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A.   Vision and Mission                                                         1

B.   School Goals                                                               2

C.   Programme Plans

     1.   Programme Plan on developing teachers’ ability in using the           4
          self-evaluation cycle, and form a complete and coherent framework
          for effective self-improvement, 2006-2007

     2.   Programme Plan on the streamlining of the administrative structure    10
          and empowering middle managers to take up more responsibilities
          and monitoring roles, 2006-2007

     3.   Programme Plan on enhancing cross-curricular collaboration            15
          and sharing, 2006-2007

     4.   Programme Plan on Strengthening Teaching and Learning                 18
          Through English for EMI Subjects and Developing Thinking
          Skills of Students in All Subjects, 2006-2007

     5.   Programme Plan on the strengthening the confidence in                 28
          speaking English through Drama, 2006-2007

     6.   Programme Plan on Cultivating Charity in Students through             32
          Social Services

                              School Vision

     We are committed to the development of independent, critical and
compassionate students who are capable of realizing their full potential and
rising to the challenges of the future.

                           Mission Statement

    It is our mission to guide our students in their moral, academic, physical,
social and aesthetic growth by providing an environment which is conducive to
learning and supportive of their needs so that they can develop into confident,
responsible and considerate citizens who are capable of living up to their



1.   To develop the school campus as an environment which is conducive to
     learning and teaching.

2.   To develop the students’ ability to think independently.

3.   To provide a range of opportunities to enable the students to learn to
     communicate effectively.

4.   To develop programmes which enable students to explore their creativity.

5.   To nurture the physical capabilities of the students.

6.   To provide (rewarding and appropriate) learning experiences outside the
     classroom which support the (academic) aspirations of the students.

7.   To develop in students qualities of self-respect, self-discipline and
     consideration for others.

8.   To establish a comprehensive reward system which acknowledges and
     encourages both progress and excellence in achievement.

9.   To provide programmes to assist in the professional development of

10. To encourage staff participation in decision-making.

11. To provide means for efficient and regular communication between school
    and parents on matters of common interest.

12. To provide opportunities for parents and alumni to be involved in activities
    which support the school.



       Be patriotic and
     serve the community

Develop English proficiency and
        critical thinking

心懷祖國               服務社羣
英語溝通               鍛鍊思維

                         Programme Plan on developing teachers’ ability in using the self-evaluation cycle, and form
                               a complete and coherent framework for effective self-improvement, 2006-2007

I.   Aim : To develop teachers’ ability in using the self-evaluation cycle, and form a complete and coherent framework for effective

II. Strengths :
     1. The existing school self-evaluation (SSE) has been implemented for a number of years.
     2. The 3-year school development plan (SDP) includes an analysis of strengths and areas for improvement to
        guide the direction of progress of the school.
     3. We have a clear mechanism for annually formulating the school’s major concerns
     4. The opinions of teachers and relevant data are taken into consideration in the planning .

III. Areas for improvement :
     1. Most programme plans of the subjects/teams do not include success criteria.
     2. The link between the planning and the evaluation of most subject/team programme plans is not rigorous enough to support
     3. The evaluation reports of most subject programme plans place insufficient emphasis on student learning outcomes and
        are lacking in concrete recommendations.

IV. Objectives :
    1. To develop the teachers’ ability in writing concrete programme plans which link the success criteria to objectives
    2. To strengthen the self-evaluation mechanism of the SBM team
    3. To strengthen the self-evaluation mechanism of subjects/teams

    V. Implementation Plan

                                                                                                                  2006    Time     2007
                                      Evaluation                                                    Staff    A MJ J A S O N D J F M A M J           Resources
Objectives      Success Criteria                        Tasks       Implementation Process
                                       Method                                                    Responsible p a u u u e c o e a e a p a u          Required
                                                                                                             r y n l g p   t v c n b r   r   y n
    1        80% of the teachers can Survey from     To brief and a.To brief the teachers        Principal                                        New
             write concrete            SBM team      drill teachers about the school             (i/c),                                            programme
             programme plans which members on        the skills       self-evaluation                                                              plan format
             link the success criteria whether       needed in        mechanism
             to objectives          teachers can     planning and
                                    write concrete formulating b. Teachers practise using        All teachers 
                                    programme        concrete         the new programme plan
                                    plans which      programme        format
                                    link the         plans
                                    success criteria               c. To brief the teachers      APL                                              Time
                                    to objectives                     about the skills in
                                                                     planning and formulation
                                                                     of concrete and
                                                                     well-focused success

                                                                  d. All teachers are required   All                  
                                                                      to write a programme       teachers
                                                                      plan on “How to cater
                                                                      for students’ learning
                                                                       (See Notes 1)

                                                                                                                       2006    Time    2007
                                          Evaluation                                                    Staff    S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N Resources
Objectives       Success Criteria                            Tasks       Implementation Process
                                           Method                                                    Responsible e c o e a e a p a u u u e c o Required
                                                                                                                   p t v c n b r     r   y n l g p   t v
    2        Principal and 90% of       Survey from the   SBM team to a. To collect the             APs                                                   Time
             teachers agree that the    Principal and     coordinate     programme plans of
             self-evaluation cycle of   teachers on       and monitor    major concerns
             SBM team has been          whether the       the self-      /subjects/teams
             strengthened               self-evaluation   evaluation
                                        cycle of SBM      mechanism   b. To review the              See            
                                        team has been                    effectiveness of the       Notes 2 & 3
                                        strengthened                     programme plans.

                                                                        c. To monitor the           Program             
                                                                           implementation of the    Team Leaders
                                                                           programme plans.

                                                                        d. To coordinate the design APY i/c                        
                                                                           of school-based          LLC
                                                                           questionnaires           YSC

                                                                        e. To coordinate surveys     APL i/c                           
                                                                           for evaluation (including TKK
                                                                           APASO and                 MCM
                                                                           Stakeholders’ Survey)     HSY

                                                                        f. To collect the           APs                                         
                                                                           evaluation reports

                                                                        g. To review the            See                                         
                                                                           evaluation reports       Notes 2 & 3

                                                                        h. To find out the strengths See                                            
                                                                           and areas of              Notes 2 & 3

                                                                        i. To give suggestions      SBM team                                        
                                                                           about the school
                                                                           development plan and
                                                                           the major concerns for
                                                                           next year.
                                                                                                                  2006    Time    2007
                                           Evaluation                                                 Staff    A MJ J A S O N D J F M A M J                    Resources
Objectives Success Criteria                                    Tasks        Implementation Process
                                            Method                                                 Responsible p a u u u e c o e a e a p a u                   Required
                                                                                                                      r y n l g p   t v c   n b r   r   y n
    3      90% of HODs and               Survey from      To develop      a. HODs and Functional         HODs and                                           School
           Functional Team Leaders       SBM team         HODs and            Team Leaders are           Functional                                           development
           have submitted their          members on       Functional          required to write annual   Team                                                 plan
           programme plans and           whether HODs     Team Leaders        programme plans            Leaders
           evaluation reports with :     and Functional   ability to link     according to :                                                                  Guidelines
           a. Objectives of all          Team Leaders     planning with       i. the areas of                                                                 from SBM
              programme plans are        submit their     the evaluation          improvement                                                                 team
              formulated according       programme        of self-            ii. the school
              to the school              plans and        improvement             development plan
              development plan.          evaluation                           iii the guidelines from
                                         reports meet the                         the SBM team
           b. Success criteria of all    criteria
              programme plans can
              attain their objectives.

