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					          Plan Summary for the Technology Testbeds (incl CLARAty) Task                                                                                                     October 14, 2002

From        Date        Date        Needed                                                                                                  Date
 Date       Ready      Needed         By                     Technology Description                            Receives From               Needed     Notes
FY 2003
 10/02     01-Nov-02                  LT         D* Path Planner                                    RMSA - Path Planner                   01-Aug-02   Received
 10/02     01-Dec-02                CLARAty/     CLARAty testbed: Rocky 8, Rocky7, six
                                   MDS, LT, IP   embedded mockups for R8, R7, FIDO
 10/02     01-Dec-02   01-Dec-02     LT, IP      CLARAty/ROAMS open-loop locomotion with            ROAMS with wheel control simulation   01-Nov-02
                                                 simulation of closed-loop wheel control
 10/02     15-Dec-02   15-Dec-02      LT         EKF position estimation for (x,y, heading)
 10/02     31-Dec-02   31-Dec-02     LT, IP      CLARAty/WITS - define format for uplink and
                                                 downlink of data products
  8/02     15-Jan-03   15-Jan-03     LT, IP      Visual Odometry on Rocky 8 and Rocky 7             RMSA - Slope Navigation               01-Sep-02   Received
 10/02     31-Jan-03                  LT         Sun sensor heading estimation                      FIDO - sun sensor code - legacy       15-Nov-02
                                                                                                    Rocky 7 - sun sensor code - legacy
 10/02     15-Feb-03   15-Feb-03       LT        ROAMS/CLARAty with reasonable R8 data              ROAMS version with IMU simulation     01-Dec-02
                                                 (kinematic, mass inertias, etc) with locomotion,
                                                 wheel control, IMU, and pose estimation

 10/02     15-Feb-03   01-Mar-03       IP        Stereo-based manipulation infrastructure -         PDM - legacy instrument placement                 Older version available in CLARAty
                                                 control/coordination/sensing for Rocky 8, PDM,
                                                 and K9 Arms and masts
 10/02     01-Mar-03   01-Apr-03       IP        2D Visual Tracker with obstacle avoidance on       RMSA - Visual Tracking                01-Nov-02   Received
                                                 Rocky 8 and Rocky 7
 10/02     01-Mar-03   01-Mar-03       IP        GESTALT navigator on Rocky 8 and Rocky 7           MER - GESTALT navigation software     01-Dec-02
                                                 (encapsulated latest MER version)
 10/02     15-Mar-03   03-Mar-03                 CLARAty/WITS - demonstrate uplink and              WITS version to support interface     01-Feb-03
                                                 downlink of a single command (e.g. Hazcam)
 10/02     01-Apr-03   03-May-03     LT, IP      Two navigators designed with CLARAty               Morphin++ - navigation software       01-Dec-02   Morphin received
                                                 infrastucture - Morphin++, Gestalt                 MER - GESTALT navigation software

 10/02     01-May-03   01-Jun-03     IP, LT      ROAMS/CLARAty image acquistion and transfer        ROAMS interface for image-            01-Apr-03
                                                 (canned images)                                    acquisition
 10/02     01-Jun-03   02-Dec-02       LT        CLARAty/WITS - demonstrate commanding for                                                            Unresolved schedule conflict with LT task
                                                 locomotion (driving) and navigation
 10/02     15-Jun-03   01-Jun-03       IP        CLARAty/ROAMS interface for rover-based            ROAMS simulation of manipulator       01-Apr-03
                                                 manipulators                                       kinematics and interface
 10/02     30-Jun-03   01-Jun-03       IP        CLARAty/WITS - demonstrate manipulator             WITS version to support Rocky 8       01-Mar-03
                                                 commanding for Rocky 8                             commanding interface
                                                 Define format for shared models
 10/02     31-Jul-03    7/03?          LT        Integrated DriveMaps Navigator in CLARAty          FIDO - legacy Drive Maps              01-Jan-03   Pending Review - Port will take 5-6 months (1FTE)
  6/02     01-Sep-03                   LT        Initial integration of (TEMPEST/ISE) long range    RMSA - TEMPEST/ISE (5/03)             01-Jun-03   Delivery date can be affected by
                                                 path planning with CLARAty Decision Layer                                                            DriveMap Integration
FY 2004
 4/03     01-Nov-03       ?       LT, IP   Integrated Position Estimation - visual odometry,   RMSA Slope Navigation                01-May-03
 4/03     30-Nov-03   01-Nov-03    LT      Integrated ROAMAN Path Planner                      Legacy - FIDO                        01-Aug-03    Pending Review - Given DriveMap integration, port will ta
 4/03     01-Dec-03   03-Dec-03     IP     Combined 2D-3D target tracking from 10 m on         RMSA - Visual Tracking               01-Nov-03
                                           Rocky 8, Rocky 7 and K9
 4/03     01-Dec-03                 LT     Wide baseline Stereo?                               RMSA - WBS                           01-Sep-03    Pending Review - C. Olson
 10/03    15-Jan-04   01-Jan-04     IP     Collision Detection for rover manipulators          Legacy - MER                         01-Dec-03
 10/03    01-Feb-04       ?         AS     Bayesian spectral classifier                        RMSA - Autonomous Science            01-Oct-03    T. Roush
  4/03    01-Mar-04       ?         AS     Motor fault detection                               RMSA - Fault Detection               01-Nov-03    R. Deardren
  4/04    01-Apr-04   01-Apr-04     IP     Collision avoidance for manipulators                Legacy - MER                                      C. Leger
 10/03    15-Apr-04   01-Apr-04   LT, IP   Multi-resolution Mapping                            RMSA - Wide Baseline Stereo          15-Feb-03    C. Olson
 10/03    01-Jun-04   01-Jun-04   IP, LT   CLARAty/ROAMS - navigation, stereo on               ROAMS - high resolution synthetic    01-Apr-03
                                           synthetic images, motor level control, estimation   images

 4/04     01-Aug-04       ?        AS      Env perturbation Fault detection                    RMSA - Fault Detection               01-May-03    R. Deardren
 4/04     01-Oct-04       ?        AS      Self calibration                                    RMSA - Dead Recknoning                01-Jul-03   Y. Borenstein

FY 2005
 10/04    01-Feb-05       ?        AS      Image classifier                                    RMSA - Autonomous Science            01-Oct-04    T. Roush
 10/04    01-Jan-05       ?        AS      Active Terrain Estimation                           RMSA - Terrain Characterization
 10/04    01-Feb-05       ?        AS      Visual Terrain Estimation                           RMSA - Terrain Characterization
 10/03    01-Mar-05               LT, IP   CLARAty/ROAMS w/ complete CLARAty                   ROAMS - high resolution syntheitic
                                           navigation, terrain sensing and pose estimation     images
onflict with LT task

will take 5-6 months (1FTE)
n DriveMap integration, port will take 2-3 months (1FTE)

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