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									                                6th District Sun
                                 Dedicated to the Promotion of Masonic Principles
Volume 57, No. 4                                    GOD BLESS AMERICA                                                SEPTEMBER 2008

   A MESSAGE FROM OUR                                                                             district did extremely well in their support last
                                                       ANNOUNCEMENT                               year and I am expecting the Brothers to
                                                                                                  continue to dig deeper with their support.
      GRAND MASTER                                    Sibelius-Bredablick Lodge No. 880               I want to also congratulate our newest
    How good and how pleasant is it for                   Free and Accepted Masons                grandfathers RWStenrick B. Adams and
Brothers to dwell together. It is indeed my                          And                          WMark Suckle. My Brothers you have now
Brothers.                                                 The Sixth Masonic District              joined a unique club.
    My Brothers, by the time you have                   Association of Manhattan, Inc.                Finally, I want to congratulate WWesley
received the newsletter, I will have gone to                                                      Ally for his taking the obligation of the vows
                                                          Cordially invite you to join
Utica to be installed, gone on vacation as                                                        of holy matrimony when he married Debra
                                                           with them as they honor
many of you have already done and continue                                                        Camille Bourne on August 2, 2008 at the
to do; enjoy the warm and sunny days                  Most Worshipful Neal I. Bidnick             Tabernacle of Praise Cathedral in Brooklyn.
without leaving the                                 Past Grand Master of The Grand Lodge              My Brothers, with your help and support,
city; attended a re-                                     of Free and Accepted Masons              we can all be successful in our Masonic
presentation dinner;                                       of the State of New York               endeavors. I wish you and your families a
attended the 2006-                                                                                continued safe summer and good health. See
2008        DD/GLSO                                  On the occasion of his Homecoming            you in September.
annual picnic; enjoy                                 Sunday Afternoon, October 5th, 2008          Sincerely and fraternally,
an evening with the                                                                               RW Alonza Lloyd
Brothers          from                                     Leonard’s of Great Neck                District Deputy Grand Master
Shakespeare Lodge; a                                        Great Neck, New York                  alonzalloyd3@gmail.com / alonza755@yahoo.com
Dutch treat dinner
with Brothers from                                 Reception 12:00 Noon / Dinner 1:00 PM
Justice        Lodge;                                                                             A MESSAGE FROM OUR DISTRICT
                            RWAlonza Lloyd                Cost: $45.00 per person
Midsummer       dinner                                                                                  BOARD CHAIRMAN
with Brothers from Goldenrule Lodge; picnic               Reservations can be made                    Welcome back from what I hope was an
with Brothers from Allied & Maimonides                   by contacting the Committee:             exciting, healthy, and enjoyable summer. During
Marshal Lodge. The list is endless. At this                                                       this time several members of the Board of Directors
time of enjoyment, we should be mindful of           By Phone: 516-384-9828 / By E-mail:          and the Association met to discuss steps that can be
how fragile our lives are. Following our 2006-        SB880-PGMHC@gmail.com or By                 taken to make the District a stronger organization.
2008 DD/GLSO picnic, RW Vincent                      Mail to: Mr. Stephen Rubinstein,           It was clear that there was a sense that we need to
Savoka, President of the Second Manhattan           770 Uniondale Avenue, Uniondale, NY           reinvent some District social and ritual activities
District, succumbed to a stroke and a blood        11553-3529. Make all checks payable to:        and keep others like the Holiday Party and District
                                                        SIXTH MASONIC DISTRICT                    Dinner Dance. New programs will be developed
clot and was admitted to the emergency room.                                                      over a period of time. Some programs are easily
Our health should be our #1 priority. I              ASSOCIATION OF MANHATTAN,
                                                        INC., (a 501(c)3 Corporation)             implemented and only take a small number of
encourage all of you to heed the advice of                                                        Brothers.     Others may require Grand Lodge
your health professional on issues that can,                                                      approval and a larger contingent of Brothers from
and will affect your lives. Without good           - Please RSVP by September 20, 2008 -          all Lodges. It is imperative that we get input from
health, freemasonry suffers.                                                                      all Lodges. We are going to try something different
                                                                                                  prior to the September 17th meeting. All are invited
    Recently, the Grand Master MW              team, consisting of RW Bernard Rashes,         to the Outback Restaurant (across the street from
Edward G. Gilbert, appointed several Brothers
                                                 W Wesley Ally, Grand Lodge Staff Officer        the Masonic Hall) at 6:00 PM for dinner. Some
from the District, to various committees,                                                         have exercised the instructive tongue and we hope
                                                 RWCarlos Cruz, Assistant Grand
including chairmen, vice-chairmen and                                                             that by breaking bread before the meeting, Brothers
                                                 Lectures      VWYves         Etienne    and
members:                                                                                          can be joined again together to socialize and share
MWNeal Bidnick      RWWilliam Thomas         VWChristopher Winnicki, is embarking           fellowship.
