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If you are an experienced internet marketer, I won't insult your intelligence by telling you need this
report. This report is intended for new marketers who have no idea how to go about making
money or building up and using a quality mailing list. I am, however, open to suggestions and
feedback on how I can make this report even more productive.

Note: If you are an expert in internet marketing and have more tips that I could incorporate into
this publication, I would welcome them and would ensure that you receive full credit.

Now to the report...

 The ONLY Way To Make Real Money On The Internet - A Newbie Guide To Joint
                                            This can't be true, can it? Is there really only one good way to
                                            make money on the internet? What about membership sites,
                                            eCommerce stores and other ventures?

                                            Yes, these are all viable ways to make money, but what is the
                                            point of having a money making website if no-one knows about
                                            it? SEO (search engine optimization) is all well and good, and a
                                            lot of your traffic will come from search engines if your site is fully

                                            Word of mouth, tell-a-friend and a good affiliate program are also
                                            worthwhile features of any website, but the only TRUE way to
                                            make a substantial income is by having your own mailing list.

                                            Now, I don't profess to be a 'guru' or any type of expert on
                                            internet marketing and money-making...I'm just a normal person
                                            like you, who has utilized advice from others as well as having
                                            my own personal experience to fall back on.

                                      Can it really be that simple?
Yes and no.

   Yes, because that is really the simple answer
   No, because building and maintaining a quality mailing list takes time and effort, and daily work is
   needed to make sure it goes on building, that your subscribers have the motivation to remain with you,
   and you have the knowledge and attitude to persuade them to listen to you.

In this report, we will be showing you how to:

   Create your own products to sell or giveaway, and why this important
   Why you need to license your own products and design an eCover to sell with them
   Why you need to spend money before you can make it - Free isn't always good
   Which software you should be using to eMail your subscribers, before you even THINK about building
   up your mailing list
   Setting up sales, subscription and thank you pages
   Methods of list building you should avoid
   Where to submit your products for the maximum exposure

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    Where to get free premium products to sell to your list
    How to format your mailings to appeal to your subscribers and appear more professional
    Why giving away products can be a lucrative as selling them
    Where to get the latest paid products as they become available
    How to 'package' products together and offer one-time-offers for each purchase/download
    Software that can help you save time and get the best out of your online marketing experience

                                                Ok, let's begin:
Firstly, why do you think it's important to create your own products? Think about it...There are literally
thousands of resellable products available from many different sources. A lot of these are of excellent
quality and well worth the cost. However, you will have every man and his dog trying to sell these products
to their list, and a lot of your (to-be) subscribers will have joined your mailing list from some of the same
sources that many other marketers have gained them. If you have received a mailing about a 'brand new'
product that someone is trying to sell, you can bet your bottom dollar that a lot of your subscribers will
have received the exact same eMail!

It's very difficult to 'get in first' on these products, so the best way to make sure a product is unique is to
create your own! Does that make sense? I hope so! :-) I have included a small package of info products
that may be able to help you with product creation.

Product creation can come under these categories:

    eBooks - The easiest method that requires very little skill to create, especially if you are prepared to
    research your chosen subject thoroughly
    Software - Harder and possibly very expensive if you use a programmer, but not impossible to learn
    Website Scripts - Very difficult to learn, and you will constantly need to update your products to keep
    up with security issues etc. However, we will point you in the right direction to begin learning how to
    program your own scripts
    Graphics - Webmasters and product designers are always on the lookout for new graphics they can
    use in their webpages. If you know how to design your own, you could market these for sale or give
    them away


As stated, this is the easiest and most popular method of creating your own products. All you need is the
means to write your text. This can be as simple as using Microsoft Word (or similar program), or an eBook
creation software, which you can download for free here . (Please take note of the method used to offer
this's very important and will be discussed in greater detail later.)

By far the most popular method is creating eBooks in PDF format, such as this one. I used eWriter Pro
that automatically converts my finished creation into the PDF format for a professional look! No more
forking out for extortionally expensive software to do it. You then use Winzip or some other compression
software to 'zip up' your creations to make them easier and less bandwidth intensive to download as they
will be smaller in zip format.

To create an eBook, you would be better off starting with a subject you know something about. Anything
will do, from internet marketing to recipes and relationships! I am currently in the process of creating a
book on living with Alzheimer's as my mother was recently diagnosed. I'm not an expert, but detailing the
events and experiences as they happen could be of help to others. This is what I mean...any subject will
do as long as you have at least a passing knowledge of it.

