columbus by liuqingyan


									Columbus, The Indians and Human Progress

Script 4/16/2005

Ed           In 1492

Leslie       In 1492

Matt         In 1492

Katie        In 1492

Jess         In 1492

All          Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

Jess         He had three ships and left from Spain

             He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain.

             He sailed by night; he sailed by day;

             He used the stars to find his way.

             A compass also helped him know

             How to find the way to go.

Katie        TO THE AMERICAS!!!

Jess         Ninety sailors were on board;

             Some men worked while others snored.

             Then the workers went to sleep;

             And others watched the ocean deep.

             Day after day they looked for land;

             They dreamed of

Matt         Trees

Jess         And

Leslie     Rocks

Jess       And

Katie      Sand

Jess       October 12 their dream came true

           You never saw a happier crew

Katie      Indians! Indians!

Jess       Columbus cried;

           His heart was filled with joyful pride

           But India the land was not

           It was the Bahamas and it was hot.

           The Arawak natives were very nice;

Matt/Les   How… Are you?

Jess       They gave the sailors food and spice.

           Columbus sailed on to find some gold

           To bring back home, as he‟d been told.

           He made the trip again and again, and again

           Trading gold to bring to Spain.

           The first American? No not quite.

           But Columbus was brave, and he was bright.

Katie      Fagettabuttit!

           (exit everyone after poem)

Matt       Hey, everyone! (wait for response) I‟m David O‟Nakas, and I‟d like to

           welcome you on behalf of the Not Ready For Bedtime Players to our

         touring production of “Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress”.

         We‟d like to thank our sponsors, The American Legion, the Knights of

         Columbus, and Amnesty International. Before we begin, I‟d like to

         introduce you to the NRFBP. Tawana Perez (Jess), Barbara Cheney

         (Leslie)…But we call her Bubbles. Chloe Lane (Katie) and Chad

         Malmstein (Ed). Now we‟d like to know what you know about the

         discovery of America – (wait for answers) That‟s good, but that is only

         part of the story. What else? – (ad lib, wait for answers) Yes, but that‟s

         not the whole story either. Almost everybody knows a little something

         about the discovery of America, but very few people know the whole

         story. So grab a seat on the Nina, the Pinta, or the Santa Maria and come

         with us as we sail the seas of history.

Leslie   We took a survey of many elementary and high school students to find out

         what they know about the discovery of America, who discovered it and

         when, what they were looking for and what did they find? Here are a few

         of their answers:

Ed       Age 12, Christopher Columbus discovered America. He discovered it in

         1492, but was actually looking for India. He found America by mistake.

         They were actually looking for gold.

Katie    Age 16. Columbus discovered America in about 1400 to 1500. They

         were actually looking for India, missed it, and ended up in America

         without knowing that they missed it. That‟s why the Native Americans

         are called Indians.

Matt          Age 10. Vikings, period. Leif Ericsson, period. 1400‟s, period.

Jessica       Age 10 ½. Most people think that Columbus discovered America. I

              disagree with this. I think there were Europeans and Asians in America

              before that. These people were the Indians. They must have been from

              that area because in prehistoric times the Paleo Indians crossed the Bering

              Strait to America. Also, Columbus found Indians when he came.

Leslie        Age 9. A lot of people think Columbus discovered America, but I think

              that the Pilgrims or Indians did discover it. I think they were looking for

              freedom. They found freedom.

(Jess enters as Columbus with Katie as Narrator)

Katie         Here is Christopher Columbus. Born in 1451 in Genoa, the son of a

              humble wool merchant. In 1461 at the age of ten, young Christopher

              discovers the city of Genoa and claims it for Spain. In 1476, Columbus

              swims ashore from off the coast of Portugal when his boat is sunk in

              battle. Upon reaching the shore, he discovers Portugal and claims it for

              Spain. In 1484, he conceives of “The Enterprise of the Indies”. He

              figures that by sailing around the world he can sneak past the nefarious

              blockade of the Eastern trade routes that the Turks ha ve established.

              Columbus had a dream.

Jess          Eureka! What if I sail west to get east?

Katie         But the people of Europe laughed at Columbus and his ridiculous plan to

              discover America. (Other company members laugh at Columbus) They

               said to him, “Columbus, the ocean is filled with sea monsters! They‟ll eat

               you and your crew!”

Jess           I ain‟t scared of no sea monsters.

Katie          They also said, “Columbus, the oceans will boil you to death if you sail

               out too far!”

Jess           I ain‟t scared of no boiling water.

Katie          Then they said, “Columbus, the world is flat. If you go too far, you‟ll fall

               off the edge.” And Columbus said…

Jess           No it ain‟t, the world is round! I know that I could discover America, if

               only I had a boat.

Katie          But Columbus couldn‟t start his journey without money.

Jess           Maybe three boats.

Katie          But Columbus couldn‟t start his journey without cash.

Jess           And a crew.

Katie          But Columbus couldn‟t start his journey without major fundage.

