A Happy and A Prosperous New Year by gyvwpsjkko


                                              FEBRUARY 2011 ISSUE

                                                         Inside Story
                                                         Inside Story

                                         T h e        C l u b h o u s e
                   T o p o f C o n y n g h a m S t r e e t ,
            G l e n d e n n i n g v a l e , P o r t E l i z a b e t h
                                    W w w . t s c c p e . c o . z a
                Chairman:           Deon De Kock                082 370 1723   dekockdc@gmail.com
                Vice Chairman:      Jon Rademan                 082 569 2080   jonrademan@telkomsa.net
                Web Master:         Michael Koch                083 212 0395   webmaster@tsccpe,co.za
                Treasurer:          Godfrey Gericke             079 393 6572   greengod@agnet.co.za
                Secretary/Scribe:   Bob Pretorius               082 950 3028   bob.pretorius@gmail.com
                Events:             Frikkie Viljoen             082 826 6571   carfrik@axemail.co.za
                Scorers:            Mille Vermaak
                Sabrina & Spares Beyers Vermaak                 072 413 2246   beyersvermaak@gmail.com

INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                CHAIRMAN’S CHIRP

Chairman’s Chirp                    1       What a perfect turnout for our first noggin of the year, with a
                                            record count of 27! (Would have been 28 with Collin Skinner, but he
Desk of the Scribe                  2       got stuck in his workshop after a whiskey or two). It was an honour
                                            to have Roger Sutton Senior from the UK present, and a couple of
Noggin Notes                        3       forgotten souls, like Peter Leyland, Mike o Donahue and Larna
                                            Anderson, to name a few.
Committee Meeting Notes             4
                                             Rumours had it that John Hartman would join us for the braai, but
Subscriptions, Titbits              5       sadly this did not materialise.
National 2012                       5
                                            A lot to discuss and a couple of surprises. But as usual, our Scribe
News from other Clubs               7       will fill you in on the details, as the Fergie gets to page 24!

Letters to the Editor               7       Couple of us was terribly busy over the festive season, Bob, Leon
Story of 2local Nissan                      and I sorting the year planner out with the MG club, then a first
                                    7       committee meeting early in January, a National 2012 committee
                                            meeting in Port Alfred on the 23 of January, and another one in Plet
Frikkies TR6                        9       on the 29th
Ambasadorial Award                  9
                                            So if you feel rested and recharged for 2011, good for you. We
In the Garage                       11      have been busy!
Spares and Technical Tips           12,13
                                            Only major issue concerned with the Committee meeting is that we
Triads                              14      agreed (with the donators of the 2 clubman’s trophies) that the
                                            scoring system would change slightly. This to try and encourage
Birthdays, Next Outing              14,16   members to be more active with contributions and to use their
                                            Triumph’s for an outing!
CLUBMAN TROPHY                      17


The other issue was a concern regarding the constitution from Beyers regarding
the frequency of committee meetings, which have been addressed by our legal
eagle, Jon Rademan. So everything is on track, pay you subs timely and earn
another 3 points!

Mille surprised us all when she presented an “Ambassadors” trophy with a
motivation why this trophy will be awarded every year. This roughly described,
will be for any person in the club, which promotes the club, on interclub level,
wherever appropriate, wherever.

We really have a magnitude of trophies now, maybe it’s time for a “name and
shame” trophy, for the person or member who never rocks up to a noggin,
meeting or official outing during the year! Any takers? (I can think of a few).

Please support the “All clubs day” at the EPVCC, our next official outing.

Plans for our 30th Anniversary are getting into shape with Frikkie, taking charge.
The preliminary program and menu he sketched, sounds magnificent. We all
know whenever he is involved in organising something for the club; it will be
something to look forward to.

So please diarise the date, 16 April 2011 just for the celebration.

To all of you,

Keep it up,


How I LOVE this photo!!!!! Revenge is sweet! You Need the TRIUMPH
MANNE to get a MG going!

                   FROM THE DESK OF THE SCRIBE

Well it seems as though Chairman Deon has taken the words out of the
Scribe’s sails in drought stricken Madiba Bay. We have certainly got off to
a good start at Noggins in 2011…with a record turn out. Let’s now trust
that same will happen on Outings, and plenty of Triumphs galore. All the
events for the coming 3 months have been mentioned and the Club
concours will be shifted to 20 March at the German Club.

