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                      VANCOUVER SECTION (408)
                       NEWSLETTER • APRIL 2007

ASQ Vancouver Section AGM
        ASQ Vancouver Section AGM
         and Quality Clinic - April
Quality Clinic Topic: The Bumpy Road to Lean Enterprise.
Presenter: Dr. Vladimir Kajdan

Detail and Registration
Join us for our AGM and Quality Clinic featuring guest speaker, Dr. Noriaki Kano and Dr. Vladimir
international quality leader, Dr. Vladimir Kajdan.              Kajdan at the 11th World Congress for
                                                                                     Total Quality Management in Wellington,
Dr. Kajdan has returned from the World Congress for Total Quality                    New Zealand from December 4 - 6:
Management in New Zealand and will be speaking from his award
winning paper ‘The Bumpy Road to Lean Enterprise’.                                   Dr. Noriaki Kano is a revered Japanese
                                                                                     professor and the 1997 recipient of that
   Date     Thursday, April 5th                                                      country’s Individual Deming Prize. In
   Time     Registration: 6:00 PM                                                    late 1970s he laid out the foundation
Location    BCIT, Townsquare C, SE2 building.                                        that often referred as a Attractive Quality
Program     6:30 - 8:30 PM                                                           Model or Kano Model.
 Details    No Fee Registration.
            Message from ASQ Section Affairs Council Chair                           Dr. Vladimir Kajdan is a Vancouver-
                                                                                     based international quality leader, who
Subject: ASQ Bronze Excellence Awardees                                              presented his award winning paper at the
March 14, 2007
                                                                                     Dr. Kajdan receiving the prize for the
Dear Bronze Excellence Section Committee,
                                                                                     best paper at the 11th World Congress
                                                                                     for Total Quality Management in New
Congratulations! Your Section has achieved SMP Section Excellence, Bronze
                                                                                     Zealand, for his paper: ‘The Bumpy
Level for the year 05-06. This is a great performance achievement for your Section
and it reflects favorably on your Member Leaders and Regional Director. Your         Road to Lean Enterprise’.
accomplishment of meeting or exceeding the Society’s objectives in member
satisfaction, loyalty and retention helps to make your Section, your community
and ASQ stronger. I look forward to shaking the hand of your representative and
Regional Director at the 2007 ASQ World Conference in Orlando, Fl.

Congratulations again on this accomplishment and my thanks to the Member
Leaders for their efforts.

Clay Hodges
ASQ Section Affairs Council Chair
                                               ASQ Vancouver (408) • April 2007

Notes from the Chair                                            - by Kay Kobayashi, Chair
                The ASQ Vancouver            Secretary’s position, Ferdie Dupa who has been pitching in is nominated for the next
                Section Annual General       two years. Irina Constantinescu will continue to serve as the section Treasurer till
                Meeting (AGM) together       June 2008. Committee Chairs and members for the year 2007-2008 are as follows:
                with the election of
                section officers will be
                                                       Programs:                                            Matt Lovett
                held on April 05, 2007.
                The members are kindly                 Membership:                                           Zhenqi Liu
requested to attend the meeting to                     Publicity                                                  Vacant
take advantage of this opportunity to                  Website                                            Mark Silvester
network as well as to learn more about
the Vancouver section. There is no                     Newsletter:                                          Tariq Malik
admission fee for members.                             Sponsorship:                                    Rodolfo de Sousa
                                                       Education:                                          Don Mallory
The section leaders will report on what’s
                                                       Certification:                                     Venu Ganesan
been done in the past year. The financials
will be reviewed and the nominees of                   Recertification/Examining:                            John Lloyd
officers for the upcoming year will be                 Registration:                                    Walter Wardrop
presented. I will move into the immediate              Audit:                                          Vladimir Kajdan
Past Chair. The nominee for the Chair’s
position is Richard Verdula who has been     It is our members who make this a great organization. I would ask all of you to
with the Section Leadership Committee        seriously consider making a contribution to the section by offering your valuable
for several years now and in the past. He    time and skills to this organization, and to create a vibrant community of Quality
was the program chair for 2005-2006 and      Practitioners. If you are interested in volunteering for the section, please contact me
currently leading the ASQ Community          at 604 351 6696 or you can contact any of the SLC members.
Good Work initiatives. We are seeking
nominations for the Vice Chair. For the

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                    ASQ Vancouver (408) • April 2007

Using an FMEA
In a Service Setting Part 2

   The use of corrective action—being reactive to quality
  performance problems by identifying and eliminating the
      root cause of nonconformities—is very common.
  Getting ahead of potential problems and designing them
          out of processes or preventing them from
              occurring is a different challenge.