Jess           And a compass.

Katie          And so Columbus set forth to visit all the kings and queens of the world in

               search of financial backing.

(Ed, Leslie and Matt enter)

Jess           (to Ed) I want to discover America, give me money.

Ed             (British) What an absurd proposition

Jess           (to Leslie) I want to discover America, give me money.

Leslie         (French) Je ne se pas. Non.

Jess           (to Matt) I want to discover America, give me money.

Matt           (Indian) No, thank you, come again.

Jess           (to Ed) Give me money.

Ed             (German) Nein! Raus!

Jess           (to Leslie) Give me money.

Leslie         (Russian) Nyet.

Jess           (to Matt) Give me money.

Matt           (Scottish) I can‟t do it, I haven‟t got the money.

Jess           (to Ed) Money!

Ed             Phht!

Jess           (to Leslie) Money!

Leslie         (Chinese?) …

Jess           (To Matt) Money!

Katie          And so after being rejected by almost all the kings and queens of the

               world, Christopher Columbus went to the last place on earth that he hadn‟t

               yet visited. He went to Spain to see Queen Isabel of Castille and King

               Ferdinand of Aragon.

(Enter Leslie as Isabel and Matt as Ferdinand.)

Leslie         I did not know I‟d meet with the good fortune

               To find you here, my lord.

Matt           The sight of you

               Brings me new glory. I was on the way

               To Portugal, and had to come past here.

Leslie         Your majesty did well indeed to come

               Since it was convenient.

Matt           What of Castile?

Leslie         All peaceful, quiet and smooth.

Matt           Since it was you

               Who did the smoothing, I don‟t marvel at it.

(Both look at the throne and rush for it. Leslie wins. Matt sits mime style.)

Katie          Seeking an audience with your majesties

               Christopher Columbus has just arrived.

Leslie         Christopher Columbus! I‟ve always longed to see him.

Matt           (In Spanish) Christopher Columbus? Isn‟t he a Jew?

Katie          I swear it by faith your majesty

               Though very young, he is a valiant sailor.

Matt           (In Spanish) I‟ll have to talk to Torquemada about this.

Jess           Greetings your majesties. I am Christopher Columbus. I have a

               proposition for you. A proposition that I have shared with no one else. A

               proposition that could make you the most powerful rulers in the world.

Matt           (In Spanish) Hello Chris. I am Ferdinand. I am godlike.

Leslie         (Cutting him off) What is this proposition that you speak of?

Jess           I would like to sail to the New World and discover America.

Leslie         And what is in this new world that I might want?

Jess           Your majesty, this New World is filled with riches beyond compare.

               There are exotic foods to tempt the pallet, pre-Columbian artifacts to

               decorate your palace and the most precious treasure of all.

Matt           (In Spanish) Spices? We need spices now that the Turks have blockaded

               the East.

Leslie         (Cutting him off) Yes?

Jess           Gold!

Leslie         Gold?!

Matt           (In Spanish) No you can‟t go!

Leslie         Forgive my husband. Ferdy, can‟t you go to Pamplona. I hear there is

               some terrible bovine situation that requires your immediate attention.

Matt           (In Spanish) But I am godlike. (exits)

Leslie         So, what do you need from me?

Jess (talks)   I could sail across the sea

               If you will pay for me

               And buy me a new boat.

(sings)        I could sail the ocean waters

               And have sex with Indian daughters

               If I only had a boat.

Leslie         (Columbus sits on her lap) So all you need is a boat?

Jess           Well…three boats.

Leslie         Three boats?

Jess           Three boats…and ninety sailors.

Leslie   Ninety sailors?

Jess     Three boats, ninety sailors…and a compass.

Leslie   And a compass? Okay. But there‟ll be gold?

Jess     Lots of gold, barrels of gold, shiploads of gold!

Leslie   All for me?

Jess     Of course for you.

Leslie   Call me Izzy.

Jess     And you and call me Christopher.

Leslie   I shall give you the title Admiral of the Ocean Sea.

Jess     “Christopher Columbus: Admiral of the Ocean Sea!” (exits, passes hat to


Matt     So the new Admiral of the Ocean Sea sets out for the docks of Cadiz. His

         charge: to find a crew of ninety willing, able, strapping, clean, thrifty,

         brave and manly sailors. (Enter Jess, Leslie and Katie)

Ed       Men, of Spain, your queen, Isabel of Castile has charged me, Christopher

         Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Sea, with a quest. A quest to discover a

         new world, America, a land of opportunity. I have three ships, and need

         only ninety seamen to set sail. Those who are brave enough to make the

         journey with me will find riches beyond their wildest dreams. And, as a

         bonus, 10,000 maravides a year for life to the first among you who spots

         land. Who‟s coming with me? (pirates cheer)

Matt     And so Columbus and his motley crew boarded their

         ships…ship…pitifully small ship, the Ninapintasantamaria, and set sail for

         the new world.

Ed       (Getting in the red wagon) To America!

