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Chinese cyber squatter of Indian


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									Chinese cyber squatter of Indian domain name displaced

In its recent order (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB v. Chen Shenglu
[2006 (33) PTC 597 (NIXI)]), the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)
ordered that the domain name www.sonyericsson.co.in registered and owned
by a Chinese citizen be transferred to the petitioner, a well-known mobile
phone manufacturer and legitimate owner of the domain name, Sony Ericsson
Mobile Communications AB.         The petitioner had already registered the top
level domain name (TLD) sonyericsson.com in over 100 country countries and
also the country code TLD in several countries such as the United Kingdom,
France and Germany (sonyericsson.co.uk, sonyericsson.fr, sonyericsson.de etc).

While ordering that the disputed domain be transferred to the petitioner, NIXI
found that the registration of a country code TLD in India by the China based
respondent was in bad faith and with a view to cause confusion to the internet
users and to lead them to believe that the disputed site is sponsored, endorsed
or authorized by the petitioner. NIXI also held that the respondent failed to
show any legitimate interest in the disputed name sonyericsson.co.in and found
that the fact that a number of links on the respondent’s site led to the
petitioner’s site was proof of his awareness of the petitioner’s reputation and
prior use of the disputed name.

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