MWCarl Smith        RWWilliam Sardone        on aggressive programs to improve Lodge              I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting
RWSheldon Richman RWSamuel Williams          attendance and participation, maintain the       and would be interested in hearing from you about
RWRichard Freidman RWDaniel Semel            interest of new Brothers, raise the level of     the changes planned for the district.
RWGuy Porter        RWMartin Danoff          awareness among its memberships, provide         Sincerely and fraternally,
RWCary Cohn         RWNathan Lipper          good Masonic education, and excellent rituals.   RWBernard Rashes, D.S.A.
                                                 I am confident that with your support, these     Chairman, Board of Directors
RWLeonel Cortizo    RWMelvin Eckhaus
RWThomas Savini     RWHarold Nissen          efforts can be accomplished.
RWMichael Rosson WGeorge Harrison                 As we move forward, it is my intention to
RWSven Mossberg     WPatrick Kelsey           revive the Purple Club. I have contacted past
RWHerbert Groce, Jr Brother Sandeep Gazahi     leadership for their wise counsel, and I must
RWDavid Bobrow      Brother Joseph Gaffin      say it was very encouraging. All Purple Club
RWHerbert Wasserman                            members will be receiving a letter, outlining          Support Your
I would like to congratulate those Brothers on
their appointments and wish them well.
                                                 my plans for the club and I seek your support
                                                 for this effort.
                                                                                                      Brotherhood Fund
    Our District should be proud of its              I want to congratulate our Chairman of the
leadership. Faced with many challenges, the      Brotherhood Fund Bro. Sandeep Gazahi. The
2                                                        SIXTH DISTRICT SUN                                           SEPTEMBER 2008
                                                           Calendar Of Events                      The Grand Lodge of Japan
                                                Sept 4-     Re-Dedication/Obligation                   The beautifully appointed Blue Lodge hall
                Published by
                                                            Shakespeare Lodge No. 750              seats 125 and was especially constructed to
    Sixth Masonic District Association of       Sept 6-     Saturday Morning Reading Series        illustrate the teachings of Symbolic Blue Lodge
    Manhattan, Inc., In the months of                       Contact WPatrick Kelsey               Masonry.
    January, March, June, September, and        Sept 8-     Lecture By WM: “Secrets of GL of
    November. So That All Who Read This                     England, Scotland and Ireland”
    Publication Will Reflect The Goodness                   Contact RWHenry Parsont
    Of Our Masonic Purpose.                     Sept 17-    Sixth Masonic District of
                                                            Manhattan, Inc., Meeting
                  EDITOR                        Sept 18-    Grand Lodge Appointee Presentation
        W PATRICK A. KELSEY                                Shakespeare Lodge No. 750
                  Box #F3                       Sept 20-    Steuban Day Parade
     71 West 23rd Street, NY, NY 10010                      Wolfgang Schlichter <> 718-366-0615
                                                Sept 21-    Grand Treasurer’s & Deputy Grand
                                                            Marshal’s Apron Presentation
         patrick@patrickkelsey.com                          Rockville Centre, NY
                                                Sept 22-    Masonic Blood Drive
                                                                                                       The first Mason to visit Japan is believed to
        EDITORS EMERITI                                                                            have been Brother Isaac Titsingh, a Dutch trader
                                                Sept 22-    Broadway Night
     RWRICHARD E. TICKNOR                                 Contact RWHenry Parsont              from a Lodge in Batavia, Java. He came to
     RWSHELDON B. RICHMAN                     Sept 28-    Junior Grand Warden’s                  Japan three times between 1779 and 1784 and
       RWBARRY LESSER                                     Apron Presentation                     wrote books about his experiences in 1819,
                                                            Endicott, NY                           1820, and 1822.