Matt     The ship sailed west into the unknown Atlantic. What was the journey

         like? What did the sailors think? Accounts vary, but we can say that the

         journey was difficult. They sailed for

Katie    One month

Jess     Three months

Leslie   Two months

Matt     The seas were

Katie    Rough and stormy

Jess     Dead and windless

Leslie   Calm and serene.

Matt     Not finding land, the crew threatened to throw Columbus overboard. The

         Admiral of the Ocean Sea had a mutiny on his hands.

Katie    Columbus will never find land!

Jess     We‟ll die out here on the ocean!

Leslie   This is a fool‟s errand! We should turn around! And go back to Spain!

Ed       I know things look bleak and it seems as if we‟ve been sailing forever. But

         fear not, it is always blackest before the dawn. Last night, in my chamber,

         I was visited by an Angel of The Lord. This Angel said unto me,

         „Columbus, fear not, The Lord watches over you. Before the next full

              moon, land will be within your sight.‟ Sailors, tomorrow night the moon

              will wax. If by that time we have not seen land, we will turn around.

Katie         Well, if the Angel said so.

Jess          Only one more day. Because of the Angel.

Leslie        Fine. Just because The Lord was in your room.

Matt          Now the Admiral had a deadline. There was only one more day left to

              discover America. Early the next morning as Columbus slept, a scurvy

              deckswabber by the name of Roderigo de Triana first spotted a piece of

              cane and a small stick loaded with barnacles. Shortly thereafter, he saw the

              object of their quest – he saw

Leslie        Land!

Matt          And guaranteed himself the Queen‟s bounty of 10,000 maravides a year

              for life.

Celebration for Roderigo ensues. Improv lines. Use the word “GROG” often.

Matt          Awoken by the celebration, Columbus stepped onto the deck of the ship

              and learned of Roderigo‟s supposed discovery.

Ed            Did I forget to mention that at the tenth hour of last night, while I was on

              the sterncastle, I saw a light. Although it was something so faint that I did

              not wish to affirm that it was land. But I called Pero Guiterriez, the

              steward of the King‟s dais and told him there seemed to be a light and for

              him to look. Thus he did and he saw it. Right, Pero?

Jess          Uhh…uhhh… yeah. Okay.

Ed         It was like a small wax candle that rose and lifted up which is an

           indication of land. So I‟m sorry, Roderigo, but clearly I am the rightful

           recipient of the 10,000 maravides a year for life.

Leslie     But I know I saw land first!

Ed         Throw him overboard.

           They do.

Ed         Does anyone else have anything to say?

           The other scurvy knaves go back to work on the deck.

Ed         Ready the ship. Drop the launches. Prepare… For Landfall.

Matt       Survey question: Who or what was in America before its discovery?

Katie      Age 12. Just land surrounded by water.

Ed         Age 10. Indians.

Jess       Age 12.Native Americans, many wild animals that are either endangered

           or distinct, many different objects/products or food.

Leslie     Age 12, Indianapolis. The native…no , British!...people were in America

           before its discovery. There were not as many tall buildings.

Matt       Age 101/2. Before the discovery of America, I think there were lots of

           wildlife and plantlife. Before the Paleo Indians came, I think there were

           lots of mammoths and saber-tooth tigers. The ice age took place here.

Narrator   Columbus did not discover a lost or unknown land. There was a

           flourishing society of Arawak Indians on the islands where Columbus first

           landed. What were these people like? The descriptions written by the

              Spanish, the Arawak‟s own stories and our own research show a gentle

              and yet surprisingly sophisticated people.

Leslie        How high does the sycamore grow?

              If you cut it down, you will never know,

              And you‟ll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon

              Or ask the grinning bobcat why he grins.

              Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain?

              Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

              You can own the earth and still all you‟ll own is earth,

              Until you paint it with the colors of the wind.

Narrator(E) In the jungle, the first woman and the first man looked at each other with

              curiosity. It was odd what they had between their legs.

Man(M)        Did they cut yours off?

Woman(K)      No, I‟ve always been like that.

Narrator(E) He examined her closeup, he scratched his head, there was a n open


Man(M)        Better not eat any casaba or bananas, or any fruit that splits when it ripens.

              I‟ll cure you. Get in the hammock and rest.

Narrator(E) She obeyed. Patiently she herb teas and let him rub on pomades and

              unguents. She had to grit her teeth to keep from laughing when he said to


Man(M)        Don‟t worry.

Narrator(E) She enjoyed the game, although she was beginning to tire of fasting in a

              hammock. The memory of fruit made her mouth water. One evening, the

              man came running through the glade. He jumped with excitement and


Man(M)        I found it.

Narrator(E) He had just seen the male monkey curing the female monkey in the arm of

              a tree.

Man(M)        That‟s how it‟s done.

