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					               Congress Exhibitor Guide & Corporate Listing
ADSC: The Association of                   American Piledriving Equipment              AVAR-SAS Thread Bar Systems
Foundation Drilling                        Outdoor Booth #1036                         Indoor Booth #421
Indoor Booth: Great Hall East/West         7032 S. 196th Street                        47375 Fremont Blvd.
14180 Dallas Parkway, Suite 510            Kent, WA 98032                              Fremont, CA 94538
Dallas, TX 75254                           Phone: (253) 872-0141                       Phone: (510) 354-2000
Phone: (214) 343-2091                      Fax: (253) 872- 8710                        Fax: (510) 354-2010
Fax: (214) 343-2384                        Email:                   Email:
Email:                  Web site:                  SAH high strength thread bar
Web site:                American Piledriving Equipment and          available in Gv. 75/80 from #6 to
                                           J&M Foundation Equipment                    #20, Gv. 150 ¾” to 3” diameter
AGL Manufacturing Ltd.                     manufacturers, sells and rents pile         Introducing Gv.97 with diameters
Indoor Booth #111                          hammers, vibratory drivers, earth           from #6 to #24. The cost reducing
8378 Prince Edward St.                     augers, drill rigs, piling rigs, and lead   alternative for earth retention
Vancouver, BC v5X 3R9                      systems.                                    systems.
Phone: (604) 267-1716                      Assn. of Environmental &                    Baroid Industrial Drilling Products
Fax: (604) 267-1719                        Engineering Geologists (AEG)                Indoor Booth #202
Email:                    Indoor Booth: Great Hall East/West          PO Box 1675
Web site:                   PO Box 460518                               Houston, TX 77251
AGL offers factory-direct prices on        Denver, CO 80246                            Phone: (281) 871-4613
soil & rock anchoring system. AGL’s        Phone: (303) 757-2926                       Fax: (281) 871-4621
investment casting and machine             Fax: (303) 757-2969                         Email:
shop are ISO 9001 certified. Contact       Web site:                    Web site:
us for a catalogue of our bar                                                          Baroid IDP supplies a
couples, nuts, bit, * plate, * washer, *   Atlantic Drill & Equipment Co.              comprehensive line of drilling,
Centralizer, and * wire mesh, etc.         Outdoor Booth #1412                         grouting, plugging, abandonment,
We ship world-wide.                        PO Box 488, 273 Lakeview Drive              and well rehabilitation and
                                           Woodstock, VA 22664                         development products specifically
ALLU Group                                 Phone: (866) 459-5309                       engineered its optimize performance
Outdoor Booth #1426                        Fax: (540) 459-3071                         and end-user costs.
700 Huyler Street                          Email:
Teterboro, NJ 07608                        Web site:             Bauer Maschinen Gmbh
Phone: (800) 989-2558                      When Quality, Compatibility and             Outdoor Booth #1102
Fax: (201) 288-4479                        Availability are a must, Atlantic Drill     P. O. Box 1260
Email:                        & Equipment Co. offers a full               Schrobenhasen, D-86 522
Web site:                     assortment of high quality drilling         Germany
ALLU manufactures specialty                and grouting equipment, segmented           Phone: (49) 8252-97-1634
products such as the ALLU PM/PF            European casings and parts. Our             Fax: (49) 8252-97-1896
Stabilization System. The mass             casings are readily available from          Email:
stabilization system includes a            stock in 5 popular sizes with non-          Drill rigs, piling rigs, micropile rigs,
mobile pressurized tank for powder         standard and large quantities               trench cutters, hydraulic grabs,
feed and a mixing tool that mounts to      available on a quote basis.                 desanding systems, grout mixing
an excavator up to 20 feet long.                                                       plants, top drives, drilling tools,
Contaminated soil mixing tool that         Atlas Copco CMT USA, Inc.                   casing.
mounts to wheel loaders and                Outdoor Booth #1338
excavators.                                3700 E. 68th Ave.                           Bay Shore Systems, Inc.
                                           Commerce City, CO 80022                     Outdoor Booth #1118
American Equip. & Fabricating              Phone: (800) 732-6762                       14206 N. Ohio St.
Corp.                                      Fax: (303) 217-2840                         Rathdrum, ID 83858
Outdoor Booth #1238                        Email:                                      Phone: (208) 687-3311
100 Water St.                                 Fax: (208) 687-4153
East Providence, RI 02914                  Web site:                 Email:
Phone: (401) 438-2626                      Atlas Copco will be displaying the
Fax: (401) 438-0764                        drills, tooling and expertise for your      Web site:
Email:          geotechnical or ground engineering
Web site: www.american-                    project: Drill rigs, down-the-hole          LoDril with ADS* and Center Rock                              hammers, Symmetrix overburden               LP Drill; Hawk 150*-150,000 ft-lbs,
Sales, rental & support services of        drilling systems, self-drilling anchors,    60’ drill depth, 43’ attachment, 100%
Soilmec, PTC, H&M, and Dawson              rock bolts, grouting pumps, cluster         positive crowd, no Kelly bar; AERA
foundation equipment. Engineering          drills, air compressors, drill pipe and     tieback machine*
and manufacture of specialized             other drill string components. Atlas
equipment. “Service is our                 Copco also distributes Casagrande
Business”.                                 rigs in central USA.