Some time ago Daria informed the Scribe that Jimmy had never had a
photo taken of the rear end of the Rooi Assegaai. Well the Scribe found
some pix of the TR7 sent to him by the Plettenberg Bay Traffic
Department. So Jimmy here you have it on record…….It would interest
members the speed you were speeding at…….We know that that TR7 is
fast…especially in its Ferrari colours!

Enjoy your Read

The Scribe

      A Romantic Settling- As in the Karoo   As recorded - Speeding Jimmy through
                                             Plettenberg Bay

                     1 FEBRUARY NOGGIN NOTES

The New Year started off with a bumper attendance. It was so good that
the Scribe cannot resist mentioning those who attended in despatches.
i.e. Chairman Deon, Bob, Carl and Mike Butlion, Beyers and Mile, Harold
and Antoinette, Jon, Leslie, Mike O’D, Peter Leyland, Fred Keller, Roger
and Roger (senior) Sutton, Rob Elliott, Larna, Yvonne, Jimmy and Daria,
Frikkie and Carolyn, Dave Patten, Mike Koch, Godfrey and Jackie, Colin
Skinner, with apologies from Leon and Carol and Dorita.

Highlights in discussions included the following:

1. Deon welcomed all present.

   2. The December Outing was cancelled because of inclement weather.

   3. Six members attended the MG Club Cook-out at the Island. (Beyers
      and Mile, Carl, Rob, Harold and Antoinette,). …with apologies from
      Deon and Bob.

   4. A Club Committee meeting was held on Monday 16 January.

   5. The Nationals 2012 Committee met in Port Alfred and again in
      Plettenberg Bay. ( cf Nationals Report in this edition of Fergie).

   6. The following indicated that they may have cars at Nationals:
      Jimmy, Deon, Mike O’D, Beyers, Jon, Peter, Godfrey, Jimmy and
      (maybe Dave.)

   7. The next official outing on Sunday 27 February at the EPVCC was
      discussed. Beyers had donated a model car and Bob had
      approached MIDAS Walmer for a hamper. ( cf Next official outing
      in Fergie for details)

   8. The 30th Anniversary celebrations were discussed. The date was
      determined as the Saturday 16 April 2012. Frikkie was to head up a
      committee to organise the event.
      The committee will finalize the design for a commemorative badge.

   9. The CLUB CONCOURS was re-scheduled for Saturday 20 March at
      the German Club.

  10.      The GEORGE SHOW. Six members will be attending. Heinz
     was thanked for the arrangements. It appears that 5 triumphs will
     motor westward to George where they will join Heinz. Final
     travelling arrangements will be communicated via e-mail.

  11.      It was announced that Jean de May had purchased ex-
     Frikkie’s TR6 from Simon Webb.

  12.       Poor Godfrey, our treasurer, presented the Balance Sheet and
     Statement of Income and Expenditure ending 31 December 2010.
     Our finances appear in a healthy state. Godfrey was thanked for
     safe guarding the coffers of the Club.

  13.      Mile Vermaak presented the Club with a new trophy called the
     AMBASSADORIAL AWARD. This will be awarded to the member who
     made the greatest contribution to the club and to the marque in a
     given year.

     Much appreciation was expressed by the meeting for this new
     worthwhile addition to the Trophy cabinet.


At a meeting of the TSCC-PE Committee Meeting held in January the
following matters were discussed:

     Alterations to the TSCC –PE constitution to make provision for more
     frequent TSCC-Committee meetings were proposed. Jon was
     mandated to make the changes.
     Suggestions to enhance the Clubman/Ladies points system. The
     suggested additional factors are to be discussed with the sponsors
     of the trophies before approval of the club is called for.
     Leon will co-ordinate the items leading to award the Vaalste Japie
     The proposed 2011 Calendar was discussed.
     Fergie would attempt to include technical tips and items relating to
     the acquisition of spares.
     Beyers will compile and induction brochure for new members.

Pikkanien nearly completed!!


Members are kindly requested to settle their outstanding accounts
with Godfrey:

        a) The National TSCC – Subscription R20 per person
                                Sabrina is R110

                The subs for 2011 will be as follows:

        b) Local members :-     R280.00
                                R 20.00 extra per spouse

        c) Country members     R250.00
                               R 20.00 extra for spouses


Mike Bullion’s new e-mail address is: mikebutlion@gmail.com

Andrew Jackson from Avontuur in the Langkloof is restoring a Spitfire
Mark3 powered by a Nissan 1300 engine and a 5 speed gearbox. He is
determined to have an original Spitfire body and interior. The body panels
have been repaired and sprayed BRG.