           c. Strategies of the
             programme plans will
             lead to the improvement                                      b. HODs and Functional                                                         S
             in the students’                                                Team Leaders are                                                             e
             performance (academic                                           required to submit                                                           p
             and non-academic ).                                             evaluation reports to                                                        
                                                                             SBM team
           d.Evaluation reports                                               i. with emphasis on
            include student                                                      student learning
            learning outcomes :                                                  outcomes
            Results of CE/AL/                                                 ii making concrete
            TSA/Value addedness/                                                 recommendations
            External competitions/
            All surveys; records of
            misbehavior of
            students; concrete
            recommendations for
            areas of improvement

Notes :
                YCS            Chi           KSW            Eco       LYK           Math    YHW        Math
                LKY           Math           LCH            Math      MCM           Phy     YL         Puth
                AM             Eng           LCK            Bio       MKC           Puth    YSC        Chi
                CCH            PE            LCY             CS       MLY           Phy     YTW        CH
                CCY           Chem           LK              Co       MWY          Chem
                CH             Chi           LKH            Chi       NMC           Eng
                CK            Geog           LKK            Math      NMH           Chi
                CKC            PE            LKW           A.Math     PCT            CH
                CSW            Hist          LLC             CH       SHY           Eng
                CTW            Chi           LML            Eng       TCH          A.Math
                CYF            CS            LMP            Econ      TKK           Phy
                DPC            Hist          LSK            Chi       TSH            CL
                FTC           Chem           LSY            Eco       TSK           Math
                HSL            Hist          LWC            Eng       TWL            CS
                HSY           Geog           LWW            Eng       WCK           Geog
                ISC            Eng           LY             Eng       WYP            PA
                JC             Eng           LYC            Bio       WYW           Bio

                                   Subject                   SBM Team Members            Team           SBM Team Members
                                                                Responsible                                Responsible
                      1. Chinese Language Education          APL (i/c), TKK,  1. Life Education         APY (i/c), LLC,
                      2. English Language Education          MCM, YSC         2. ECA                    HSY
                      3. Mathematics Education                                3. Counselling &
                      4. Science Education                                    4. Discipline Committee &
                                                                                 School Prefects
                      5. Personal, Social and Humanities                      5. JUPAS & Careers
                      6. Technology Education
                      7. Arts Education
                      8. Physical Education

                Major concerns    Programme Team     SBM Team Members Responsible
                1a               APL               TKK(i/c), HSY, YSC
                1b               Pr
                1c               APY
                2                SHY               APL(i/c), MCM
                3                MKC               APY(i/c), LLC

VI. Budget :

VII. Programme Team :
       APL (i/c), APY (Deputy), TKK, LLC, MCM, HSY, YSC

                                           Programme Plan on the streamlining of the administrative structure
                           and empowering middle managers to take up more responsibilities and monitoring roles, 2006-2007

I.          Aim :   To streamline the administrative structure to strengthen the coordination and monitoring
                    and empower middle managers to take up more responsibilities and a more prominent monitoring role

II.      Strengths :
       1. A guideline on the allocation of teaching and non-teaching duties is set and duly followed when assigning duties to staff taking into consideration
          their expertise, experience, professional training, preferences and panel/team leaders’ recommendations.
       2. The school management and middle managers are able to foster cooperation among the staff at work.
       3. There is an open and two-way exchange of information, views and suggestions between senior and middle managers and teachers.
       4. The Principal or APs together with subject chairpersons conduct lesson observations annually.
       5. Timely post-lesson observation and appraisal interviews are conducted to discuss the teachers’ strengths and areas of improvement.
       6. The Principal displays a positive, open and supportive attitude towards staff management.

III.     Areas for improvement :
       1. The existing organizational structure comprises a large number of teams/committees directly under the supervision of the two APs but in some
          cases similar duties and functions are shared among various committees.
       2. The Principal and APs take charge of many administrative committees and task groups, resulting in a heavy workload for the senior management.
       3. Middle managers should be empowered to take up more responsibilities and a more prominent monitoring role.
       4. The function of the KLA coordinators could be strengthened.
       5. The APs need to strengthen their roles in the coordination and monitoring of work under their supervision.

IV.         Objectives :

       1.    To review and streamline the administrative structure for organizational effectiveness.
       2.    To empower middle managers to take up more responsibilities to develop distributed leadership in the school and for further capacity building.
       3.    To empower middle managers to take up a more prominent monitoring role to enhance accountability.
       4.    To strengthen the function of KLA coordinators to facilitate cross-curricular coordination.
       5.    To strengthen APs’ roles in coordination and monitoring.

    V.       Implementation Plan

                                                                                                                   Staff    A S O N D J F M AM J J Resources
Objectives   Success Criteria     Evaluation Method            Tasks               Implementation Process
                                                                                                                responsible u e c o e a e a p a u u Required
                                                                                                                            g p t v c n b r r y n l
    1        80 % staff agree     Survey from staff    A) To revise the staff     Principal streamlines the     Principal                           Duty list,
             that the             on whether the       duty list and divide the   administrative structure and                                         05-06
             administrative       administrative       responsibilities           divide the responsibilities
             structure has been   structure has been   clearly.                   clearly.
             streamlined and      streamlined and      B) To provide              Clear instructions / requests All staff               Instruction,
             responsibilities     responsibilities     effective                  should be given to the                                            computers.
             were clearly         were clearly         communication              action staff / supervisors,
             divided;             divided;             channels for               emails and soft copies to be
                                  Survey from staff    organizational             sent to all staff for
             80% staff agree      on whether the       effectiveness and          information / comments,
             that the             communication        ensure that the jobs       and hard copies to be sent
             communication        channels were        were completed before      to the supervisor &/or
             channels were        effective;           deadline.                  Principal for approval /
             effective;                                                           signature before deadline.
                                  Comments from the
             All staff can        supervisors on
             complete their       whether the jobs
             jobs before          were completed
             deadline.            before deadline.

    2        100% middle          Survey from the      To revise the staff duty   Principal changes some       Principal                              Duty list,
             managers are         Principal and APs    list and assign new        duties of APs to duties of                                            05-06
             willing to take up   on whether middle    tasks to middle            middle managers and
             more                 managers are         managers whenever          swaps some duties of
             responsibilities.    willing to take up   necessary.                 middle managers. Middle
                                  more                                            managers were also
                                  responsibilities.                               assigned new tasks
                                                                                  whenever necessary.

