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					                                                                          The Newsletter of the Wild Horse

   Wild Horse Talk                                                              Ranch Subdivision
                                                                                  Volume 10• Issue1
                                                                                    April, 2010

                                                                            Editors: Jean Blacklock
                                                                               & WHRLA Board Members

Updates and Tidbits from Wild Horse Ranch:

Items of interest to WHR landowners:

    Enclosed with this Newsletter is the nomination form for positions that will be open this year on the
     Board of Directors, both officers and directors. Please fill out this form and return to the Board before
     the cutoff date on the form in order to nominate candidates for office.

    Enclosed you will find a Neighborhood Watch permission form that landowners can fill out to have
     the volunteer patrols come onto your property to visually patrol if there are signs of suspicious
     activity. If you want to participate in this program, please fill out the form and mail to the address
     shown on the form.

    Fourth of July picnic news: The Fourth of July picnic will be held this year on Saturday, July 3rd,
     2010 at the Day Tank Pavilion. Meeting will be at 4:00pm with meal to follow at 5:00pm. Band and
     entertainment will be 7:00 til 10:00pm. We will have grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken
     provided by the WHRLA; please bring a dish to share with the assemblage.

    We wish to thank all the landowners who have opted to receive the Newsletter by email. We would
     like to encourage more people to take advantage of the opportunity to save trees, postage and time.
     The Newsletters and Minutes may be viewed on the WHR website at www.whrtalk.info at any time.

WHRLA Board of Directors

A question has been raised regarding interest earned on the CD. Per IRS regulations, this interest is not
considered unrelated business income. Both the savings and checking accounts are also interest earning
The financial records for the association have now been automated. This will help in the tracking and
collection of homeowner dues. It has been difficult to capture all landowners due to foreclosures and private
sales where the association is not notified of the change. Discussion on unpaid dues resulted in agreement
that more research would follow and liens would be placed on property where dues were 2 years or more in

Buck Well - after checking the water flow at 10 gal/min, Dan Lee has set the pump and adapter, put in the
line to the pump house site and installed frost-free hydrant. Work will continue on the completion of Buck
Well when weather permits.
Dale has removed unused mailboxes and will fix the beam for the remaining boxes; signs are being worked
on; remounted STOP signs.
It is winter, roads are bad and will need more work when it becomes feasible to do so. Some of the material
that was added before winter set in has not performed as expected and will need more attention. We will
probably need to increase the road allowance for WHR; the county roads as well, need more work. Owners
who have driveway entrances close to the county road are having problems getting into their driveways
because of the snow that is piled up by the county road machine. After discussion, Alice Ann made a motion
that we cut the driveway clearance so that the landowner can get into his property. Marty seconded the
motion and all voted in favor to pass.

There have been many landowners' complaints about the possibility of commercializing lots in WHR phase
IV and the ramifications thereof. The board agrees there is not enough support to seek zoning changes and
continuing pursuit of this matter. Motion was made to drop the issue of commercializing this property due to
consideration and input from landowners. Voting was unanimous with one member absent, to close the issue
at this time.

No new criminal activity reported. Because of the weather, there are no patrols going on. There will be a
note this newsletter asking for permission by the Neighborhood Watch to go on landowners' property to
check on buildings if there are signs of suspicious activity in the area.

D&O and Liability Insurance
Alice Ann reported on quote by an Alb. firm that had been secured for a 60-day review by the board. After
much discussion on pros and cons of the policy, the Board agreed the policy would satisfy the immediate
needs of the Association. The policy will run $4590/yr subject to satisfactory inspection by the Company, to
cover in part: pavilion, office bldg., some medical, damages and other coverage. Alice Ann moved to accept
the insurance; Dale seconded the motion; all voted and passed unanimously. The premium will be paid from
the LOA budget.