What you don't know, research! Research is very important as you need to make very sure of your facts
before publishing anything about any subject. After all, you don't want to look like a fool. :-)

And make sure you don't plagiarize anyone else's work...research is all well and good, but you need to put

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everything into your own words and not copy and paste sections of text...this is unprofessional as well as
being ethically and legally wrong. Always state where you gained your information if you have used a
direct quote.

Also, make sure your content is grammatically correct and you have searched for spelling mistakes. It's
very easy to appear unprofessional if you have a badly worded written page or eMail. On that note, if I've
missed anything in this publication, please feel free to point it out! :-)


More difficult than eBook creation. Software creation may require an expensive programmer, and it's
difficult to come up with product ideas that have not been used elsewhere. You could use a software
creation package, but skill and time is needed to crank out your own products. However, if you do manage
to come up with a unique idea and create it, either yourself of by using a programmer, you could do very
well by selling it on your own website, or to your list etc. Personally, it's not something I've looked into in
any great depth, but I'm lazy!

Website Scripts

Very difficult to learn and master, but there are plenty of resources around to help you. You could even
enlist the help of a programmer via a freelance website, then you will have programmers bidding for your
project so should receive the lowest price possible for what you want to achieve.


As a webmistress myself, I'm constantly looking out for new graphics I can use on my salespages. These
can range from order buttons, page headers and icons, to eCovers for my created products. Once
resellable graphics are being used on lots of websites I want new ones, so you can guarantee other
webmasters will, too!

Ok, these are just some of the things you could look into, but for beginners, I'd strongly recommend the
eBook creation. eBooks will always be well received and the capacity for content is limitless. Give it a's fun!

Licensing Your Creations

This is very important. You need to include a license whenever you finish your project. This will tell people
what they can and can't do with it. Licenses can fall under the following categories:

    Personal Use
    Resell Rights
    Master Resell Rights
    Private Label Rights
    Giveaway Rights

Although there will always be people who will completely ignore this and will steal and distribute your
property without your permission, the majority of people are, astonishingly, decent and will only do what
you allow them to do.

Personal Use

Personal Usage rights allow the person who purchased/downloaded the item to use it for themself. They
cannot distribute it in any way.

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Resell Rights

These rights mean that the person who downloaded the item to sell it on to others and keep 100% of the
sale, but they cannot pass on those rights to others.

Master Resell Rights

These are similar to the previous license, but allow the buyer to pass on the resell rights to their

Private Label Rights

These are usually a bit of a grey area. Some items come with restricted Private Label Rights, some
unrestricted. You would need to read each item's license for specifics. Please click here for a broader
definition, which can explain these rights better than I can.

Giveaway Rights

This means that you are free to give away the unchanged product to others, but cannot sell it.


Free means free. You can download it free, but must refer to the enclosed license for more explicit info.
You can distribute the software by providing a link to the download site only in most cases, and cannot
offer it as your own.


General Public License. Please read this for more information.

These are rather broad definitions, and there are more out there, such as shareware etc., but the ones
listed here are the ones you will come into contact with the most.

Also, some products that come with RR or MRR will not allow you to sell the product at a low price, or
disallow selling via online auctions. Some allow you to add them to other packages, or membership sites.
Whatever you create needs to come with an explicit license as to what your customers can and cannot do
with your product. I have a free online license creator for you to use freely.

Getting Started

Now on to the meaty stuff. You have created your masterpiece (or are just using something you have
downloaded for starters), you are very excited about it, but are not sure exactly what do do with it.

Absolutely ANY business venture, on or offline, needs a certain amount of capital invested into it before it
can take off. There are plenty of free mailing list softwares out there, and some of them are very good. But
let's think of what you need...

