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Our Sponsors


									Our Sponsors

Prestige Partners                         Collideascope Digital
CBC Television                            Extreme Group
CTV                                       Kodak Canada Entertainment Imaging
Empire Theatres                           Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation
EastLink                                  Sim Video
IFC                                       Tour Tech East
Stella Artois                             WestJet
Telefilm Canada
                                          Silver Partners
Signature Partners                        ACTRA Maritimes
PowerPost                                 C100
Showcase                                  Deluxe
                                          East Coast Music Association Prestige
Platinum Partners                         Partner
COMWEB                                    Economy Shoe Shop (part of the Argyle
Continental                               Cobblers Group - The Press Gang, Seahorse
Delta Barrington and Delta Halifax        Tavern, The
Fraser & Hoyt                             Marquee Club)
Rogers                                    Eyes Post Group
Star! TV                                  FileMaker Inc.
Volkswagen Canada                         Fuji Photo Film Canada
William F. White International Inc.       Halifax Film Company
Government Agencies                       National Film Board of Canada / Office
Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC)   national du film du Canada
Department of Canadian Heritage – Trade   Nova Scotia Community College
Routes                                    Panavision Canada
Department of Foreign Affairs and         Precision Camera Inc.
International Trade (DFAIT)               PS Atlantic
International Business Development        Sony of Canada Ltd.
Agreement (IBDA)                          Spectacle Group
Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and     Universal Music Canada Inc.
Culture                                   Wacky Wheatley's Audiotronic
Gold Partners
Astral Media The Harold Greenberg Fund    Bronze Partners
Astral Media's The Movie Network          AdsOnFeet Inc.
Global TV                                 Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund
DGC - Atlantic Regional Council           Official Formal Wear
Discount Car and Truck Rentals            All Dressed Up/The Model Shop
DJO Events Group
Double Click Inc.                         Official Hotel
Fujinon Inc.                              Delta Halifax
Greater Halifax Partnership
Guild of Canadian Film Composers (GCFC)   Official International
HPNOTIQ                                   Airline Continental
Independent Production Fund
New Brunswick Film                        Official Marketing Agency
Newfoundland and Labrador Film            Extreme Group
Development Corporation
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design     Official Monitor Suppliers
PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur                  HITACHI/Wacky Wheatley's Audiotronic
Playback Magazine
Rogers Wireless                           Official Pro Video Supplier
Second Cup – Scotia Square                Sony of Canada Ltd.
Spring Garden Area Business Association   Official Production Supplies
XM Satellite Radio                        Tour Tech/ TelAV/ Double Click/ Kent Home
[yellow tail]                             Building Supplies/ Neptune Theatre/ Halifax
                                          Metro Centre
Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television   Official Restaurant
Alliance française                        Economy Shoe Shop
Cobalt Communications
                                          Official Transport
Official Suppliers                        Discount Car and Truck Rentals

Official Beer                             Official Travel Agency and Insurance
Stella Artois                             Broker
                                          Fraser & Hoyt
Official Communications
Provider                                  Official Vehicle
EastLink                                  Volkswagen Canada

Official Design Agency                    Official Wine
Spectacle Group                           [yellow tail]

Official Domestic Airline

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