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3 Assessment Instrument


									Example of an Assessment Rubric for Additional Languages: Prepared Speech

Spoken Language            Level 4                    Level 3                    Level 2                    Level 1
Additional Lang
(20x2 =40)
                           7–8                        5–6                        3–4                        1-2
Content and planning       Well planned and very      Good planning and          Very little evidence of    No evidence of
                           informative                fairly                     planning                   planning and
                                                      informative                and somewhat               therefore
                                                                                 informative.               uninformative.
Language usage             Evidence of good           Sufficient language        Insufficient language      Inadequate language
                           language usage             control.                   control.                   control.
                           7–8                        5–6                        3–4                        1-2

Register                   Appropriate register       Appropriate register       Lapses in register and     Inappropriate register
Use of voice               and                        and fairly                 enunciation.               and poor
Enunciation                good voice projection.     clear enunciation                                     enunciation.
                           Good enunciation.
                           4                          3                          2                          1
Audience awareness         Good use of gestures       Appropriate use of         Fairly appropriate use     Inappropriate use of
Key cards and              and                        gestures                   of gestures                gestures
supporting ai              engages well with          and some audience          and some audience          and very little audience
                           audience.                  rapport.                   rapport.                   rapport.
                           Uses key cards and         Uses key cards and         Key cards and              Key cards and
                           supporting                 supporting                 supporting aids            supporting aids
                           aids effectively           aids well                  ineffectively used.        ineffectively used.

NB. When assessing other spoken language include the 'additional evidence', in the rubric in the first row; e.g. for reading aloud,
understanding and
fluency would replace content.

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