       CONTRIBUTING EDITORS                     Oct 1-      6th District Sun Submission Deadline       The first Masonic Lodge in Japan was
          WWESLY ALLY                          Oct 2-      Entered Apprentice Degree              Sphinx Lodge No. 263, Irish Constitution, which
         RWCARY COHN                                      Shakespeare Lodge No. 750              came to Yokohama with the British 20th
         BRO. HENRY COLON                       Oct 4-      Senior Grand Warden & Grand            Regiment in 1864.        It held meetings and
                                                            Marshal’s Apron Presentation           admitted civilian members, however it left Japan
                                                            Buffalo, NY                            with the regiment in March of 1866. The
     RWHENRY PARSONT, DSA                     Oct 4-      Saturday Morning Reading Series        brethren living in Yokohama felt it desirable to
     RWBERNARD RASHES, DSA                                Contact WPatrick Kelsey               form a Lodge and petitioned the United Grand
                                                Oct 10-     Dinner honoring DGM                    Lodge of England. As a result Yokohama Lodge
                                                            RWVincent Libone
            Call To Meeting                                 6-11 PM Russo’s By The Bay
                                                                                                   No. 1092 came into being and held its’ first
                                                                                                   meeting on June 26, 1866. By the 20th century
    You and your Masonic friends are            Oct 11-     Grand Masters Day at West Point        six English and three Scottish Lodges were
cordially invited to attend the next regular    Oct 12-     Grand Masters Day at George
                                                                                                   formed in Japan all limited to foreign nationals.
meeting of the Sixth Masonic District of                    Washington Masonic Historic Site at
                                                                                                   Among the members were diplomats, merchants,
Manhattan, Inc., on Wednesday, September                    Tappan, NY
                                                Oct 13-     Columbus Day Parade                    journalists, engineers, architects and civil
17, 2008 in the Second Floor East Collation                                                        servants. Upon the outbreak of World Was II
                                                Oct 13-     Entered Apprentice Degree
Room, Masonic Hall, 71 West 23rd Streets,                   Maimonides Marshall Lodge No. 739      all Lodges ceased operation.
New York City. Dutch Dinner at Outback          Oct 16-     Brotherhood Certificate & Pin              Several Japanese, who studied abroad or
Steakhouse beginning at 6 PM will precede                   Presentation (50 Years of Service)     served as diplomats became Masons in Holland,
the official meeting. The Board of Directors                Shakespeare Lodge No. 750              England, the Philippines and the United States.
will meet at 7:15 PM and the Association will   Oct 18-     Allied Lodge Dinner Dance              The first Japanese Ambassador to Great Britain,
meet at 7:45 PM. The meeting is called for                  Riccardo’s, Astoria, NY                Count Tadasu Hayashi, was Master of Empire
the following purposes:                         Oct 18-     Junior Grand Deacon’s                  Lodge No. 2108 EC in 1904.
                                                            Apron Presentation                         After World War II one English and two
    1.   To receive the Grand Master’s                      Baldwin, NY                            Scottish Lodges resumed operation and have
         Message from our District Deputy       Oct 25-     Grand Masters Ball Honoring            survived to this day. During the occupation
         Grand Master                                       MWEdward G. Gilbert                  Brother Douglas McArthur was very supportive
    2.   To hear reports of Committee                       Buffalo/Niagra Marriott                of Masonic activities. Sixteen Lodges were
         Chairmen.                              Oct 27-     Lecture by RWDaniel Semel            chartered by the Grand Lodge of the Philippines.