                                         FEMA date: Vancouver (408) • April 2007
      4       5       6       7      8      10    9  11    12 13 14 15
                                         Who Acts
 ial   Potential
                            Recommended and target Action
ts SEV cause of OCC DET RPN                               SEV OCC DET RPN
                               action   completion taken
ure     failure

          FMEA Example
        Let’s look at an example inwhich a project team was The potential failure mode (how the featuremight
        developinga service delivery process toprovide contract fail) was determined to be “on-site recruitingprocess
                                        to deliver the feature. At Compuware, project
 e tool itself, starting with at external customerlocations. not implemented,” and the potentialeffect (negative
        employees forassignments
                                          we use the service, consequences) customer needs
        At Compuware, eventhough teams transfer the features from awas identified as“insufficient numbers
                                          on thecustomer needs of employees available.”The project team assigned a
 MEA, productor process features listedclarification spreadsheet.
        begin by complet-
                                             the FMEA,we needs clarification spreadsheet is
        clarificationspreadsheet to conductThe customeralso severity rating ofeight, meaning an insufficient number
 hich includes the name of
        could use the steps of ahigh level process flow diagram. of employeesavailable for assignment would have a
                                        used                                     precise (measur-
 the FMEA, the project in Figure 6begins to express customer needs inthe customer. The potential cause of
        The example shown                       with the process majoreffect on
                                        able) terms. process” thefailure breaks might each pri-
 gning feature“implement and manage on-siterecruiting The spreadsheet (why thisdownhappen) was determined tobe
        the process and the
  process that is being                 mary need so specific service or product and
        from the customerneeds clarification spread-sheet “no one available to conduct on-site recruiting,”with an
        illustrated in Figure 2.                                 goals (responses a need) 3 (high).
                                        process features and OCC of 8 (high), andto DET of can
  an FMEA is an ongoing           be developed.
 t, also assign responsibili-       In the example shown in Figure 2, a quality
 ll be
g             FIGURE 2        Customer Needs Clarification Spreadsheet
                                                  Project: service delivery process
                     Customer needs                                       Response to need
he                Primary            Clarified     Service or product                               Process              Process
he                 needs              needs          feature (what)                              feature (how)         feature goal
              Establish and       Sufficient       On-site recruiting                          Implement and      Long-term orders
                                                                        Develop process flow

              maintain a          numbers of                                                   manage on-site     filled 100% of the
vi-           core group          employees                                                    recruiting process time
              of contract         available for
d             employees           long-term        On-site hiring                              Implement and        100% on-time fill
                                  assignments                                                  manage on-site       of long-term
EA                                                                                             hiring process       orders
ate                                                Preassignment                               Manage hiring and Improved ratio
                                                   screening process                           preassignment     of employees
                                                                                               screening process available vs.
                                                                                                QUALITY PROGRESS   I SEPTEMBER 2006 I 25
                                                  ASQ Vancouver (408) • April 2007