1. You need something that is easy to use, relatively speaking, but before that, you need a domain name
   and a good host. You should also make your host aware that you will be using your domain to build up
   a mailing list. You may have to pay a little more as your list builds and you send out newsletters to
   more and more subscribers, but by then you should be making enough money to cover this cost.
   Setting up a hosting account is beyond the scope if this publication, but there are tutorials you can find
    on the internet .
2. Your mailing list software MUST have an autoresponder facility...this is essential if you want your
   subscribers to receive all of your information from the start. Any good mailing list software will deliver
   your messages, but an autoresponder is invaluable, I've found. Click here to see exactly what it is and

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    what it does.
3. Do you want to send plain text eMails (recommended), or would you like to include HTML, videos,
    audio etc? I personally never bother with these, but we are all different and it may be something that
    appeals to you.
4. Sending eMails from your hosting account is very server intensive, and you may find yourself in
    trouble with your host if you try to send out thousands of eMails at once. A good software will stagger
    the mailings and allow you to stipulate how many you want to send in each batch, and how many
    seconds between each one.
5. Ideally you want a software that allows you to add unlimited mailing lists. The reason for this will
    become apparent later.
6. An absolutely essential, can't-live-without feature of any mailing list software is a bounce handler.
    Bounced eMails can create havoc with any server, and you need a means to delete all of the 'bad'
    eMail addresses, ideally automatically, or at least manually. This can't be stressed enough. Imagine
    sending out 2,000 eMails, and half of them bounce! Not only are they a menace to your host, but they
    are doing you no good at all. A quality mailing list of 100 members is better than a 1,000 'hit and miss'
7. To keep yourself out of harm's way, you also need a mailing list software that adds an automatic
    unsubscribe link at the bottom of each eMail sent out. You are open to some very serious legal
    repocussions if you do not comply with CAN SPAM laws. I suggest you read this very carefully to see
    exactly what you need to do before you setup your list.
8. A way to edit/add/remove your subscribers manually is also advised.
9. Your hosting account will need the ability to run cron jobs. This is a feature that allows scripts to
    automate procedures, such as sending out mailings at specific times.
10. A script that allows you to send out your own bulk mailings as well as the automated ones.
11. Optional - a way for your members to subscribe just by sending an eMail to the subscribe address,

You will more than likely have to setup an eMail address for the bounced eMails to come to, such as, but it all depends on the autoresponder/mailing list software you use. If you
send an eMail to my subscribe eMail address, setup through my own hosting account, you will see what I
mean. Read the documentation and help files, of whichever software you use, thoroughly to make sure
you set everything up correctly.

Ok, where to get your software. You need to decide whether or not you want to host your own mailing list
software or use outside services. We'll deal with the former first.

Free Mailing List Software

Infinite Responder - I used this when I was just starting out, but I couldn't get to grips with the bounce
handler...I'm a bit vague when it comes to anything technical. It is, however, very good for a free script and
has a lot of excellent features.

eMail Marketing Assistant - I've never used this, but the basic features in the free version seem to be ok
for beginners. I'd welcome any feedback on this if you decide to try it.

AutoResponder Unlimited - An old favourite that I used for a long time, but you can't stagger the mailings
or handle bounces, you would have to delete bad addresses manually via FTP (discussed later), or the file
manager via your hosting control panel. You can download it free from the member area of my giveaway

I'm sure there are more out there, but these are the ones I'm most familiar with. Please feel free to
suggest more if you know of any.

Paid Mailing List Software

I very soon realised that you only get what you pay for. Don't get me wrong...I'm a big fan of free, who

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isn't? And there are some excellent free scripts out there, but once you use a professional mailing list
script, I guarantee you won't want to go back.

The one I do thoroughly recommend is Add2it Mail Responder Pro. This is the one I use, and though I've
never paid so much for software before, I can honestly say I don't begrudge a penny of it. It does
absolutely everything I need, is secure, and shouldn't give your host a headache. In fact, I stand by this so
much that if you purchase through my (rather blatant!) affiliate link, I will install and configure your script
free of charge...just contact me for more details about this.

 MultiMedia Autoresponder - This is one I mentioned before, but I have never used it. For $7, though, it
can't hurt to try! lol. It allows you to send out your mailings with video and audio for more impact. It
apparently deals with bad eMail addresses, too.

ProfitSponder - Claims to handle bounced eMail addresses manually.