                                                                                                                    Staff    A S O N D J F M AM J J Resources
Objectives   Success Criteria Evaluation Method                   Tasks             Implementation Process
                                                                                                                 responsible u e c o e a e a p a u u Required
                                                                                                                             g p t v c n b r r y n l
     3       100% middle         Survey from the          Middle managers          (1) HODs / AOs give clear     HODs /                             Evaluation
             managers are able   Principal and APs on     strengthen their roles   guidelines on teaching        AOs of                              record forms
             to take up a more   the monitoring role of   in monitoring the work   strategies & remedial         Music, V.A.                         of lesson
             prominent           middle managers by:      of their departments     measures to cater for         & H.E.                              observation
             monitoring role.                                                      students’ learning needs,                          (07-08)        and
                                 Inspection of                                     the type & quantity of                                            inspection of
                                 guidelines, schemes                               homework, the setting &                                           exercise
                                 of work, minutes &                                marking of assignments,                                           books,
                                 program plans;                                    test & examination papers.                                        mid-years
                                                                                   (2) HODs / AOs submit                                            review forms
                                 Random checking of                                guidelines, schemes of                                            & appraisal
                                 exercise books, test                              work, minutes, areas of                            (07-08)        reports
                                 papers, examination                               improvement & program
                                 papers & records;                                 plans to APs.
                                                                                   (3) HODs / AOs supervise                      
                                 Inspection of                                     the collaborative
                                 evaluation record                                 preparation of lessons,
                                 forms of lesson                                   observe lessons, inspect                           (07-08)
                                 observations &                                    exercise books, test papers
                                 inspection of exercise                            and examination papers of
                                 books;                                            the panel members /
                                 Collecting comments                               (4) HODs / AOs give                                            
                                 from middle                                       comments on panel
                                 managers on their                                 members’ / appraisees’                             (07-08)
                                 appraisees’                                       performance in mid-year
                                 performance in the                                review & staff appraisal &
                                 mid-year review &                                 give suggestions on
                                 staff appraisal and                               appraisees’ areas of
                                 suggestions on their                              improvement &
                                 appraisees’ areas of                              professional development.
                                 improvement &

                                                                                                                Staff    A SO    N   D   J   F   M AM    J   J Resources
Objectives Success Criteria Evaluation Method                 Tasks             Implementation Process
                                                                                                             responsible u e c   o   e   a   e   a p a   u   u Required
                                                                                                                         g p t   v   c   n   b   r r y   n   l
    4      80% HODs &          Surveys from HODs      KLA coordinators take    (1) Each KLA assigns at       TKK (S4),                                Max.
           APs agree that      and APs on whether     up their coordination    least one cross-curricular    YSC (S6),                                         $15000 for
           the KLA             the KLA                duties and monitor the   project (level shown in       HSL (S3),                                         each KLA
           coordinators have   coordinators have      progress.                bracket), participates in /   CYF (S1),
           completed the       completed the                                   organizes at least one        DPC (S2).
           assigned duties     assigned duties and                             cross-curricular
           and the             the cross-curricular                            competition each year.
           cross-curricular    activities have been                            (2) KLA coordinators                        
           activities have     well coordinated.                               submit coordination plans
           been well                                                           on curriculum, KLA
           coordinated.                                                        activities and enhancement
                                                                               programs together with the
                                                                               minutes to the APs.
                                                                               (3) Each KLA nominates at All 8 KLA        
                                                                               least 3 students each year  coordinators
                                                                               for enhancement programs.
                                                                               (4) KLA coordinators                                                     
                                                                               monitor the progress and
                                                                               submit reports to APs in
                                                                               Feb. & June.
    5      80% of staff        Survey from staff      APs give clear           (1) APY coordinates           APs                                            Evaluation
           agree that the      on APs’                instructions and         functional team programs                                                       record forms
           coordination role   coordination role.     guidelines to their      in class periods &                                                             of lesson
           of both APs has                            subordinates and         assemblies; APL                                                                observation
           been                Survey from the        closely monitor their    coordinates generic skills,                                                    and
           strengthened;       Principal on APs’      performance.             project work, remedial                                                         inspection of
                               monitoring role by:                             measures & peer                                                                exercise
           The monitoring      Inspection of                                   observation; Guidelines                                                        books,
           role of both APs    guidelines,                                     and coordination plans to                                                      mid-year
           has been            coordination plans,                             be submitted to Principal.                                                     review forms
           strengthened.       comments on                                     (2) APs collect areas of                                                      & appraisal
                               program plans &                                 improvement, program                                                           reports.
                               minutes;                                        plans & minutes from the
                                                                               team i/c and HODs and
                                                                               submit comments to
                                                                                              Staff    A SO    N   D   J   F   M AM J J Resources
Objectives Success Criteria   Evaluation Method      Tasks    Implementation Process
                                                                                           responsible u e c   o   e   a   e   a p a u u Required
                                                                                                       g p t   v   c   n   b   r r y n l
                              Random checking                (3) APs supervise the                                        
                              of exercise books,             remedial measures, observe
                              test papers,                   lessons, inspect exercise
                              examination papers             books, test papers &
                              & records;                     examination papers of
                                                             middle managers.
                              Inspection of                  (4) APs monitor the work                                                 
                              evaluation record              of Teams i/c & HODs,
                              forms of lesson                report the areas of
                              observation &                  improvement and reflect
                              inspection of                  comments on their
                              exercise books;                performance in the
                                                             mid-year review & the staff
                              Collecting                     appraisal & give
                              comments on their              suggestions on appraisees’
                              appraisees’                    areas of improvement &
                              performance in                 professional development.
                              mid-year review &
                              staff appraisal and
                              suggestions on their
                              appraisees’ areas of
                              improvement &

 VI.   Budget :   $120000 for enhancement programs

 VII. Programme Team
       Leader: Principal
       Members: All EOs and PAM

                             Programme Plan on enhancing cross-curricular collaboration and sharing, 2006-2007

I.     Aim :
       To enhance cross-curricular collaboration and sharing

II.    Strengths :
       1) Teachers are experienced, conscientious and friendly, demonstrating a serious attitude towards teaching.
       2) Most teachers have good subject knowledge.

III.   Areas for improvement :
       1) There is inadequate professional sharing and cross-curricular collaboration
       2) More structured planning for peer lesson observation should be implemented.

IV.    Objectives:
       1) To enhance collaborative preparation of lessons and cross-curricular collaboration
       2) To promote a culture of peer observation and sharing among teachers.
       3) To enhance professional development outside school.