Narrator(E) When the long embrace ended, a dense aroma of flowers and fruit filled

              the air. From the bodies lying together came unheard of vapors and

              glowings, and it was all so beautiful that the suns and the gods died of


Jess          Of all the infinite universe of humanity, these people are the most

              guileless, the most devoid of wickedness and duplicity. They are by

              nature the most humble, patient and peaceable, holding no grudges, free

              from embroilments, neither excitable nor quarrelsome. These people are

              the most devoid of rancors, hatreds, or desire for vengeance of any people

              in the world. They are also poor people, for they not only posess little, but

              have no desire to possess wordly goods. For this reason they are not

              arrogant, embittered or greedy.

Leslie     Amongst them the land belongs to everyone, just as does the sun and the

              water. They know of no difference between the mine and the yours, that

              source of all evils. It requires so little to satisfy them that, in that vast

       region, there is always more land to cultivate than is needed. It is indeed a

       golden age neither ditches nor hedges nor walls inclose their domains.

       They live in gardens open to all without laws and without judges.

Jess   You don‟t know anything about them. The gods warned us. He who made

       the sun and the moon warned the Tainos to watch out for the dead. In the

       daytime the dead hid themselves and ate guavas, but at night they went out

       for a stroll and challenged the living. Dead men offered duels and dead

       women, love. In the duels, they vanished at will, and at the climax of love

       the lover found himself with nothing in his arms. Before accepting a duel

       with a man, or lying down with a woman, one should feel the belly with

       one‟s hand because the dead have no navels. The lord of the sky also

       warned the Tainos to watch out even more for people with clothes on.

       Chief Caicihu fasted for a week and was worthy of his words. “Brief shall

       be the enjoyment of life,” announced the invisible one, he who has a

       mother but no beginning, “Men wearing clothes shall come, dominate and


Ed     On the morning of Friday, October 12, 1492, They reached an islet which

       was called Guanahani in the language of the Indians. Soon they saw

       people and the Admiral went ashore in an armed launch. The Admiral

       brought out the Royal Banner and the Captain‟s two flags with the green

       cross, which the Admiral carried on all the ships as a standard. With an „F‟

       for King Ferdinand and a „Y‟ for Queen Isabella. Thus put ashore they

         saw very green trees and many ponds and fruits of various kinds. The

         Admiral said that those with him should be witness.

Matt     In the presence of all, I take possession of this island for the King and for

         the Queen. Salve Regina, mater misericordiae: vita, dulcedo, et spes

         nostra, salve. Ad te clamamus exsules filii Hevae. Ad te suspiramus,

         gementes et flentes in hac lacrimarum valle. Eia, ergo, advocate nostras,

         illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converte. Et lesum, benedictum

         fructum ventris tui; nobis post hoc exsilium ostende.

Katie    Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genetrix.

Leslie   Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi.

         Natives gather around Columbus. There is some trading that goes on. It is

         general friendly greeting.

Matt     Ask them.

Katie    (in English): Where does the gold that you have in your noses and ears

         come from?

         The natives give no response.

         (in Latin): Where does the gold that you have in your noses and ears come


         The natives give no response, a second time.

         (in Arabic): Where does the gold that you have in your noses and ears

         come from?

         The natives give no response. Again.

         (in ASL): Where does the gold that you have in your noses and ears come


         Again, there is no response from the natives. Shocking.

Matt     Some Italian cursing. You can‟t hide your fucking gold from me. I will

         find it and I will take it.

         Columbus throws his “credentials” to Katie. She reads.

Katie    I implore you to recognize the Church as a lady and in the name of the

         Pope take the King as lord of this land and obey his mandates. If you do

         not do it, I tell you that with the help of God I will enter powerfully

         against you all. I will make war everywhere and every way that I can. I

         will subject you to the yoke and obedience to the Church and to his

         majesty. I will take your women and children and make them slaves. The

         deaths and injuries that you will receive from here on will be your own

         fault and not that of his majesty nor of the gentlemen that accompany me.

         . The Spanish exit. (Matt & Katie)

Ed       Cayacoa, they just gave us a gift

Leslie   What‟s it for

Ed       Well the short one held it like this

Leslie   So what does that mean, Guacanagaric?

Ed       I don‟t know, but it‟s beautiful. It must be very important to them.

Jess     Give it to me.

Leslie   Why

Ed       They seemed nice enough, Caonabo.

Jess     You don‟t know anything about them. I see misfortune come, it shudders

         in the temple. Shields burn, it is the place of smoke, there where the gods

         are created. I see misfortune come, it shudders in the temple.

Leslie   What they wear on their bodies is so pretty

Ed        And they gave us this wonderful gift.

Leslie    And we didn‟t give them anything. What if these men have been sent by

         our ancestors to test us? We should give them our most precious

         possessions. What should we give?

Ed        Cotton

Leslie    Parrots and Javelins. (Ed and Leslie exit)

Jess     Guacanagaric, Cayacoa, we are fatigued. We must rest and stay silent for

         now. We must keep this to ourselves.

Ed        No Caonabo. We must welcome them as our brothers. Come and see the

         men who arrived from the sky. Bring them food and drink.