                               NATIONALS 2012

The New Year has seen the 2012 Nationals organising Committee getting down
to nitty- gritty of assigning the roles and responsibilities of the various
portfolio’s to members, making contact with the various agencies (i.e.
accommodation and event venue managers) and compiling lists of the
procedures to be followed. Now the finer details need to be completed.

Information that is available at present is as follows:

Dates: The nationals will commence with registration and the Welcome
Function on 26 April 2012….with departure on 1st May 2012

Accommodation will at a self catering complex on the banks of the Piesangs
Rivier with bookings being done by an estate agent.

Event venues have been established for the Concours, Driving Test and Prize
Giving and Dinner Dance.

Registration will be managed by Heinz Koncki

Finances and Admission finances will be managed by Godfrey Gericke

All details will be published in the March edition of Sabrina and the PE-
website. Together with the registration forms and requirements and the
application for accommodation details.

The organising Committee is as follows;

Chairman : Gavin Turner
Treasurer: Godfrey Gericke
Events ( i.e. Concours, Driving Test) : Deon de Kock
Registration : Heinz Koncki
Accommodation: Mandie Pretorius
Trophies: C M “Bob”) Pretorius
Regalia: Yvonne de Kock
Printing : Jon Rademan
Other members: Geoff Kriel, John Williams

It should be noted that local members will be requested to serve on the various
committees which will be set up by the above co- coordinators. Please volunteer
your interests and services.

It is reported that the organising committee will be again meet in mid 2011
meeting to review progress.

Members are kindly requested to seek out possible sponsors (big and
small) for donations and prizes. Members are requested to liaise with
Gavin or Deon in this regard.

‘n Regte Vaaljapie ( highly modified with TR4 badge)!!!

                          NEWS FROM OTHER CLUBS

MG Club will be staging the LADIES RUN on Sunday 20 February 2011.

All TSCC members are welcome. Details will be forwarded in News Flashes

Some Mug’s may need a push !

                           LETTERS to the Editor:

Members are requested to us the following when registering for Nationals

TEL+FAX: +27 (0)44 8735250
CELL:     +27 (0)79 6250240


Within the space of a fortnight the Scribe has been approached by two potential club
members Prof Hugo Nel and Andrew Johnston from as far afield as Rhodes University,
Grahamstown and the farm Weltevrede near Avontuur in the Langkloof respectively. Both
enthusiasts needed information on restoring pre 1964 Spitfires which they have acquired and
are busy or considering restoring. By coincidence both cars seem to have their origins in
Knysna and have been fitted with Nissan 1400 with 5 speed gearboxes. The Scribe has put
the two in contact with one another and we trust that they will soon have their Spitties on the

Prof. Hugo Nel writes as follows.:
Hi Bob

Good to hear from you! I appreciate your kind and very useful suggestions.

My info on this car is still somewhat sketchy, the original licence papers says "1964" and
looking at the basic/broad categories, I gathered it must be a "Mk1 or 2", from the position of
the front bumper at a level below the grille and the little round indicator and park lights.

The licensing is a nightmare, but I said to myself: just be patient and go through every step
they put you and have faith we will get there. The car was restored about 15 years ago, then
sold in 2000 to frost Bros in Knysna. They did a roadworthy, police clearance, and the usual
sold to this lady in Grahamstown for R30000, who gave it to her son, a student. The car was
sent by transporter truck to GTN. But they missed the 21 day validity of the roadworthy and
had to try again here in GTN, who failed it. Crazy as it sounds, they then decided its a money
making business and they just drove the car for a month or so on the permit and left it in
their back yard under a piece of canvass for 10 years.

They moved house in November last year, which I think persuaded them it’s easier to sell to
me than having to move the car to the new house. So the problems when I got it in
December include a blown cylinder head gasket, the battery and cable being stolen out and
brakes jammed due mainly to perished pipes and standing.

Now the car is off the licensing system and I have to apply from scratch. Fortunately the
previous owner in Durban is very helpful.

