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									Podcasting 101

Neville Hobson, ABC and
Shel Holtz, ABC                     Listen

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New Communications Forum 2006
Palo Alto
March 1, 2006
Today‟s Agenda

■ The elements of successful podcasting
■ How to strategize a business podcast
■ How to build a community of listeners
■ The tools of podcasting, from recording to
■ How to promote a podcast
■ Integrating your podcast with other online
■ Creating a podcast

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What is a Podcast?

1. Digital audio file, typically MP3
2. “Radio show” format
         > Time-shifted – listen when you want
3. Delivered via RSS

■ Auto-sync with portable digital player
         > Detach and go – listen where you want
■ Complemented by show notes

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Delivered by RSS

■ Key technology tool
■ A way to get net content when you want
         > No spam
         > No need to visit sites – content comes to you
■ Discoverability
         > By podcast directories and other sites
         > By people who want to listen

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Some Background

■        Podcasting really began in   ■   Businesses are podcasting
         August 2004                  ■   Mainstream media is
■        Enabled by two elements:         podcasting
         1. RSS enclosures (Dave          >   Newspapers, magazines,
            Winer)                            radio, television
         2. Podcatching software      ■   Wide appeal kicked off in
            (Adam Curry)                  June 2005 – Apple adds
■        It started with one              podcast support to
         podcast – “Daily Source          iTunes
         Code” with Adam Curry        ■   Going mainstream –
■        Today: At least 20,000           Yahoo! Podcasts in
         podcasts, 8-10 million           October 2005
         regular listeners

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Continuing Growth

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The Hobson & Holtz Report

■        Started 3 January 2005
■        First podcast in the
         communication profession
■        Co-hosts: Neville Hobson
         (Amsterdam) and Shel
         Holtz (California)
■        60-90 mins, twice weekly,
         Monday and Thursday,
         recorded via Skype
■        Average per-show
         downloads: 565
■        Global audience
         >      Primary: USA, Canada,
                UK, Netherlands, Australia
■        Building community
         >      3 on-the-ground

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„For Immediate Release‟ Series

■        The Hobson & Holtz Report
         twice-weekly show
■        Interviews with newsmakers
         and influencers from the online
         technology and organizational
         communication worlds
■        Book Reviews aligned with our
         theme of PR/communications
         and the online world
■        Speakers and Speeches -
         podcasts of speeches, keynote
         addresses, breakout sessions,
         and other recordings from
         meetings and conferences of
         interest to PR and
         communication professionals

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Building Community

                                              ■   Involve listeners
                                              ■   Encourage listeners
                                              ■   Address their needs
                                              ■   Engage

 Global distribution: FIR listeners 14/2/06

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Who‟s Podcasting…?

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Why Podcast?

■        Easy and complementary extension of existing
         communication, PR and marketing activities
■        An appropriate channel to market
■        Reach niche audiences otherwise (financially) unreachable
■        Attract new, younger customers
■        Create buzz, build viral marketing effect
■        Be perceived to be at the leading edge
■        Be seen as a leader with a cool new medium
■        …

What else?

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Marketing Communication

■ A new product announcement that accompanies
  traditional communication
■ Includes informal conversations between, say, a
  customer and one of the employees from the
  factory who made the product

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Financial PR

■ Investor relations produces a weekly review of
  activities and events of interest to investors and
  financial analysts
         > Within the limits of regulatory requirements

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Employee Engagement

■ A weekly 15-minute business update for
         > Perhaps by the CEO or other senior executive
■ Employees worldwide subscribe to the podcast
  via the company intranet
         > Or from the CEO‟s blog

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Team Building

■ The sales director records an occasional podcast
  for her geographically-dispersed sales team
         > Tips and tricks on, say, how to close deals with certain
           types of customers
■ Podcast available from the sales intranet as a
  complement to formal sales materials

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Growth Drivers

1.        It‟s        easy
2.        It‟s        inexpensive
3.        It‟s        portable
4.        It‟s        available

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10 Rules for Business Podcasting

1.       Be relevant             6. Be mindful of your
2.       Stick to the point          audience‟s time
3.       Avoid fluff             7. There are no competitors
4.       Practice infotainment   8. Don‟t advertise or sell
5.       Build and engage        9. Be authentic
         community               10. Integrate into the

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Who Should?