Leslie   I, Christopher Columbus, commit to this diary on this thirteenth day of

         October the year of our Lord fourteen hundred ninety two. I, in order that

         they would be friendly to us, because I recognized that they were people

         who would be better freed and converted to our holy faith by love than by

         force. to some of them I gave red caps, and glass beads, in which they took

         so much pleasure and became so much our friends that it was a marvel.

         Later they came swimming to the ships launches where we were and

         brought us parrots and cotton thread in balls and javelins, and they traded

         them to us for other things which we gave them,. In sum, they took

             everything and gave what they had willingly. But it seemed to me that

             they were a people very poor in everything. They are all very well formed

             with handsome bodies and good faces. They do not carry arms nor are

             they acquainted with them, because I showed them swords and they took

             them by the edge and through ignorance cut them-selves. They have no

             iron. Their javelins are shafts without iron and some of them have at the

             end a fish tooth. I saw some who had marks of wounds on their bodies and

             I made signs to them asking them what they were; and they should me

             how people from other islands near by came there and tried to take them,

             and how they defended themselves. They should be good and intelligent

             servants, for I see that they say very quickly everything that is said to

             them; and I believe they would become Christians very easily for it

             seemed to me that they had no religion. Our lord pleasing, at the time of

             my departure I will take six of them from here to Your Highness in order

             that they may learn to speak. No animal of any kind did I see on this island

             except Parrots.

Narrator(K) Christopher Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Sea, had discovered the

             Bahamas, not quite America, but close enough, just as he told Queen

             Isabel that he would. This new world was like the Garden of Eden for the

             Spaniards. The Arawaks, who inhabited the islands walked about naked

             and were burdened by none of the shame familiar to the Spaniards. They

             were so beautiful and captivating that the Spanish took the women and

              gave them to each other as gifts, so that they might better understand these

              strange new people.

Pinzon(M)     Admiral, congratulations on discovering the New World. It is truly a

              blessing. May God continue to bless Spain.

Columbus(E) And…

Pinzon(M)     And of course may God bless you, Admiral.

Columbus(E) And may I continue to do His will.

Pinzon(M)     Admiral, you are overburdened. You need to rest. I humbly ask that you

              accept a small gift I have found here.

Columbus(E) I have no more need for cotton or birds. But them in the hold with the

              other cargo for her majesty.

Pinzon(M)     This gift is not a trinket ,Admiral. Let me show you.

              (He brings in an Indian woman(L))

Columbus(E) Captain Pinzon, you shouldn‟t have. But, I accept. Leave her with me.

Pinzon(M)     As you wish. (exits)

(Columbus approaches the woman. She doesn‟t resist. He says a short prayer to calm

              her. She tries to repeat the words. He grabs at her and she starts to resist.

              He grabs at her breast and ass. She bites him and screams. He gets a

              piece of rope and starts to beat her. She tries to escape but can‟t. He starts

              to pummel her viciously. Her screams become moans and eventually

              whimpers. Columbus mounts her and starts to rape her. The girl suddenly

              comes back to life and bites him hard and scratches him. Columbus is

              stunned. She manages to escape. Columbus sits and regains his faculties. )

Columbus(E) These Indian women are all whores.

(enter one of Columbus‟ men)

Sailor(J)     Admiral, our recent attempt at trade with the natives has been

              unsuccessful. We tried to get their bows, arrows and spears, but they have

              refused to take anything for them.

Columbus(E) I am growing tired of these savages. Simply take what you want.

Sailor(J)     We have tried that already, sir. Gonzalez took a bow out of the hand of

              one of their men. The Indian tried to take it back, and Gonzalez began

              fighting with him. We did not expect their reaction.

Columbus(E) They seemed much more obedient than that. This reaction surprises me.

Sailor(J)     It surprised us, sir. A few of the Indians joined their friend in attacking

              Gonzales, so we were forced to retaliate. We killed two of them before

              they retreated back to their village.

Columbus(E) This news bothers me. It seems that we may have to leave a garrison here

              to keep the natives in line until our return. Enlist 35 or 40 of the men to

              remain behind at La Navidad. You must ensure that we receive a

              peaceable reception when we return.

Sailor(J)     Yes, Admiral.

Narrator(M) When the Spaniards first arrived in the New World, the Santa Maria ran

              aground. Columbus used the wood from the ship to build a fort which

              they named “La Navidad” or “Christmas." It was at this fort that

              Columbus left a complement of 39 men charged with the responsibility of

              subduing the Arawak people so that they would be more cooperative to the

               Spanish search for gold. Before their return to Spain, Columbus ordered

               his men to capture some of the Arawak natives to bring back to Isabella as

               gifts. They rounded up many prisoners along with the gifts that the

               Arawaks had given them and what little gold they could find and started

               for home. When the weather turned cold aboard the ship, the Arawak

               prisoners began to die. However, the Arawaks were not the only ones to

               fall ill on the voyage back to Spain. Columbus himself began to fall ill

               from a mysterious affliction. According to Columbus‟ son Fernando…

Fernando(L) He fell gravely ill. He had a high fever and a drowsiness, so that he lost

               his sight, memory and all his other senses.