Multiply severity, by occurrence by detection tocalculate            Once the actions were completed and the newRPN
the RPN:                                                             calculated, the revision date was entered intothe header
                                                                     section of the FMEA.
SEV x OCC x DET = RPN8 x 8 x 3 = 192
                                                           These steps were repeated until all the featuresfrom the
Remember, an RPN of 150 or higher needs to customer needs clarification spreadsheetwere included
beinvestigated and the process improved until theRPN is on the FMEA. Process flow diagramsalso were revised as
reduced successfully .                                     needed to reflect the actionstaken as the project team works
                                                           through the FMEA.To maintain the FMEA, the process
The recommended action was for branch managersto cross owner needsto review and revise it anytime a change is
train recruiters on the on-site recruitingprocess by Nov. made tothe process. Also, as processes are reviewed,
15, 2006. The process ownerwas responsible for ensuring whichshould be at least annually, the FMEA should
the branch managerscompleted the cross training and for bereviewed to ensure nothing has changed thatwould
notifying theproject team when training was completed. impact the RPN of any of the features.
Once the actions were completed, the projectteam’s next FMEA and Continuous Improvement
step was to determine whether theactions successfully
reduced the RPN of 192. The project team determined the An FMEA also can be a useful tool to help
actions taken didreduce the OCC from an eight (high) to serviceorganizations identify improvement opportunities.
two(remote). In other words, the action taken reducedthe Look at the service related processes within yourown
likelihood the cause will occur by increasingthe pool of company and determine which processeshave the biggest
trained recruiters.                                        impact on your external customers.Conduct an FMEA
                                                           to identify features ofthe process with the highest RPNs,
The project team also determined the actiontaken create a Paretoanalysis to rank the features by RPN and
improved the DET from a rating of high(three), to a rating initiatequality improvement projects.
of very high (two), by improvingthe likelihood it could
detect the cause before thecustomer could be impacted. A good candidate for improvement in most companiesis
Note that the SEV ofeight did not change, because the the invoicing process. Improving invoicingnot only
effect of failureon the customer did not change. The new benefits the customer by increasingsuch things as the
RPN wascalculated as follows:                              quality, accuracy and timelinessof invoices but also benefits
                                                           the company by compressingpayment turnaround time
SEV x OCC x DET = RPN8 x 2 x 2 = 32                        and acceleratingcash flow.

  FIGURE 6       FMEA Template for Compuware Contract Employee Process

 Prepared by:                                                            Owner:
 Project team:                                                           Responsibility:
                                                                         FEMA date:        Original:
      1           2              3          4     5       6      7   8          9       10        11    12 13 14 15
                                                                                     Who acts
 Service or              Potential             Potential
              Potential                                             Recommended and target Action
  process                effects of        SEV cause of OCC DET RPN                                    SEV OCC DET RPN
            failure mode                                                 action     completion  taken
  feature                 failure                failure
 Implement                                      No one
                                                                    Cross train all
     and        On-site     Insufficient       available
                                                                     recruiters on   Branch Recruiters
   manage      recruiting    number of             to
                                            8             8  3 192    the on-site   managers    cross   8   2   2   32
   on-site process not      employees           conduct
                                                                       recruiting   11/15/2006 trained
  recruiting implemented     available           on-site
   process                                     recruiting
 SEV = severity rating            DET = detection rating
 OCC = occurrence rating          RPN = rating priority number   ––
                  ASQ Vancouver (408) • April 2007

                For example, let’s say one step or        brainstorm to determine the OCC
                process featurein the invoicing process   andthe likelihood current controls
                is to enter information intothe billing   will detect the failurebefore it occurs.
                system. To complete the FMEA, the
                nextstep is to determine how this         For each potential failure the project
                feature might fail(potential failure      team thenshould calculate the RPN

                mode), such as inaccurate dataentered     by multiplying severity byoccurrence
                into the system.                          by detection and take necessary
                                                          steps toreduce ratings above 150.

  results in
                What is the potential effect of the       A simple improvement acompany
                failure? Thecustomer would receive        could implement to improve the
                an incorrect invoice, towhich an SEV      datasource might be to find ways

                of four (moderate effect) is assigned.    to foolproof its orderform, perhaps
                The rating of four is appropriate         through the use of drop-down boxes.
                because the definitionof this rating      The use of FMEA as a preventive

  with the
                is, “Failure results in confrontation     tool easily allowed Compuware to
                with the customer, and additional         meet the ISO 9001 requirementfor
                cost is incurred.”The customer would      preventive action. The tool allows

customer, and
                confront the company toresolve            fordetermining action to eliminate the
                the incorrect invoice (especially if      causes of potentialnonconformities
                the erroris not in the customer’s         to prevent their occurrence.FMEAs

                favor), and the companywould              provide records of preventive action
                incur additional cost by creating a       anddemonstrate a preventive action is
                revisedinvoice.                           appropriate toeliminate the effects of

   cost is
                                                          a potential problem. Theyalso identify
                A project team should brainstorm          the potential causes of problems
                to determinepotential cause of the        andelimination of those causes—even

                failure. One cause could bethat the       in a service company. •••
                data source (for example, the order
                form)itself is inaccurate, making it      CECELIA MCCAIN is the director
                impossible for thebilling clerk to        of quality program managementat
                enter the right information into          Compuware Corp. in Detroit and
                thesystem. Another cause could            an ASQmember. She has numerous
                be human error—thebilling clerk           certifications, including ASQ’sSix
                entering the wrong data into the          Sigma Black Belt and the Software
                system.For each potential cause           Engineering       Institute’scapability
                identified, the teamthen should           maturity model.

