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									  Habitat Halton

                                                                                                                       Fall 2006

   froM the Chair
   Leaders Building a Nation. That is the title of Habitat for
   Humanity Canada’s five-year plan to triple the rate at which
   Canadian affiliates build homes.
   This target sounds aggressive, perhaps overly aggressive at first
   thought. But on reviewing the need, and knowing what building
   blocks are needed to help us achieve this goal, not stepping up
   to the challenge isn’t an option Habitat affiliates in Canada are
   willing to choose.
   In Canada, 1.7 million families live without adequate or
   affordable housing. Over half a million Canadians pay more
   than 50% of their household income on shelter. Nearly 5 million
   Canadians have incomes below the Low-Income Cut Off (LICO).
   Here in Halton, our statistics are equally challenging.
   Faced with this reality, and with the belief that we could build on
   the experience of other affiliates across North America as well     Terry Quinn
   as our own successes as a young affiliate, the Board members of     Habitat for Humanity Halton’s Chair
   Habitat Halton established a detailed strategic plan to greatly
   increase the rate at which we build homes in our communities
   here in Halton. The highlights of
   this plan were presented by Kathrin In Canada, 1.7 million families live without
   Delutis, our Executive Director, at adequate or affordable housing.

   our Annual General Meeting in
   We are steadily making progress in many areas of the plan:
   ß Our members know that land has been our biggest challenge.
     Our goal was to identify and purchase suitable building sites              Interested in meeting new
     so that land was no longer the limiting factor in our build
                                                                                people, learning new skills,
     schedule. I’m very pleased to report that we purchased three
     building lots on John Street in Georgetown earlier this year
                                                                                using your hidden talents?
     and were successful purchasing a lot in July suitable for a                Do not delay—call Deanna Smuk,
     semi-detached house in Burlington. In addition, we are in                  Volunteer Coordinator—to learn
     negotiation for a site that will allow us to build multiple                how to get involved today!
     townhouse units in 2008 or beyond.                                         Email
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                                                                                or call 905-637-4446 ext. 103 for
                                                                                more details on how to become
                                                                                a Habitat Halton Volunteer.

Habitat Halton news is produced by HFH Halton Marketing Committee. Please direct comments and suggestions to:
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ß Our target was to build homes in partnership with one family in 2005,
  two in 2006 and three in 2007, and we are making good progress on
  this goal. We completed the house on Queen Mary Drive in Burlington
  last fall, will dedicate a house on Dayfoot Drive in Georgetown this fall,
  and are working diligently to submit building plans for permits that
  will allow us to break ground for a semi-detached house (two families)
  in Burlington this October. This, together with the “shovel ready” land
  on John Street, has us right on track to meeting our three-year target.
ß Habitat Canada’s plan identifies one key element to a local affiliate’s
  successful and sustainable growth. That element is investment in
  professional staff. Funded by the continued growth in our ReStore,
  Habitat Halton has carefully added to staff levels, allowing us to further
  leverage the thousands of hours donated by our dedicated volunteers,            A Good Way
  without any use of donated funds.                                               to Beat
We are pleased about our progress in these areas, but there still is              Capital Gains
substantial work to be done to achieve and sustain the five-year growth
forecasted in our plan.                                                           Canadians who donate stock to
Through our collective efforts, we are building homes and communities             Habitat Halton will not have to pay
that are giving hope and opportunity to hard working, low-income
families in Halton. Each of our volunteers, donors and sponsors in this           any capital gains tax on the growth of
effort are leaders, together building a nation of healthier communities,          those shares. This is fantastic news for
providing the hope and opportunity for affordable housing to partner
families, one house and one family at a time.                                     donors who want to make a difference