    3.   To conduct other business as may                   Maimonides Marshall Lodge No. 739      Japanese nationals were eventually accepted and
                                                Nov 1-      Deputy Grand Standard Bearer’s Apron
         regularly and constitutionally be                                                         five members of the Diet were initiated in 1950.
                                                            Presentation, Smithtown, NY
         brought before it.                                                                        In 1956, 15 Philippine Lodges in Japan formed
                                                Nov 1-      Saturday Morning Reading Series
                                                                                                   the Grand Lodge of Japan. Membership is
Sincerely and fraternally,                                  Contact WPatrick Kelsey
                                                Nov 6-      DDGM Visitation                        currently about 2,000.
WWesley Ally
                                                            Shakespeare Lodge No. 750                  In addition to the Japanese Lodges there are
Association President
                                                Nov 10-     DDGM Visitation – Veterans Night       one English, two Scottish, two Philippine, one
                                                            Maimonides Marshall Lodge No. 739      American (Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
Our Regularly Scheduled Association Meeting     Nov 11-     Veteran’s Day Parade                   relocated from Shanghai in 1952), and several
         Wednesday, November 19, 2008           Nov 19-     Sixth Masonic District of              Lodges chartered by the Prince Hall Grand
         Wednesday, January 21, 2009                        Manhattan, Inc., Meeting               Lodge of Washington meeting in Japan.
          Wednesday, March 18, 2009             Nov 24-     Lecture By JW: Higher Orders           For any Brother visiting Japan the Grand Lodge
          Wednesday, June 17, 2009                          Maimonides Marshall Lodge No. 739      Temple may be easily found near the base of the
                                                Dec 1-      6th District Sun Submission Deadline   Tokyo Tower.

              Published For                                                                        RWHenry Parsont, DSA
                                                                                                   Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Japan
           The Brethren Of The                                                                     near the Grand Lodge of New York
         Sixth Manhattan District                                                                  With thanks to the Tokyo Masonic Center for history
                                                                                                   which has been included in this article.
SEPTEMBER 2008                                                 SIXTH DISTRICT SUN                                                                                  3
       ALLIED LODGE NO. 1170                             Business Management. Fraternity life had always        61 Precinct Community Council, Alpha Chapter –
               First & Third Mondays                     been something shared in his family. His father        Delta Pi Epsilon, New York University, and the
             Colonial Room, 10th Floor                   (deceased) and       older      brother    both hold   Eastern Business Education Association and was
             www.alliedlodge1170.org                     memberships in Prince Hall, NY. WBanks                named 2005 Educator of the Year. He enjoys coin
                                                         pledged Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. while at       and stamp collecting, playing and coaching
     WCurtis Banks / sirkdbd@yahoo.com
                                                         Brooklyn College in 1984. He served in various         volleyball and soccer. And in1990 he was inducted
     The district should be VERY proud of                leadership roles ranging from chapter president to     into the New Jersey Institute of Technology
Composite Lodge No. 819 and their Master & the           State Director and currently serves as it's Eastern    Athletic Hall of Fame.
Districts Assistant Grand Lecturer, VWYves             Regional Secretary. These leadership skills helped
Etienne for receiving the honor of being nominated       W.˙. Banks become a Mason December 1997 when                   SIBELIUS-BREDABLICK
and elected to receive the Meritorious Service           he was initiated in Allied Lodge and raised in May
Award (MSA) at the Ancient Accepted Scottish                                                                               LODGE NO. 880
                                                         1998. WBanks also enjoys the work in the                           Second Thursday
Rite - Council of Deliberation Session on Saturday       concordant bodies of the York Rite, having served
July 26, 2008. The MSA is an honor that is NOT                                                                             Ionic Room, 6th Floor
                                                         as a High Priest (Jerusalem-Amity Chapter No. 8),
purchased or petitioned for. One is nominated by a                                                                 WPeter Finke / peterfinke1@gmail.com
                                                         an Illustrious Master (Columbian Council No. 1)
group of his peers in his Valley and his name is then    and currently is the Recorder for Bay Ridge                          Meet the Master
sent to a committee panel for review. The person         Commandery # 79, President & Editor of the First           WPeter Finke was initiated on Nov 5, 2001
MUST be a 32nd degree Mason and have shown               Capitular       District      Association,    Grand    and Passed on March 4, 2002 in Allied Lodge and
meritorious service by Masonic and community             Representative to The Most Excellent Prince Hall       Raised on April 11, 2002 in Sibelius Lodge No.