As you probably know, George Lee re-instituted the Neighborhood Watch in 2009. Due to personal
commitments, George turned over the role of chairperson in late 2009 to Ed Blacklock for the future
continuation of the program. The Neighborhood Watch is open to all landowners in WHR. We are meeting
regularly and discussing issues related to security in the community; communication between Watch
participants; possible training class for conceal carry; documents and tools to use during patrols and what is
currently being done by landowners to protect personal property. There is a document in this newsletter to
facilitate those on patrol, in order to alert authorities in case of evidence of suspicious activities on
landowners' property. Please read the form and let us know if you wish to participate; if so, fill out the form
and return to address listed on form.

Wild Horse Ranch Landowners Directory – will be accessible on the Association’s Web Site:
www.whrtalk.info (You can have your information removed at any time by contacting Bill.)

With the help of Bill Reed, we are working on the WHR Landowners Directory on the WHR website. This is entirely
voluntary. For those who want their information included, send any or all of the information to Bill Reed at
admin@whrtalk.info. This is the information we are adding:
WHR Phase & Lot
WHR Phone
Home Phone
Mailing Address
Home City, State
Email address

       A meeting was held at the WHVFD on December 19, 2009, for those interested in joining the PHI Air
Ambulance Membership Program. Although we were unable to have the actual presentation due to the
illness of the program coordinator, all families present signed a form requesting application forms. With at
least 15 member households, we qualify as the Wild Horse Group and will be entitled to a discounted yearly
premium of $40/household (with or without medical insurance). With PHI Cares membership, your costs for
an air ambulance service beyond what your regular medical insurance will pay are covered in full by PHI
(when service is provided by PHI).

       According to Patrick McKenzie, program coordinator, membership in PHI is considered nationwide
and members would be covered anywhere they reside, if they require an air ambulance and if PHI provides
the service. Further information on this program may be found at their website: phicares.com.

      At this meeting, I agreed to act as Group Coordinator for the Wild Horse Group. As the Group
Coordinator, I collect applications and payments for our group and mail them to PHI Cares. At the time of
this Newsletter, we should have the Wild Horse Group in place. Members may join the group at any time;
however their expiration date for the first year will be the same as that for the original group.

      If you are interested in joining the Wild Horse Group for this extra protection, please contact me and I
will be happy to send you brochures and application forms.

Thank you,
Cheryl Mickey, Wild Horse Group Coordinator
HC 65 Box 55, Pie Town, NM 87827

York Ranch cattle
 A while back, we had an incident with some of our livestock on the Ranch
 We know everyone means well, and we do appreciate the fact that folks call us when they see something out of the
 ordinary, this is very helpful, as we cannot be everywhere on any given day!
 We wanted to address this issue, we have spoken with Richard McGuire about this problem,. We
 want to let every one know,
 PLEASE, please'
 Do not pick up any baby calves, along the roads, even, IF you don't see the momma, and please do not move them to
 another location, the momma knows where she left her baby.
 this may cause us to lose the calf entirely, and this is how the Ranch makes its income, on the sale of the live calves that
 are delivered on the Ranch.
 The cows are like wild animals!, Would you pick up a baby antelope, or a baby elk calf and move it? And last
 but not least
 Please ask every one to slow down, the cattle do have the right of way.
 This year alone, we have lost 6 head of cows due to being run over with a vehicle!
 The speed limit along the Ranch roads is posted as 35 miles per hour, please every-one (observe this)

  With many thanks

  Jim and Janet Leslie Manager, York Ranch 505-772-2668

                             Wild Horse Ranch Landowners’ Association
                                HC65, Box 75, Pie Town, NM 87827

This year five board positions become vacant. If you would like to nominate a landowner for either of these
positions, please fill out this form and return it to the WHRLA (address above) no later than May 8, 2010.