I have always dreamt of a classic sports car, and I think my approach is the same as yours:
originality, but if at some point you drive through GTN, I would really you to see the car for
some guidance on the way forward. The car is restorable, but some modifications have been
made by the previous owner and to correct it could ultimately push the costs up to more than
the R30000 it was sold for in 2000. The main problem now, which will horrify you, is that a
Nissan 1400 motor and 5 speed gearboxes were installed.

but there are good benefits: it has a hard and soft top, the latter seemingly brand new, there
are new carpets, the seats are perfect, stainless steel exhaust, the guy did good work


I really look forward to meeting you and will give you a call when I am PE.

With best regards

PROF Hugo Nel’s Spittie arrives in the City of Saints


Whilst growing up in the Langkloof Andrew made a visit to the local
village, where he saw and spent an hour or two admiring a Triumph
Sports Car. It was his wish to one day own a Triumph Sport car.

Years later after leaving school and working on his dad’s apple orchard
estate he heard of two Spitfire’s lying rusting under a canvas in Knysna.
(One (engineless Mark2 and a Nissan driven mark 3. he transported both
to the farm and decided to salvage the mark 3 using the Mark two as a
donor car. Note both bodies were badly rusted and needed endless
cutting out and replacement panels. Andrew has completed the body work
on the Mark 3 and sprayed in his BRG. He has sorted out the electrical
circuit after much experimentation. At present his main interest is to
restore the interior upholstery and dash outlay to the original
specifications. ( It is for this reason that Andrew wished to view Ole

After many digital camera shots Andrew left , enthused, to carry on with
his project to one day own and drive a TRIUMPH.

Andrew is looking forward to joining the TSCC and meeting Club members
at a noggin. He may even meet up with members at the Old Car Motor
Show in George.


Whilst negotiating the sale of the Scribe’s son, Sean, VW 5 2litre at Gralin
Motors in Newton Park, he met up with Simon Webb speaking to the car
lot owner Graham Smith.

Simon , whilst interested in a BMW Z3, he informed the scribe that he
owned an original Triumph TR6 purchased from Frikkie. He had replaced
the radiator and the rusted fuel tank, but with a garage full of vintage
cars he was ready to sell the TR6.

The Scribe informed Chairman Deon, who in turn informed Jean de May.
As we go into to print it appears as though negotiations is taking place
and the TR6 will remain in PE as Jean has been on the look out to once
again purchase a Triumph.

Simon has a large collection of classic and vintage cars. He is also
interested in selling a LOTUS 7.

                    TSCC-PE AMBASSADOR’S TROPHY

The Ambassador’s trophy is awarded to members of the TSCC-PE Centre
who act as ambassadors in representing and promoting the Centre and
Triumph marque, especially at motor shows and inter-club events.
Events defined:
   1. Attending motor shows where all members have been invited to but
      within 100km from the PE Town Hall, to be fair towards all
      members. Motor shows beyond 100km to be approved by the
      Centre Committee. Examples from previous years are the Despatch,
      Otto du Plessis and Hoby Beach shows. Note: The only exception to
      the rule being the organised, annual George Old Car Show which is
      regarded as the major show to attend, to promote the Centre and
      Triumph marque and to which points will be awarded.
   2. Attending inter-club events where all members have been invited
      to, e.g. MG and EPVCC club events.
   3. Unofficial but announced/planned/organised events, putting in the
      same effort and achieving the same objectives as with official
      events but not necessarily on the Centre’s Annual Events Calendar,
      e.g. a Graaff-Reinet or Bathurst weekend away trip. Not to be
      confused with impromptu/unplanned/unofficial events, e.g. a day at
      Scribante raceway, or a quick breakfast run to Thornhill, which is

      zero points, to be fair to all members; unless approved by the
      Centre Committee.

Scoring System:
  1. Organising an event = 3pts, as defined under point 3 above but
     includes the George Old Car Show.
  2. Attending an event = 3pts.
  3. Attending an event in a Triumph = 3pts each to both partner
  4. Attending an event in Club Regalia = 1pt

Mile Vermaak: Donator of the TSCC-PE AMBASSADOR’S TROPHY
Introduced 2011-02-07

Please support the sponsors

                            IN THE GARAGE
Deon. …..The Triumphs can wait …I am off to George.

BOB. …. Wondering if Ole Yella still starts.

Beyers….has received carpet material.

Carl …..seem exercising pushing MG’s

Jon ….Acquired a TRIUMPH FWD 1300 from Knysna and is restoring it
with the assistance at his Grade 12 son –David. ( See next edition of
Fergie for foto)

 PETER in Paradise Beach…still no news on the TR6….but seen alive
and well at the Noggin after a health break....and a MG in the garage.
(some people never learn)???