Actually, the list goes on. Why don't you look for your own preferred software at:

CGI Resource Index
PHP Resource Index

Remotely Hosted Autoresponders

If you are new and can't install your own scripts, or don't want to pay someone else to do it, you may want
to consider an autoresponder service. The following extract is taken from this website. Free You get Form Processing for your site, Online Form Builder,
    AutoResponder and easy integration into your existing site! Free Also doubles up as a Free targeted email advertising tool for you! You get
    to place Free Ads in other Member's Autoresponders! Free with absolutely no advertisement but no export facility. Use this for small
    lists but the moment your list crosses 500, shift to a professional one. Free with Advertisements. Remember to grab your copy of the Free bonus
    report: "How to double your sales with a proper email strategy" (Not Free): One of the original autoresponder providers! Also one of the best
    with a very reliable service at very affordable rates. This is the great option if you really want a
    professional autoresponder that is affordable! (Not Free): This is one of the cheapest and one of the most professional
    autoresponders. They have many schemes for any budget. So if you have a shallow wallet, this is the
    one to go for.

I can't speak personally for any of these mentioned as I've never used them, but a hosted service may be
the way to go if you are just starting out and are not really sure what you are doing. Believe, me...we were
all newbies once, and I understand perfectly!

Your First Sales/Giveaway Page

Setting up your first salespage may be daunting if you have never done anything like it before. But it
needn't be. It's like everything else in life...easy when you know how!

First of all, you needn't fret about designing a sales page yourself. And it needn't be anything fancy. Use a

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squeeze page or mini site template and just edit the content to match what you are offering. Here's a few
so you can see what I mean:

This package comes with a free video tutorial on how to edit the templates. If you want a free and easy to
use HTML editor, you could do worse than use any of the following programs:


Just install onto your computer, run the program and use the top menu to browse to the file you want to
edit. Remember, your images must be uploaded to your website at the same time as your webpage or
your images won't show. You will need to add your autoresponder code to the webpage, and if you have
an eCover image, add this, but remember to upload it to your server too. If you have any problems with
this, please feel free to ask me for help .

You will need an FTP program to upload your files. You can download an excellent free one here. If you
join my forums you will find tutorials on using both PageBreeze and FileZilla. Just send me your forum
username for a free upgrade so you can access them.

Once you have created your salespage, you can, if you wanted, use the same template for your download
page. Just change the autoresponder code for your download link. Please avoid using free filesharing
sites if you can. Upload the file to your server and link to it on your download page. For example, you
upload your product to

Your download code will probably look something like this:

  <p><font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">Thank you for
your subscription.</font></p>

  <p><font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif"><a
href="">Download your free gift


You can change the font to whichever one you prefer, but this is the general code you would place on your
download page.

If you are using an autoresponder, you will need to add the link to your download page to the one your
subscribers will see after they have confirmed their eMail address. You can see what I mean by looking at
some of my own giveaway pages:

eBook Creator
Blogging For Profits
Get Paid To Build Your List

Notice that I've used the same simple page for all of the above. Notice also that once a person has
subscribed they are shown another page telling them they need to confirm their eMail address, and
another shown AFTER they have confirmed, containing the download link. You will probably need to setup
pages for all of these, depending on which autoresponder you use, and you will need to add the links to
these pages inside your autoresponder control panel, or in the subscribers welcome eMail. I can't help you
with this as I don't know which one you will be using. If you decide to use Add2it, let me know and I'll help

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you configure your list settings.

You will have to do this for each free gift you are offering. Now you see why you need a mailing list
software that allows you to set up unlimited lists!

Building Up Your List

Now it's getting exciting! You have your product, you have your autoresponder and sales pages all you need is to get traffic to them!

Firstly, methods you should definitely avoid if you want a quality list...remember, quality not quantity is the
most important aspect of any mailing list.

What To Avoid

FFA Pages

A lot of websites offer a free website submission service called a Free-For-All. People submit their sites,
adding their eMail addresses, and agree to receive mailings from selected partners and the site admins
for the privilege. They then often send these eMail addresses to their paid members so they can eMail the
list of people that have submitted their sites. The biggest problem with this is that a lot of them don't
require people to confirm their address leading to a ton of bad eMails that will bounce, time after time.

Also, these people are only interested in getting traffic to their own sites...they are not signing up for your
offer because they want to receive it. A lot of the eMails you send will be deleted at best, and reported as
spam at worst.

Purchasing eMails

This is a very risky venture to say the least. Services offering thousands or millions of 'confirmed' eMail
addresses should be avoided like the plague. There is absolutely NO way of knowing where these eMail
address have come from, or whether or not they are even genuine. If you go down this route you risk
having your domain and your server blacklisted from spam complaints, and at worst risk being prosecuted
and jailed. That's not an overreaction, it could happen. If you personally offer this service and have a
genuine database, I apologise, but my advice still stands.