Fernando(E) He lay in a stupor, knowing little, remembering nothing. His eyes dim and

               vitality oozing.

Fernando(J) Five months of illness followed, including episodes during which he was

               unable to feed or care for himself.

Fernando(K) He slept little for 33 days and felt that his fatigued state nearly deprived

               him of his life.

Doctor(K)      Your majesty, I have examined Admiral Columbus. You may take it as

               certain that his malady comes from the Indes. The first time this sickness

               was seen was after the admiral had discovered the Indes. Some Christians

               that went with him have also brought back this scourge.

Isabella(L)    Is he well enough to make his report?

Doctor(K)      He is your majesty. His sickness comes and goes. He is in agony one

               minute and rests peacefully the next.

Isabella(L)   Have him sent in.

       (Doctor exits and Columbus enters)

Columbus(M)          Your majesty. As I promised, I have found a new world.

Isabella(L)   So I have been told. What of the people you found there? I have heard

              they are as gentle and innocent as our children.

Columbus(M)          I thought so at first, but it is not the case. They are cruel and

              stupid, a people warlike and numerous. They are also weak, I brought

              many of them back so that you could see them yourself, but shortly after

              we departed they began to die. I fear that whatever killed them has made

              me ill. But the land is as unspoiled as when our Lord first made it.

Isabella(L)   What of the gold?

Columb (M) Hispaniola is a miracle. Mountains and hills, plains and pastures, are both

              fertile and beautiful. The harbors are unbelievably good and there are

              many wide rivers of which the majority contain gold. There are many

              spices, and great mines of gold.

Isabella(L)   I‟m sure you brought some of this gold

Columb (M) No. They have hidden it much of it from me and I didn‟t have the men to

              take it by force. With twelve hundred men I could pacify Hispaniola and

              many of the other islands I believe to be nearby.

Isabella(L)   I will give you the men you ask for. My husband thirsts for empire, and

              you must find the gold. But remember Christian charity when dealing the

              people. We should help bring them to the Lord.

Columb (M) You can be assured that I will temper the sword with the cross. They will

               be given every opportunity to bow before our savior. Forgive me your

               majesty, but I tire easily and must rest before I depart again for the new


(Jess enters with sail and Matt follows her to new world)

Columb(M) It seems to me that one should believe that in this land there is as much as

               where Solomon took the gold for the temple.

Sailor(E)      Admiral! The natives have decimated the garrison. There remains no

               trace of the men that were left here, except for the blood-stained and

               broken timbers from which “La Navidad” was built.

Columb(M) The Arawaks will pay for this transgression with their lives. They will

               show me where they hide their gold, they will give me everything that I

               ask for, or they will die. Go assemble the men. Tell them to begin

               collecting gold from the villages. All men over the age of fourteen will

               furnish you with a pound of gold. If they cannot, then demand a tribute of

               24 pounds of cotton. Give them a token to prove that they have done as

               we ask. If they do not give you the gold or the cotton, cut of their hands as

               an example to the rest of them. Thus the eternal god, our Lord, gives

               victory to those who follow His way over apparent impossibilities.

Enter Anacaona

Anacaona(K) We were unable to provide the Spanish with the gold they wanted. Many

               of my people fled their wrath when they came to take our gold. We were

               hunted down and killed in the jungles by the packs of dogs brought by

              Columbus and his men. Because Columbus captured more Indian slaves

              than he could transport to Spain, he put them to work in mines and

              encomiendas. His marauding band hunted my people for sport and profit

              – beating, raping, torturing, killing and then using the bodies for food for

              the dogs.

              My name is Anacaona. My husband was the cacique of my village. When

              the Spanish killed my husband, I was remarried to the new cacique. When

              Columbus‟ men came to my village in their search for gold, I instructed

              my people to cooperate with them. My village was burned, and I was

              taken captive as insurance that the men would provide the gold that was


Columb(M) Kill her. Hang her body at Santo Domingo as a warning to the rest of her

              people who would resist.

Soldier(L)    Admiral, Father de la Casas has left his plantation and rumors are that he

              is documenting the atrocities on the island.

Columb(M) Everyone is against me. The Indians won‟t give me the gold that lies in

              mountains just beyond my grasp. The whores that I take at night leave me

              weak and sick. The King won‟t give me the ships and guns I need to kill

              everyone in the new world. Now this priest attacks me and lies about

              what has happened. God himself will turn against me. Find Las Casas,

              cut out his tongue and tear off his hands.

              (Movement of killing goes with this next passage.)