              Congress Exhibitor Guide & Corporate Listing
Beretta Alfredo                          Web site:             Casagrande USA is the factory store
Outdoor Booth #1020                      Tricones, Hole Openers-                  in North America, providing the full
Via Vionarto, 10                         HDD/Vertical, Percussion Hammers         range of Casagrande and Hutte
Besana Brianza, Milano 0045              and Bits, Drag Bits, Replacement         drilling equipment and product
Italy                                    Cutters, *PDC Bits*, Disposable Bits     support. Additionally, Casagrande
Phone: 39 0362 995380                    (Leave in the Hole/Throw Away)           represents ThyssenKrupp for drill
Fax: 39 0362 995708                                                               heads and drifters as well as Atlantic
Email:         Boart Longyear Company                   Equipment for drilling tools, grout
Web site:          Outdoor Booth #1302                      mixing and pumping equipment.
Beretta Alfredo specializes in the       2371 S. Presidents Dr, Suite C & D
manufacturing of small to mid-size       Salt Lake City, UT 84127                 Case Atlantic Company
hydraulic rigs for the geo               Phone: (801) 977-3342                    Indoor Booth #313
construction market. Manufactured in     Fax: (801) 977-3372                      14450 46th Street N #106
Milan, Italy these rigs are perfect to   Email:          Clearwater, FL 33162
fit where the large anchor rigs just                                              Phone: (727) 572-7740
can’t go. Beretta is represented in                                               Fax: (727) 571-1393
North America by TEI Rock Drills of      Boulderscape Inc.                        Email:
Montrose, Colorado.                      Outdoor Booth #1424            
                                         33081 Calle Perfecto                     Web site:
Berkel & Company Contractors,            San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675            Deep Foundation contractor
Inc.                                     Phone: (949) 661-5087                    specializing in drilled shafts /
Indoor Booth #408                        Fax: (949) 661-3397                      caisson; auger cast piling; pull
2649 South 142nd Street                  Email:          service geotechnical contractor.
Bonner Springs, KS 66012                 Web site:
Phone: (913) 422-5125                    Artifical Rockwork                       Center Rock, Inc.
Fax: (913) 441-0402                      Boulderscape is a sculpted shotcrete     Outdoor Booth #1421
Email:                company that creates geological and      118 Schrock Dr.
Web site:                                architectural wall facing out of         Berlin, PA 15530                 shotcrete. For over 20 years, their      Phone: (814) 267-7100
Celebrating 50 years of service to       finishes have been applied to almost     Fax: (814) 267-6382
our clients. Providing Auger,            every type of retaining wall system in   Email:
Pressure-Grouted Piles; Auger,           the industry. These finishes are         Web site:
Pressure-Grouted Displacement            designed for cold and hot climates       Center Rock Inc. manufacturers and
Piles; Sheeting and Shoring;             alike and are more cost effective        distributes a complete line of air
Underpinning; Anchors; Tiebacks;         then most all finishes of today.         drilling tools and products worldwide.
Pre=Placed Aggregate Concrete;                                                    Center Rock Brand products include
Driven Piles; Pressure Grouting.         Brayman Construction Company             the LP Drill and Hole Openers
                                         Indoor Booth #2                          ranging in size from 20” to 114”, drill
Bermingham Foundation                    1000 John Roebling Way                   bits, and the CR line of hammers
Solutions                                Saxonburg, PA 16056                      available with our patented bit
Outdoor Booth #1150                      Phone: (724) 443-1533                    retention system.
Wellington Street Marine Terminal        Fax: (724) 443-8733
Hamilton, ON L8L 4Z9                     Email:                                   CETCO
Canada                                 Indoor Booth #302
Phone: (800) 668-9432                    Web site:                                2870 Forbs Avenue
Fax: (905) 668-9432                          Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
Email:           Brayman is a full service provider of    Phone: (847) 818-7935
Web site:          general contracting and specialty        Fax: (847) 394-7823
Bermingham Foundation Solutions is       geotechnical construction                Email:
a leading manufacturer of diesel pile    capabilities – with operations           Web site:
driving hammers, reverse-circulation-    throughout the entire eastern United     CETCO Construction Drilling
drills, leads, and custom foundation     States. We are an industry               Products is a division of CETCO
equipment. Bermingham (1897) is          recognized provider of diverse and       Building Materials Group and is
also Canada’s oldest foundation          innovative solutions including –         part of AMCOL international Corp.
contractor. Fourth-generation owner      micropiles, caissons, driven/drilled     CETCO Construction Drilling
Patrick Bermingham is the inventor       piles, rock/soil nailing, ground         Products provides Bentonite and
of the patented StatnamicTM load         anchors/tiebacks, and foundation         polymer products and services to the
testing method. Characterized by         grouting.                                customer involved in subsurface
innovation and practicality,                                                      excavations including drilled shafts,
Bermingham leads the industry in         Casagrande USA Inc.                      tunnel boring, bored piles and
custom foundation solutions and          Outdoor Booth #1332                      diaphragm slurry walls.
pile-driving technology.                 22 Van Sickle Road
                                         Lafayette, NJ 07848                      Champion Equipment Co.