                                        ASQ Vancouver (408) • April 2007

Congratulations to the following
ASQ members on successfully                                       Quality
passing the ASQ exams held on
December 02, 2006:                                                Inspectors
     Name                        Exam

  Brian Amouzgar        Six Sigma Green Belt -CGB                 We have an immediate
                                                                  opening for two Inspectors
Ada Maria Bodnariuc     Six Sigma Green Belt -CGB                 in our quality team. We are a
                                                                  growing, youthful, dynamic
   Pieter Botman        Six Sigma Green Belt -CGB                 manufacturing company.
                                                                  Duties can include; inspection
  Rodney J Groves       Six Sigma Green Belt -CGB                 of precision metal parts,
                                                                  processing of NCRs and
                                                                  ECRs, equipment calibration,
  Jarrod W house        Six Sigma Green Belt -CGB
                                                                  preparation of reports, process
                                                                  auditing, and involvement in
  Almario P Santos      Six Sigma Green Belt -CGB
                                                                  process improvement projects.
                                                                  Good English skills, computer
   Chin-Pun Teng        Six Sigma Green Belt -CGB
                                                                  skills, attention to detail,
                                                                  ability to work productively
   Yi Min Wang          Six Sigma Green Belt -CGB                 in a team environment,
                                                                  and good personal work
     Jim Yuen           Six Sigma Green Belt -CGB                 habits are necessary.
                                                                  Experience is not essential
Craig A Bennington         Quality Auditor -CQA                   but is preferred, particularly
                                                                  experience with CMM
  Slobodan Grcic          Quality Engineer -CQE                   equipment and knowledge
                                                                  of ISO9000 standards. Range

  Mark Ludrovsky           Quality Inspector -CQI
                                                                  of compensation is $12 to
                                                                  $19 per hour depending on
Coleen S Mcaloney          Quality Inspector -CQI

  Gurpreet S Kang     Software Quality Engineer - CSQ
                                                                  Call Al at 604 942 9558 ext.
                                                                  233 to inquire.

                                            ASQ Vancouver (408) • April 2007

                         ASQ certification is a formal recognition by ASQ that an individual has demonstrated
                                     a proficiency within, and comprehension of, a specified body of knowledge
                                             at a point in time. Nearly 150,000 certifications have been issued
                                                   to well-deserving professionals. ASQ has members in more
                                                        than 100 countries, all industries, and all cultures. ASQ
                                                            certification is internationally accepted and recognized.

                          CERTIFICATION BENEFITS
                              Benefits to the Individual:                      organization benefit from quality tools and
                                  New skills gained and                        practices. Acquire the knowledge to position
                                  proficiency upgraded                         yourself and your organization ahead of
                                  Source of professional and                   the competition.
                                  personal pride
                                  Investment in career                         How do I receive an ASQ certification?
                                  Mark of technical excellence                    Each exam is offered at least
                                                                                  twice a year
                                  Assurance that individual is current
                                  with emerging technologies                      Exams are administered at the local
                                                                                  section or other designated site
                                  Discriminator in the marketplace
                                                                                  Special administrations are possible
                                  ASQ certified professionals earn
                                  more money than their uncertified            Get more information or apply for any
                                  counterparts                                 exam online. Visit
                                  ASQ certification is endorsed by more        or call 800-248-1946 (United States and
                                  than 125 corporations                        Canada only).

                              Benefits to Organizations:                       Achieve Credibility
                                  Investment in the company’s future           If you are seeking professional credibility
                                  Allows individual to perfect and share       through the world’s leading authority on
                                  new techniques in the workplace              quality and the expert in certification and
                                  Provides organization with                   standards development, join us today.
                                  knowledgeable employees who                  Visit or call
                                  are able to assure product and               800-248-1946 and save on your
                                  service quality                              certification exam fees!
                              Quality is a global concept. It crosses
                              borders, cultures, and languages. No matter
                              what country your customers live in or what
                              language they speak, they demand quality
                              products and services.You and your
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