■ Corporate communications, PR, marketing, HR,
  investor relations, sales, employee
  communication, customer service, public affairs,
  community relations…
         > Externally: engaging with customers
         > Internally: thought leadership, sharing thinking and
           knowledge; news, information
■ Who else?
         > What about the CEO?

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20 Creative Ideas
1.       Airlines: Travel and destination guides                11.    Hotels: Destination guides, jogging routes,
2.       Apparel/Retail: Behind the scenes at                          music to jog to, walking tours of cities
         fashion shows, interviews with models and              12.    Micro-Brews: Interviews with the brew
         designers, guide to the season                                master
3.       Automotive: Test drives of new models with             13.    Movie Studios: Interviews with actors or
         team drivers, interviews with designers,                      directors, movie making production diaries
         race reports from behind the scenes                    14.    Sportswear: Interviews with sponsored
4.       Beverage Stores: Festive reviews of                           athletes, event diaries (Olympics, World
         selected wines, spirits and beers                             Cup), and interviews with designers, fitness
5.       Books/Music Retail: Guides to summer or                       and training tips
         Christmas releases, interviews with bands              15.    Travel and Tourism: Guides to destinations,
         and authors, sample readings from authors                     travel tips
         to promote an in-store appearance                      16.    Vineyards: Interviews with wine-makers
6.       Financial Services: Retirement guides,                 17.    Whisky Makers: Interviews with the
         investing tips, planning for college                          makers, tours of the distilleries
         education                                              18.    Video Games- Interviews with game
7.       Golf Equipment: Guides to courses,                            designers, production diaries
         interviews with sponsored athletes                     19.    Higher Education: communicate with
8.       Grocery Stores: Interviews and recipes                        incoming students and provide them with
         from well-known chefs                                         lectures.
9.       Health Insurers: Wellness tips, meditation             20.    Investor Relations: earnings
         guides, nutrition guides                                      announcements.
10.      Home Improvement Stores: Step-by-step
         guides to home improvement

        (from ideas by Kevin Dugan, Strategic Public Relations - http://prblog.typepad.com/)

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■ With blogs and other social media
■ Within „traditional‟ communication
■ Strategic / tactical

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■        Recording
■        Editing
■        Uploading
■        Promoting

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Record your show

■ Basic gear
         > USB microphone
         > Free recording/editing software
                       Audacity
■ Intermediate gear
         > Mixer
         > Higher-end software or software dedicated to
           podcasting (e.g., “Mixcast Live”)
■ High-end gear
         > Digital mixers, compressors, pre-amps…

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      Shel‟s rig

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Portable Rigs

■        Small handhelds      ■   Professional decks

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■ Optional
         > “Live to the hard drive”
■ Eliminate glitches
■ Add effects

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Adobe Audition for Windows

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Edit ID3 tags

■ A tagging format for MP3 files
■ Metadata includes:
         >      Title
         >      Artist
         >      Album
         >      Track
■ View them in players
         > PC (iTunes, etc.)
         > Digital devices (iPod, etc.)

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Upload the file

■ Automated processes
         > LibSyn (Liberated Syndication)

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Update your feed

■ Automatic if you use a blog
■ Simple software to use if you don‟t

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Link to your feed

■ Just a hyperlink
         > Text
         > Orange box

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Market your podcast

■ Get listed
■ Drive traffic to the podcast site
■ Produce promos

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The New Media Ecosystem

■        RSS                  Tools that facilitate:
                              ■ Communication
■        Blogs                ■ Engagement
■        Wikis                ■ Transparency
■        Podcasts             ■ Trust

■        Videocasts / Vlogs   Tool that are:
■        Moblogs              ■ Complementary to traditional
                                 communication activities
■        MMS
                              ■ Used by organizations who
■        Internet telephony      recognize the social
                                 characteristics of effective

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Communication Choices

  Engage and Participate      vs.   Transmit

  Advocate                    vs.   Preach

  Influence and Persuade      vs.   Command and Control

  Informal and
                              vs.   Formal and Instructive

  Build Community             vs.   Tell Your Audience

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Let‟s do a podcast…

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■        Neville Hobson, ABC, and Shel Holtz, ABC
■        „For Immediate Release‟ podcasts
■        www.forimmediaterelease.biz
■        Comment Line: +1 206 222 2803
■        Email: fircomments@gmail.com

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