1. President - 2 year term    ______________________________________(Must be full-time resident)

2. Treasurer - 2 year term ________________________________________

3. Director - 2 year term     _________________________________________

4. Director – 2 year term    _________________________________________

5. Director – 2 year term    _________________________________________


address above
Wild Horse Garbage Collection Services                Pinyon Ranch Woodworx LLC
                                                      Licensed New Mexico Contractor #353898
Do you have a bear problem?                           Dan & Sandi Dent, Lot 251
                                                      Custom Woodwork including:
Need your garbage picked up?                          - Kitchen Cabinets - Bathroom Vanities
                                                      - Office Cabinets  - Custom Furniture
Will provide service twice monthly or on an as        - Lot Signs
needed basis.                                         Contact dan@prwoodworx.com phone
Price negotiable upon garbage pick-up size and days   (575) 772-2997 www.prwoodworx.com
of service required.
Call Heather Newton at 575-772-2980

                                                      Wild Horse Volunteer Fire Department
  Wild Horse Ranch Landowners’ Association            www.wildhorsefiredept.org
                    HC 65 Box 75                      Office: 575.772.2610
                Pie Town, NM 87827                    Emergencies: Dial 911

Glynn Buffkin - General Construction                   T&T MARBLE AND TILE INC.
Phone 575.772.2984                                     Tile, Stone, Wood, etc
Decks                                                  John & Dorothy Twarowski
Pole Barns                                             Phase 1 Lot 29
Etc                                                    575-772-2745
                                                          THE PONDEROSA LODGE @ WILD HORSE
                                                          Two Rental Cabins on lot 8, phase I,
                                                          next to the Day Tank Community Area
       wild@heart construction                            THE MAIN CABIN = 1900 square feet,
            William Burke                                 sleeps up to 12 people, 1-3/4 baths
                                                          $200 per day, $1200 per week, $4000 per month
                                                          THE AUXILLARY CABIN = 700 sq feet,
     33 years experience most trades
                                                          sleeps up to 6 people, ¾ bath
       Wild horse resident 6 winters                      $100 per day, $600 per week, $2000 per month
         Solar and rain collection                        For availability and additional information, contact
      Homeowner-builder permit advice                     Sharon or Dave Hanneman
                                                          520.296.9236 (in Tucson)
        Job pricing or $30hr cash/                        575.772.2584 (at Wild Horse)

                 $35hr check

         Phone: 575-772-2922

FOR SALE :                                                FOR SALE:
2004 NASH 4 SEASONS TRAILER                               Vacant land. 20.41 acres, lot #19, phase 2 of Wild
                                                          Horse Ranch Subdivision. Corner lot with electric to
27 FEET, TWO SLIDEOUTS,                                   both sides. Contact Dave Hanneman at 520-296-
                                                          9236 (Tucson) or 575-772-2584 (Wild Horse) for
HEATED HOLDING TANKS, NEW BATTERIES                       more information.


