Cricket by ashrafp


									                         Hit for 6

 We have been learning how       Iain thought that St Bede’s
to play cricket, we have been    First School would be in the
going to lessons every           top half of the schools on the
Tuesday after school in the      day; all of the children had a
school hall.                     brilliant day and really
The coach who has been           enjoyed taking part in the
teaching us is called Iain, he   tournament. Mr White was
has been playing cricket         very pleased with the way
since he was 3years old. Iain    we played, every game was
became a coach when he           close, he was also very
finished high school, his        pleased with the way we
mum let him coach for the        behaved. He said “I had a
first time at the school she     lovely day because you have
was teaching.                    been so well behaved, tried
Iain enjoys helping young        so hard and been really good
children to fall in love with    company. Thank You.”
cricket and he also wants
them to get better at other
sports. He thinks that we
have learned how to do           The school received two sets
things correctly by watching,    of cricket bat and ball for
listening and that our           taking part.
listening skills have
improved a lot.                  By James and Olivia
We have been learning how
to play cricket for a cricket
tournament that took place
on Friday 23rd November
2007. The cricket tournament
was held at the amazing JJB
sports hall on Astroturf,
which was very spiky. Ten
local schools took part on the

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