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 December 31, 2005
  Volume 50, Issue 2                           “Expect the Best News”
                           District 45 – Toastmasters International Newsletter
                                                District Performance Scorecard
                                                                 Month –End December 2005

                              Category                          Goal                       Where we are               Achieved

                                                 District High Performance
                              Planning             Plan Prepared & Sent              Prepared & Sent to TI           Yes!
    Table of Contents                             85% of Area Governors
                              Training                   Trained                           100% Trained              Yes!
    Special Interest
       Articles:           Memberships                          4015                             1775

    •Fall Conference            Clubs                            91                               88
     •Educational               CTMs                            140                               56
      •Educational              ATMs                             40                               17
                              Leaders                                                              31
    •District Articles

                                                   Fall Conference in Auburn, Maine
  Individual Highlights

      DG           2                     District 45 Fall Conference in Auburn, Maine
      LGET          3
      LGM          4
      PRO          5

                          Fall Conference was held in Auburn,
                           Maine with the Lewiston/Auburn
                              Toastmaster Club hosting the
                             event.They did a fantastic job!
                                                                         2005 –2006 District Team members in attendance
                                            Our conference Chair was
                                                                                         International Director, Chris Emond,
                                               Tim Smith, from the
                                                                                         DTM/PDG gave a fantastic presentation
                                            Blueberry Hill Club and he
                                                                                         on increasing membership titled
                                            really went the extra mile
                                                                                         “GIANT STEPS for Success”
                                             to guarantee we were all
                                             entertained, educated and                   “One of the most difficult tasks for a
                                                most of all happy!                       club is to increase membership”
  And Give Your Very
    Best in Return
                                                   Humorous Speech
                                                   Contest Winners

  District 45 Website:                                 Dot Brooks
                                                       Roger Ford                                 Joe Grondin                 Evaluation Speech Contest Winners
                                                                           Joe Grondin        Dorothy Savery     Donna Doyon
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         District Governor
                                  Gerry joined Toastmasters as a member of KennebecasisToastmasters Club which chartered in
                                  May of 1997. This new club was the very successful result of a Speechcraft Program. During his
                                  time with Toastmasters, he has served in most of the club executive roles and as Area 4 Governor
                                  of the year in 1998 – 1999. Gerry is a member of the Advanced Dawn Breaker Toastmasters Club.
                                  He and his wife Elizabeth live in Quispamsis, NB, Canada. Most of the time we do not realize just
                                  how much of an impact we have on each other’s development in theToastmaster Program, our
    Gerry Higgins, DTM
                                  careers and our lives. Usually this impact comes to us in the form of a “Special Toastmaster(s)”
    District 45 Governor
                                  who provide the encouragement and support for us to improve and to grow. I challenge each and
 “Commit yourself to having       every one of you to recognize that you are that “Special Toastmaster”; reach deep within yourself
the best personal growth year     “Expect the Best”.
ever by expecting the very best
        from yourself.”

       Distinguished by April 30th                                                                  From the desk of the District Governor

     As club leaders, how do we know we are successfully achieving the Mission of a Toastmaster Club; through performance evaluation?
     There are many signs within our clubs such as quality club meetings, supportive environment, members achieving educational and
     leadership goals and membership at or exceeding charter strength to name a few. Just as your performance review where you work is
     based on standards and criteria developed for your employment category or career position across the organization, Toastmasters has a
     performance review annually for all clubs around the world.

     The Distinguished Club Program in Toastmasters is the way club leaders around the world know that they are achieving the Club Mission.
     We as leaders are being evaluated on these program standards and criteria. Our Club Mission success is not determined in isolation but in
     comparison to our peers just like our employer’s performance review.

     Being a Distinguished Club in Toastmasters International puts your club in an elite group of clubs worldwide who have been evaluated by
     their peers to have successfully fulfilled the Mission of their Toastmaster Club.

     Our International President challenges we the club leadership to make every club around the world a distinguished club by June 30, 2006.
     As District Governor, I challenge you to “Expect the Best” from yourself as leaders and I encourage each and every member to challenge
     their club to be the very best it can be. Set a performance goal for your club to qualify to be a Distinguished Club by April 30 and know
     that you are successfully achieving your Club Mission. But don’t stop there aim high “Expect the Best”, President’s Distinguished.