Bit Brokers International                Phone: (973) 579-1906                    Outdoor Booth #1232
Indoor Booth #307                        Fax: (973) 579-1907                      8140 East Rosecrans Avenue
PO Box 100                               Email:                                   Paramount, CA 90723
Logan, IL 62856                          Phone: (562) 634-8180
Phone: (618) 435-5811                    Web site:                                Fax: (562) 634-1350
Fax: (618) 435-2388                              Email: vjue@champion-
               Congress Exhibitor Guide & Corporate Listing
Web site: www.champion-                 Comacchio can offer every customer        before, during and after the sale to                           the right solution to the needs and       ensure your total satisfaction. That’s
Engineering and manufacturing a         problems arising in a job site. This is   our promise.
complete line of drilling tools and     possible thanks to the wide range of
accessories for the highest             standard products, including drilling     CZM Foundation Equipment
productivity and the most difficult     and specialty equipment, and the          Outdoor Booth #1347
ground conditions.                      efficiency of Comacchio’s                 Via Socrates Mariani Bitten Court
                                        technicians who are able to               364
Champion Equipment Sales                understand the problems quickly.          Contagem, MG 32010
Outdoor Booth #1331                                                               Brazil
49 e. Gordon Ave                        Condon-Johnson & Assoc, Inc.              Phone: 55 31 2111 6200
Salt Lake City, UT 84107                Indoor Booth #1                           Fax: 55 31 2111 6216
Phone: (801) 288-8919                   651 Strader Blvd.                         Email:
Fax: (801) 288-8919                     Tukwila, WA 98116                         Web site:
Email:            Phone: (206) 575-8248                     CZM will be exhibiting its CFA
Web site:          Fax: (206) 575-8354                       machine EM800 and the new
Sales and Service Support of            Email: amacnab@condon-                    excavator mounted EX60K together
Soilmec and Leffer Foundation                                with HMC, the North America
Equipment. Over 250 units placed in     Web site:          Distributor for its products.
the Western USA and Canada.             CIA offerings include Drilled Shafts,
Branches in Nevada, California, Utah    Anchored Earth Retention, and             Dataforensics
and Alberta.                            Ground improvement. Core                  Indoor Booth #214
                                        competencies include Slurry and           3280 Pointe Parkway, Suite 200
Chance /Atlas ~ Hubbell Power           Hard Rock Shaft Drilling techniques,      Norcross, GA 30092
Systems                                 Shoring, Soil Nailing, Grouting, Soil     Phone: (678) 406-0106
Indoor Booth #207                       Mixing, Stone Columns and Jet             Fax: (678) 367-0870
210 North Allen                         Grouting. CIA works through               Email:
Centralia, MO 65240                     traditional design-bid-build methods      Web site:
Phone: (573) 682-8414                   and alternative methods such as           Dataforensics is a leader in
Fax: (873) 682-8660                     design-build utilizing our in-house       developing and deploying
Email:                                  engineering staff.                        geotechnical and geoenvironmental                                                      engineers, and engineering
Web site:              Con-Tech Systems, Ltd.                    technicians accomplish field and
Manufacturers’ tiebacks, soil screws,   Outdoor Booth #1018                       office work in less time, with more
micro piles, underpinning systems,      8150 River Bend                           accuracy and with higher quality
resistance piers, street light and      Delta, BC V4G 1B5                         data.
tower foundations; power-installed      Canada
steel earth anchors and foundations.    Phone: (604)946-5571                      Davey Drill Div., Davey Kent Inc.
                                        Fax: (604) 946-5548                       Outdoor Booth #1220
ChemGrout Inc.                          Email:            200 W. Williams St., P.O. Box 400
Outdoor Booth #1016                     Web site:          Kent, OH 44240
805 E. 31st Street                      Geo-support systems; stranol              Phone: (330) 673-5400
LaGrange Park, IL 60526                 anchors; solid bar anchors; fibre         Fax: (330) 673-9178
Phone: (708) 354-7112                   glass anchors; removable stranol          Email:
Fax: (708) 354-3881                     anchors; CTS/TITAN IBO®; Hollow           Web site:
Email:               TITAN BAR®; micropiles; soilnails;        Davey Drill is an American
Web site:             anchors; Obermann grouting                manufacturer of foundation and earth
ChemGrout manufactures the              equipment; high speed, high shear,        retention drilling equipment. Davey
world’s largest selection of grouting   colloidal misers; pumps; grout plants;    introduces its D622, a small machine
equipment. From high capacity           jet grout plants; grouting monitoring     with big machine capabilities for
colloidal systems to hand grout         equipment; stressing equipment;           micropiles. The D622 offers 30, 000
pumps. Production rates to 45 GPM       pumps; jacks; technical and job-site      lbs of pullout and 21,000 ft.-lbs of
and pressures to 2000 PSI. Their        assistance.                               torque. Davey also has its popular
patented pumps are industry                                                       D725, a leader in earth retention
standards offering reliability and      Cox Industries                            drilling.
