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					Product information

Basic system
EXAPT offers the Basic system for a fast            • effective simulation to guarantee reliable           • geometry- and contour-generating in
and reliable NC data generation for all ma-           results                                                user-definable planes
chining processes according to shop-floor
                                                    • possibility to use low-cost hardware                 • single-step programming for all common
requirements. It is the core system based
                                                      platforms                                              machining processes
on efficient PC systems, continuously deve-
loped, flexible and oriented to new manufac-        • investment-saving starting package                   • multi-plane/multi-side programming
turing, machine and application require-              for first-time users expandable step-
                                                                                                           • programming for complete machining (tur-
ments.                                                by-step to a comprehensive integra-
                                                      ted CAD/CAM architecture
Users apply EXAPTplus as Stand-Alone                                                                       • graphic simulation of input, processing
                                                    • convincing time-saving potential by
NC programming system with or without in-                                                                    results and environment
                                                      user-definable menu control accor-
terfaces to CAD systems (model exchange)
                                                      ding to the requirements of specific                 • fast generating of workpiece geometry
and also integrated with EXAPTsolid in the
                                                      production processes                                   and tool paths
CAD/CAM compound. Even the parallel
operation of these application forms is pos-        • automatic generation of additional in-               • standardized platform for all expansion
sible.                                                for-mation for setting/resetting and                   modules
                                                      capacity scheduling
                                                                                                           • standardized and user-configurable ope-
The following advantages are offered to the
                                                                                                             rator interface
user:                                               Performance features
                                                                                                           • fast generating of NC data for new and
• practical NC programming providing ma-            • universal NC programming system for
                                                                                                             similar parts
  ximum utility value for all manufacturing           machining operations up to 3D
  processes                                                                                                • expansion modules for NC data admini-
                                                    • graphic-interactive mode of operation with
• efficient system support for the program-           event-controlled multi-window technolo-
  ming of new parts, part families and vari-          gy                                                   • possibility of interoperability with further
  ants                                                                                                       EXAPT systems for production data orga-

Single-step programming for turning
operations with updating of the part being

                                                     Use of CAD model data for
                                                     NC programming

                                                                                                           User-configurable operator interface
                                                                                                           based on the machining objects

                          EXAPT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH· P. O. Box 10 06 49· 52006 Aachen· Peterstraße 17· 52062 Aachen· GERMANY
                                 Phone: +49 241 477940· Fax: +49 241 47794299· Email:· Internet:
            Office Gießen· Philipp-Reis-Straße 5· 35440 Linden· GERMANY· Phone: +49 6403 90930· Fax: +49 6403 909333· Email:
EXAPTplus Basic system
                                  (Art.-no. 11026)

Supplementary modules to                                  CAD/CAM integration                                              Installation requirements
the EXAPTplus Basic system
                                                          EXAPTsolid                  (Art.-no. 19865)                     EXAPT systems are based on Windows for
• Parametric (subroutine and variant tech-                volume-oriented part and machining model-                        the use on single PCs or servers in the net-
  nique)                    (Art.-no. 11040)              ling with integrated EXAPTplus NC plan-                          work compound. Required hardware confi-
  according to separate product information               ning                                                             gurations depend on the software constella-
• Graphic objects (supporting devices,                    according to separate product information                        tion and the user-related quantity of data.
  clamping devices, units, etc)                                                                                            More details follow in the current EXAPT-
                                                          Technology-oriented modules
                                  (Art.-no. 11044)                                                                         recommendation for hardware configurati-
• DXF output                                              as extension
                                   (Art.-no. 11045)                                                                        on.
• User objects (manufacturing objects)                    • EXAPTplus Turning          (Art.-no. 11069)
                                  (Art.-no. 11048)        • EXAPTplus Drilling/Milling 2.5D
• Menu configuration               (Art.-no. 11049)                                                (Art.-no. 11071)
• Dynamic zoom window function                            •   EXAPTplus Milling 3D   (Art.-no. 11840)
                                  (Art.-no. 11043)
                                                          •   EXAPTplus Wire-eroding (Art.-no. 11084)
• DDE interface                   (Art.-no. 11052)
                                                          •   EXAPTplus Nesting      (Art.-no. 19244)
                                                          •   EXAPTplus Measuring (Art.-no. 11077)
Loading of CAD data
                                                          •   EXAPTpdo NCV - NC data administrati-
CAD-NC link                      (Art.-no. 11546)             on                     (Art.-no. 11658)
Further processing of CAD data with tech-                 according to separate product information for mo-
nological attributes (if available in CAD sys-            dules mentioned before
tem!). Geometry processing in accordance
with production requirements (contours, to-               Machine tool-oriented supple-
lerances, surface quality, origins, etc.)                 mentary modules

Interfaces for CAD data input                             • EASYPP postprocessor           (Art.-no. 17620)
• IGES                       (Art.-no. 11547)             • EXAPT NC Editor                (Art.-no. 13888)
• NDI                       (Art.-no. 11549)              • CNC cycles                     (Art.-no. 17628)
                                                          according to separate product information for all
• DXF                       (Art.-no. 11550)
                                                          modules mentioned before
• MI                        (Art.-no. 11551)
• SAT                       (Art.-no. 11554)

                                            EXAPT is a registered trademark of Verein zur Förderung des EXAPT-Systems e. V.
                          Details of the systems and their handling are contained in the respective EXAPT documentation. Subject to modification. (V06/08)

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