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					                                                                            xxx board BOM list
Date: 12 Oct 2010

y       Reference Designator                    Item Description                             Supplier
     3 C1, C34,C89                              33pF 50V C0G 5% SMT 0402                     Mouser

      30 C8, C10, C11, C15, C16, C17, C18,
         C21, C24, C25, C26, C27, C28, C29,
         C30, C31, C33, C35, C37, C47,          100nF 10V X7R 10% SMT 0402                   Farnell
         C50,C52, C61, C62, C68, C72,
       8 C40, C41, C46, C50, C51, C64, C73,     100pF 50V C0G 5% SMT 0402
       7 C49, C59, C70, C74, C75, C77, C78      1nF 50V X7R 10% SMT 0402                     Farnell
       1 C55                                    4n7F 16V X7R 5% SMT 0402                     Farnell
       2 C53, C56,                              330pF 25V X7R 10% SMT 0402                   Farnell
       3 C13,C14,C54                            39nF 50V X7R 10% SMT 0805                    Mouser
       1 C69                                    56pF 50V C0G 5% SMT 0402                     Mouser
       8   C2, C3, C6, C12, C19, C22 C39, C48   4u7F 6V3 X5R 10% SMT 0603                    RS
       1   C57                                  18pF 50V C0G 5% SMT 0402                     RS
       1   C83                                  22pF 50V NPO 5% SMT 0402                     RS
       2   C7, C9                               10uF 6V3 X5R 10% SMT 0805                    Digi-Key
       5   C4, C5, C66, C79, C81                10nF 16V X7R 10% SMT 0402                    Digi-Key
       1   C80                                  33nF 250V X7R 10% SMT 1206                   Digi-Key
       5 L1, L4, L8, L17, L24                   Ferrite 600R 25% 0.2A SMT 0402               RS
       3 L3, L6, L16                            Ferrite 600R 25% 1.0A SMT 0603               Mouser
       1 L22                                    Ferrite 1000R 25% 0.35A SMT 0402             Mouser

       1 L20                                    Power inductor 1.09uH 5% 5A SMT              Mouser
       1 J1                                     Through hole 2.54mm pitch 2*15 connector     Digi-Key
       2 J2,J6                                  Through hole 2.0mm pitch 1*12 connector      Digi-Key
       1 J3                                     SMT right angle 0.5mm pitch 1*30 connector   Digi-Key

       1 J4                                     Through hole 5.08mm pitch 1*4 connector      Digi-Key
       1 IC3                                    1.5A low dropout positive regulator 3.3V
       1 IC10                                   Low dropout regualator 5.0V output           Farnell
       2 IC5,IC7                                Small signal Schottky diodes                 Farnell
       1 IC4                                    IC MCU 16bit 1k Flash 132-PQFP               Digi-Key

       1 X2                                     Crystal 24.576MHz, 50ppm 12pF SMT            Mouser
       3 IC8,IC9,IC10                           Quadruple2-input positive-and gates          Mouser
       6 R21,R25,R34,R35,R36,R38                RES 100R 1% 63mW SMT 0402                    Farnell
       2 R9, R10                                1K5 1% 63mW SMT 0402                         RS
      11 R13, R12, R17, R18, R19, R22, R23,     33R 1% 63mW SMT 0402                         RS
         R24, R28, R32, R33
       3 LED1,LED2,LED3                         LED SMT 0603 Green                           Farnell
      5 D1,D3,D4,D5,D6                        1N4148 High-speed diodes                    Mouser
      3 IC11,IC12,IC14                        Dual Operational Amplifier                  Mouser

      1 IC13                                  EEPROM Memory256K (32K X 8) 150ns           RS

BOM lines                                                          35
Total components qty:                                              128

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x board BOM list

        Supplier Part no.       Manufacturer        Manufacturer Part no.   Comment
        810-C1005C0G1H330J      TDK                 C1005C0G1H330J

        1828860                                     GRM155R71A104KA01D

                                Kemet               C0402C101J5GAC
        1650805                 Kemet               C0402C102K5RAC
        3019251                 Yageo (Phycomp)     CC0402KRX7R7BB472
        1758905                 Multicomp           MCCA000058
                                AVX                 08055C393KAT2A
        581-04025C560JAT2A      AVX                 04025C560JAT2A
        691-1164                Kemet               C0603C475K9PAC
        147-128                 Kemet               C0402C180J5GAC
        435-1453                Phycomp (Yageo)     223886915229
        399-3138-2-ND           Kemet               C0805C106K9PAC
        399-1039-2-ND           Kemet               C0402C103J4RAC
        KTF251B333K31NLT00-ND   United Chemi-Con    KTF251B333K31NLT00
        669-3989                Wurth Electronic    74279279
        710-742792651           Wurth Electronic    742792651
        81-BLM15AX102SN1D       Murata              BLM15AX102SN1D

        673-P0452NLT            Pulse               P0452NLT
        SAM1070-15-ND           Samtec Inc          TSW-115-23-L-D
        455-1714-ND             JST Connector       B12B-PH-K-S(LF)(SN)

        WM7976TR-ND             Molex Connector     52435-3071

        174804-1-ND             Tyco Electronics    174804-1

        1663352                 Linear Technology   LT1086IM-3.3

        1652350                 On Semiconductor    MC78LC50NTRG
        1261334                 ST Semiconductor    BAT54CFILM
        MC68HC16Z1VEH16-ND      Freescale           MC68HC16Z1VEH16
        581-CX5032GB24576       AVX                 CX5032GB24576H0PESZZ
        595-SN74LS08N           Texas Instruments   SN74LS08N
        1697307                 Tyco Electronics    CPF0402B100RE1
        678-8797                Vishay              CRCW040215K0FKED
        678-9197                Vishay              CRCW040233R0FKED

        1686060                 Kingbright          KPG-1608VGC-A
                  771-1N4148-T/R   NXP             1N4148,113
                  512-LM258AM      Fairchild       LM258AM
                  696-3165         Atmel           AT28C256-15PU


eering charges.

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