durability along with unique            Indoor Booth #119
disassembly features that simplifies    P. O. Box 70                              DBM Contractors
clean up and maintenance.               Eutawville, SC 29048                      Indoor Booth #403
                                        Phone: (803) 492-7728                     1220 South 356th Street
Comacchio                               Fax: (803) 492-7942                       Federal Way, WA 98003
Outdoor Booth #1249                     Email:               Phone: (253) 838-1402
Via Callalta, 24/8-31039                Web site:                 Fax: (253) 874-6574
Riesepiox, TV                           Cox has been a family owned               Email:
Italy                                   business for more than six decades,       Web site:
Phone: (703) 447-5339                   and we consider all of our customers      Design/build geotechnical
Fax: (336) 998-5817                     an extension of that family. Cox          contracting in Western USA;
Email: comac@comacchio-                 strives to meet the demands of any        foundation support; earth retention;                           customer who is looking for               slope stabilization; ground
Web site: www.comacchio-                specialized wood or wood-related          improvement; dewatering*; drilled                           products. We will work with you           shafts; micropiles; anchored pile
               Congress Exhibitor Guide & Corporate Listing
walls; temporary/permanent ground       DSI is a worldwide leader in the         Industriestrasse 5
anchors; secant pile walls; CFA         manufacture and supply of earth          Drolshagen, D-57489
piling; diaphragm walls; soil nail      anchoring/post-tensioning systems.       Germany
walls; structural and architectural     Our piling solutions include             Phone: 49 2763 212 28 0
shotcrete; vibro stone columns;         Micropiles/GewiPiles, and Driven         Fax: 49 2763 212 28 22
grouting; underpinning; soil mixing;    Ductile Iron Pipe Piles which provide    Email:
internal bracing; dam anchorage;        the speed of a driven pile systems       Web site:
seismic retrofit .                      with the benefits of a grouted           EuroDrill is the worlds leading
                                        system. Other DSI products include       manufacturer of large drifters, rotary
Deep Foundations Institute (DFI)        ground anchors and soil nails            heads and double heads. These
Indoor Booth: Great Hall East/West      utilizing DYWIDAG Threadbar and          unites are the heart of any drilling rig
326 Lafayette Ave.                      DYWI Drill Hollow bars.                  and can make your existing rig even
Hawthorne, NJ 07506                                                              more powerful. The combinations of
Phone: (973) 423-4030                   Ensoft, Inc.                             different types of drill heads are
Fax: (973) 423-4031                     Indoor Booth #301                        numerous and should be examined
Web site:                   3003 West Howard Lane                    to help increase your production.
                                        Austin, TX 78728                         EuroDrill is represented in North
DrillingWorld                           Phone: (512) 244-6464                    America by TEI Rock Drills of
Indoor Booth #417                       Fax: (512) 244-6067                      Montrose, Colorado.
1940 Fairway Dr, Unit J                 Email:
San Leandro, CA 94577                   Web site:              Favor Steel & Fabricating, Inc.
Phone :( 800) 331-9988 or (510)         Ensoft develops and sells software       Indoor Booth #314
895-1650                                for analysis and design of deep          1110 Industrial Blvd.
Fax: (510) 895-8129                     foundations. Ensoft will be              Bessemer, AL 35022
E-mail:         demonstrating it’s widely used           Phone: (205) 426-3288
Web site:         engineering software for deep            Fax: (205) 426-3278
Drilling Tools Manufacturer:            foundations subjected to axial and       Email:
continuous flight augers; hollow stem   lateral loading. Ensoft has been         Web site:
augers; rock & dirt augers; drilling    providing widely used software and       Favor Steel custom fabricates steel
buckets; Eskridge digger/anchor         offering short courses to the            casing pipe from 30” to 144”
drives; TITAN digger/anchor drives;     geotechnical engineering profession      diameters and various cutting and
drill rig repair service & parts for    since 1986.                              drilling tools. Favor Steel is totally
Mobile Drill, Texoma, Eskridge &                                                 dedicated to fabricating products for
McMillen; jaw pads & holders for        Envirocon, Inc.                          the foundation drilling industry.
