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					        FEE SCHEDULE: Trademark Services

Step 1                    Availability Search. Our availability search strategy is two-fold.

   1. Knock-Out/Preliminary Search
First, we provide a Trademark Data Sheet for the client to complete. We take the information
provided in the Data Sheet and conduct a preliminary review of publicly accessible databases of
applications and registrations filed with the appropriate governmental trademark authority in
the United States.

In addition, we conduct a general search on the Internet to examine common law use of
trademarks that may not be the subject of a registration or application.

This preliminary “knock-out” search is intended to be an inexpensive and quick way to eliminate
potential trademarks so not to incur the costs associated with more comprehensive searches.

We will report the Knock-Out Search results within 24 hours. If there are no conflicting marks
we will proceed to the second-phase of Step 1 and conduct a comprehensive search with
Availability Opinion.

              FLAT RATE:            Individual searches @ $100 per search

              BULK RATE:            5 searches for $400; 10 searches for $750
   2. Full-Search – Availability Opinion
If the trademark is not "knocked-out" by the preliminary search, we obtain a comprehensive
“full-search” by a reputable trademark search company that has the ability to access many
more databases in a relatively efficient and economic manner.

This full-search includes a thorough search of the proposed mark and variations thereof
(including phonetically close and truncated equivalents), plus confusingly similar marks in
classes relevant to product(s) or service(s) to be associated with the proposed mark. This
search involves not only searching U.S. state and Federal trademark records, but also a detailed
common law search from national business directories, yellow pages directories, periodicals,
relevant journals, Internet Domain Name Registrations, search engines and many other

After reviewing and analyzing the full-search results we provide an opinion that evaluates the
availability of the proposed trademark. The availability opinion examines borderline risks of
infringement, evaluates the proposed mark's legal strength, and identifies any potential
problems the owner may have in pursuing a federal trademark registration, as well as
suggestions for overcoming infringement claims and registration objections, should they arise.

              FIXED RATE:           Standard (5 day); 1- 5 opinions: $2,000.00 each
                                    (includes $625 Thompson Compumark fee; legal fees only $1,375)

                                    Rush (3 day); 1 – 5 opinions: $2,400.00 each
                                    (includes $995 Thompson Compumark fee; legal fees only $1405.00)

              BULK RATE:            Standard (5 day); 6-10 opinions: $1,800.00 each
                                    (includes $625 Thompson Compumark fee; legal fees only $1,175)

                                    Standard (5 day); 11 – 25 opinions: $1,500.00 each
                                    (includes $625 Thompson Compumark fee; legal fees only $875.00)

                                    Rush (3 day); 6-10 opinions: $2,200.00 each
                                    (includes $995 Thompson Compumark fee; legal fees only $1,205.00)

                                    Rush (3 day); 11 – 25 opinions: $1,900.00 each
                                    (includes $995 Thompson Compumark fee; legal fees only $905.00)
Step 2                      Trademark Application Process

   1. Application Drafting

After gathering the information needed, we prepare and electronically file a trademark
application with the USPTO.

               FIXED RATE:            1 – 5 applications; $300.00 per individual application

               BULK RATE:             6 – 10 applications; $250.00 per application

                                      11 – 25 applications; $200.00 per application

                                      Expenses: $325.00 per class of goods/services

   2. Prosecution of Application

The USPTO Examiner assigned to the trademark application often issues an inquiry called an
“Office Action” that must be responded to within 6 months. These Office Actions must be
responded to before the USPTO will issue a certificate of registration.

Once the Examiner is satisfied that the mark should proceed to registration it is published in the
Trademark Registry for an “opposition period.” During this period, any third-party may file an
opposition with the USPTO claiming that the proposed mark should not be registered. The
trademark applicant is then provided the opportunity to respond to the opposition and convince
the USPTO that the mark should indeed be registered.

Responding to Office Action and Oppositions requires the presentation of legal arguments and
thus is billed on a hourly basis. On average, an initial response to an office action or opposition
takes between 7 – 12 hours.

               HOURLY RATE:           $200.00/hour
Step 3                      Enforcement of Rights

   1. Trademark Monitoring & Watch

Perform periodic searches of federal and state trademark databases; provide a monthly report
notifying owner if someone intends to register a similar mark.

               FIXED RATE:            Watch for 1 – 4 marks: $1,000.00/year per mark

               BULK RATE:             Watch for 5-11 marks: $750/year per mark

   2. Cease and Desist and Settlement

Prepare and serve cease and desist letters and settlement papers. If our trademark watch
program uncovers a third-party infringing on your mark we will prepare and service the
infringing party with a cease & desist letter. The typical time to draft and serve a letter is 2 – 4
hours. We will follow-up with the infringing party and work on the owner’s party to settle the

               HOURLY RATE:           $200.00/hour

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