    V.        Implementation Plan

                                     Evaluation                                                                  Staff      S O N D J F M A M J J Resources
Objectives    Success Criteria                              Tasks             Implementation Process
                                      Method                                                                  Responsible   e c o e a e a p a u u Required
                                                                                                                            p t v c n b r r y n l
    1        80% of teachers      Number of           A) Collaborative    Teachers use the new teaching     HODs (i/c) &                       Teaching
             are involved in      teachers            lesson planning &   approaches (Task-based            all Ts                                methods of
             collaborative        involved in         video taking of     Approach and Inductive                                                  different
             lessons planning     collaborative       lessons             Approach) in the collaborative                                          teaching
             and video taking     preparation of                          preparation of lessons.                                                 strategies
             of lessons.          lessons.                                HODs select topics for the
                                                                          collaborative preparation of
             Each subject panel   Record of lesson                        lessons using the new teaching                                            Video Camera,
             can provide two      plans and videos                        approaches and submit lesson                                              Timetable
             lesson plans and     from                                    plans together with the videos of                                         arrangement of
             video taking         collaborative                           teaching.                                                                 collaborative
             applying the new     preparation                                                                                                       preparation of
             teaching methods                                                                                                                       lessons
             of Task-based
             Approach and
             95% of teachers      Attendance          B) Cross-            Selected videos are shared with   APY(i/c)                            Timetable
             have attended the    Record of the       curricular           teachers of other subjects.       HODs                                   arrangement,
             sharing session.     sharing session.    collaboration        Teachers also learn how to give                                          Evaluation
             80% of teachers                                               feedback to a lesson.                                                    forms of lesson
             have learnt how      Evaluation of the                                                                                                 observation.
             to give feedback     lesson by
             to a lesson.         teachers.
             The quality of       Quality of          C) Support services Mathematics Department             LCH (i/c)                 EMB’s support
             materials &          materials and       on Mathematics      participates in the support        LKY
             resources            resources                               services given by the              LYK
             developed in the     developed.                              school-based curriculum            YHW
             support services                                             development section.
             of Mathematics
             are satisfied by
             EMB, Principal &
                                    Evaluation                                                           Staff   S O         N   D   J F M     A   M   J   J Resources
Objectives Success Criteria                          Tasks           Implementation Process
                                     Method                                                          Responsible e c         o   e   a e a     p   a   u   u Required
                                                                                                                 p t         v   c   n b r     r   y   n   l
    2     All teachers have Peer observation Peer lesson       Each teacher can pair up with one APL                                              Evaluation
          participated in the records;Report observations      teacher (different from 04-05 &      (coordinate                                              forms of
          peer lesson         on strengths and                 05-06) as a group for peer lesson    the                                                      lesson
          observation.        weaknesses of the                observations on thinking skills.     grouping),                                               observations
                              lessons observed                 Each teacher has to observe and be All teachers
                              to APs & Pr.                     observed one lesson respectively of
                                                               the peer and give feedback
    3     All teachers meet Records of          A) Requirement Every teacher is required to spend a APs,                            EMB
          the CPD             teachers’ CPD     of 30 hours in minimum of 6 hours on teaching       All teachers                               Training
          requirement.                          Continuing     and 6 hours on duties related                                                   Calendar,
                                                Professional   courses/seminars out of the 30 CPD                                              TPPG / TRG
                                                Development    hours of staff development each
                                                               year and submit records to APs in

           80% of the            Survey from        B) Sharing       A total of 2 sharing sessions among   Staff                                           Timetable
           teachers agree that   teachers after the sessions among   teachers will be organized on Staff   Development                                       arrangement,
           the sharing           sharing sessions teachers           Development Days each year on         Team (i/c)                                        teaching
           sessions are          on the                              (1) NSS Curriculum Planning           APL                       (07-08)                 materials
           effective.            effectiveness of                    (2) I.H. / L.S.                       WCK
                                 the sharing.

   VI.     Programme Team: YCS (Team Leader), AP(L), KLA coordinators, HODs

                                    Programme Plan on Strengthening Teaching and Learning Through English
                               for EMI Subjects and Developing Thinking Skills of Students in All Subjects, 2006-2007

I.     Aim:
       1. To strengthen teaching and learning through English
       2. To develop thinking skills of students

II.    Strengths:
       1. Teachers are experienced and devoted.
       2. The whole school is supportive.
       3. Some teachers in different KLAs attended the DOLACEE in 2004-05 and are willing to share their experience with other KLA members.
       4. Teachers are enthusiastic and are willing to try out new strategies with students.
       5. There is good cooperation among teachers.
       6. Students are generally well disciplined in class and receptive of new challenges.

III.   Areas for improvement:
       1. Teaching and learning through English has to be strengthened.
       2. Students’ writing skills need to be improved.
       3. Students do not take initiative to speak in English.
       4. Students are not creative or flexible enough. They are weak in high-order thinking skills.
       5. There is no systematic plan on developing students’ thinking skills through various subjects.

IV.    Objectives:
       1. To strengthen teaching and learning through English for EMI subjects
       2. To raise the writing competency of students
       3. To increase the confidence of students in speaking English and raise their oral competency
       4. To develop analyzing (分析應用)(05-06), logical deduction (邏輯推理)(06-07), imaginary creative (想像推理)(07-08) and critical assessment (批判評
            鑑)(07-08) skills of students
       5.   To enhance students’ thinking skills through various subjects

    V.       Implementation Plan:

                                         Evaluation                                                                        Staff   S O N D J F M A M J Resources
Objectives       Success Criteria                               Tasks                Implementation Process
                                          Method                                                                       Responsible e c o e a e a p a u Required
                                                                                                                                   p t v c n b r r y n
    1         80% of the new          Survey to new      A) Staff development:   Each DOLACEE participant in          EMI subject                      Teaching
              members find that the   members on the        Implementation of    04/05 and each teacher who           HODs(i/c)                        materials of
              teaching                effectiveness of      DOLACEE              learned from DOLACEE                 & teachers,                      DOLACEE
              materials/experiences   sharing of            plan-sharing of      participants in 05/06 will share     DOLACEE
              are effective.          DOLACEE               learning             their experience with new            participants
                                      teaching materials    experience among     members in their KLA.                in 04/05 &
              All EMI subject         / experiences         other members        HODs of EMI subjects will            05/06
              HODs are satisfied                                                 supervise the sharing of
              with the EMI lessons Assessment made                               DOLACEE experience and
              conducted by the new by EMI subject                                include this in their respective
              members.               HODs on the EMI                             programme plans.
                                     lessons conducted
                                     by the new
              Pr & APs agree that    Program plans     B) EMI subject HODs       EMI subject HODs incorporate        EMI subject                        Time
              the program plans      from EMI subject     incorporate            measures (eg. group discussion & HODs(i/c)
              have incorporated      HODs.                measures to            presentation during lessons) to     & teachers
              measures to strengthen Surveys from Ss      strengthen             strengthen teaching & learning
              T&L through English. on the                 teaching &             through English in their respective
              Over 95% of the Ss     effectiveness of     learning through       programme plans.
              understand the content teaching &           English in their
              and have chances to    learning through     respective
              speak and write in     English for EMI      programme plans.
              English for all EMI    subjects
              (including English)
               10% of the essay      Internal exam     C) Including essay        S1-4 EMI subjects include essay      EMI subject                              /
               questions have been papers (essay          questions in exams     questions (10% of the total marks)   HODs(i/c) &
               included in exams and questions) &         of EMI subjects.       in exams.                            teachers
               80% of the Ss can get results                                     Subjects include IS, Physics,        (S1-4)                          
               50% of the marks in                                               Chemistry, Biology, IH, History,
               essay questions.                                                  Geography & Economics.

                                       Evaluation                                                                          Staff   S O N D J F M A M J Resources
Objectives     Success Criteria                                  Tasks               Implementation Process
                                        Method                                                                         Responsible e c o e a e a p a u Required
                                                                                                                                   p t v c n b r r y n
    2        Better TSA writing  TSA & CE Eng            A) Reciting verb        Recite verb forms and simple        Eng Dept                          Teaching
             results than school subject writing            forms and simple     language patterns/ contextualised   (i/c), S1-5                       materials
             average 75%.        results                    language patterns/   paragraphs.                         form co-
             Better results than                            contextualised       Items to be added to dictation (4   ordinators &        
             2006 HKCEE results                             paragraphs           times/year)                         ETs
             in English writing.                                                 Level of difficulty depending on
                                                                                 the form of Ss.
             Better internal exam   Improvement in       B) Teaching of          Teaching of composition topic       Eng Dept                           Teaching
             compo passing %        writing skill in        composition topic    analysis & organization of ideas    (i/c), S1-5                        materials
             when compared with     internal exams.         analysis &           using mind-map in the 1st and 2nd   form co-
             2006.                                          organization of      compositions. The Ss are asked      ordinators &
                                                            ideas using          to practise the skill in the        ETs                 
                                                            mind-map             remaining compositions & attach
                                                                                 the mind-map in their composition
                                                                                 (At least 6 times)
                                                         C) Teaching of          Teach students to write topic       Eng Dept                           Teaching
                                                            elaboration skill    sentences and elaborate with egs.   (i/c), S1-5                        materials
                                                                                 (2 exercises to be included in GE   form co-           
                                                                                 in the 1st term)                    ordinators &
                                                       6) D) Providing input     Provide input in terms of ideas,    Eng Dept                           Teaching
                                                                                 more complicated sentence           (i/c), S4/5                        materials
                                                                                 patterns and more appropriate       ETs of good
                                                                                                                                           