hydraulic clamps; kelly boxes, teeth,   Indoor Booth #215                        Foremost Industries, LP
blocks, pilots, collars.                651 Corporate Circle, Ste. 114           Indoor Booth #316
                                        Golden, CO 80401                         1225-64 Avenue NE
Durham Geo Slope Indicator              Phone: (303) 215-0187                    Calgary, AB, Canada T2E 8P9
(DGSI)                                  Fax: (303) 215-0182                      Phone: (403) 295-5800
Indoor Booth #311                       Email:         Fax: (403) 295-5834
2175 West Part Ct                       Envirocon is a leader in applying        Email:
Stone Mountain, GA 30087                specialty geotechnical application       Foremost’s Dual Rotary drills have
Phone: (770) 465-7557                   such as installation of several of the   continually proven their performance
Fax: (770) 465-7447                     longest and deepest slurry and           worldwide where augers, pile drivers
Email:         reactive barrier walls in the U.S. to    and pile vibrators cannot be used
Web site:             control and treat groundwater; and       and under-reamers have been
Durham Geo Slope Indicator              the installation of sheetpile            inefficient with unprecedented
manufactures geotechnical and           containment and excavation support       success in unconsolidated
environmental products:                 systems, soil mix walls, and             overburden. Applications include
* Geotechnical and Structural –         innovative in-situ treatment systems.    drilling foundation piles in boulder-
Permanently installed sensors used                                               laden, heaving, or reclaimed ground,
to monitor tilt, displacement,                                                   bridge rehabilitation and dam
pressure and strain in soil, rock,      Equipment Corp of America                construction projects, dock shoring,
concrete and steel structures.          Outdoor Booth #1006                      and de-watering.
* Materials Testing – Instruments       P. O. Box 387
for testing soil, concrete and          Aldan, PA 19018                          Foundation Equipment Supplies
geosynthetics.                          Phone: (800) PILE-USA                    Outdoor Booth #1144
* Environmental – Pumps to              Fax: (610) 626-2245                      15 Leahann Dr.
remove contaminated groundwater.        Email:                Toronto, ON M1P 1B6
                                        Web site:                 Canada
DYWIDAG Systems International           ECA brings ninety-years experience       Phone: (416) 752-9033
USA, Inc.                               to the Foundation Construction           Fax: (416) 752-9033
Indoor Booth #413                       Equipment industry. Bauer Drills for     Email:
320 Marmon Drive                        large diameter, KLEMM Drills for         Web site:
Bolingbrook, IL 60440                   small diameter, RTG Piling Rigs for      Yutong foundation drilling rig &
Phone: (630) 739-1100                   versatile applications, i.e., sheeting   drilling tools.
Fax: (630) 739-5517                     and CFA and Pileco.
Email:                                                  Foundation Technologies, Inc.
Web site:            EuroDrill GmbH                           Indoor Booth #103
                                        Outdoor Booth #1020                      PO Box 491718
               Congress Exhibitor Guide & Corporate Listing
Lawrenceville, GA 30049                    Lebanon, NH 03766                        5770 Hoffner Avenue, #101
Phone: (678) 407-4640                      Phone: (603) 448-1562                    Orlando, FL 32822
Fax: (678) 407-4645                        Fax: (603) 448-3216                      Phone: (407) 380-3232
Email:                                     Email:                  Fax: (407) 380-9411            Web site:                 Email:
Web site:                                  Geokon, Inc., The World Leader in        Web site:             Vibrating Wire
Manufacturer and distributor or            Technology manufactures a full           gINT Software, Inc.
specialty products for the foundation      range of high quality geotechnical       Indoor Booth #216
construction industry. ShaftSpacer®,       instrumentation suitable for             7710 Bell Road
BarBoot®, and Cagecaster® are              monitoring the safety and stability of   Windsor, CA 95492
products for centralizing rebar within     piles, deep foundations, and tunnels.    Phone: (707) 838-1271
drilled shafts and caissons:               Geokon's product line includes strain    Fax: (707) 838-1274
UNISPACER™ for single bar                  gages, load cells, extensometers,        Email:
reinforcement positioning within           inclinometers, piezometers, pressure     Since 1986, gINT Software has
Auger-cast, mini-piles, soil anchors       cells, settlement systems                pioneered innovative software that
and tie-backs: Yellow Jacket™              and dataloggers.                         enables highly effective data
friction reduction for piling associated                                            management and reporting for the
with MSE walls.                            Geopier Foundation Company               geotechnical and geoenvironmental
                                           Indoor Booth #205                        industries. Today gINT sets the
Gannett Fleming, Inc                       150 Fairview Rd., Suite 335              standard for excellence in
Indoor Booth #303                          Mooresville, NC 28117                    subsurface data management and
4722 North 24th Street, Ste 250            Phone: (704) 799-3185                    reporting software.
Phoenix, AZ 85016                          Fax: (704) 799-3235                      gINT's superior engineering,
Phone: (602) 553-8817                      Email:                customer responsiveness and
Fax: (602) 553-8816                        Web site:                acclaimed support services have
Email:                   Geopier Foundation Company, Inc.         made gINT the product of choice.