means. VWEtienne was joined by his wife and            Grand Chapter, R.A.M., Assistant Grand Lecturer        1167.
children alongside his NYC Valley brethren.              to the First Cryptic Arch and on August 16 it is           I am proud to be a naturally born German
VWEttiene is a very dedicated and instrumental         anticipated that WBanks will be appointed as the      Speaking American citizen and am equally proud of
person in his community serving as President of his      Grand Lecturer to the NYS Cryptic Masonic              my European Citizenship through my maternal
local 61st Precinct Community Council-NYCPD as           Council. He is also a member of the Allied [no         roots in Eastern Finland. An interesting fact is that
well as prominently known at Kingsborough                relation] Masonic Degrees (Half Moon Council No.       my Mother and W.·. Eric Star's both share the same
Community College where he lectures. V.˙.W.˙.            2). WBanks also lends his services to the Scottish    home town in Eastern Finland, Ilomatsi. Only the
Etienne has served as Master four times and is           Rite by having served as a Past Thrice Potent          great architect knows why we met through Sibelius-
active in his York Rite Bodies, serving as High          Master and Immediate Past Sovereign Prince.            Bredablick Lodge.
Priest (Zerubbabel Chapter No. 147) and the              Currently he is the Membership Coordinator for the         As a cold war veteran having served in the US
Secretary for the First Capitular District. He is also                                                          Navy as a Light Attack Pilot and been cleared
                                                         entire NYS. WBanks will also be receiving the
a member of the Allied Masonic Degrees (Half                                                                    through Personal Reliability Program and having
                                                         honor of being coroneted on August 26, 2008 a 33rd
Moon Council No. 2). In the Scottish Rite he is a                                                               lost friends and class mates during this time period
                                                         Degree Honorary Member of the Supreme Council.
Past Thrice Potent Master, a Past Sovereign Prince                                                              of our human history I have a personal and moral
                                                         W.˙. Banks joins two other Allied members as 33rd
and is currently the 1st Lieutenant Commander                                                                   conviction to work with my Brothers in the Lodge
                                                         degree Masons (RWSam Williams &
officer in the Consistory. Amongst his Scottish Rite                                                            and district and other jurisdiction for that brotherly
brethren he is now addressed as Distinguished            VWNoel Kirton). Also coincidentally Allied
                                                         Lodge will be hosting & celebrating it's 33rd          love our traditions and rituals are guiding us
Yves Etienne, MSA. His "Red Hat" (color of the                                                                  towards. I encourage all our Brothers to make the
hat that identifies members of the Scottish Rite as      Anniversary Dinner Dance in October (more on that
                                                         later). WBanks enjoys the company of the              pilgrimage to Valley Forge and particularly the
MSA recipients) will be presented to him at a                                                                   Freedoms Foundation to renew an earnest sense of
Family Life Night event that the Scottish Rite           THREE precious jewels of his life - his oldest
                                                         daughter Liza Marie (6) & son Christain (4) along      purpose for the work at hand.
Valley of NYC will host that will be open to family                                                                 My childhood visits to Valley Forge and other
and friends. I am sure that more information will        with his youngest daughter Koren (2) all
                                                         encompassed and circumscribed by the adoration         Historical sites in the Delaware Valley and
follow concerning this date that will occur in the                                                              particularly studying the works of Benjamin
Late Fall/Winter 2008.                                   and love he has for his wife Katrina, a member of
                                                         his sister organization Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.   Franklin stimulated my interest in Masonry. Still to
     On Saturday afternoon July 26, 2008 - shortly                                                              this day visits to the American Philosophical
before VWEtienne received his MSA - the                and Order of Eastern Stars - Alpha Chapter No. 1.