                                                                                  in their community and look for ways

                                                                                  to reduce their tax bill at the same


                          Thank You Volunteers
                           for all of the time, dedication and support you     and Build to work together to reach this goal.
                           give to us each and everyday; we could not do       I must say with a volunteer team as dedicated,
                           it without you.                                     strong and gracious as the one I see in front of
                                                                               me everyday, there is no stopping us in making
                           We have certainly had a very busy spring and
                                                                               an enormous impact on the lives of families in
                           summer here at Habitat for Humanity Halton
                                                                               need as well as the lives of each other.
                           and I would like to take this opportunity to
                           thank each one of you for taking the time out       Kindest Regards,
                           of your busy schedules to help make it possible     Deanna Smuk
                           to create safe, decent, affordable homes for        Volunteer Coordinator
                           deserving families in our community.
                           It takes every volunteer – Office, ReStore,
                           Committee, Special Event, Board of Directors

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                     The Value of Donors &
                     Sponsors . . . Priceless
                      K at h r i n Delu t is, E x ecu t i v e Di r ector

                   It is so very clear that without our donors and sponsors
                   Habitat for Humanity Halton would not be able to exist.
                   We have a variety of “types” of donors and sponsors,
from our house sponsors and donors to our ReStore donors.
These are the two most obvious areas, but without our “general” donors and
sponsors we could not complete the work that is so often done “behind the
scenes.” For example, all the furniture
in our offices is donated. Currently I You will find mention of many of our donors throughout this
am working with an architect who edition of our newsletter. You can help us recognize these
is donating her services to help us in
the design of our semi to be built in
                                         businesses by patronizing them. Let them know that you
Burlington. We require legal services know they are “friends of habitat.”
for purchasing of land; the sale
of our houses to our partner families and for the crafting of various legal
agreements and documents . . . all of which are donated services. When we
needed a new truck we had cash donations as well as the seller discounted
the price significantly and then a private donor paid to have it decaled with
our logo.
Without these gifts of cash and services our operational expenses would be         CUMIS           kicks off the Burlington Build
significantly higher and would impact our ability to build more affordable          campaign with their donation of $7735.00.
homes in Halton. We are so very grateful to all of these individuals, businesses   “The Heart of The Home Campaign” is the
and corporations.                                                                   fifth campaign employees have supported
You will find mention of many of our donors throughout this edition of our          in order to sponsor the “heart of all homes”
newsletter. You can help us recognize these businesses by patronizing them.        – the kitchen.
Let them know that you know they are “friends of habitat.”
Thank You,
ß RexCom – Computer Management
ß MCAP – Mortgage Management
ß Gough Consulting – Urban and Municipal Planning
ß Construction Safety Association of Ontario
ß Brechin & Huffman – Scott Henderson, B.A., LL.B.
ß Investors Group – Financial Services
ß The SignTree – Signage
ß green propeller design – Architecture & Building Services
ß Ryder Truck Rentals
We continue to seek new donors and sponsors. Services donated as a gift to
Habitat for Humanity Halton are always needed and appreciated. If you know
of an individual or business you think might be able to help us out, please
pass their name and contact information on to our office.

                                                                                   Ed Mair and Carroll Hern of CUMIS are
                                                                                   presenting a cheque to Kathrin Delutis
                                                                                   Executive Director of HFH Halton.