           Word on the Street                                                                                         Article by Jim Bendell

         The 11th Annual Word On The Street took place in Halifax on September 25. Halifax is one of five Canadian cities which annually
         celebrate reading and writing and highlight the importance of literacy in our lives. This day long event involved authors, publishers,
         retail book and magazine sellers, writers' federations, libraries, universities, Neptune Theatre, and Symphony Nova Scotia to name
         a few. In short, anyone with an interest in reading, writing, and literacy was there. Halifax Word on the Street attracts about 40,000
         people to this event each year.
         Word On The Street was set up at Pier 21, an immigration museum, located on the waterfront in the south end of Halifax with
         about 50 booths and stages. At the stages authors presented 15-30 minute readings of their work and took questions from the
         audience. In addition, book signings took place throughout the day at various locations. Authors with local, national, and
         international reputations in their respective fields were drawn from the four Atlantic Provinces to participate in this event. The
         stages included Adult Reading stages,Kids Reading stages, and a Main Stage with a combination of spoken word presentations
         and entertainment.
         Toastmasters from Division D were involved at the stages where the authors presented their readings. A Toastmaster introduced
         each author, thanked him or her at the end at the end of their reading, and presented them with an honorarium. This event gave
         Toastmasters an opportunity get outside of their speaking comfort zone, learn how to use a microphone, meet and talk with the
         public, and share their Toastmasters skills with others. There were 15 members from 8 clubs who participated in the Word On The
         Street event.
         For the first time Toastmasters had a booth at which we were able to talk to a steady stream of visitors and promote our
         organization and its programs. The response from the public was very positive. Printed material was distributed to visitors as well.
         The benefits to Toastmasters of this kind of an event are enormous. Aside from the personal benefits to members who participate,
         our profile as an organization is certainly raised. The opportunity to talk to an audience of 40,000 visitors will definitely help clubs to
         attract new members. Word On The Street also gives Toastmasters a chance to give something back to the community and help a
         very worthwhile cause with a direct link to our mandate as an organization. Our involvement in Word On The Street goes back a
         number of years and we look forward to being keen participants for many years to come.
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 Lieutenant Governor Education & Training
                         Dan has been a Toastmaster since 1998. He has served for seven years as a club officer of Schooner
                         Toastmasters and is fulfilling the President’s role this year for the third time. Dan was Area 1 Governor
                         in 2003-04 achieving Select Distinguished. Dan has set aggressive goals for the District in the Education
                         and Leadership programs in 2005-06. He feels that the District can easily surpass these goals by having
                         every club focus on the needs of individual members. He encourages every club to complete Member
      Dan Bell           Interest surveys and Club Success Plans. The ‘Triple Crown Award’ and ‘Half-Way’ certificates will
     ATM-S/CL            continue to recognize individual achievements. ‘Distinguished by April 30th’ challenges all clubs to
    Lt. Governor         become distinguished early through effective planning and execution of club-level Success Plans.
Education & Training
                         Dan will also promote two new levels of recognition in 2005-2006 with the ‘Excellence in Education’
“ Interested, enthused   and ‘Excellence in Leadership’ awards. These club awards promote excellence by recognizing
   and progressive       continuous achievement of the Distinguished Club goals for CTM/ATMs and CL/AL/DTMs over 3
members will stay with
      your club”
                         successive years.