                                                                                                                Society and Independence Hall and viewing the
2009 MSA recipient names were read and                   WBanks is the Vice President of Operations at
                                                                                                                Winged Sun Disk on the surviving façade of
announced and one of the names mentioned was             microMEDIA Imaging Systems, Inc. in Lake
                                                                                                                 Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Company as well as at
that of our very own Immediate Past District             Success, NY, and has been with the company
                                                                                                                the entrance to the Washington Monument stimulate
Deputy, RWStenrick Adams. RWAdams,                   faithfully for over 12 years.
                                                                                                                my interest and personal research into our
a Past Master of Allied Lodge# 1170, will receive            COMPOSITE LODGE NO. 819                            traditions, signs and symbols.
his honors as VWEtienne did during The                         Second & Fourth Tuesdays                           Having served the Finnish Community in the
Scottish Rite Council of Deliberations Ceremonies                   Ionic Room, 6th Floor                       Delaware Valley and in New York as the Executive
during the weekend of July 24-26, 2009.                   Except One Meeting In December and June               Vice President of the American Scandinavian
RWAdams is also active in his York Rite                  VWYves Etienne / ysekb@yahoo.com                   Society and the Finlandia Foundation New York
Bodies, serving as a High Priest (Jerusalem-Amity                                                               Metro Chapter and as a member of Finnish
                                                                       Meet the Master
Chapter No. 8), and currently is a companion of                                                                 American War Veterans I was afforded the
Flatbush Council No. 80 and Eminent Commander                VWYves Etienne resides in Brooklyn, New          opportunity to work with many prominent Masons
of Bay Ridge Commandery No. 79. He is also the           York. He is a native of Haiti and was a very active    of the Finnish American Community. Naturally
Assistant Grand Lecturer of the First Capitular          Mason there. He joined Composite Lodge #819 and        being in the company of so many prominent,
District. In the Scottish Rite he is a Past Thrice       has served five terms as Master. Brother Etienne       accomplished professional men prompted me to
Potent Master, a Past Sovereign Prince and               has been on the Technology Committee of Grand          petition Sibelius Lodge 1167. I find my self very at
currently is the Orator for the Consistory. He is        Lodge of the State of New York and a iDC               home in a Lodge with strong Scandinavian roots
married with 2 children and one (recent addition)        facilitator. He served as Masters and Wardens’         and have tremendous respect for the Masonic
grand-daughter.                                          President of the 6th Manhattan District and the        traditions of all the Nordic Countries, but
                   Meet the Master                       Association’s Secretary. He has trained new officers   particularly Sweden.
                                                         regarding their duties and work. He is the District        My service to the Scandinavian and Finnish
   WCurtis Alan Banks was born September 4,             Holiday Party’s Chairman. Brother Etienne is an        community prompted my interest of moving to one
1966 to the parent of Alberta & Harry Banks, Sr. in      educator and holds a Master of Science degree from     of the only surviving and earliest housing Co-ops in
Summitt, NJ. He spent the majority of his                Adelphi University. His colleagues call him a          the South Bronx in 2001, Varma Co-op where I
childhood growing up in Brooklyn, NY later taking        “dedicated     professional    who     demonstrates    hang my hat when not on business travel.
residence in Queens & Long Island. He attended           enthusiasm and goes the extra mile for his                 Since I have traveled to the East so quickly I am
Technical Career Institutes briefly after graduating     students.” He has participated in many professional    always open to the coaching of my more experience
High School before going to Brooklyn College             organizations and has written papers on a variety of   brethren in our Masonic Protocol and Etiquette.
where he majored in Computer Science and                 topics. Brother Etienne has been president of the                     (Reprint from September 2007 Edition)
4                                                              SIXTH DISTRICT SUN                                                   SEPTEMBER 2008
      MAIMONIDES-MARSHALL                                the Perseverance Lodge of Hong Kong, No. 1165                    STATE AND DISTRICT
                                                         E.C. and Lodge St. John No. 618 S.C. during his
          LODGE NO. 739                                  visits.