                                                                                 vocabulary before writing for       classes
                                                                                 S4&5 good classes. (at least 3
                                                       6) E) Essay writing       S1-3 Ss have to do 9 compositions Eng Dept                             Time
                                                                                 a year.                           (i/c), S1-3
                                                                                                                   form co-                 
                                                                                                                   ordinators &

                                       Evaluation                                                                          Staff    S O N D J F M A M J Resources
Objectives     Success Criteria                                  Tasks               Implementation Process
                                        Method                                                                          Responsible e c o e a e a p a u Required
                                                                                                                                    p t v c n b r r y n
             At least 10% of the    No. of           6) F) Participation in      Ss are also encouraged to             NMC(i/c),                        Information
             Ss in the relevant     participants in     external Writing         participate in external writing       ETs                              from external
             forms participate in   external writing    Competitions             competitions. (At least 2 times)                                       organizations
             the external writing   competitions
             More prizes in         No. of prizes
             external writing       obtained in
             competition than in    external writing
             2005-2006.             competitions.

    3        Better TSA oral        TSA oral results    A) Oral lessons with     1. S1-2 oral lessons with focus on    Eng Dept                            Worksheets,
             results than school                           focus on teaching        discussion skill and practice,     (i/c), NET in                       teaching
             average 75%.                                  of individual            Worksheets & topics to be          S1&2 oral                           materials
                                                                                                                                                 
                                                           presentation and/or      designed by NET, based on          lessons
             Better results than    CE oral results        discussion skill         TSA format.
             2006 HKCEE results                            and practice           (At least 6 topics per year)
             in English oral.                                                    2. Teach S3 Ss individual             Eng Dept                            Teaching
                                                                                    presentation and group             (i/c), S3 form                      materials
             85% Ss are able to     Survey from EMI                                 discussion skill & practice. At    co-ordinators
                                                                                                                                             
             discuss/ present       subject Ts on                                   least 6 times before the oral      & ETs
             fluently in English    whether Ss are                                  assessment in mid-April, based
             during EMI lessons.    able to                                         on TSA format.
                                    discuss/present                              3.Teach S4 Ss presentation &          Eng Dept                            Timers,
                                    fluently in                                    discussion skill & practice based   (i/c), S4 form                      Teaching
                                    English.                                       on SBA format & 2007 English        co- ordinator                  materials
                                                                                   syllabus format.( At least 5        & ETs
                                                                                   times a year.)
                                                                                 4.Drill the S5 Ss on presentation     Eng Dept                            Timers,
                                                                                   & discussion skills & 10 extra      (i/c), S5 form                      Teaching
                                                                                   oral papers for extra practice.     co-ordinator                        materials, oral
                                                                                   (At least 5 times before March.)    & ETs                               paper

                                         Evaluation                                                                     Staff    S O N D J F M A M J Resources
Objectives      Success Criteria                                  Tasks             Implementation Process
                                          Method                                                                     Responsible e c o e a e a p a u Required
                                                                                                                                 p t v c n b r r y n
             S6 ETs are satisfied     Surprise            B) Enhancing oral     1.English speaking at anytime in   Eng Dept                          Time
             with the culture of      inspection by S6       practice             S6 classrooms every day.         (i/c), form
             English Speaking in      ETs.                                                                         co-ordinator
             classrooms.                                                                                           & S6 ETs.
                                                                                                                                           
             UE oral results better HKALE UE oral
             than 2006 HKALE        results
             oral results.

             At least 80% students    Survey to Ss on                           2. Speak English to all students on CSW (i/c),                      Time
             feel that all Eng Ts &   how frequently                               English Speaking Days held on All staff
             EMI teachers speak       English Ts and                               every Tuesday & Friday.
             English frequently to    EMI Ts speak
             students on English      English to them
             Speaking Days.           on English
                                      Speaking Days                                                                                    

             85% of the Ts are     Survey to Ts on
             satisfied with Ss’    Ss’ effectiveness
             confidence to speak & in oral skills
             fluency in English.

             85% of the Ts are        Survey to Ts on                           3. English assembly speeches by    LY (i/c),                        Speeches of
             satisfied with Ss’       Ss’ effectiveness                            selected S1-7 Ss on Moral &     S1-7 ETs &                       Ss & NET
             confidence & fluency     in        English                            Civic Ed every Tuesday          NET
             to speak in English in   speaking skills                              NET’s speeches on topics of
             public.                                                               interest to Ss once a month.

                                                          C) Drama programme    Please see the attached programme LK
                                                             to enhance         plan.
                                                             confidence in
                                                             speaking English

                                        Evaluation                                                                    Staff    S O N D J F M A M J Resources
Objectives      Success Criteria                               Tasks            Implementation Process
                                         Method                                                                    Responsible e c o e a e a p a u Required
                                                                                                                               p t v c n b r r y n
             More prizes from        No. of prizes     D) English debate    English debate (Inter-house           NET (i/c) &                      Time
             external English        obtained from the                      English debate, external English      Ts in debate
             debate competition      external English                       debate competition with training      team
                                                                                                                                       
             than in 2005-2006.      debate                                 provided.)

   4         5% of questions of      Assessment made A) Developing S1 and   Give lessons on analyzing skills      HODs (i/c)                       Teaching
             thinking skills have    by HODs on the     S3 students’        followed with assignments and         & Subject                        materials
             been set in the         quantity of        analyzing skills    test/examination questions            Ts of HE, H,
             examination.            questions of                           a) grouping and classifying –         CH, IH, G &
                                     thinking skills in                        HE(S1), H(S3)                      C
                                     the examination.
             85% students got         No. of students
             passing marks in the     passed in the
             questions of thinking    questions of
             skills.                  thinking skills.

                                                                            b) cause and effect-CH(S1,S3)
                                                                            c) relationship between parts and
                                                                               whole-IH(S1), G(S3)
                                                                            d) identifying key points-C(S1,S3)
                                                                            5% of questions was set in exam,
                                                                            to test students’ analyzing skills.

                                Evaluation                                                                       Staff      S O N D J F M A M J Resources
Objectives   Success Criteria                        Tasks                 Implementation Process
                                 Method                                                                       Responsible e c o e a e a p a u Required
                                                                                                                            p t v c n b r r y n
                                             B) Developing S2 and      1. Prepare teaching materials for     TSH                               Teaching
                                                S3 students’ logical      lessons on logical deduction       (Coordinator):                     materials
                                                deduction.                skills.                            a) LML
                                                                                                             b) LKH
                                                                                                             c) YHW, TSK
                                                                                                             d) LCK, FTC
                                                                       2. Give Lessons on logical            HODs(i/c) &       
                                                                          deduction skills followed with     subject Ts of
                                                                          assignments and                    E, AD, M, IS
                                                                          test/examination questions for     &P
                                                                          S2 and S3 students.
                                                                       a) induction and summarization-E
                                                                       b) organization and deduction-AD
                                                                       c) integration, organization and
                                                                       d) raising assumption, hypothesis
                                                                          and making deductions-IS(S2),
                                                                       3. Upload the teaching materials      T.A.            
                                                                          onto school intranet for use by
                                                                          teachers and students
                                                                       4. 5% questions are set in exam to    HODs (i/c) &                 
                                                                          test students’ logical deduction   subject Ts of
                                                                          skills.                            E, AD, M, IS
                                             C) Developing S3 and      To be prepared and taught in
                                                S4 students’           07-08.
                                                imaginary creative
                                                                                                                    /                               /
                                                and critical
                                                analyzing skills.

