55 a.m. will be marked tardy. The hours for grades 1-5 are as follows:
       Warning bell                  7:45 a.m.
       Regular bell                  7:50 a.m.
       Tardy bell                    7:55 a.m.
       Dismissal bell                1:55 p.m.

Students should not arrive at school before 7:25 a.m. as supervision is not available.

Student Recognition
Students should be praised and recognized for their efforts in a variety of areas. Teachers are
encouraged to display student work and recognize students for their success whenever possible.
Each nine weeks we will have an awards assembly. We will recognize students who have exhibited
Good Citizenship, made the Honor Roll, or achieved other accomplishments during the quarter.
Parents are invited to attend all assemblies. Parents are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to the
assembly in order to secure a seat in the parent section.

                              Student Recognition Program

The staff at Harvie Elementary School believes that one way to motivate students is to recognize
             and reward their outstanding achievements. We want to create a positive environment
              by recognizing students for a variety of reasons - academics, athletics, good
              citizenship and cooperation shall all be recognized. The following are a few ways we
             will recognize excellent students:

   A. Success Notes:
         a. Teachers send out Good News from School notes to parents when students have
              achieved a milestone that merits recognition in their classes.
   B. Presidential Fitness:
         a. Excellence in athletics is recognized in many ways.
   C. Awards Day:
      * Academic Achievement
      * Citizenship
      * Excellent Attendance
      * Rising Heroes
      *Assembly - Each grade level teacher will present awards to outstanding students during the
      awards assembly.
School telephones are business telephones and can be used by a pupil only in an emergency.
Students will not be called to the telephones. Forgotten lunch money, books and assignments, or
permission to go home with friends are NOT considered emergencies.

Standardized tests are administered to students at each grade level throughout the year. Students in
grades kindergarten, first, second, and fourth, take the Henrico Assessment Tests. This is a locally
developed test to assess mastery of grade level concepts. Students in grades three and five take the
Virginia Standards of Learning Tests. These tests are cumulative tests that assess state standards
over time. The third grade test covers concepts taught in grades K-3. The fifth grade test is based on
fourth and fifth grade curriculum. Individual student scores will be sent to you.

Textbooks/Library Books/Materials
Students will be furnished with all basic textbooks. Students are responsible for their textbooks, and
should be encouraged to cover them and take every precaution to protect this property. Parents
should sign the Henrico County Book Receipt form and return both copies to their child's teacher.
In the event of lost or damaged textbooks/library books/materials, replacement costs will be
assessed. A student may forfeit the privilege of using free textbooks/library books/materials by
neglecting to return them or paying the financial obligation to clear the record. Report cards for
students who have not accounted for library books or who have other outstanding obligations to the
school, will be available for pickup by the parent in the school office upon payment of said

Students who ride a bus are expected to ride at all times unless they have a note from their parents.
Good behavior is required at the bus stop as well as on the bus. A student who habitually
misbehaves may have his or her riding privileges suspended for up to 10 days. Removal from the
bus may occur if inappropriate behavior persists. The bus safety pamphlet, "School Bus Safety is
Everybody’s Job," will be distributed to all students. The signature of the parent and of the student
is required to comply with the State Department of Education regulations.

Parents who transport their children to school should use the front entrance and parking lot area to
discharge and pick up their children. Specific procedures follow:

1.     Children should be dropped off and picked up only in the marked drop-off and pickup zone.
2.     Window display cards are available in the main office. Use of these cards will expedite the
       pickup of students from the pickup/drop-off zone.
3.     Parents should not call their children from the parking lot to come to their cars.
       They should come to the pickup zone and walk with their children back to their cars.
4.     The posted speed limit in the parking lot should be observed.
5.     Parking is not permitted at the curb at any time since this disrupts the normal flow of traffic.
6.     Parents parking in the fire lane are subject to receiving a ticket from the police.
7.     Parents must remain with their cars in the student loading and unloading area.
8.     If parents have business to attend to in the school and must leave their cars
       unattended, they must park their cars in the parking spaces provided.
9.     Any adult who picks up a child from the office will be required to show identification and
       sign out the student.

These guidelines have been established to provide for the safety of the students at Harvie
Elementary School. Your cooperation in following the guidelines will be appreciated.

Teachers will not permit visitors to enter their classrooms unless they have a visitor’s pass from the
office. This includes parents who stop by the classroom to see a teacher or a pupil. Parents who
would like to pick up their child at the end of the school day, must sign out the student in the office
and wait for them in the office or the front foyer.

All visitors in the building must report to the office upon arrival in the school
and secure a visitors pass. This pass should be worn at all times while in the
building. Visitors observed without a pass will be directed to the main office to
. Please help us keep our school safe.

Parents should notify the school in writing at least two days in advance if they are planning to
withdraw or transfer their child. This will provide the teacher and the office time to prepare the
required forms. Virginia State law requires that a student must be withdrawn from the school roll if
he is not in attendance for fifteen consecutive days. Registration forms must be completed before
the student may return to school.
                        Please sign and return this portion to your child’s teacher

I have reviewed this Handbook with my child ________________________________________.

Signed:                                                                                                              __
                  Parent/Guardian                                                Date

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