   Award Recognitions
                         Congratulations to Our 2004-2005 Toastmaster of the Year – Jacqueline LaFleur, DTM
                         •Serving as VP of Membership for her home club
                         •Sponsoring 11 new members
                         •Achieving a 'double-Triple Crown': CTM, CL, ATM-S, ATM-B, AL and DTM awards, more educational
                         accomplishments than any other District 45 member
                         •Being a member of 4 clubs in Area 15: Toast of the Valley, Club 9719 (home club); Kearsarge Sunapee
                         Speakers, Club 2701; Verhampshire Vocalizers, Club 693838; and River ViewCommunity Speakers, Club 693873
                         •Dedication, enthusiasm and support for fellow members
   Jacqueline LaFleur, DTM and Carl Duivenvoorden, DTM / IPDG
   Congratulations to Our 2004-2005 Area Governor of the Year – Wendy Harding, DTM, Area 13
   •Personal attention to and interest in the success of all Area members
   •Serving as an active and effective new club Mentor
   •Successfully leading one of District 45's largest Areas to President's Distinguished status:
   •100% of club renewals submitted on time - 100% of club visits completed on time
   •160% of Area CTM goal achieved • 433% of Area ATM goal achieved
   •All but one club above charter strength • Net growth of two new clubs
   •Four President's Distinguished Clubs and 1 Select Distinguished Club
   •For fostering camaraderie and earning the respect of all her Club leaders       Wendy Harding, DTM and Carl Duivenvoorden, DTM / IPDG
   Congratulations to Our 2004-2005 Division Governor of the Year – Kevin Clements, DTM, Division
   • Coordinating 2 successful Division-wide Club Officer Training sessions
   • Coordinating successful inaugural Division fall and spring contest
   • Leading Division C to President’s Distinguished, with a phenomenal net growth of 5 clubs
   Division C Governor, Dave Fraser accepted the award on Kevin’s behalf. Kevin has moved out of the District 45 area, we all
   wish him well.
                         Educational Awards October through December
                 Competent Toastmaster (CTM)                               Advanced Bronze (ATMB)           Competent Leader (CL)
   Louis Fontaine # 8518         Maureen McIntosh # 5382                    Bruce Buchanan # 816
   Virginia Barrett-Leach # 1083 Lanna Lee Maheux-Quinn # 816                                                Candice Buell # 4557
                                                                            Nicole McLaughlin # 6262
   Dan Longfellow # 897                                                                                      Melanie Waldvogel # 1383
                                 John Bradley Thomas # 3119                 Grace Durgin # 1468
   Barbara Yorke # 4085                                                                                      Barbara Yoke # 4085
                                 Catherine Trenholm # 7068                  Margaret Forbes # 9558
   Scott Dalrymple # 7268                                                                                    Candice Buell # 7682
                                 James Powers # 3608                        Eric Schroeder # 2559
   Susan Pye # 7268                                                                                          Lucy Paine-Kezar # 8700
                                 Mary Zeno # 6205                           Peggy Humby # 7068
   Candice Buell # 7682                                                                                      Susan Bascom #2112
                                 Simanga Mkumbuzi Nkiwane # 2738            Michel Casey # 2381
   Debra Nowak # 2669                                                                                        Catherine Baker # 3119
                                 Gordon James Buchanan # 3119
   Yu Ming Ye # 5382                                                        Advanced Silver (ATMS)           Kate Doucet # 7068
                                 Ann Beverly Rodgerson # 3119
   Melissa Coleman # 7268                                                   Elaine Gallant # 5382            Valerie Krezel # 688
                                 William Tighe # 2701
   Baldwin Domingo # 1094                                                   Dorothy Savery # 6954            Cornelius Muise # 4653
                                 Danny Walmsley # 1555
   Mel Penney # 701836                                                                                       William Tighe # 2701
                                 Claire Guy # 1486                          Advanced Gold (ATMG)
   Irma Friesen # 4505                                                                                       Robert Daigle # 6423
                                 John Burkes # 1468                         Kathryn Hanson # 4402
                                                                                                              Advanced Leader (AL)
                Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)                             High Performance Leader
                                                                                                             Marilyn Page # 4557
                         Marilyn Page # 1094                                Faith McMillan # 5386
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   Lieutenant Governor Marketing
                       Heather has been a Toastmaster for 26 years. She is a charter member of the Schooner and Toast of the Coast
                       clubs. She has helped charter at least 8 clubs and is currently working with the Ten Beaches club in Fox Point,
                       Nova Scotia which is expected to charter fall 2005. Heather has served as Area 1 Governor twice and Division D
                       Governor. She was also District Governor 1990 -1991.
                       As LGM, Heather's focus will be on continuing to help Divisions build new clubs as well as on member retention.
                       Her goal is five new clubs and to retain at least 10% more members than last year. Heather feels this can be done
   Heather Perkins     by encouraging all clubs to offer quality programming. Each club should be striving for Distinguished Club status
        DTM            at a minimum. By focusing on quality programming, clubs will ensure that member needs are met and this will
   Lt. Governor of     help our clubs retain members. This will mean that each club will have the experience necessary to mentor new
      Marketing        members and it will help each club to achieve at least charter strength. Club leaders should expect the best of club
 Encourage all clubs   members and club members should expect the best of their leaders. Through club members working together, the
   to offer quality    club mission will be fulfilled and we can ensure the Toastmasters experience is a fun and rewarding experience.