Where To Submit Your Products

If you are offering something for free in return for a newsletter subscription, the best and safest way to
build up your list is by submitting them to givaway programs, otherwise known as Joint Ventures. These
are programs that usually run for a limited time, and rely on partners submitting gifts for members to
download in exchange for their subscription. Build up your list before you think of selling anything. Giving
away free stuff can, in this way, be more lucrative and beneficial, especially if you have a one-time-offer
(dealt with later).

Rather than list the latest ones here, you can visit this database for news and links to the latest open
giveaways. Sign up to each giveaway as a partner and make sure you read the terms and conditions
before you submit your gift.

You will need to add an image link (sometimes a giveaway will allow you to upload an image) to the gift
you are offering. Right-click on your eCover image on your sales page and copy the image location. That
is the link you place in the image link field of the giveaway gift submission page.

It's membership to these giveaways, sometimes referred to as firesales, that you can find sometimes
premium content that you can offer for sale to your subscribers once your list has begun to build. This is
where your autoresponder will come in useful, as each member that joins receives the same offers right

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from the start of their subscription!

These autoresponder messages can contain ads and affiliate links to be sent periodically to your list
members. Try not to eMail them too often, though...I recommend only once per day so as not to 'swamp'
their eMail boxes.

The following extract is taken from this website .

E-Book Directories

E-Book directories allow you to list your E-Book on a directory site with other E-Books. The advantage of
this approach is you can reach people who are interested in E-Books. The disadvantage is that these
people may not be interested in your topic.

An additional problem with some E-Book directories is that they may only accept submissions in a
particular format. Obviously this is a problem if you have not chosen that particular format.

Some E-Book directories will list your E-Book for free, whereas others will charge a fee. I recommend that
you evaluate carefully whether these fees are a good use of your money - it may be that other forms of
promotion are likely to be a more effective use of your money.

Here are some E-Book directories that you could submit to:-







  * e-book-zone

  * (free ads forum)


You are also able to post a one-time announcement of your E-Book at the Free Ads section of our forum, and at .


  * Applicable for E-Books for sale: Yes

  * Applicable for Free E-Books: Yes

  * Cost: Free or Low Cost

  * Tips: Submit to Shareware Directories first.

Formatting Your eMails

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The next time you receive an eMail from a list you are subscribed to, take a look at the way it is set out. An
experienced marketer will always do the following things:

    Each line in the eMail will never be more than 65 characters in length. It looks so much better than a
    message filled with text.

    Each paragraph will only be 2 or 3 sentences long. It's nicer on the eye and easier to read.

    Make important headings stand out so your eMails don't look confusing. Example:

<-------------------------------------------eMail starts below here<------------------------------------------->

eMail Heading Can Go Here

Dear firstname,

This is an example of a formatted eMail, that you should find easier to
read than a normal one.

Paragraphs are neatly seperated for less confusion, and are not too long.
Spelling and grammar need to be checked carefully, and mailings should
be in plain text rather than HTML.

Try not to add long links as your subscribers eMail client may cut them,
making them unclickable. If neccessary, use a link shortener service,
such as This will also serve as an affiliate link cloaker.

You could have other text here, offering something for sale, with a link

P.S. A post script is also a good idea, as it seems to generate more of
a response than a message without one.

Thank you for reading.


Add your disclaimer underneath your main section, and before the
unsubscribe link. It could contain proof of the subscribers signup
details. e.g.

Your name: Joe Blogs
Subscribed eMail:
Date of subscription: 30th January, 2008

1 Your Street
Your Town

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United States

How To Unsubscribe

To stop receiving these mailings, please click the link below:

<-------------------------------------------eMail ends above here<------------------------------------------->

As you can see, an eMail set out correctly is much nicer to look at and more likely to be read properly than
one just thrown together as though you were eMailing a friend!

Extra Tips

    To keep your present subscribers, offer tantalizing peeps into your next issue. For instance, you could
    say something like ' In our next issue, we will be showing (or offering) you how to do such-and-such
    for free.'

    Offer subscriber only special offers, such as reduced prices for your products.