          Second & Fourth Mondays
                                                             Brother Henry has been a regular attendee at       Address Change, Please contact The Editor with
          Colonial Room, 10th Floor
                                                         Maimonides Marshall Lodge since his return to the      any address change information.
                                                         U.S.A. In 1995 he was elected Master of the Lodge
         RWHenry Parsont, DSA                                                                                 To subscribe to the 6th Manhattan District’s online
                                                         and presided in the East for two years followed by
           hparsont@optonline.net                                                                               email       list send    an   email    to     6md-
                                                         an eventful encore in 2001. He has served on many
                                                                                                                subscribe@yahoogroups.com with your full name,
                  Meet the Master                        6th Manhattan District committees and was Vice
                                                                                                                Lodge, and email address. You will then be part of
                                                         President of the Master and Wardens Association in
    RWHenry Lee Parsont, DSA is a native                                                                      the online fraternal community and receive up to
                                                         ‘95 and ‘96. He was appointed Grand
New Yorker, born in Manhattan July 26, 1930.                                                                    date notices and event information. (NOTE: This
                                                         Representative of the Grand Lodge of Japan in 2004
During a peripatetic youth, he lived in the Bronx,                                                              is only an information hub and not a general/social
                                                         and last visited there in January of 2002 for the
Manhattan and Jersey City. His family finally                                                                   chat list.)
                                                         installation of the Master of Rising Sun Lodge
moved to Brooklyn in 1940 and he remained a              No.1401 (E.C.). Other pursuits are tending his         To subscribe to NETNEWS (a free monthly online
resident of the borough until 1956, when he moved        garden, visiting grandchildren and serving as an       newsletter published by the Grand Lodge) visit
again to Manhattan.                                      instructor for the AARP Driver Safety Program.         http://nymasons.org/cms/nynetnews.
    He was an active member of the Boy Scouts of
America. Henry received his high school education                                                               Are you receiving the Empire State Mason quarterly
at Brooklyn Tech. He and was awarded his B.A.                  SHAKESPEARE LODGE NO. 750                        magazine? If not, contact ESM circulations at (800)
Degree from Columbia College in 1952. A chemical           First Thursday - Colonial Room, 10th Floor           362-7664.
engineering major, he found time to appear in four                 www.shakespeare750.com                              DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS
“Varsity Shows” with “The Players”, serve as a                       W.˙. Patrick A .Kelsey
“deejay” at WKCR, the campus radio station,                      master@shakespeare750.com                      October 1, 2008 by 5 PM EST (November Issue)
earned two Varsity C’s as manager of the wrestling                                                              December 1, 2008 by 5 PM EST (January Issue)
team, and was the first Undergraduate Manager of                          Meet the Master                       February 1, 2009 by 5 PM EST (March Issue)
Athletics. He was a member of the NROTC and                  WPatrick A. Kelsey was raised in 2004.            May 1, 2009 by 5 PM EST (June Issue)
was commissioned as an Ensign upon obtaining his         Patrick is married to Tara and has one child,          Submit your materials to
B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1953.                    Kiersten, who graduated High School this summer.       The Editor at patrick@patrickkelsey.com
Immediately upon graduation he reported to the           He double majored in Entrepreneurship and
USS Timmerman (EDD828), an experimental                  Technical Theatre at Ball State University, moved
destroyer stationed at the Boston Naval Shipyard.        to New York City to earn a MFA in Theatre                              Masonry & Me
He served for two years and was honorably                Management from Columbia, and later earned an              In 1842 a case occurred at New York, in which
discharged in June 1955. He subsequently was             MBA from Nyack College, where he served as             the rights and privileges of a Master of a Lodge
promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in the Naval          adjunct faculty. Patrick worked for the company        were placed in jeopardy, by the action of his Lodge.