Oppie ……Working on a …….You name it !

Roger …Finished with the revamped Stag and brought to the Noggin. It
looks and sound real great. Well done Roger! (Next project waiting)

Jimmy …..Will now be known as the Old Man of the Club !

Frikkie …..Busy on the 30 Anniversary

Leon…. And Carol visiting Hong Kong.

Heinz…Ready to accept registrations for Nationals 2012 and doing a
great job reserving the Triumph site at the George Show, Thanks Heinz.

DAVID….mulling on the idea of showing the TR2 at nationals... and
nearly finished with the overdrive conversion.

FRED KELLER….The Spittie is going around the block.

GODFREY ….Took the TR7 on a trial run to a Committee meeting in Port

ROB … Beautiful to see the TR7 with the last run. Congrats Rob!


MIKE KOCH…Doing a magnificent job on the web.

MIKE O’D …Cruising in the Porsche

Harold ……Antoinette says the Spittie is hanging from the garage roof.

Karl did well in the Porsche at the Knysna Hill Climb. Well done Karl.

Larna Great to see you at the Noggin. Now let’s hope some of our Tr7
guru’s can help to get the TR7 started when you turn the key.

COLIN pleased to see Colin up and about after recuperating at the end of
2011 and seen at the noggin with the seldom seen Herold


LOUIS GREEF has resigned from the TSCC - Border

Gavin Turner Stuart’s TR6 is waiting to have the engine refitted.

Geoff Kriel….The GT6 is taking shape

                              SPARES TIPS 1

When replacing the jet sealing cork washers on the older type SU’s,
especially the H6 type, it’s important to soak the new ones in oil for at
least 24 hours prior to fitment – lesson learnt! (BV)

Echlin replacement parts for a Lucas type distributor: Distributor cap,
EP48, but as it’s the later type cap, you’ll have to put connectors on the
cap side of the spark plug leads. Points: CS207M. Condenser: EP29.
Sourced: AutoZone North End. (BV)

TR2/3 windscreens can be sourced from Like-Nu Motorglass in JHB at
R1900 VAT inclusive. Telephone: 086 929292. I used BARCO Express by
road at R200 including insurance. If you’re in a hurry, it’s R600 by air!

Please support the sponsors

                             TECHNICAL TIPS

Flushing a TR3 radiator in car by Louis Greeff

Most of our TR3 owners dread the idea to take out the radiator from the
TR3 to be able to flush the loose particles out of it. It is possible to flush
the radiator without taking it out of the car. You can try this method as I
have done it on my TR3A.
Step 1: Remove the top radiator hose between the radiator and the
thermostat housing.
Step 2: Remove the thermostat housing from the head.
Step 3: Remove the bypass pipe from the pump.
Step 4: Fill the radiator and engine cooling system with water if there is
no water in the cooling system. The engine block and the radiator will be
full up to the pump.
Step 5: You must now hold your one hand over the place where the
thermostat housing was bolted on and with the other hand place a
compressed air nozzle into the steel pipe on the water pump. The nozzle
should not have a bigger hole than 3mm.
Step 6: Pressurise the whole system by blowing air into the water pump
where the bypass pipe attaches to the pump. The water in the engine and
the radiator will now be forced out at the top pipe on the radiator at a big
volume thus taking the dirt in the radiator with it and thus flushing the
dirt out the top of the radiator.
To check on the amount of dirt coming out it is a good idea to place a
geyser pan under the car to catch the water with the dirt.


TR6 for sale; ( Sorry this car now belongs to Jean de May)

Simon Webb bought Frikkie’s original white TR6 a number of
years ago. He has replace the fuel tank and radiator and now
wishes to sell for approx R120 000.

Contact Simon Webb at o82 5759221 or simonwebb@telkomsa.net

It seems as though demand for the triads sales is slow.

      Jon Rademan has decided to sell his LHD black TR7 SPIDER special
      edition.( ex Ken Boss). This Triumph was specially built for the USA
      Californian market equipped with aircon. Jon has fitted new tyres
      ,exhaust system and wiring etc.