ASKING $10,500

Marty Lenzini 520-529-9387

GOING GREEN IN 2010.......
In an effort to cut the rising cost of postage and printing, we are asking landowners to consider receiving the
Wild Horse Newsletter in the form of an email instead of having the copy mailed through US mail service.
Our goal in 2010 is to have folks receive the newsletter by email if you have an email account; this will save
cost and reduce the demand on our forests for paper products. Please consider this option. You can send
your email address to the Secretary, Jean Blacklock. Your email address will not be published anywhere for
other people to see, it will be kept in a computer file for mailing purposes only.
         Send email address to:       jeangreensleeves@yahoo.com
                                                                 NO MORE MONTHLY PAYMENTS WITH
Ponderosa Lodge, two cabins (1864 and 791 square feet)
on 25.59 acres adjacent to the community parcel, located
at lot #8, phase 1 of Wild Horse Ranch
Subdivision. Currently used as rentals and viewable at
www.ponderosalodgeatwildhorse.com. Can be purchased
as is, fully furnished or without. Contact Dave Hanneman               MORTGAGE
at 520-296-9236 (Tucson) or 575-772-2584 (Wild Horse)
for more information.                                                  For Age 62 or over
                                                                    Call Phase II home owner
                                                                   Jack Bauer for Information
                                                                    520-458-2800 or 505-772-2748
                                                                     HALLMARK MORTGAGE
                                                                       NOW LOAN NETWORK
                                                                 HALLMARK MORTGAGE
 Approximately 2200 square feet of living area with                      ---- Financing For ----
approximately 1200 square foot garage/workshop/storage           Purchase, Construction, Refinance
area with 14 x 14 roll up door. Lot #18, phase 2 (20.82
acres) of Wild Horse Ranch Subdivision. Exterior is                  Site Built or Manufactured
Mueller steel, interior is framed with structurallly insulated    call Jack   Bauer-a phase II
panels. A modern interior with tile and carpet on a
concrete foundation. Three bedroom, two full baths, two          resident
story with large upstairs family room. Well and 3000
gallon storage tank. Propane central heating and air                Main Office – 520-458-2800
conditioning. Fireplace in living room. Laundry area off
                                                                    Wild Horse – 575-772-2748
hallway. Propane stove, dual refrigerators in kitchen,
dishwasher and disposal. Large master suite with walk-in          Licensed in New Mexico and Arizona
closet. Contact Dave Hanneman at 520-296-9236
(Tucson) or 575-772-2584 (Wild Horse) for more
        Wild Horse Volunteer Fire Department
       As most of you know, the Wild Horse Volunteer Fire Department relies in part on
raising funds from donations to help continue the activities and functions of the department.
This year the Fire Corps is working on three projects to help in this endeavor.

   1. An 18 –month calendar is being designed using beautiful photographs of our Wild Horse
      area along with pictures of local flowers and wildlife. We anticipate that this project
      will be a hit with our many landowners and the friends and families they may choose to
      share a calendar with. The calendar will be offered for sale at the 2010 Annual Fourth
      of July Picnic.

       We are hoping to defray some of the printing costs by selling space for
   advertisements. If your business would like to help us, you may      purchase advertising
   space for a donation of $25. Your business card         will appear on a calendar page and
   receive an entire month of viewing and exposure for the entire 18 months of the calendar.
      Deadline: May 31, 2010.

   2. Artisans and craftsmen are invited to donate a piece of your artwork to be auctioned
      at the Annual Picnic.

   3. We are looking for your favorite recipes to use for putting together an even bigger,
      better Wild Horse Cookbook which will be offered for sale at the 2011 Annual Fourth
      of July picnic.

If you can help us, you may send:
       …a check for $25 (made out to the Wild Horse Volunteer Fire Department) and your
business card, and/or
      …a note describing any articles you may wish to donate for auction,
      …your favorite recipes

to: Cheryl Mickey, Fire Corps Member
    HC 65 Box 55, Pie Town, NM 87827
        Wild Horse Ranch Neighborhood Watch Permission Form

Landowner Name: __________________________________ (Please Print or Type)

Home Address: _____________________________________ (Please Print or Type)

E-Mail Address: _____________________________________(Please Print or Type)
Phone Number: ______________________________________
Phase Number: __________ Lot Number: ____________

(Personal information is for Wild Horse Neighborhood Watch only and will only be given out
to proper authorities if needed)

I do hereby grant authority and permission for Wild Horse Ranch Neighborhood Watch
members to inspect my property. This permission is only for exterior inspection of my home
and/or out buildings. This inspection is to help deter crime in our area. Any suspicious or
unusual appearance of the structures will be reported to the Catron County Sheriffs Dept. for
follow up and will also be reported to the property owner.

Landowner is required to advise Neighborhood Watch of any hazards on property that may
result in injury, if not known, by inspecting person.
Landowner assumes no responsibility/liability if, during an inspection, a Watch member is
injured on the property after being properly advised of any hazardous conditions.
Neighborhood Watch is a volunteer organization and assumes no responsibility of protecting
landowner property.

      Signature _______________________________________

      Date _____________________

      Please mail your completed consent form to:

      Ed Blacklock
      HC 65 Box 99
      Pie Town, NM 87827

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