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                      Partner faMilies
Choosing the families to own and occupy a Habitat for Humanity           building their home and to Habitat activities.
                                                                         We refer to this as sweat equity.
home is one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of
                                                                         The three basic criteria are always reviewed but
the organization. How can the best, and the most deserving               these alone are not all that is considered. Family
families be located and selected for the houses to be built?             Selection volunteers meet with the family to
                                                                         outline the Habitat program. They discuss
How can these families be partners in our organization?
                                                                         the family’s current situation. They assess the
                      The Family Partnering Committee is a key           family’s willingness to partner with Habitat
                      committee at Habitat for Humanity. Habitat         and be good neighbours. The family’s eagerness
                      is a people-centred work, and not merely a         to improve their situation is a large part of the
                      house building organization. We are about          process. Families must be willing to faithfully
                      people building and community building. The        repay their mortgage, work with Habitat
                      Family Partnering Committee is at the core of      throughout the support process and then be
                      that work. Part of the work of the committee       good neighbours once they are living in their
                      is Family Selection. This is one of the most       home. We require a great deal from Habitat
                      important tasks at the affiliate.                  families and they in turn expect Habitat to be
                                                                         faithful to our promises.
                      But how can the right choices be made in
                      selecting families? A wise, thoughtful process
                      is the absolute prerequisite to choosing the
                                                                         Just as there are no perfect
                      right families. What are the basic criteria used   human beings, there are no
                      in the process?                                    perfect families.
                      First, families are chosen who are living in       Just as there are no perfect human beings, there
                      inadequate or substandard conditions. Some         are no perfect families. Often Habitat partner
                      are living in overcrowded rental housing.          families have other problems. Quite often these
                      Some dwellings have unacceptable physical          problems have contributed to the poor housing
                      conditions. Many are paying more than 30% of       situation in which they are now living. So, as
                      their gross family income and some even 50%        families are considered, the Family Selection
                      or more of their income goes towards their         volunteers must do a reality check to ensure that
                      housing costs.                                     we are selecting families that have a potential
                      Next, the families must have incomes that are      for success as homeowners. Sometimes we must
                      below the recognized poverty level for Halton      also be willing to take a risk or a leap of faith,
                                                                         knowing full well that some may fail.
              . . . the maximum income level a family                    After thoughtful consideration, lengthy
                of four could have is $37,828 per year                   discussion by the members of the committee
                                                                         and thorough checking of the family’s financial
                      for the size of their family but sufficient to     and personal references, the Family Partnering
                      repay the no-interest, no-profit mortgage          Committee makes a recommendation of a
                      that Habitat provides. As an example, the          suitable family to the Board of Directors for
                      maximum income level a family of four could        final approval.
                      have is $37,828 per year. These families would
                      be unable to secure financing from a traditional   Habitat families are just like any family in
                      mortgage lender.                                   Canada, they just live on limited funds, but
                                                                         have the same dreams and hopes as you and I.
                      Finally, families must be willing to fulfill the   They need the hand up that the Habitat program
                      requirements of Habitat homeownership by           offers to a make these dreams reality.
                      contributing 500 hours of volunteer time in

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Making a Difference in the ReStore
The reasons for volunteering in ReStore are obvious – aren’t they?
You are helping to provide:
ß A source of funding for the work of Habitat
ß A way to recycle building materials and reduce waste
ß An alternative source of quality building materials for people in our community

In a recent conversation with Maureen                  to experience the fulfillment of volunteering and
Champagne it became obvious that there are             giving of their time for a cause. Hopefully they
some other things happening in the ReStore that        will continue to make volunteering a part of their
are worthy of note.                                    adult life.
A number of volunteers have arrived in the             Of course, we could not talk about making a
 ReStore needing to fulfill mandatory volunteer        difference without mention of the many retired
 hours as well as looking for a place to share their   folks who give their time and talent to Habitat.
 skills. In one of these situations the young person   It goes without saying that it is important to the
 and one of the more experienced volunteers            accomplishment of our goals, but it also provides
“teamed up.” The experience proved to be               those good feelings from knowing that they are
 valuable for both of them. The youth gained some      helping in a worthwhile cause. As one retiree put
 first hand knowledge and skills about retailing,      it, “Sure beats watching Oprah!”
 carpentry, electrical work and plumbing. Even
 more important, he gained a friend and mentor.        He gains significant satisfaction from doing an
 For the experienced volunteer – what could be
 more rewarding than being a positive influence
                                                       important job as well as gaining skills that will
 and mentor for his young co-worker?                   assist him in finding employment in the future.
A young man who is in an assisted living
situation has been working in the ReStore for
several months. He has very specific tasks which
he carries out faithfully on each visit. He gains
significant satisfaction from doing an important
job as well as gaining skills that will assist
him in finding employment in the future. The
                                                  Generous support from Ryder Truck Rentals and
satisfaction this young man experiences is of Georgetown Rotary Club has provided HFH Halton with a
considerable value in his personal development. “new” truck. A graphics company that wishes to remain anonymous
He is a valuable volunteer and brings joy and provided the ReStore logo and lettering. Pictured here are (l to r)
warmth to the ReStore environment.                Daniel Ryan, Sean Carmichael, and Alan Reid who are in the process
                                                  of unloading merchandise donated by Home Depot.
In order to obtain a secondary school diploma
in Ontario, a student must complete 40 hours
of community service. ReStore is one of the
places that students can fulfil this requirement.
Some students have found the experience so
rewarding that they continued to work beyond
the required hours. The parents of one of these
students complimented the staff on the influence
that the experience had had on their teenager.
As well as the immediate benefits of their time
in ReStore there may well be a long term benefit.
These students have been given the opportunity