                                      Evaluation                                                                         Staff   S O N D J F M A M J Resources
Objectives      Success Criteria                              Tasks               Implementation Process
                                       Method                                                                        Responsible e c o e a e a p a u Required
                                                                                                                                 p t v c n b r r y n
             80% of students say   Survey to Ss on     D) Promotion of high   1. High Order Thinking Games         HOT Room                          $3000 (new
             that HOT games can    the effectiveness     order thinking          are bought and to be played by    (i/c), A.A.,                      HOT
             effectively develop   of HOT games on       through games           students in the HOT Room          clerk and all           games)
             their thinking skills.developing their                              when their subject teachers are   teachers
                                   thinking skills.                              absent.
             Over 100 participants No. of students                            2. Competitions on HOT games         Chess Club                        Prize:
             join the HOT games participated in the                              will be held twice a year.                                          $1000
                                                                                                                                              
             competitions.         competitions.

                                                                                                                                      Time (07-08)
                                         Evaluation                                                                      Staff   S O N D J F MAM J     Resources
Objectives      Success Criteria                                Tasks                Implementation Process
                                          Method                                                                     Responsible e c o e a e a p a u   Required
                                                                                                                                 p t v c n b r r y n
   5         85% Ts agree that the    Feedback from Ts    A) Staff              1. Workshop on teaching            Staff                               $3000
             workshops on             on the workshops.      Development           techniques to develop students’ Development                        (guest
             teaching techniques to                                                HOT skills                      Team                                speakers)
             develop students’        Supervisors’                              2. Workshop on the design of       AP(L) (i/c)                         Teaching
             HOT skills & design      comments on the                              HOT assignments.                                                    materials
             of HOT assignments       lesson plans &                            3. Collaborative preparation of    HODs (i/c) &                        Timetable
             are helpful.             teacher’s                                    lessons and well-designed       subject Ts                          arrangement
                                      assignments.                                 assignments: each subject
             All teachers can                                                      should design at least 2
             design lesson plans & Survey to Ts on                                 teaching activities through
             assignments to        HOT web-sites &                                 collaborative preparation of                          
             enhance students’     reference book list.                            lessons developing Ss’ HOT
             HOT skills.                                                           skills; each teacher should
                                                                                   design at least 1 assignment
             85% Ts agree that the                                                 that can enhance student’s
             web-sites & reference                                                 HOT skills.
             books ON HOT are                                                   4. Provide HOT web-sites and       Librarian                           Computers,
             useful.                                                               reference book list to all                                          Information
                                                                                                                                         
                                                                                   teachers.                                                           from book
             Guidelines on            Supervisors’        B) Involving HOT in 1. Guidelines on developing HOT HODs (i/c)                               Time
             developing HOT are       comments on the       lessons/activities     in teaching, assignment and
             clear & effective; all   guidelines from                              exam will be set and given to
             teachers can involve     HODs & lesson                                panel members.
             HOT in lessons.          observation                              2. Create thinking classroom:      Subject Ts of            Guidelines
                                      for Ts (walk-in                             teachers enhance students’ HOT lessons                             from HODs
                                      lesson observation:                         skills by using:
                                      teacher to be                            a) Thinking-based questioning
                                      observed will be                            approach: let students take a
                                      notified in the                             more active part in thinking or
                                      morning of the                           b) Group Discussion: encourage
                                      observation day).                           class discussions or
                                                                               c) Collaborative learning: design
                                                                                  learning activities to develop
                                                                                  HOT skills, e.g. project
                                                                                  learning, role play etc.
VI. Budget :
    1. Timers for S4/5 practice.              $30 x 11 timers for each S4 (5 classes) and S5 (5 classes).
                                              $330 x 10 classes = $3300

     2. Prizes for English Speaking Days      $3000
        Prizes for HOT Games Competition      $1000

     3. Buying HOT Games                      $3000

        Total:                                $10300

VII. Programme Team :
     Mrs Sin Tsang Hin-yan (team leader)
     Planning:          YSC LWC CSW           LML       NMC      MWY       LY      LWW       YL     AM      JC   ISC
     Implementation & Evaluation: All Staff

                  Programme Plan on the strengthening the confidence in speaking English through Drama, 2006-2007

I.   Aim : To increase students’ confidence in speaking English through various drama related activities and competitions

II. Strengths :

     1.   The school has a strong tradition in drama.
     2.   Most students think positively toward drama activities.
     3.   The school drama team has excellent past records of awards in external competitions.
     4.   The school is an EMI school in which students have more opportunities to be exposed to English.
     5.   Teachers are devoted and committed in organizing extra-curricular activities.

III. Areas for improvement :

     1.   Students lack professional training in skills and knowledge related to public speaking.
     2.   Only a limited percentage of students with excellent English standard are involved in the drama video production each year.
     3.   Most students are shy and not confidence in speaking in public or acting in a video.

IV. Objectives :

     1.   To develop students’ public speaking and acting skills.
     2.   To provide chances for students to develop confidence and proficiency in speaking English publicly.

   V.   Implementation Plan

Objectives     Success         Evaluation         Task           Implementation             Staff    S   O N D J    F M A M J   J    Resources
               Criteria         Method                              Process              Responsible e   c o e a    e a p a u   u    Required
                                                                                                     p   t v c n    b r r y n   l
    1        90% of the Ts     Survey to Ts   A) Organize    1. Public Speaking skills     LK i/c                                 Training
             concerned are     on Ss’         training                                     KSW                                      materials on
             satisfied with    performance    workshops      2. Acting skills              LK                                     public
             Ss’               in the         1&2 for                                                                               speaking
             performance       role-play      students       3. Techniques on video       TWL i/c                                 skills $500
             on the            practice       recommended       and sound editing          Tony
             role-play video   video          by Team i/c of                                                                        DV tapes
             practice                         action groups                                                                         $200

                                              Workshop 3
                                              for Ss
                                              by video &
                                              club i/c

                                              See Item 6 for
                                              member list of
                                              action groups
                                              B) Practice    1. Forming a group of 5       LK i/c    
                                              on skills      2. Completing a 2-3           KSW
                                              taught            minutes role-play          TWL
                                              through           interview video as
                                              producing a       group practice.
                                              practice video

Objectives     Success       Evaluation       Task      Implementation Process          Staff    S   O N D J F M A M J   J    Resources
               Criteria       Method                                                 Responsible e   c o e a e a p a u   u    Required
                                                                                                 p   t v c n b r r y n   l
    2        Ts and          Survey to   A) Production 1. Establishing 2               LK i/c                               VCDs on
             adjudicators    Ts on Ss’   of short-video    production teams A & B       TWL                                  sound and
             review that     performance clips             from members of Video        Tony                                 video effects
             90% of the      in the                        & Photographic and                                                $600
             student         role-play                     Drama Clubs.
             participants    production
             has gained                                    See Note 1
             confidence in                              2. Casting for actors and       LK i/c       
             speaking                                                                 Ts i/c of
                                                           actresses by Team i/c of Action Groups
             English.                                      the action groups.

