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					                                                          CHAPTER 17: The United States in WWII
                                                EQ: How did the U.S. use its resources to win WWII?
                        17.1 - Mobilizing For Defense                                 17.2 - The War for Europe and North Africa
• Explain how the U.S. expanded its armed forces in WWII.                               • Summarize the Allies’ plan for winning the war.
• Describe the wartime mobilization of industry, labor, scientists, and the media.      • Identify events in the war in Europe.
• Trace the efforts of the U.S. government to control the economy and deal with alleged • Describe the liberation of Europe.

Americans Join the War Effort                                                           The US and Britain Join Forces
1. What was the Selective Service System and how did it help the US meet manpower 1. To what did FDR and Churchill agree early in the war?
          needs?                                                                  2. Why was winning the Battle of the Atlantic so crucial to the fortunes of the Allies?
2. What contributions did women and minorities make to the military effort?       3. Why had the tide turned in the Battle of the Atlantic by mid-1943?
A Production Miracle                                                                    The Eastern Front and the Mediterranean
3. How did American industry contribute to the war efort?                               4. Why was the Battle of Stalingrad so important?
4. How did the war create new job opportunities for women and minorities?               5. What happened in the war in North Africa?
5. How did scientists help the war effort?                                              6. What happened after the Allies invaded Italy?
6. How did the mass media contribute to the war effort?                                 The Allies Liberate Europe
The Federal Government Takes Control                                                    7.    What was D-Day?
7. How did the federal government act to control the economy?                           8.    What happened at the Battle of the Bulge?
8. How did government actions affect everyday life?                                     9.    What did Allied troops find in Germany?
9. What is the message of the poster below? Why was this message important?             10.   What happened to Hitler?
                                                                                        11.   What dow the image below depict? Name two things you can learn from it.
 CHAPTER 17: The United States in WWII
EQ: How did the U.S. use its resources to win WWII?

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