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                Building on faith 2006
                In celebration of “Building on Faith” season we        with their local faith communities in prayer for
                have been working on sparking an interest and          those without decent affordable shelter. The Day of
                establishing relationships with Halton’s faith         Prayer was begun in 1983 to make housing a matter
                communities. Millard Fuller, the founder of            of conscience.
                Habitat for Humanity, developed the “Theology
                                                                       The second event, a “Circle of Faith Build,” is
                of the Hammer” where theological, religious and
                                                                       planned to take place in the fall of 2007. The goal
                political differences are bridged and common
                                                                       of this event is to unite all the different religious
                ground is found to build homes for people in
                                                                       groups in Halton to sponsor and build a house
                need, without profit or interest. This has been the
                                                                       together. This will be a unique demonstration of
                basis for our development of a meaningful faith
                                                                       compassion and fellowship.
                relations program.
                                                                       Please encourage your place of worship to be
                Meghan Wilson, our summer Project Assistant
                                                                       included in these exciting opportunities to put your
                has been diligently contacting all places of worship
                                                                       faith into action.
                to involve them in two exciting up-coming events.
                On September 17, it is the “International Day
                of Prayer Action for Human Habitat,” where
                Habitat for Humanities world-wide join together

On September 17, it is the “International Day of Prayer Action for Human Habitat,” where
Habitat for Humanities world-wide join together with their local faith communities in
prayer for those without decent affordable shelter.

               Profile of a Volunteer
               – Cherlyn Wallace
                By De a n na Sm u k

               Cherlyn Wallace has been a valued member of Coordinator for the duration of the 2004 Build. It
               Habitat for Humanity Halton’s Volunteer Team was at this time that she also designed the Health
               since the early months of 2004. She has worn and Safety Program for all Build Volunteers.
               many hats within the affiliate touching the lives
                                                                    “The greatest experience is when the family receives
               of several members of our partnering families
                                                                     the key to their new home; this is really what it
               over the past few years.
                                                                     all comes down to, the common goal we all strive
               She first started with HfHH as a member of the towards” this is how Cherlyn describes why she has
               Volunteer Relations Committee. She is still a dedicated so much of her time, talents and skills to
               veteran member and can often be found behind volunteering for Habitat for Humanity Halton.
               the scenes helping to prepare for Volunteer
                                                                     When Cherlyn is not volunteering her time she can
               Recognition Events.
                                                                     be found jet setting to many fascinating destinations
               Later she became involved in helping to represent around the world as this is her other great passion.
               Habitat Halton at local festivals and special events
               such as Burlington’s Annual Sound of Music
               Festival. She then quickly became involved in
               the Acton Build taking on the role of Volunteer
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Georgetown Build
Since breaking ground in June, the sound
of hammers has not stopped at 50 Dayfoot
Drive. Under the outstanding leadership and
coordination skills of Susan Housel, Project
Manager, and Mike Pearson, Site Supervisor,
and with ample support from the Georgetown
community this has been one of the smoothest
builds to date.