Web site:           (GPC), a subsidiary of The Tensar
Gannett Fleming, Inc., with 50 offices     Corporation, is a design/build           GRL Engineers, Inc.
nationwide, is one of the country’s        specialty contractor specializing in     Indoor Booth #209
leading multi-disciplined consulting       Rammed Aggregate Pier® soil              4535 Renaissance Parkway
engineering firms. The firm has            reinforcement solutions for              Cleveland, OH 44128
nearly 1,900 employees, including          commercial, industrial,                  Phone: (216) 831-6131
over 100 geotechnical engineers,           transportation, and residential          Fax: (216) 831-0916
geologists, and hydrogeologists.           structures. Visit our booth to learn     Email:
Our geotechnical engineering               how you can benefit from our fast        Web site:
expertise includes foundation              and affordable Intermediate              Dynamic Load Testing of drilled
exploration and geophysical                Foundation® systems.                     shafts, driven or auger cast-in-place
capabilities, laboratory facilities,                                                piles (PDA, CAPWAP, APPLE); Pile
geotechnical design, and state-of-         GeoRocFor Inc.                           Driving Monitoring (local/remote;
the-art foundation treatment               Indoor Booth #412                        also vibration monitoring); Integrity
capabilities.                              165 Joseph Robertson                     Testing (CSL or Pulse Echo/PIT);
                                           Sherbrooke, QC J1L 2W7                   Wave Equation Analysis
Geo-Institute of ASCE                      Canada                                   (GRLWEAP); Length investigation of
Indoor Booth: Great Hall East/West         Phone: (819) 569-4207                    unknown foundations; Hammer
1801 Alexander Bell Drive                  Fax: (819) 563- 6883                     energy measurements (SPT, Becker
Reston, VA 201-1                           Email:                Drill or Driving hammers).
Phone: (703) 295-6352
Fax: (703) 295-6351                        Geo-Solutions, Inc.                      Hammer & Steel, Inc.
Web site:                     Indoor Booth #201                        Outdoor Booth #1312
                                           1250 Fifth Avenue                        11916 Missouri Bottom Rd.
Geo-Instruments                            New Kensington, PA 15068                 Hazelwood, MO 63042
Indoor Booth #410                          Phone: (724) 335-7273                    Phone: (314) 895-4600
24 Celestial Drive, Suite B                Fax: (724) 335-7271                      Fax: (314) 895-4070
Narragansett, RI 02882                     Email:      Email:
Phone: (800) 477-2506                      Web site:          Web site:
Fax: (401) 633-6021                        Specialty contractor for slurry walls,   ABI Mobilram; ABI Geodrill; Delmag
Geo-Instruments provide sales and          deep soil mixing, jet grouting,          Drill Rig; Scheltzfe Grout Plant;
monitoring services, solutions to          biopolymer drains. Projects involve      Soiltek Drill Rig
measure movement in ground or on           levee repairs, dam foundation up
buildings. We offer systems to             grades, contaminated site                Hayward Baker Inc.
measure drill parameters and to            containment and remediation and          Indoor Booth #312
verify in situ pile construction. We       foundation improvement projects.         1130 Annapolis Rd., Ste 202
are agents for Soil instruments UK,        Geo-Solutions provides its services      Odenton, MD 21113
the Jean Lutz Co. and Piletest,            on the most challenging projects         Phone: (410) 551-8200
Instantel.                                 throughout North America and on          Fax: (410) 551-1900
                                           projects around the world.               Web site:
Geokon, Inc.                                                                        “Hayward Baker is the largest
Indoor Booth #300                          Giken America Corp                       geotechnical construction contractor
48 Spencer                                 Outdoor Booth #1418                      in North America, providing the
              Congress Exhibitor Guide & Corporate Listing
complete range of ground                Danville, IL 61834                     Phone: (724) 746-6732
improvement services. Foundation        Phone: (217) 442-8765                  Fax: (724) 746-6734
Support and Rehabilitation,             Fax: (217) 442-8440                    Email:
Settlement Control, Structural          Email:         Web site:
Support, Site Improvement, Soil and     Web site:       JD Fields & Company is a national &
Slope Stabilization, Underpinning,      Drilled Shafts for commercial and      International supplier of steel line
Excavation Shoring, Earth Retention,    industrial buildings communication     transmission pipe & oil country
Seismic Stabilization, and Ground       towers, transmission lines and         tubular goods. We also are leading
Water Control. Over 60 years of         bridges. Low overhead and limited      suppliers of H-Pile, pipe pile and
experience.                             access drilling. Auger cast piles,     sheet pile (sales & rental) along with
                                        micro piles.                           piling accessories and various
Hennessy International, Inc.                                                   coating systems.
