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					Title                                             First published   Alternative titles
Death at the President's Lodging                             1937   Seven Suspects
Hamlet, Revenge!                                             1937
Lament for a Maker                                           1938
Stop Press: a novel                                          1939   The Spider Strikes
The Secret Vanguard                                          1940
Appleby on Ararat                                            1941
The Daffodil Affair                                          1942
The Weight of the Evidence: a detective story                1944
Appleby's End: a novel                                       1945
From London Far                                              1946
What Happened at Hazelwood                                   1946
A Night of Errors                                            1948   The Night of Errors
The Journeying Boy                                           1949
Operation Pax                                                1951
A Private View                                               1952
Christmas at Candleshoe                                      1953   Candleshoe [film tie-in edition}
Appleby Talking: twenty-three detective stories              1954
The Man from the Sea                                         1955
Appleby Plays Chicken                                        1956
Appleby Talks Again: eighteen detective stories              1956
Old Hall, New Hall                                           1956
The Long Farewell: a detective story                         1958
Hare Sitting Up                                              1959
The New Sonia Wayward                                        1960   The Case of Sonia Wayward
Silence Observed                                             1961
A Connoisseur's Case                                         1962
Money from Holme                                             1964
A Change of Heir                                             1966
The Bloody Wood                                              1966
Appleby at Allington                                         1968
A Family Affair                                              1969
Death at the Chase                                           1970
An Awkward Lie: a Bobby Appleby story                        1971
The Open House                                               1972
There Came Both Mist and Snow                                1972
Appleby's Answer: a novel                                    1973
Appleby's Other Story                                        1974
The Mysterious Commission                                    1974
The Appleby File: detective stories                          1975
The Gay Phoenix: a novel                                     1976
Honeybath's Haven                                            1977
The Ampersand Papers                                         1978
Going It Alone                                               1980
Lord Mullion's Secret                                        1981
Sheiks and Adders: a novel                                   1982
Appleby and Honeybath                                        1983
Carson's Conspiracy                                          1984
Appleby and the Ospreys                                      1986

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