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               VOUK               Nova

                   An automatic bobbin transport system
                   eliminates handling and manual touching
                   (avoiding contact with dirt as well), the
                   need of a great number of spare bobbins
                   and trolleys for their transportation
                   and reduce the storage space where
                   the bobbins can accidentally deteriorate.

                   Also people are reduced, thus helping
                   the efficiency of the mill and keeping
                   the quality at a level which is not
                   possible to reach without the great

      Draw Framesan automated system.
              help of

      . Single Delivery UMTN
      . Single Delivery with Autoleveller UMTRN
      Combing Section
      . Lap Winder LW2N
      . Comber CM600N
    Complete Spinning Systems

Technical department experience and creativity

                                                                                                    Our people
                                                                                                    Passion for industrial engineering
                                                                                                    and research Design,
                                                                                                    internal production, testing
                                                                                                    New technology and old traditions
                                                                                                    Quality: an absolute
                                                                                                    and total commitment.

                                                       From 150 years of history,
                                                       to the future of yarn production
                                                       One of the most recognized names
                                                       in the history of the textile industry,
                                                       Marzoli has been producing textile
                                                       machinery since 1851, and always
                                                       been at the forefront of the technological
                                                       developments worldwide.
                                                       Marzoli manufactures the full range
                                                       of machinery for the complete process
                                                       of yarn production; thanks to its internal
                                                       manufacturing capability the requirements
                                                       of the market are easily translated into
                                                       new applications.

Internal production manufacturing - High precision process

Assembly line and test mechanical parts

                                                                                          An automatic bobbin transport system
                                                                                          eliminates handling and manual touching
                                                                                          (avoiding contact with dirt as well), the
                                                                                          need of a great number of spare bobbins
                                                                                          and trolleys for their transportation
                                                                                           and suppliers for higher space where
                                                                      Third party components topreduce the storage performances
                                                                                          the bobbins can accidentally deteriorate.

                                                                                          Also people are reduced, thus helping
                                                                                          the efficiency of the mill and keeping
                                                                                          the quality at a level which is not
                                                                                          possible to reach without the great
                                                                                          help of an automated system.

                                  electronic and software interface
                                  reliable, easy & friendly.
                                                                               VOUK                       Nova
   Laps Of Outstanding Quality
   Modern Design
   Production Setup And Control By Software
   Operator Friendly H.M.I. (Human Modulation Interface)

                                    The high performance lap winder      Easy to operate, great reliability
                                    LW2N has been designed in order      and low operational costs have been
                                    to guarantee a practical operation   achieved thanks to this new
                                    up to 130 m/min and a lap weight     electronic model.
                                    up to 28 kg.                         The lap winder LW2N is managed
                                                                         by a modern PC microprocessor:
                                                                         all the production data and the
                                                                         working parameters are controlled
                                                                         and saved during the production cycle.
                                                                         The multi-language H.M.I.
                                                                         is user friendly and permits a simple
                                                                         use with clear diagrams, detailed
                                                                         monitoring pages and step-by-step
                                                                         troubleshooting procedures.
                                          State-Of-The-Art Engineering
                                          Excellent Lap Count Eveness
                                               Energy Saving Solutions

      3D CAD engineering

The Lap Winder LW2N has been
completely redesigned with a new
3D CAD software which enabled
our engineers to define higher standard
and to find out innovative solutions.

                                          2 over 3 drafting unit
                                          High productivity and reduced sliver
                                          breakages during operation.
                                          The pressure on the top roller
                                          is individually adjustable and during
                                          the lap formation the winding speed V1
                                          changes in order to keep constant the
                                          lap count.

                                                    V2=Constant       V1=Variable


                                          Lap formation
                                          The controlled pressure variation
                                          ensures a uniform batt weight
                                          and structure during the lap formation:
                                          a considerable reduction of hairiness
                                          is therefore achieved.
                                          The winding speed changes during lap
                                          build-up keeping the production at the
                                          highest possible rate.
                                          It is possible to reproduce previous
                                          production conditions and maintain
                                          same quality standard minimizing

                                                              VOUK     Nova
  Lap Formation Unit With Optimum Performance
  Suction System With Individual Filter Box
  Ready To Be Connected To Spinvision Software

                                                  Lap tapering device
                                                  The lap tapering device
                                                  is activated at the end of the
                                                  lap formation in order
                                                  to facilitate the lap change.