                                                           See Note 2
                                                        3. Researching, drafting of    YL i/c
                                                           possible topics and script  NET1
                                                           writing on the theme       Ts i/c of
                                                           promoted by individual Action Groups
                                                           teams or departments of
                                                           the academic year.

                                                           See Note 3.

                                                        (i) English Dept                                 
                                                        (ii) Moral & Civic Ed                                
                                                        (iii) Commerce Dept                                      
                                                        (iv) Discipline Team                                         
                                                        4. Video shooting and
                                                        editing by production team    TWL i/c
                                                        (i) Team A                     Tony                     
                                                        (ii)Team B                      LK                          

                                                        See Note 4.

Objectives       Success     Evaluation       Task       Implementation Process           Staff    S    O N D J F M            A M J       J   Resources
                 Criteria     Method                                                   Responsible e    c o e a e a            p a u       u   Required
                                                                                                   p    t v c n b r            r y n       l
                                          B) Video       5. Broadcasting on the last     LK i/c                                            Prizes for
                                          production     Tuesday each month for          NET2                                                  winning
                                          competition    five months during              Tony                                                  teams
                                                         morning assembly.                                                                     $200
                                                         6. Presentation of awards:     KSW i/c                                    
                                                         (i) My Favorite Video
                                                         (ii) Best English
                                                              Performing Team

                                                         See Note 5.

 Note 1: The 2 production teams will each be responsible for shooting 2 videos in alternate month.
 Note 2: A total of 4 videos will be produced during the academic year of which each Team i/c of the action group will be responsible for casting
        actors and actresses for shooting one video with topics of their choice.
 Note 3: Team i/c of each action group shall provide guidelines on researching and drafting appropriate topic for their video and monitor the
        progress of script writing and NET1 shall proof-read and finalize each script.
 Note 4: Production Team will be responsible for fine-tuning the video produced.
 Note 5: Team i/c of each action group shall be adjudicators for all videos produced and select winning teams for the awards.

 Budget :
    $500 for training materials on purchasing books / VCD related to public speaking.
    $600 for purchasing CDs on sound and video effects.
    $200 for purchasing DV tapes
    $200 for prizes

 Total: $1,500

 VI.   Programme Team
       Team leader: LK
       Action Groups: English Department, Commerce Department, Moral & Civic Ed Team, Discipline Team,
                      Video and Photographic Club and Drama Club.

                                      Programme Plan on Cultivating Charity in Students through Social Services

I.     Aim :
       This program plan aims at developing students’ kindness and sympathy towards other people by maximizing their exposure to the wide social context through
       encouraging involvement in social services.

II.    Strengths :
       1)   The majority of the students belong to the higher ability group who can spare time to work for charity.
       2)   Members of the Social Services Group with impressive experiences can provide guidance for their fellow students.
       3)   The well-trained prefect teams can transfer their leadership skills to services outside the school context.

III.   Areas for improvement :
       The eradication of the high achievers’ exam-oriented attitude to school life.

IV.    Strategies:
       1)   The Social Services Group is responsible for liaising with the Action Groups in the implementation & evaluation of this Program Plan.
       2)   The Group provides the Action Groups of this Program Plan with expert advice upon request.
       3)   The respective Action Groups plan, promote and conduct activities in their areas of speciality or in collaboration with others to pool their efforts to serve
       4)   The Social Services Group, together with the Action Groups collect data and design an award system to recognize individual students’ contribution in the
            academic year 2006 – 2007.

V.     Objectives:
       1)   To motivate students to participate in social service activities.
       2)   To develop students’ charity-related knowledge and skills through hands-on training and practice.
       3)   To provide students with opportunities to serve others in a rewarding way for both parties concerned.

    VI.      Implementation Plan

                                        Evaluation                                                                Action      J   S O N D J FMAM J J        Resources
Objectives    Success Criteria                                    Tasks            Implementation Process
                                         Method                                                                   Group       u   e c o e a e a p a u u     Required
                                                                                                                              l   p t v c n b r r y n l
   1         More than 70% of       Survey to Ss and A) Talk on social          SS Gp invites a charity to       SS Gp (i/c),                         Mic, notebook
             the S.1-4&6            staff on whether     services               introduce social services to the Counselling                            computer,
             students agree that    the promotion on                            students.                        Team                                   projector,
             the promotion on       social service is                                                                                                   screen, souvenir.
             social service is      effective.        B) Advance Publicity      SS Gp promotes the up-coming SS Gp (i/c),                              2 display
             effective.                                                         events through the board        all Action                              boards, colour
                                    The percentage                              display in the covered          Gps of this                             paper,
             More than 70% of       of S1,2,3,4,6                               playground.                     program                                 stationery: $50,
             the S1-4&6             students who          C) Kick-off Ceremony SS Gp declares the               SS Gp                                  parents’ letters,
             students participate   participated in                             commencement of the                                                     entry forms,
             in tasks               social services                             program.                                                                photographers,
             2A – D, 3A –G.         (i.e. at least once   D) Naming Contest     The Counselling Team invites Counselling                               prizes: $100.
                                    a year per                                  students to suggest a name for Team (i/c),
                                    student)                                    the program to arouse their     Chi, Eng
                                                                                awareness.                      Clubs
                                                                                Chi, Eng Clubs as
                                                                                The Counselling Team awards
                                                                                the best 3 entries.
                                                          E) Stars of Social   i) Implementation                AYP (i/c),                       Record book
                                                             Services Award    AYP designs the mechanism        Maths Club,                                “義工服務記錄
                                                             Scheme            for the scheme.                  SS Gp                                      冊”,clerical
                                                                               The Maths Club records the                                                  support,
                                                                               scores and publicizes the                                                   photographers,
                                                                               Seasonal Stars.                                                             development of
                                                                               a)count the no. of participation                                          film: $20,
                                                                               and no. of hours of social                                                  prizes: $450.
                                                                               services of each participant
                                                                               every half year (Jan 07, Jun 07)
                                                                               b)provide the data (who gets                                          
                                                                               the highest no. of participation
                                                                               and who attains the highest no.
                                                                               of hours in each group (S1, 2,
                                                                               3, 4+5,6+7) in every half year
                                                                               and whole year)
                                      Evaluation                                                                  Action      S O N D J F M A M J J       Resources
Objectives    Success Criteria                               Tasks              Implementation Process
                                       Method                                                                     Group       e c o e a e a p a u u       Required
                                                                                                                              p t v c n b r r y n l
                                                                            c)provide the data (who                                             
                                                                            reaches the minimum
                                                                            requirement, i.e. at least once
                                                                            a year)                                                                
                                                                            SS Gp arranges the
                                                                            presentation of awards at the
                                                                            end-of-term assembly (Special
                                                     F) PTA Service Award Nominate the winners of the           SS Gp                                 Mark list
                                                                            Star of Social Services Award
                                                                            Scheme for the PTA Service
                                                                            Award of STMGSS
                                                     G) Student Portfolio Ts i/c pass the checked data to       ECA i/c ,                            Record sheet,
                                                                            the ECA i/c for action. IT          IT Team                                clerical support.
                                                                            team to print Student Portfolio
                                                                            for the Ss.
   2         70% of the            2A)-D): No. of    A) Discipline Prefects Initiate prefects to take part in   Discipline                            Record sheet,
             participants can      participants;        Get Involved in     social services in response to      Team                                   colour papers
             acquire                                    Social Services     SS Gp’s invitation.                                                        for decoration:
             charity-related       2E)-F): Amount       Scheme              Prefects in senior forms to                                                $100.
             knowledge & skills    of fund raised;                          take the lead in planning and
             through social                                                 recruit S3, 4 students to join
             service activities.   Surveys to                               in.
                                   participants.     B) Housework Help      Help the elderly or disabled      Scouts (i/c),                         Cleansing
                                                                            with household cleaning.          Counselling                            agents,
                                                                                                              Team, PTA,                             protective
                                                                                                              SSW                                    clothing.
                                                     C) Beach Clean-up       CYC arranges class-based         CYC (i/c),                            Name list,
                                                        Day                  participation in response to the Counselling                            cleaning tools.
                                                                             organization demand.             Team, Geog
                                                                             Geog Club provides maps to       Club, S1
                                                                             be attached to the parents’      Class
                                                                             letters.                         teachers
                                                                             Class teachers escort students
                                                                             to the site.
                                Evaluation                                                             Action     S O N D J F M A M J J    Resources
Objectives   Success Criteria                        Tasks             Implementation Process
                                 Method                                                                Group      e c o e a e a p a u u     Required
                                                                                                                  p t v c n b r r y n l
                                             D) Scarves Donation to 1. Pre-task activity             HE Club                           Record sheets,
                                                the Elderly         PTA promotes the activity in     (i/c), PTA                         paper for Thank
                                                                    the morning assembly and                                            You cards, yarn,
                                                                    parents’ letters to raise                                           needles and
                                                                    concern for the elderly.                                            patterns, logistic
                                                                    HE Club and PTA collect                                          support.
                                                                    woolen yarn and teach
                                                                    students how to knit scarves.
                                                                    Computer Club designs and        Computer           
                                                                    prints Thank You cards to the    Club
                                                                    parents involved.
                                                                    2. Scarves Donation              PTA                
                                                                    Voluntary students distribute
                                                                    the finished scarves to the
                                                                    elderly during X’mas.
                                             E) Rice Dumplings      Organise the activity in         HE Club                               Parents’ letters,
                                                Charity Program response to the Towngas HK                                                  record sheets,
                                                                    to raise fund for the                                                   donation forms,
                                                                    Community Chest.                                                        materials of rice
                                             F) Greening for the    Organise the activity to raise   CYC                                Parents’ letters,
                                                Chest – Clean for   fund for the Community                                                  plastic bags,
                                                Charity             Chest.                                                                  gloves.