             Partner Family children, Justin and
            Amanda, join the crew for a photo op

                                                   We are currently ahead of schedule and nearing the
                                                   final stages of construction with the roof in place
                                                   and the drywall being installed. We have had an
                                                   overwhelming amount of support for this build,
                                                   with over 600 volunteers offering their time to help
                                                   on the site. We look forward to the house dedication
                                                   ceremony in October.
                                                   To honour the outstanding contributions of
                                                   the volunteers and donors we will be hosting
                                                   a Recognition Celebration on October 21, at
                                                   St. Andrew’s Church in Georgetown. The specific
                                                   details will be coming soon.

                                                   Charles Brett works along with students
                                                   from Iroquois Ridge Secondary School

                                     Thank you!
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              Be in touCh
             1800 Appleby Line, Burlington, Ontario L7L 6A1 • Phone: 905-637-4446 • Visit:

         Thanks to all our generous sponsors

Matthews Design & Drafting Services                King City Group                              Maple Avenue Baptist Church
Commercial Sheet Metal Inc.                        R & B Construction                           Maple Reinders
Honeywell                                          Drew’s Containers                            Munn’s United Church
Wells Fargo Financial Corporation Canada           Double D Crane                               Norval Fine Cars
PCL Constructors Canada Ltd.                       Armtech Limited Partnership                  Pumpcrete
EFCO Forms Ltd.                                    Todd’s Concrete Services                     Pat Fobert
Egmond Associates Ltd.                             Halton Hills Roofing                         Sign Shoppe
Ontario Real Estate Association                    Town of Halton Hills                         Smitty’s Family Restaurant
Norval United Church                               Age Mechanical Ltd.                          Sole Heating and Air Conditioning
Rotary Club of Georgetown                          Baker’s Dozen                                St. Alban’s Anglican Church
St. Andrew’s United Church                         Calvin Wyga                                  St. John’s United Church
Chantler Environmental                             Dolliver Surveying Inc.                      Canac Kitchens
Gary Warskett                                      Electrical Safety Authority                  Salvation Army Georgetown Community Church
The Homes Group                                    EMCO Waterworks Ltd.                         Steeplejack Services
Hey                                         George Baines                                Subway
King City                                          Georgetown Christian Fellowship Church       Thomson Metals & Disposal
BPB Canada Inc.                                    Halton Commercial Printing                   Water Depot
Dow Chemical Inc.                                  Halton Hills Hydro                           Westerveld Contracting
Owens-Corning Canada Inc.                          Heather’s Bakery Cafe Ltd.                   Bergsma’s Paint and Wallpaper/Main Street
Watergroup Companies Inc.                          Herman’s Aluminum Ltd.                       Lighting
Whirlpool Canada Inc.                              Holy Cross Catholic Church                   Kohler Canada
Wolseley Canada                                    Humberstone Woodworking                      Georgetown Flooring
Jon Hurst                                          Jim Lindsay Farm                             Silvercreek Espresso Café
R & M Construction                                 JRAP Construction                            Halton Health Care
Generation 13 Transport Inc.                       Living Lighting                              The Co-Operators
L.J. Barton Mechanical Inc.                        McDonald’s Restaurant                        Best Buy Windows

Yes! I want to help.                                                                  habitat for humanity halton
                                                                                      1800 Appleby Line, Unit 1, Burlington, Ontario L7L 6A1
                                                                                      Phone: 905-637-4446
                                                                                      Charitable Registration #86607 2432 RR0001
Enclosed please find my donation for:
° $200        ° $100        ° $75          ° $50         °$                          ° Cash           ° Cheque
° Visa        ° MasterCard                 Card Number:                                                   Expiry Date:
I want to become a member. ° $10 enclosed

Address:                                                 City:                                         Postal Code:

Home Phone:                                              Work Phone:                                   Fax:

                                  Thank you for your gift in support of affordable housing in Halton!
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