Reserve.                                                 known as Live Nation with the national presenting      After the Lodge was opened, the Master had
    During the course of his navy service he became      of Broadway productions, as Director of                occasioned to be absent for a short time, leaving the
a Mason in the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts              Operations, also as General Manager of the             Senior Warden in the chair. On his return, he found
under dispensation from the Grand Lodge of New           Broadway theatre currently known as The Hilton         that charges had been preferred against himself, and
York. After initiation by Brookline Lodge and            Theatre. In addition he served as General Manager      a committee appointed to try him; and the Senior
passing by Paul Revere Lodge he was raised in New        for the arts education company Camp Broadway.          Warden refused to return into his hands the warrant
York, while on leave, in May of 1954 in Loyalty          He currently serves as Director of Development of      and mallet of the Lodge. Complaint being made to
Lodge No. 876 by his father Abraham Parsont, in          The Irish Repertory Theatre. In his spare time he      the Grand Master by the Master, he directed the
the presence of five Masonic uncles and a cousin.        serves as General Partner/Managing Director of         Grand Secretary to inform the Senior Warden that it
Upon completion of his military service, Henry           Manhattan Artist Representatives, LLC, a talent        was his direction that he should forthwith return the
returned to the Columbia School of Engineering for       agency representing classical singers and is working   warrant to the hands of the Master, and that the
graduate work and became active in Loyalty Lodge.        on launching a formal training program for             action of the Lodge on that case must be suspended,
He joined the line in 1956 and was elected Master        performing arts administrators. Masonicly, Patrick     and the members hold themselves in readiness to
in 1963 under the tutelage of R.·. W.·. Harold Marks     serves as Editor of the 6th District Sun, District     maintain their charges before the Grand Stewards’
and under DDGM R.·.W.·.Martin Klein.                     Press Relations Liaison, Vice Chair of the Masonic     Lodge, which was all promptly complied with by all
    Brother Henry launched his professional career       Blood      Donor      Program      and      manages    parties. The ground of his decision was, that the
in 1956 at the then Esso Standard Oil Company and        shakespeare750.com.                                    Master of a Lodge is only subject to impeachment
remained with them through various assignments                                                                  and trial before his peers, who are acquainted with
and corporate identities until his retirement from the                                                          his duties, but which the members of a Lodge
Exxon Chemical Company in 1986. After a brief                   Wantagh Little League                           cannot know, until they are themselves seated in the
exposure to the oil refining side of the business                                                               oriental chair.
Henry spent the rest of his career in the formulation,
                                                                                                                Bro. Henry Colon, Shakespeare Lodge No. 750
manufacturing, marketing and distribution of
additives for fuels and lubricants. He was a
member of the American Society of Lubricating                                                                            Membership
Engineers and the American Production and                                                                                     to
Inventory Control Society.                                                                                        th
                                                                                                                 6 Manhattan District Association
    In 1971 he relocated to Hong Kong and the
headquarters of the Esso Eastern Chemical                                                                       Masters, Wardens, and Deacons: Not a member of
Company.       Business required frequent trips to                                                              the 6th Manhattan District Association? For lifetime
Japan with which he became quite familiar and            "Big League" team 17-18 year olds, sponsored by        membership, send $25.00 check or money order to
where he acquired an interest in sumo wrestling.         6th Manhattan Masonic District. Playing good ball,     RWMartin        Bader,     16     Martin    Drive,
During his residency in Hong Kong, Henry met the         and having a lot of fun! Standing left to right: Ed    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603.
lovely Judy Yu and after a two year courtship was        Ciminell - Coach, Ben Alssid, L.T. Stehl, Chris
married in 1974. They are the proud parents of           Rom, Greg Rom Jr., Vince Vagnone, David Tobin,
daughters Billie and Désirée and the grandparents        R.˙.W.˙. Cary Cohn - Manager, T. J. Biegner, Rob
of four. In 1977 they returned to the USA and            Hall; front row Ryan Akley, Rob Burkhardt,
settled in New Jersey. Annual holiday visits to          Anthony Farino, Kevin Ciminelli (missing from
Hong Kong were transformed to winter residencies         picture - Greg Rom Sr. {taking picture}- Coach,
after retirement. Henry is now an active member of        Matt Virga, Jason Obenshine, and Kevin Winter.

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