                                                  Power creel
                                                  The lap winder LW2N operates with two
                                                  power creel, where the cans (20”, 24”
                                                  or 40”) are positioned in a double row
                                                  (up to 32 doublings).
                                                  A ground contact sensor is able
                                                  to properly detect breakages of the sliver
                                                  and immediately stops the machine.


The lap winder LW2N can be connected
to Marzoli Spinvision, the supervision software
based on Microsoft Windows for the remote
control of the spinning machinery.
Real-time production data (output)
and machine status (running conditions,
efficiency, alarms) are collected for further
detailed analysis.
  VOUK    Nova

           Lap transport system

A lap trolley for 4 laps is normally used to manually
move the cotton laps and feed the combers.

     Automatic lap transport system

Laps are automatically moved from lap winder
to combers, avoiding laps manual handling and
saving times during the movement.
                                                                                                         Technical Data












                                            LAP WINDER LW2N                                                Dimensions
Lap weight net          up to 28 kg
Lap width               267 mm. (10 1/2")                                          Doublings          Cans dia.      L                   L1
                        300 mm. (12")                                                 24                           4433                 5980
Lap diameter            max 600 mm.                                                   32                           5633                 7280
Delivery speed          variable - up to 130 m/min                                    24                           6033                 8088
Drafting system         2 over 3                                                      28                           7233                 9104
Feed cans               24"x 48"
                        40"x 48"
Total installed power   13,50 kW
Production              up to 460 kg/h
Application             Cotton 1 1/16" - 2"
Sliver count range      3,3 - 6 ktex
Doublings               24, 28, 32 (cans dia. 24")
                        24, 28 (cans dia. 40")
Total draft             1,4 - 2,3
Delivery batt weight    up to 80 ktex

                                                                                                           VOUK    Nova
   High Performance With Top Sliver Quality
   Advanced Electronic Control
   New Pneumatic Drafting Head
   Production Setup And Control By Software

                                   Marzoli has a long history in cotton    best quality can be obtained and con-
                                   comber design and manufacturing,        sequently the production costs are
                                   and the new comber CM600N is the        reduced. In order to achieve greater
                                   result of a massive activity of our     improvement both in efficiency and in
                                   expanded engineering department.        quality, the drafting unit (3 over 4 +
                                   The overall kinematics of the machine   1 guidance roller) has been designed
                                   has been revised and upgraded.          with pneumatic pressures and it is
                                   The mechanical speed (up to 480         positioned directly over the sliver
                                   nips/min) has been increased thanks     coiler unit.
                                   to a modern mechanical upgrade          The technological parameters
                                   of the following parts:                 are set directly on the touch screen.
                                   - Frame Of The Combing Head             All the programs are stored
                                   - Nipper Unit                           and can be recalled at any time.
                                   - Driving Head                          All the electrical components are placed
                                   - Feeding Rollers                       into a centralised electric panel
                                   Even the CM600N grants the best         for quick check-up and maintenance.
                                   fibres selection thanks to the good     The components are from a unique
                                   geometry of the combing elements.       supplier of outstanding quality and
                                   With a more effective combing the       reliability.

                                                                                                 New Mechanical Design
                                                                                     Reduction Of The Maintenance Cycle
                                                                               Extreme Care In The Manufacturing Details

      Frame of the combing head

The frame of the combing head has been
completely redesigned using an advanced 3D CAD
software, which permitted the simulation
of the dynamic load of the mechanical parts
moving during the combing process.
Every single component of the frame has been
studied, and the deformation which occurs
during high speed operation has been widely
analysed and reduced. The result is a smooth
operation without vibrations and heavy shocks,
also with reduced uncontrolled deformations.

                                                    Nipper unit
                                                    The kinematics has been completely               magnesium alloy: the result is a light
                                                    redesign, in order to achieve the                weight of less than 2 kg.
                                                    slowest force of impact during the               Their shape has been designed for lap
                                                    closing of the jaws.                             weight of 80 g/m, also ensuring
                                                    The jaws are made of an aluminium                an absolute nipper uniformity on all lap
                                                                                                     length. Finally, any uncontrolled
                                                                                                     vibrations are no longer possible.
                                                                                                     The study of the new nipper unit has
                                                                                                     been performed thanks to a special
                                                                                                     micro video camera, which recorded
                                                                                                     the basic movements and let analyse
                                                                                                     the exact flow of the fibre from the nipper
                                                                                                     unit to the detaching rollers during the
                                                                                                     combing process.
                                                                                                     The result is a full set of optimised
                                                                                                     components with higher performance.