                                       Turning Guests Into Members

                                  Article by Shirley Kelly, DTM , PDG and Candidate for International Director, Region VII, 2005 -2006

  Many Toastmasters Clubs are successful at attracting guests, however, they have difficulty acquiring them as members.
  Sometimes guests leave with unanswered questions or misconceptions. Often Club members feel unprepared to offer
  guests guidance. Sometimes, by oversight, guests are not invited to join and leave wondering how they go about securing
  membership to the Club. A simple Guest Kit can provide many answers for guests, help any member consult with your
  guests and provide guests with a takeaway item for reference to help them consider the benefits of joining once they have
  left the meeting. Recommend that your VP-Membership prepares 20 Guest Kits and ensures the Club always has at least
  five on hand for any member to present to a guest.

  A Simple Guest Kit:
  Purchase a couple of packages of simple twin pocket portfolios (available in packets of 10 at most stationary stores for $3 -
  $4) or booklet envelopes (5 7/8”x 9 5/8 “) and place these seven items inside the Kit:

1. A one-page welcome letter from your Club President.
2. A promotional brochure from TI, such as Find Your Voice (catalog item 99) or Talk (catalog item 101)
3. A sample Club meeting agenda.
4. A one-page back-to-back description of our Toastmasters Recognition program from CTM/Competent Communicator to DTM.
 This helps the guest understand some of our acronyms.
5. A one-page copy of the descriptions of the Advanced manuals.
6. A Membership Application Form – the familiar Form 400. This is easily downloadable and printable from the TI web site.
7. A copy of the Icebreaker assignment so the guest can begin thinking about the first time he or she will present to the group.
  Remember ~ follow up each guest’s visit with a personal telephone call!
As a leader, you recognize the value of treating guests well and addressing their needs. A simple Guest Kit can help your Club be
more successful at turning guests into members! May be downloaded from the TI website.

   Welcome to our newest club
  District 45 welcomes “Valley Health Toastmasters Club” # 829453. The club is in Division C, Area 13 in Fredericton, NB,
  Canada. Recognizing leadership throughout our District is very important. The tremendous dedication to Toastmasters of
  their Mentor and President Wendy Harding, DTM is outstanding and her experience will help them to achieve a strong and
  vibrant club. Along with Wendy the clubs Sponsors and Mentors are Karen Mac Donald, Jason Oldford and Heather Hamilton.
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Public Relations Officer
                        Candice has been a Toastmaster since 2000. She began her journey with the Centron
                        Toastmasters, a corporate club in Rochester, NH. After that club closed she transferred to
                        her home club Tri-City in Somersworth, NH in 2002. After receiving her CTM she became
                        a member of Excel-Orators, an advanced club in Raymond, NH. She has been the club
                        secretary for both clubs for three years. She is the immediate past president of Excel-
     Candice Buell,     Orators and past and present Area 10 Governor, receiving select distinguished recognition.
                        Candice is also the District 45 Secretary.
    Public Relations
         Officer        She believes that informing the members of all programs throughout the district helps make
    “Informing the      the district stronger and promotes growth. She is aiming to have all clubs become familiar
  members throughout    with all the educational achievement opportunities, by promoting the Triple Crown Winners
   the District helps   Award and encouraging clubs to support the Halfway Certificate recognition. She is a three
   make the District    time Triple Crown Winner. Her goal this year is to strive to promote these activities within
      stronger and      the Can - Am newsletters.
   promotes growth”

                        Special Events Around the District
  Toastmasters of Manchester # 4227 Celebrated their 25th Anniversary on Thursday, June 16th
This was a grand event with World Champion of Public Speaking, Dave Sanfacon as a guest speaker.
The event was held at Fratello’s Ristorante Italiano in Manchester, NH. All members and many past
president’s enjoyed the talent of Mike Skinner, singer, songwriter and guitarist throughout the evening.
Congratulations to Toastmasters of Manchester!

                                             Riverview Canusa Toastmasters proudly celebrated their 500th
                                                          meeting on Monday, October 24th
                                            The club was chartered in October 1989. To celebrate, a banquet
                                            was held at the Moncton Golf and Country Club. Some past and
                                            present members were in attendance. Among the members who
                                            were present, Murielle Pooley and Shirley Kelly were two of the
                                            charter members. Shirley Kelly is still very active with the Riverview
                                            Canusa Toastmasters club, other clubs in the area as well as
                                            Toastmasters International. Congratulations to all Toastmasters,
                                            past and present, who have contributed to the club's success!