                                  Evaluation                                                         Action            S O N D J F M A M J J    Resources
Objectives Success Criteria                                  Tasks           Implementation Process
                                   Method                                                            Group             e c o e a e a p a u u     Required
                                                                                                                       p t v c n b r r y n l
   3      70% of the           2E)-F) & 3A)-D):      A) Dress Casual Day Organize the activity in         SS Gp                             Record sheets,
          participants reflect The amount of fund                          response to the Community                                         parents’ letters,
          their enjoyment and raised;                                      Chest.                                                            logistic support,
          satisfaction from                                                                                                                  clerical support.
          serving others.      2A)-D) & 3E)-G):      B) Flag Selling Days SS Gp monitors the              SS Gp (i/c),            Record books,
                               No. of Ss                                   form-based participation in JPC,                                  logistic support,
                               participated;                               response to charity demand, S3 & S4                               clerical support.
                                                                           promote and recruit students class
                               Surveys to                                  for particular events.         teachers
                               participants on their                       S3 & S4 class teachers issue
                               enjoyment &                                 parents’ letters and
                               satisfaction gained                         distribute flags and fund
                               through social                              raising bags.
                               services;             C) Donation to Yuk Invite staff, parents and         SS Gp                             Name list,
                                                        Miu Programme students to donate money in                                            parents’ letters,
                               The no. of serving                          response to Mingpao and                                           clerical support.
                               hours of each                               EMB so as to help the poor
                               student in the whole                        people in Guangdong
                               school year.                                Province, China.
                                                     D) Flower selling day Encourage staff, parents and Gardening                           Record sheets,
                                                                           students to buy the potted     Club (i/c),                        tables, seed
                                                                           plants displayed on the        CYC                                donation forms.
                                                                           green tables, with labeled
                                                                           prices, to raise funds for the
                                                                           Community Chest
                                                                           Both groups promote the
                                                                           activity via their own
                                                                           CYC is to issue invitation
                                                                           letters to parents and take
                                                                           care of the finance
                                                                           The Gardening Club grows
                                                                           plants from seedlings.

                                    Evaluation                                                            Action       S O N D J F M A M J J    Resources
Objectives   Success Criteria                            Tasks            Implementation Process
                                     Method                                                               Group        e c o e a e a p a u u     Required
                                                                                                                       p t v c n b r r y n l
                                                 E) Visit to the Home Recruit a maximum of 20            SS Gp                              Name list,
                                                    for the Elderly   students to visit the elderly.                                         parents’ letters,
                                                                      Further details to be                                                  presents: $200,
                                                                      confirmed in due course.                                               development of
                                                                                                                                             film: $20.
                                                 F) Blood Donation      Organise blood donation in       SS Gp                              Name list,
                                                                        the school hall                                                      parents’ letters,
                                                                                                                                             clerical support,
                                                 G) Co-curricular       Members of ECA                  ECA Team            Parents’ letter,
                                                    Activities          clubs/teams are encouraged      (coordinator):                       clerical support.
                                                                        to organize or participate in   Visual Arts,
                                                                        activities concerning social    Music, Geog,
                                                                        services.                       Reading,
                                                                                                        CYC, HE &
                                                                                                        Club, Social
                                                                                                        Service Gp,
                                                                                                        Envir Ed,
                                Content of the   H) Photo-journal      The Photography Club             Photography                         Entry forms,
                                Photo-journals      Writing Contest on designs the topic, writes up     & Video                              display boards,
                                                    Social Services    the regulations and              Club (i/c),                          prizes: $100 for
                                                                       promotes the events.             Chi, Eng                             3 awards.
                                                                       Chi, Eng Clubs collect and       Clubs.
                                                                       judge the entries.                                              
                                                                       The Photography Club
                                                                       arranges the presentation of
                                                                       prizes and displays the
                                                                       winning entries.

VII.   Budget:
       Stationery:         $150
       Prizes:            $1050
       Film:                $40

VII.   Porgramme Team:
       Miss MAK Kwan-chi (Team Leader) Miss YAN Tik-woon (Deputy Team Leader) Mrs. IP LIU Suk-ching (Secretary)

       Implementation and evaluation:
       Social Services Group (coordinator)
       Chinese Club, Civic Ed., Community Youth Club, Counselling Team, Computer Club, Discipline Team, English Club, Geography Club, Junior Police Call,
       Mathematics Club, AYP, Parent-Teacher Association, Photography & Video Club, all Class Teachers, School Social Worker, Scouts Group


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