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   InDesIgn ADvAnceD InterActIve cs5 (Only)

   Have you been working on Indesign for a while? Did you know that Indesign can now be harnessed to create interactive PDF
   experiences to engage your audience? Did you know that it’s possible to do a full website layout inside Indesign and then export it to
   Flash or convert it straight to a website?

   The media world is changing and only knowing print design means staying behind. In this one day hands-on workshop we take you
   through Indesign CS5’s advanced features - also how to use XML to simplify layout and repetitive tasks. What’s an IPad and how do
   I design for it?

   How to use plug-ins (and we even give you 10 free plug-ins that will make your daily layout tasks a breeze.) Learn how to create
   interactive flash (swf) movies and PDF’s directly in Indesign.
   See how to build buttons and navigation, multi-state objects, animations and even bring in video and audio into your presentations.
   We will also show you how to maximize your efficiency with styles, library items, snippets, presets and more. Gather extended
   knowledge that will take both your print and interactive work to a whole new level. Time to gear up for the media revolution…. don’t
   be left behind.

                                                       What you will learn
                                                       •	   How to use XML in Indesign
                                                       •	   How to build interactive PDF’s and Flash presentations in Indesign
                                                       •	   How to extend animation and build full scale presentations
                                                       •	   What are plug-ins and how to use them
                                                       •	   How to extend your print skills
                                                       •	   How to utilize video and sound to improve your presentations.

                                                       Topics to be discussed during the course
                                                       •	   Using XML in Indesign to simplify layout
                                                       •	   Using plug-ins and 10 free plug-ins (Including Autofit, Textexporter,
                                                            Imagehorn and more)
                                                       •	   Creating Interactive PDF’s
                                                       •	   Creating Flash movies inside Indesign
                                                       •	   Multi-object buttons
                                                       •	   Animation
  Course material includes:                            •	   Getting fancy with animation
  •	   Learn Indesign CS5 by Video                     •	   Working with the Media Encoder
       Full DVD courseware                             •	   Video and sound
  •	   USB flash drive Free Indesign Plugins           •	   Using print extensions like the library, style sheets, snippets and presets
  •	   Course Book: Interactive Indesign CS5
                                                       •	   Adding media , hyperlinks and cross references
                                                       •	   Multi-page document layouts

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