      Acceleration of the lower jaw

These diagrams show the improvement              CM500N - Diagram of acceleration of the lower jaw      CM600N - Diagram of acceleration of the lower jaw
                                                            Speed = 400 nips/min                                   Speed = 500 nips/min
in the acceleration of the nipper unit
(jaws) thanks to the new solution
adopted on the machine.
The solution adopted on the comber
CM600N has a lower acceleration,
thus permitting higher speed with lower
vibration and noise level.

                                                                                                                      VOUK         Nova
      Innovative Mechanical Engineering
      New Solutions To Boost Performance
      Reduction Of The Maintenance Cycle

Driving head: jaws
The force of impact of the nipper
jaws has been lowered
thanks to an eccentric compensator,
driven by a twin gearing.

Driving head: nipper unit and
detaching rollers
The nipper jaws have a shorter angular
movement and are driven by a balanced
eccentric gearing.
The detaching rollers are driven with
a twin cam (higher precision) with
oscillator and differential which allows
a longer overlapping (26.4 mm).
Headstock with all gears in oil bath.
A very important innovation in the new
CM600N is the fact that with very
simple mechanical settings the machine
becomes suitable to process all the
range of cottons for combed cotton with
very good results in quality and quantity.

                                             Feeding rollers
                                             The feeding of the cotton can be done
                                             with backward or forward movement.
                                             The solution is new and uses a wide
                                             selection of gearings (feeding values:
                                             4,15 - 4,60 - 5,18 - 5,92 mm/nip).
                                             The rugged profile of the feeding rollers
                                             guarantee an uniform and constant
                                             forwarding of the lap.
  VOUK    Nova
Excellent Neps Removal
Top Components From Major Suppliers
Great Attention To Small Details

                                      Detaching rollers 2+2
                                      sliver formation
                                      The two bottom tempered steel
                                      detaching rollers have helical fluting.
                                      The two top detaching rollers have
                                      adjustable pneumatic pressures.
                                      The diameter is conical
                                      (bigger in the middle) so as to perform
                                      a correct nipping all along the length.
                                      In order to prevent damages on the
                                      detaching rollers,
                                      there is a proximity sensor which monitor
                                      the sliver during the condensation
                                      process: in case of error (overlapping
                                      of the sliver or fibre missing),
                                      the machine is immediately stopped.
                                      The sliver formation is done
                                      by condensing rollers.
                                      A plate in stainless steel is used
                                      for slivers guide.
        Linear top comb / Self cleaning type

The shape of the top comb has been optimised, in order
to guarantee a better operation during the passage of
the cotton from the nipper jaws to the detaching rollers.
A high removal of the short fibres and an efficient
neps reduction are performed with every type of cotton,
thanks to a wide variety of different comb density:
23 – 26 – 29 – 32 needles/cm.
Self cleaning top combs are recommended for high
quality: a jet of compressed air automatically cleans
the top comb and eliminates the intervention of
the operator. The frequency of cleaning and the
duration of the air blow are determined by an electro-
mechanical system. It has been studied a new system
to program the cleaning of the combs at high speeds.

   Circular half lap comb

Two types of half comb:
4 sectors (90° combing angle)
The sectors can be combined
according to the fibre type, and the
pin density between the strips
depends on the desired noil %
Clothed surface at 90°,
with different pin density.

                                                              VOUK    Nova
  Original Pneumatic Drafting Unit Over The Coiler Zone
  Reliable And Fast Automatic Doffing
  Online Quality Monitor

     Pneumatic drafting unit
     The comber CM600N is equipped with
     a 3-over-4 drafting unit + 1 guidance
     roller, driven by timing belt for low
     maintenance and noise reduction.
     Each top roller has an adjustable
     pneumatic pressure (40-80 kg).
     The drafting unit is positioned over
     the top of the coiler.
     The insertion of the sliver into
     the condensing funnel and then into
     the coiler are automatically managed.
     This unit is directly manufactured
     from the experience made on the
     draw frames UMTN.