    Don't forget to add your subscription HTML code and/or subscribe eMail address on any and every
    page you create.

    When you create reports/eBooks, always include your subscribe eMail address, then allow your
    present subscribers to download it and pass it around for free. This is a kind of 'viral' subscriber
    building, and at least a few of them will subscribe to your newsletter.

    Some people think you can get results by submitting your eZine to certain directories, but I've never
    done this, so I can't really comment.

    Show your subscribers respect by taking any concerns they have seriously, and do not respond to
    abusive eMails in the same vein! Be professional at all times, and be prepared to issue refunds to the
    inevitable complainers who want everything for nothing. If you don't bring yourself down to their level
    and show the correct attitude toward the people you come into contact with, you will build up the trust
    of your subscribers, which is an integral part of your business.

    On that note, always, always have a way for your website visitors to contact you. This could be by
    means of a helpdesk or an eMail address. I never purchase from any site if I can't find contact details
    in case of problems.

Where To Find The Latest Products

As I said before, sometimes the best way to make money is to spend money. A decent membership site is
a worthwhile investment, in both time and money. These are the ones I use:

SureFireWealth - Free & Paid Memberships

Crazy Membership - Paid, but very worth it

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Josslart Graphics - All graphics, squeeze pages and niche templates. Paid, but again worth it.

There are tons of membership sites around...I even have one myself, but you need to decide for yourself if
this is the way you want to go. I've had some excellent software from the sites above, and from firesales,
dimesales and giveaways. Once you have access, you can setup your own sales/giveaway pages using
the software from these sites and begin your marketing campaigns to your new list! :-)

Software Packages

When you setup a sales page, it would be in your best interest to either offer 'packs' of similar items
together. For instance, there is a lot of YouTube related software around. You could pack together
eBooks, software/scripts etc. all having something to to with YouTube. Create a sales page offering your
main product, and offer the rest as 'free' bonuses. They are always welcome and can sometimes swing
the decision to buy in your favour.

Try not to offer too many different kinds of items together. For instance, if you do have a YouTube-type
product for sale, it may be fruitless offering eBooks or software dealing with recipes or pet care! Stick to
the theme and set up different sales pages for your other stuff.

One Time Offers

I'm a huge believer in these...know why? Because I can barely resist them myself! :-(

For instance, you have setup your giveaway page. Your visitor has signed up for your newsletter and
received his/her free gift. Great! But wouldn't it be better if they saw something like this before they
reached the download page? You would have a link at the bottom that said something like: 'No thanks,
just give me my download.' If you used a one-time-offer page AS your download page, with the download
link embedded, your chances of making a sale are so much better than not having one!

Again, offering something similar to what your visitor has downloaded, or even offering resell rights for the
item they have received, is all going to add to your profits.

All of this may seem a lot to take in, but life is work! Anything worthwhile takes time and effort, so please
don't give up...once your first payment comes in, it will all seem worth it! :-)

Software And Resources That Can Help

Fortunately, there are things that can make things easier for you. There is software around that can help
you format your eMails and help weed out spam triggers, meaning your eMails will reach more of your

Click here to download our eMail formatter and filter. It will format your eMails so they look more attractive
AND weed out common spam triggers, so your newsletter should reach more of your subscribers.

Use this software, Instant Cover Creator, to create your first eCovers for your creations, if you decide you
want to distribute products you have created yourself.

If you intend to join a lot of giveaways, and I suggest you join as many as you can, I strongly recommend
'Elite Giveaway Pro'. It's an excellent script that I use to setup all of my salespages, thank you and
download pages. You can just use one template for all of your campaigns, even if you are offering several
different items to giveaway! I consider the small amount they are asking to be more than worth it. It's a
great time and space saver, as well as being great for people who are not experienced in setting up
webpages. However, you will need to install it onto your server, or get someone to do it for you.

One particular forum you should make a point in visiting is The Warrior Forum . It's the best place on the
internet to receive free advice on marketing and other matters. Most internet marketers stumble across

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this place eventually, and there are a lot of people who are only too eager and happy to give others the
benefit of their experience.

Well, that's all I have to say now. I hope you found this modest publication of at least a little use. Please
feel free to signup for free updates to it. You will receive a free gift and a subscription to our speciall offers

Thank you for reading!

 All information contained in this publication is copyrighted to and any other
                                        sources mentioned.

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