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					                                     CADDO POINT II
ATVCCS Rd. 5 East Div.
Cash, Texas
October 31, 2010

         What a great weekend for Halloween. Sunshine and cooler night time temps made conditions
perfect for our Halloween cook out, costume contest, trick or treat, and hay ride. Top prize in the
costume contest went to “The Monkey” for the kids, and to “Dorothy and the Scarecrow” for the
                                             adults. The dinner was awesome and a big thanks goes
                                             out to everyone who did their part in making this happen.
                                             The 2010 season is down to the final race in each division;
                                             for the Central Division the
                                             final race is November 21
                                             and for the East Division
                                             the final race is December
                                                     The race track at
                                             Caddo II was changed up
                                             quite a bit and offered
riders a few more challenges. In fact some of the challenges were
difficult enough that they had to be removed for the C Program race
so that the lesser experienced riders could circulate the track
problem free. The length of the main track was 6.8 miles long and
the Pee Wee track was 1.1 miles long. Even the Pee Wee track had
some new kinks that made the racing much more of a riders track.
         The first race on Saturday was the Pee Wee 12 under class
and once again Cameron Trimble easily raced to victory. At the
beginning of the race Trimble had to work pretty hard to recover from
a less than perfect start but once he made his way past the other riders in his class he was able to
motor away by a large margin to take the win. Adam Miller and Lauren Underwood both jumped out
to the early lead by nailing great starts. Since Hannah Underwood was the only rider in the 7 under
class she decided she’d like to ride against her sister in the 12 under class. Hannah was stay pretty
close to her older sister Lauren until she tried to knock a tree over. The front end of Hannah’s
machine was heavily damaged but she tried to continue racing but was later stopped by a concerned
parent. Back to the racing in the 12 under class Adam Miller crossed the finish line in second
followed by Lauren Underwood in third. The 10 under race produced a much better start for Cameron
Trimble who took full advantage of his great start and put down the fastest lap time of the day. Nick
Birmingham blasted off in the second position and began to gap Andrew Whitsitt and Adam Miller but
mid way during the race Whitsitt and Miller closed the gap on Birmingham. In the later stages of the
race Birmingham put his race face on and moved back out to a comfortable lead. Miller was forced to
retire with an engine that was literally about to fall out of the chassis. Your 10 under winner was
Trimble followed by Birmingham, Whitsitt, and Miller.
         For the C Program race I made some alternates around the creeks that were giving some
riders a difficult time. It was no big deal and the alternates only shorten the length of the track by less
than a tenth of a mile. In the Masters class Dennis Wilson and Bruce Dickey were the only two riders
on the starting line to do battle. Bruce got the holeshot but Dennis, the current point’s leader, is
always a force to be reckoned with. By the end of the first lap Dennis had made the pass for the lead
but Bruce was not far behind. On the second lap Dennis began to gap Bruce pretty good but on the
third and final lap Bruce found his second wind and made up enough ground to have Dennis in sight
by the time they crossed the checkered flag. Channan Morrison took the victory in the Lady Open
class and was never challenged. For the record Channan was one of the few riders in the C Program
who did make through all the tough sections of the track during practice which were later deleted for
the C Program race. Also, Channan was “Dorothy” from the Wizard of OZ, and won the costume
contest Saturday night. Jana Whitsitt raced in the Lady Open class too, but her quad broke down
during the first lap leaving her stranded in the woods waiting for help to get back to camp.
         The Sportsman class had lots of riders this weekend and they provided some darn good
racing. In the Sportsman A class we had four talented riders lined up for battle; Austen Dinger, Matt
Hilleman, Bobby McLaughlin, and Justin Underwood. Austen took the holeshot followed by Bobby
and Matt. Justin couldn’t get his quad to fire on the start and had to have several spectators give him
a push to bust off his machine. This must have lit a fire under him as when the riders came through
scoring for the first time it was Justin who was in the lead. Dinger was not far behind nor was
McLaughlin. On the second lap it looked like Underwood was going to ride away with a comfortable
lead but Dinger was not ready to throw in the towel yet. Dinger put his head down and reeled in
Underwood on the last lap and when they came to the checked flag they were very close to one
another. Underwood would take the win followed by Dinger, McLaughlin, and Hilleman. In the
Sportsman B class Crede Young thought he’d play a trick on all the young men in this class by
jumping the start. It just so happened I did a very quick pull on the flags for this start and his
advantage was not as large as he’d hoped. After the race Crede disqualified himself and never got in
the way of the racing for the rest of the guys. Caleb Hamm and Mac Young had another epic battle
going on with Caleb the early leader, then Mac in the lead on lap two, and Caleb again at the finish.
After the race was completed Mac realized he’d taken an alternate that was not allowed for this race
and he too was DQ’d himself. This moved everyone up a spot which placed Logan James in the
number two spot for the finish followed by Justin Whitsitt in third. Justin’s machine blew just before
the finish and he had to push it across the finish line. Fourth went to Joshua Miller and fifth to Justin
         Sunday morning brought us another gorgeous day and Dennis Wilson got us all off to a good
start with some readings from the good book. Gerald Dowden took the holeshot in the Expert class
and was looking good and fast, early in the race. Dowden held on to the lead for the first lap but had
Scott Dunn pushing on him pretty hard. Both riders had a little brain fade and came through the
scoring area too fast for the first lap and next thing I know Gayle is banging on the trailer telling me to
get out there and slow these guys down. So the next lap each rider was stopped and reminded that
the speed in the scoring area is a “slow walking pace”. They both handled themselves well and after
a brief stop they resumed racing. Once Scott took over the lead he began to pull away from Gerald a
little each lap until that lead reached a 3 minutes margin. Scott held that margin and took the victory.
Logan James “Scarecrow” took the lead in the Amateur class and lead from start to finish. Justin
Boyer normally gives Logan a good race but today Justin didn’t have much game and on the last lap
he smacked a tree that caused severe damage to his quad. Matthew Lundwell was in third and could
have possibly cashed in on Justin’s mishap but Lundwell machine died and he was not able to get it
to re-fire. Whitsitt raced a barrowed machine and it wouldn’t start on the starting line. Once he was
able to get it to come to life he decided to just do one lap and take finishing points. So your winner
was Logan followed by Boyer, Lundwell, and Whitsitt. As normal in the Junior class Mac and Caleb
race each other very hard and set a blistering pace. Again, Caleb came out on top followed Mac, and
Joshua Miller. Harrison Felker started the race on his Honda 700 but contact with a tree shortly after
the start bent a tie rod and put a quick end to his race. Crede Young had an uncontested victory in
the 35+ class and Dennis Wilson won the 45+ class. Dewey Miller was running well in the 45+ class
until he lost rear brakes. After a few close calls Dewey decided he’d be better off parking his machine
for the rest of the race.
         Next race is at Dirt Devil in Cisco Texas on November 21, 2010. Hopefully it won’t be sleeting
like it was back in March.