     New quality monitoring system
     A quality monitoring sensor located
     at the delivery unit accurately controls
     the mass of the delivered sliver.
     Upon exceeding the programmed
     values, the comber immediately stops.
     A production chart is available on the

                                                          Can changer
                                                          The comber CM600N is equipped with
                                                          a pneumatic can changer.
                                                          The rotating plate is given a surface
                                                          treatment to avoid electrostatic charges
                                                          and thus allowing high speed.
                                                          The sliver is coiled into a rotating can
                                                          (24” x 48” with castors): controlled breakage
                                                          of the sliver is done when can changing
                                                          takes place (automatic process).
                                                          A great sliver content in the cans is ensured
                                                          by the sliver compacting device.
                                                          The machine can be above floor level with the
                                                          delivery of the cans through a slide or sunked
                                                          with the delivery of the cans at floor level.


The comber CM600N can
be connected to Marzoli Spinvision, the
supervision software based on Microsoft
Windows for the remote control of the
spinning machinery. Real-time production
data (output) and machine status (running
conditions, efficiency, alarms) are collected
for further detailed analysis.
                                                                                                     Technical Data


                                             140                   1840                4130            1002

                                           1260                1980                           5132


                                                             104          660






                                                               CM600N COMBER
Combing elements:
- Circular combs                             90°
- Selfcleaning top combs                     23 - 26 - 29 - 32
  tips per cm
Cans dimensions:
- Diameter                                   24"
- Height                                     48" (with castors)
Total installed power                        9 kW
Processed fibers                             Cotton 1 1/16" - 2"
Lap weight                                   up to 80 ktex (up to 80 g/m)
Feed                                         Forward/Backward
Noil                                         8% - 25%
Speed                                        up to 480 nips/min
Feeding rate                                 4,15 - 5,92

                                                                                                       VOUK    Nova
    After Sales Service
    Global Vision, Local Service

       Each customer receives localized               Technical training
       support, by means of local agents and
       a knowledgeable team of technicians,
       trained in Marzoli and then ready
       to assist and counsel our customers
       all around the world.
       Experience must always be combined
       with Technology, and this is why
       we always organize training sessions,
       demonstrations and product tests
       in our Showroom and Testing Lab.
       Marzoli fuels its commitment through
       a leadership in ideas and knowledge,
       always combined with the passion
       to share them with the heart of our factory:
       our customers.

       Marzoli has reduced the time for spare
       parts delivery thanks to a strong
       agreement with its sub-suppliers which
       guarantee prompt action in the local
       The parts which are manufactured
       in Marzoli are always available and
       With our new fully automatic warehouse
       the customer has just to give the code
       number, and we will dispatch the part
       in a blink of an eye!

The newly built fully automatic warehouse
  VOUK    Nova
Turn Key Projects

                    Marzoli gives short staple spinning          Marzoli and Vouk supply a complete
                    customer a proposal of modern technology     and coordinate line of spinning machines.
                    with wholly innovative solutions.            From a unique factory the best offer
                    The range of the Nova machines allows        of integrated mills resulting from the
                    great versatility and production             perfect integration of the different sections.
                    flexibility, improving the working process
                    always aiming at the highest qualitative
                    standards at the final product.
  VOUK    Nova
                                                              Spinning Systems
                                                              Short Staple Fiber
                                                              .   Carded Cotton
                               Carding Section                .   Combed Cotton
                                                                  Man made Fibres
                                                                  and Blends

Marzoli spa
Via S. Alberto, 10
25036 Palazzolo s/O
Brescia - Italy
Tel. +39 030 7309 1
Fax +39 030 7309 365           Draw Frames
                               Combing Section

                                                           Spinning Section

     VOUK              Nova

                              Data and diagrams
                              in this brochure are given
                              without obligation.

                              We reserve the right
                              of altering and improving
                                                                                    666MPETN011E 04/08

                              one or more features
                              of our equipment
                              previously described
                              at any time without
                              special notice

                              Patents and applications
                              in the most
                              industrial countries
                                                                                          MIX COMUNICAZIONE - MI

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