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									                             International Phonetic Alphabet

Talking on a radio can sometimes change the sound of words and letters. Most of the information on a
flight plan is abbreviated or coded using letters and numbers. To help eliminate mistakes caused by a
change in the sound of a letter, pilots use the International Phonetic Alphabet.

The International Phonetic Alphabet assigns word sounds to every letter in the alphabet. Instead of
saying the letter A, pilots say the word Alpha. The code for Bradley International Airport is BDL. Pilots
refer to it as Bravo Delta Lima.

                                   International Phonetic Alphabet

       A      ALPHA                J      JULIET                      S      SIERRA

       B      BRAVO                K      KILO                        T      TANGO

       C      CHARLIE              L      LIMA                        U      UNIFORM

       D      DELTA                M      MIKE                        V      VICTOR

       E      ECHO                 N      NOVEMBER                    W      WHISKEY

       F      FOXTROT              O      OSCAR                       X      X-RAY

       G      GOLF                 P      PAPA                        Y      YANKEE

       H      HOTEL                Q      QUEBEC                      Z      ZULU

       I      INDIA                R      ROMEO

       Use the International Phonetic Alphabet to decipher the codes for the following airports:

                City/State                    Code                  City/State                     Code
       Boston, MA (Logan Airport)             BOS                Los Angeles, CA                    LAX
          Detroit, MI (Metro)                 DTW                  Orlando, FL                     MCO
   Phoenix, AZ (Phoenix Sky Harbor)           PHX            Miami, FL (International)             MIA
  Baltimore, MD (Baltimore/Washington         BWI       Seattle/Tacoma, WA (International)          SEA
         Washington DC (Dulles)                IAD              Chicago, IL (O’Hare)               ORD
           Raleigh/Durham, NC                  RDU             Dallas/Fort Worth, TX               DFW
            San Francisco, CA                  SFO                  Portland, OR                   PDX

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