A Chartering Celebration for Club AcadiUM on Monday, December 5th
Club AcadiUM in Moncton, NB celebrated with a chartering ceremony on
December 5, 2005. There was a great crowd on hand, including officials
from the University of Moncton administration. Toute en francais! Club
AcadiUM is the first francophone club in District 45.
Congratulations to the Club AcadiUM and all Toastmasters involved!

Featured in the picture are (left to right), Carl Duivenvoorden, PDG, Daniel Grant,
Employment Counsellor, Student Services, Universite’ de Moncton, Katherine Langteigne, President Club
AcadiUM, Laverne Lewycky, Area 2 Governor and Roger Boulay, Director, Student Services, Universite’ de
Civil Speakers Club plan to Host Human Resource Managers
The Civil Speakers Club is planning to host Human Resource managers from departments across the NB
Government at an upcoming meeting in February, to increase awareness of what Toastmasters can do for people
and to help broaden management support for our club. Contact:Carl Duivenvoorden []
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                                  Call for District Officers for 2006 - 2007

Due by March 15, 2006                                  Candidates must submit a brief                      Nominating Committee Chair:
                                                       Resume of Qualifications to the
                                                       Nominating Committee Chair.
Nominations are now being accepted for                 Resume should include the following                 William Tighe, DTM, PDG
the May 27th election to the 2006 – 2007               information:                                        PO Box 2263
offices of District Governor, Lt. Governor             Name                                                New London, New Hampshire
of Education & Training, Lt. Governor of               CTM/ATM/DTM                                         03257 – 2263
Marketing, Public Relations Officer, and               Club(s) Number and Area                             USA
the four offices of Division Governor.                 Date submitted
                                                                                                           Phone : 603-763-3204
                                                       Mailing Address
                                                       Email Address                                       Email:
All nominations must be received by March              Phone Number(s)                           
15th by the Nominating Committee Chair.                Years of Toastmaster Service
A nominating committee report will be                  Offices Held
submitted to District Governor, Gerry                  Toastmaster Awards                                  Feel free to contact Bill to ask any
Higgins, DTM prior to our annual business              Education                                           questions you may have about the
meeting..                                              Community Service                                   roles or the process.
                                                       Occupational Background
                                                       Hobbies and Interests
                                                       Any Other Pertinent Information

Let the Contests begin!
It’s that time again – speech contests are right around the corner. Start early planning your club, area or division contest. There are some fabulous
trophies, plaques or medallions available through the Toastmasters International store website. Remember, they also offer engraving. Advertise
your contest and invite the world! Contest Rules are now available on the Toastmasters website . Order several copies for
your club to ensure that everyone is well informed.

Why Compete?                                                                              Article by Deb Nowak, DTM – Division B Governor

. When it comes to competing in speech contests, some people think, “Not me,” while others are excited about the prospect. Where do you fit?
 While contests are not our main objective, they do offer benefits. Toastmasters International states there are three main purposes for having
 speech contests:
 1. To provide an opportunity for proficient speakers and those interested in competitive speaking to gain contest experience.
 2. To provide an interesting educational program for Toastmasters and the general public. A contest can create community awareness of the
 opportunities in the Toastmasters program.
 3. To provide an opportunity for those Toastmasters not participating in the contest to learn by observing proficient speakers.
 I think perhaps a better question than “Why compete?” may be “Why not compete?” Competitions offer advantages by requiring lots of practice,
 thereby promoting improvement. And for each higher level of competition, there is generally a higher level of proficiency, larger audiences, and
 an opportunity for yet another learning experience. Rather than limiting ourselves with “I’ll never compete,” perhaps you might want to try, “I
 am not ready to compete right now.” Placing boundaries can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. And who knows, next year may be your year.
 And what about your club? Are you in a “non-competitive” club? If you are, is your club truly serving the members? Or is your club denying
 them opportunities for improvement? After all, isn’t that why we are in Toastmasters–to improve?
 I understand that not everyone has a desire to compete–and that’s fine. If competing just isn’t for you, perhaps you can assist with another role
 needing to be filled. And what is a contest without an audience? Whether you chose to compete, to fill a needed role, or to be a spectator and
 support our fellow Toastmasters, it’s all beneficial. Go out and enjoy the contests!