Outdoor Booth #1346                     Instantel
1623 Mission Drive, Suite 6             Indoor Booth #204                      Jeffrey Machine, Inc.
Solvang, CA 93460                       309 Legget Drive                       Outdoor Booth #1138
Phone: (805) 693-8880                   Ottawa, ON K2K 3A3                     3841 Industrial Ave
Fax: (805) 693-8870                     Canada                                 Birmingham, AL 35217
Email:                                  Phone: (613) 592-4642 ext. 206         Phone: (205) 841-8600          Fax: (613) 592-4296                    Fax: (205) 841-2009
Web site:                               Email:                                 Email:              Web site:
HD Engineering models HDI80B-A*         Web site:            JMI has become one of the leading
double head and model HD110*            Product and Company Description:       manufacturers of quality construction
Hydraulic Crawler Drills for tiebacks   Minimate Pro6™ vibration monitor*      drilling tools and related wear items.
and micropiles’ Tescar Model CF2.5*     with six recording channels to         Please stop by our outdoor exhibit
compact limited access piling rig;      accommodate either two ISEE or         space #’s 1140 - 1239, for a look at
YRM model GI-50* Jet grout and soil     DIN geophones or one geophone          the complete line of JMI Drilling
mixing drill; YBM Model SG* grout       and one ISEE linear microphone;        Tools & replacement wear parts.
pump; EMDE drill tooling.               Blastware®, Version 10.0,
                                        advanced analysis software*;           Jinnings Equipment, LLC
Hercules Machinery Corp.                Minimate Plus™ multi-sensor            Outdoor Booth #1012
Outdoor Booth #1244                     vibration monitor (available as a 8-   11515 Richard Rd.
5025 New Haven Avenue                   channel system); Blastmate III™ full   Chorubusco, IN 46723
Fort Wayne, IN 46803                    featured vibration and overpressure    Phone: (260) 447-4343
Phone: (800) 348-1890                   monitor.                               Fax: (260) 447-4363
Fax: (260) 422-2040                                                            Email:
Email:              International Construction
Hercules Machinery Corp is the          Equipment (ICE)                        KB International, LLC
premier supplier of foundation          Outdoor Booth #1243                    Indoor Booth #213
equipment in North America, and we      301 Warehouse Dr.                      735 Broad St., Suite 209
are very proud to be the Master         Matthews, NC 28104                     Chattanooga, TN 37402
Distributor for CZM Foundation          Phone: (704) 821-8200                  Phone: (423) 266-6964
Equipment. Come see CZM’s               Fax: (704) 821-8201                    Fax: (832) 201-9196
Internationally Patented “Bottom        Email:            Email:
Drive CFA” EM800US Drilling Rig         Web site:               Web site:
and their brand new low overhead,       As the World’s One-Stop Foundation     Provides unique patented earth
extended reach EX60K Kelly Bar          Shop; International Construction       stabilization, slurry and grouting
Drill.                                  Equipment is the leading               products and services to the
                                        manufacturer and distributor of        foundation and geoconstruction
Highway Manufacturing                   vibratory drivers and extractors,      industry worldwide. Customer
Outdoor Booth #1114                     diesel hammers, hydraulic hammers,     support, pre-project consultation,
333 2nd Street NE                       excavators-mounted rotary heads        project specific engineering
Hopkins, MN 55343                       and hammers, large-bore and small-     solutions, onsite training and
Phone: (952) 938-2889                   bore drills, limited access drills,    laboratory backup.
Fax: (952) 938-0159                     Comacchio products, and other deep
Email:            foundation equipment.                  Kelly Tractor Co.
                                                                               Outdoor Booth #1032
Houston Machinery (China) Co. Ltd.      ISM                                    5460 Okebee Blvd.
Outdoor Booth #1250                     Indoor Booth: Great Hall               West Palm Beach, FL 33417
Rm 1803 18/F, Seaview Commercial        East/West                              Phone: (561) 683-2015 X179
Bldg                                    161 Bittersweet Circle                 Fax: (561) 684-8584
Caonnaught Road W                       Venetia, PA 15367                      Email:
Hong Kong                               Phone: (724) 942-4220        
Phone: (852) 2544 8821                  Fax: (724) 942-1911                    Web site:
Fax: (852) 2541 5828                    Email:        Kelly Tractor Co. is the authorized
Email:                                                     distributor for IMT Drills for North
                                        JD Fields & Company                    America, Latin America and South
Illini Drilled Foundations, Inc.        Indoor Booth #409                      America. Kelly has new and used
Indoor Booth #212                       349 Martha Drive                       drills for sale and a rental fleet of
P. O. Box 1351                          Canonburg, PA 15317                    drills available with rental purchase
               Congress Exhibitor Guide & Corporate Listing
option plans. Kelly Tractor and the       22537 Coleman’s Mill Road                   MAIT S.p.A.