      Price R60 000 Contact: Jon Rademan 041 581 503 8
      Cell 082 569 2080 0

      BRIAN BROWN is selling his TR7. Price R25 000.
      Contact 041 379 3638 ( No papers)

      Russel Holden Jones has a complete Spitfire MK 1 dashboard with
      gauges for sale at R800.00. You can contact him at De- Lux Bodyworks.

      Larna Anderson has indicated that she wishes to sell her TR 7 .
      Contact No 071 475 9159

      Brent Cosby has 2 Spitfires for sale. Details are sketchy, but the one is a
      MK4 LHD in beautiful condition, and the second one unfortunately
      unknown. . Contact Deon for further details.(I understand these 2
      Spitfires can be viewed at the old P&P premises in Rowellan park.)

      Good day, As per our conversation about the sale of my Triumph TR7.I
      will roadworthy and transfer the vehicle once I have a buyer interested.
      The vehicle is licensed until end November 2010. The vehicle has
      71200km on the clock. I received the vehicle as payment from one of my
      clients to offset part of his debt after he closed his business.
The following was done by me:

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Liberty Moon Trading
30 Wool hope Street
Port Elizabeth
Tel : 041 3600107
Cell : 082 7860892
Fax : 086 5130118


Congratulations in February to :

10th Frikkie Viljoen
15th Rob Elliott
19th Alison Mckensie

Please support the Sponsors!

      NEXT OFFICAL OUTIING Sunday, 27 February 2011

DATE:  Sunday 27th February 2011
VENUE: EPVCC Club house
TIME : 9:30 park Triumphs
PROGRAMME : Spares and swop boot sale is welcome
              Braai Fires will be provided.
             The Crankcase will be open with refreshment
                         For Spares sale stand phone Hans Geyer at 082 900 4464


Month                   Events                          Or Alternatives

February 12/13                                          George Motor Show
                                                        ( Unofficial)
February 27             EPVCC All club meeting
March 20                Concours

April 16                30TH ANNIVERSARY

                              CLUBMAN’S TROPHY - 2011

Points are allocated according to the following format:
        Attendance at Noggin = 3 points
        Organising an official event = 3 points.
        Attending official Outing = 3 points
        Attending in club regalia = 1 points
        Attending in a Triumph = 3 points
        Contributing to Sabrina/Fergie = 3 points (once-off)
        Physically recruit new members (not via our website) = 3 points (p/m)
        Physically recruit advertisers for the website = 3 points (p/advert – p/year)
        Paying your subs by 31 December = 3 points

      Name                           No of Points        Name                           No of Points
 1    Deon de Kock                        12        1    Yvonne de Kock                     12
 2    Beyers Vermaak                       9        2    Carolyn Viljoen                     9
 3    Carl Butlion                         9        3    Jacki Gericke                       9
 4    Dave Patten                          9        4    Milé Vermaak                        9

 5    Frikkie Viljoen                  9        6    Antoinette Heunis             6
 6    Godfrey Gericke                  9        9    Daria Sheard                  6
 7    Jon Rademan                      9        5    Anita O'Donoghue              3
 8    Les Rudman                       9        7    Barbara Butlion               3
 9    Mike O'Donoghue                  9        8    Carol van Loggerenberg        3
 10   Oppie Opperman                   9        10   Dorita Pretorius              3
 11   Rob Elliott                      9        11   Elsa Opperman                 3
 12   Roger Sutton                     9        12   Janet Rademan                 3
 13   Bob Pretorius                    6        13   Lorinda Koch                  3
 14   Harold Heunis                    6        14   Melanie Sutton                3
 16   Jimmy Sheard                     6        15   Paula Koncki                  3
 18   Michael Koch                     6        16   Delphine Leyland              0
 19   Mike Butlion                     6        17   Glynis Rademan                0
 22   Fred Keller                      3        19   Lee-Ann Illenberger           0
 15   Heinz Koncki                     3        20   Sue Patton                    0
 17   Leon van Loggerenberg            3        21   Yvette Nel                    0
 28   Peter Leyland                    3        22
 20   Andrew Mckenzie                  0        23
 21   Collin Skinner                   0        24
 23   Hugh Rademan                     0        25
 25   Karl Illenberger                 0        26
 26   Keith Marsh                      0        27
 27   Marchant Taylor                  0        28
 29   Pierre Swanepoel                 0        29
 30   Roy Nel                          0        30

The Scribe

POSTAL ADDRESS: TSCC, 25 Neapolis, Pier Street, South End, Port Elizabeth, 6001.

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