First Annual Speech Jam sponsored by Milford Toastmasters # 5785
   The newly rebuilt Amato Family Performing Arts Center of the Souhegan Valley Boys & Girls Club in Milford, NH. (This the former
   American Stage Festival facility). Registration ends February 1, 2006. Refreshments will be served during the breaks. The facility will seat
   468. Participants are encouraged to invite as many friends, family, cheering section as possible.
   When: Saturday. February 18th, 2006 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
   Details. - Slots for 20 speakers - 20 evaluators - 10 Jokemasters - Speakers get to choose the style of microphone they will use - None,
   Lavalier, Boom (rock star style), Lectern (will be mounted on a 40’ stage)
   * Each speaker is asked to bring an evaluator.                                            Registration contact:
   * The evaluators will be entered in a pool and will be assigned a speaker                 Robin Lacroix – email:
   * Each attendee is asked for a $5 donation to cover the cost of renting the facility
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                                                                    “And Give Your
                                                                      Very Best in
                                                                                               Mark your Calendars!
                                           News from Toastmasters International
  Special Toastmaster Award                TI’s Improving its Educational Programs!
  Has some special Toastmaster          Toastmasters International is making some exciting
 helped you to achieve your best?          changes in its educational system and award
  To recognize their contribution         designations. In January 2006, new leadership
      email Gerry Higgins at            award programs will be introduced and educational             Spring Conference           awards will be renamed in order to distinguish
and let him know what your special           between speech programs and leadership                  May 26 – 28, 2006
  Toastmaster has done for you.          programs. This will strengthen leadership training        Delta Brunswick Hotel
                                            and make all educational designations in the            St. John, NB Canada
      Triple Crown Promotion
                                         communication and leadership tracks clearer and
Take part in District 45’s TRIPLE                        more meaningful.
 CROWN Promotion! Attain three
or more Educational Achievements              How will the New Leadership Manual
before June 30, 2006, and you will                       Fit Your Club?
 be recognized as a “Toastmasters             In January 2006 TI will introduce the new
  Triple Crown Achiever.” Four           Leadership Manual and Award. The 10 - project
members have already achieved the        Competent Leadership manual will help members
          Triple Crown.                   develop leadership skills while while serving in
        Tim Smith, # 7268               various meeting roles. All new members will receive
                                            the manual in the New Member Kit. Current              Regional VII Conference
      Candice Buell, # 7682
                                            members may purchase the manual from TI.                   June 16 – 17, 2006
      Marilyn Page, # 1094
                                                                                                  Sheraton Meodowland Hotel
       Bill Tighe, # 693838                 More information regarding all educational            East Rutherford, New Jersey
      Halfway Certificates               opportunity updates are available on Toastmasters 
                                           International website.
  Halfway Certificates are sent to
members that have completed five
 manual speeches, they receive a         Last Year’s Winner of the Otto Peter Memorial
certificate signed by the District 45               Award (Club Newsletter)
   Governor. To recognize these
                                           First place: “Here’s to You!” Coastmasters Club
           members email
                                         658057 Area 14, Division B - editor Heidi Vanorse. For
                                           Heidi besides VP of Public Relations is joining
 complete list see our District 45
                                           some of her community members mid-October
               website.                                                                            International Convention
                                         2005 to build a house in Shi Lanka. Her efforts are
Toastmaster of the Year Award             to help people whose lives were decimated by a            “A Capital Experience”
                                           Tsunami. Heidi is using her Toastmaster skills            August 23 – 26, 2006
   The Outstanding Toastmaster                                                                      The Washington Hilton
                                          now in another part of the world. Congratulations
Guideline document 1113 sets out                                                                    Washington, DC USA
                                                             for all you do.
  all the information you need to                                                          
collect throughout this year. Your
                                             District 45 Otto Peter Memorial Award
   Club’s Secretary or someone
                                          “Outstanding Club, Area or Division Newsletter”                   Publisher
      designated to collect this
 information needs to know what              Submit three issues of your Club, Area or                Gerry Higgins, DTM
information to collect and should          Division Newsletter to Public Relations Officer,           District 45 Governor
           start right now.                 Candice Buell email:                    506-847-2183
                                             by March 31st to be eligible for this award.  
More information regarding all
                                                     Newsletters are judged on:                             Editor
your educational opportunities
                                                              * Content                           Candice Buell, ATM-G/CL
are available on our District 45
                                                            * Readability                          Public Relations Officer
                                                     * Layout and Presentation                          603-692-3430
                                              For more information, see our District 45   
                                                            website at:

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