LasCasas(J) This large island was perhaps the most densely populated place in the

              world. All the land so far discovered is a beehive of people; it is as though

              God had crowded into these lands the great majority of mankind. Into this

              sheepfold, into this land of meek outcasts there came some Spaniards who

              immediately behaved like ravening wild beasts, wolves, tigers, or lions

              that had been starved for many days. They are still killing, terrorizing,

              afflicting, torturing, and destroying the native peoples, doing all this with

              the strangest and most varied new methods of cruelty, never seen or heard

              of before, and to such a degree that this island, once so populous, has now

              a population of barely two hundred persons.

              The common ways mainly employed by the Spaniards who call

              themselves Christian and who have gone there to extirpate those pitiful

              nations and wipe them off the earth is by waging unjustly cruel and bloody

              wars. Then when they have slain all those who fought for their lives or to

              escape the tortures they would have to endure, they enslave any survivors.

              As for the newly born, they died early because their mothers, overworked

              and famished, had no milk to nurse them. While I was there seven

              thousand children died in three months. Some mothers even drowned

              their babies from sheer desperation. Husbands died in the mines, wives

              died at work, and children died from lack of milk.

              We can estimate very surely and truthfully, that in the years that have

              passed, with the infernal actions of the Christians, there have been unjustly

              slain more than twelve million men, women, and children. In truth, I

             believe without trying to deceive myself that the number of the slain is

             more like fifteen million.

Columb(M) My God, why have you forsaken me? What greater pains must I suffer to

             bring the light of your true faith to these far-distant, unenlightened and

             pagan lands?

Narrator(E) In the Spring of 1499 Don Christopher Columbus, Admiral of the Ocea n

             Sea was arrested when his despotic rule went too far. After enslaving and

             killing tens of thousands of Arawaks, Columbus executed seven mutinous

             Spaniards. When the Spanish commissioner, Francisco de Bobadilla

             learned of the killings of seven of Spain‟s finest, he ordered Columbus

             chained and taken back to Spain. The mysterious illness afflicting

             Columbus continued to worsen. His illness brought him very near to the

             realms of madness. Columbus, emaciated, his eyesight failing and

             suffering excruciating pains, returned to Spain to answer for his crimes.

Katie        Where are you Admiral?

Jess         Where are you Christopher?

Leslie       Where are you Columbus?

Jess         Columbus?

Leslie       Columbus?

Katie        Columbus?

Columb(M) All this often wakes me at night.

             You‟re pleading.

Katie        Who is pleading, Admiral?

Columb(M) Whatever rebuke that bear against me in the night, when I retract into my

              lungs, into my guts, into the last, poorest chamber of my heart – could

              never be so gruesome as this pleading.

Leslie        What is this pleading? What is so gruesome?

Jess          Christopher? Christopher?

Columb(M) What are you pleading for?

Leslie        Where are you Columbus? Are you in Seville? Where are you? The

              Dominicans say you are buried in the West Indies.

Katie         The Cubans say you are interred in Havana.

Jess          The Spanish say you stayed where you died, Valladolid.

Columb(M) My death? I am going to die? (Enter Heinrich Himmler)

Himmler(E) We all die, Herr Columbus. But you know that already don‟t you. Even

              the savages in the West Indies died at your hands when they refused to

              trade their gold – or other comforts – to you. Whether by the sword or a

              disease-ridden blanket, everyone dies.

Columb(M) Who are you?

Himmler(E) I am a very big fan of your work, Herr Columbus. My name is Heinrich

              Himmler. I was born about 400 years after your death. But before you

              die, don‟t you want to know about your legacy?

Columb(M) The Spanish throne has bestowed the title of…

Himmler(E) Admiral of the Ocean Sea. Yes, yes.

Columb(M) It is a title I will pass on to my children and my children‟s children. Along

              with the honor I have brought my country for my discovery of the New

              World and the untapped wealth it will provide.

Himmler(E) Yes, this is true. And not only your country, but the descendants of all

              Europeans who will eventually colonize your New World will one day

              canonize you and hold festivals in your honor. But I am talking about

              your other legacy.

Columb(M) Other legacy?

Himmler(E) Yes, the legacy you leave with the children of the Indians you have


Columb(M) I slaughtered no one.

Himmler(E) On your second journey, you instituted policies of forced labor and

              extermination, not at al unlike the concentration camps of my country.

Columb(M) They were heathens, non-Christians. I can not be held responsible for

              their deaths.

Himmler(E) Yes, your requerimiento. “We must be honest, decent and loyal and

              comradely to members of our own blood and to no one else….Such good

              blood of our own kind as there may be among the nations we shall acquire

              for ourselves, if necessary by taking away the children and bringing them

              up among us. Whether the other people live in comfort or perish of

              hunger interests me only in so far as we need slaves for our Kultur….We,

              who are the only people in the world who have a decent attitude towards

              animals, will also adopt a decent attitude to these human animals, but it is

              a crime against our own blood to worry about them and bring them


Columb(M) Yes, but I didn‟t say those words.

Himmler(E) No, I did. In 1943.

Columb(M) Tell me, Do you want me to travel?

              Shall I look in a country you never saw?

Isabel(L)     I shall give you the title “Admiral of the Ocean Seas.”

Columb(M) I‟ll take passage up its rivers, go ashore and inquire about its o ld customs,

              speak with the women in their doorways and observe as they call to their

              children. I‟ll watch how they wrap themselves in the land while at their

              ancient labor in the meadows and fields;

Powhatan(J) I have seen two generations of my people die. Why will you take by force

              what you may have quietly by love? Why will you destroy us who supply

              you with food? What can you get by war?

Columb(M) I‟ll insist on being brought before the king, and slip money to the priests to

              take me and lay me down before their most powerful idol and leave,

              closing the temple gates.

Powhatan(J) Why are you jealous of us? We are unarmed and willing to give you what

              you ask, if you come in a friendly manner. It is much better to eat good

              meat, sleep comfortably, live quietly with my children, then to run away

              and lie cold in the woods, feed on acorns, roots and such trash, and be so

              hunted that I can neither eat nor sleep.

Columb(M) Then, when I‟ve learned enough, I‟ll simply watch the animals, letting

              something in how they move glide over into my joints; and I‟ll have a

              brief existence in their eyes, which hold me and then let me go, slowly,

              peacefully, without judging.

Powhatan(J) So I end my miserable life. Take away your guns and swords, the cause of

              all our jealousy, or you may all die in the same manner.

Ed            They are still killing

Katie         terrorizing

Leslie        afflicting

Ed            torturing

Jess          and destroying the native peoples.

Leslie        A thousand years from now, they will be remembered as heroes. A

              thousand years from now, they will still be promised their past.

Columb(M) Ah, you were far beyond any fame. You were inconspicuous, and quietly

              gathered your beauty into yourself.

Leslie        Objects of beauty notwithstanding, once more they will appear for their

              ruin, seeking a purse, hard bread, or a heavy weapon.

Columb(M) Help me.

Leslie        For those who must survive, but no one shall survive.

Columb(M) Help me

Leslie        We who have not forgotten, our children shall out-remember: their victims

              pious chanting.

Columb(M) Help me.

Katie         The first time this sickness was seen in Spain was after Admiral Don

              Christopher Columbus had discovered the Indes and had returned from

              those lands…

Columb(M) (a murmur) help me

Katie         The purulent pustules spread in a circle, and there is an abunda nce of the

              most virulent lupus. The signs of the sickness are these: there are itching

              sensations and an unpleasant pain in the joints; there is a rapidly

              increasing fever; the skin is inflamed with revolting scabs, and is

              completely covered with swellings and tubercules which are initially of a

              livid red color, and then become blacker. It most often begins with the

              private parts.

Columb(M) No one went further. It can happen to any of us who raise our blood to an

              extended work, that we can‟t hold it at that level, and it falls of its own

              weight, worthless.

Jess          For all the gold and silver stolen and shipped to Spain did not make the

              Spanish people richer. It gave their kings an edge in the balance of power

              for a time, a chance to hire more mercenary so ldiers for their wars. They

              ended up losing those wars anyway, and all that was left was a deadly

              inflation, a starving population, the rich richer, the poor poorer, and a

              ruined peasant class.

Katie         Christopher Columbus died in 1506 in Valladolid, Spain. In 1509 his

              remains were moved from Valladolid to La Cartuja Monastery in Seville.

              In 1537, on instruction from his son‟s widow, they were transferred to the

              New World with the remains of his son Diego. They were interred in

              Santo Domingo, on the island of Hispaniola.

Columb(M) For somewhere an old enmity exists between our lives and the great works

              we do.

Ed            In 1795, Spain ceded Santo Domingo to France, and shipped the remains

              of Columbus to Havana for safekeeping.

Columb(M) Help me. For this suffering has gone on too long, none of us can bear it;

              it‟s too heavy, this tangled suffering caused by false love, which, relying

              on antiquated conventions as well as habit, claims the right to extort riches

              from a wrong. What man has the right to own?

Jess          In 1898 Spain ceded Cuba to the United States and Columbus‟s remains

              were shipped back to Seville.

Leslie        However, In 1877 workmen in Santo Domingo dug up a second coffin

              inscribed with the words “Herein Lies Christopher Columbus.”

Columb(M) In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum.

Katie         The final question of our survey: What happened in America after its


Jess          People moved in.

Ed            Many explorers came there in search for gold, religious freedom, new

              chances, new experiences, land to claim for their country, and trade with

              Indians. There were wars over who got what land, and more and more

              people began to go there.

Leslie   Wars happened. Fights over the “new” land happened. After wars, rules

         were made. Tons of people kept filing in. It finally came to what

         America is today.

Katie    Animals got shot. Oh, yeah, and many wars broke out between different

         countries trying to claim the land.

Matt     The Whites took over and killed the Indians.

Ed       In 1493

Leslie   In 1493

Matt     In 1493

Katie    In 1493

Jess     In 1493

All      Columbus stole all he could see.


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