CAT Dealer network offer                  Ruther Glen, VA 22546                       Outdoor Booth #1052
unparalleled product support for the      Phone: (804) 448-8060                       Via Flaminia Seconda 149/153
IMT product line.                         Fax: (804) 448-1771                         Osimo, AN 60027
                                          Email:                  Italy
Keystone Drill Services, Inc.             Web site:                  Phone: 39 071 782 2186
Outdoor Booth #1443                       Layne GeoConstruction, a division of        Fax: 39 071 780 535
184 Alisa St.                             Layne Christensen Co., is one of the        Email:
Somerset, PA 15501                        premier contractors in jet grouting,        Web site:
Phone: (814) 443-2640                     micropiles, low mobility grouting,          MAIT is world-leading manufacturer
Fax: (814) 443-6974                       permeation grouting and installation        of multipurpose hydraulic drilling rigs
Email:            of high capacity soil and rock              with more than 50 years of
XHP 750 cfm/300psi; Big air valve in      anchors for tie-downs. Real time            experience for diverse applications
a small package.                          monitoring can be used on many of           such as Drilled Shafts, Continuous
                                          these processes. We invite you to           Flight Auger, Diaphragm Walls,
Klemm Bohrtechnik                         visit us at booth# 400 to discuss your      Hydraulic Hammers, Displacement
Outdoor Booth #1108                       projects.                                   Piles, Limited Access, Cranes,
Postfach 1265                                                                         Casing Oscillators, PowerPacks &
D-57484 Drolshagen                        Liebherr Nenzing Crane Co.                  Drilling Tools & Accessories
Germany                                   Outdoor Booth #1014                         including augers, buckets, core
Phone: 49 (2761) 7050 101                 7075 Bennington Street.                     barrels, etc.
Fax: 49 (2761) 70550                      Houston, TX 77028
Email:          Phone: (713) 636-4050                       MAIT USA Corp.
Web site:                 Fax: (713) 636-4050                         Outdoor Booth #1044
KLEMM manufactures drills and             Email:          2405A S. Houston Ave, Suite 101
drilling accessories, such as mini,       Web site:                  Humble, TX 77396
anchor, exploration, jet-grouting,        The Liebherr drilling machines are          Phone: (281) 913-7773
micropile, soil mixing, as well as        designed for optimized drilling             Fax: (281) 913-7774
rotopercussive drifters and rotary        applications. All common drilling           Email:
heads.                                    methods can be executed, e.g. Kelly         Web site:
                                          drilling, CFA drilling, drilling with       MAIT USA supplies and provides
L.B. Foster Company                       partial or full displacement tools,         technical assistance for MAIT
Indoor Booth #318                         double rotary drilling or soil mixing.      Foundation Drilling machinery. MAIT
130 Satellite Blvd. NE, Suite A           The series ranges from the 147,500          manufacturers a wide variety of
Suwannee, GA 30024                        ft.-lbs. LB 20(*) to the 265,500 ft.-lbs.   drilling rigs for specialized
Phone: (678) 714-6730 X 117               LB 36 (*).                                  applications such as Drilled Shafts,
Fax: (678) 714-5950                                                                   Continuous Flight Auger, Diaphragm
Email:               Link-Belt Construction Equipment Co.        Walls, Hydraulic Hammers, Limited
Web site:                Outdoor Booth #1034                         Access, Cranes, Casing Oscilators,
L. B. Foster Company is a leading         2651 Palumbo Drive / PO Box 13600           PowerPacks & drilling Tools
manufacturer, fabricator and              Lexington, KY 40509                         including Augers, Buckers, Core
distributor of products for the           Phone: (859) 264-6401                       Barrels, & Casing Tubes.
transportation, construction, utility     Fax: (859) 264-6318
and energy industries. L. B. Foster       Email:                                      Malcolm Drilling Co, Inc
Piling offers a comprehensive line of     Web site:                  Indoor Booth #315
steel sheet piling. H Pile, Pipe Pile,    Highly successful for over 130 years,       3524 Breakwater Ave, Suite A-108
Micropile, accessories and material       Link-Belt is a leader in the design         Hayward, CA 94545
coatings for foundation applications.     and manufacture of cranes in the            Phone: (510) 780-1167
Visit us at             worldwide and North American                Fax: (510) 780-1168
                                          markets with a full product line of         Email:
Lally Pipe & Tube                         telescopic and lattice boom cranes.         Web site:
Indoor Booth #109                                                                               Shoring and Underpinning
534 Lowellville Road                      Loadtest, Inc.                                        Drilled Foundations
Struthers, OH 44471                       Indoor Booth #101                                     Ground Improvement
Phone: (800) 291-7782                     2631-D NW 41st Street                                 Slope Stabilization
Fax: (330) 750-1535                       Phone: (800) 368-1138                                 Retaining Walls
Email:            Fax: (352) 378-3934
Web site:               Email:                    Marden Industries, Inc.
Your reliable source . . . today and in   Web site:                  Indoor Booth #208
the future; Lally Pipe & Tube is a        Loadtest, Inc. provides the deep            PO Box 796
national distributor and processor of     foundation industry with Osterberg          Mulberry, FL 33860
structural and limited service steel      CellÔ technology and testing                Phone: (800) 881-0388
pipe and is recognized as one of the      services. Loadtest’s services have          Fax: (863) 428-1395
country’s largest and most respected      been used around the world to               Web site:
marketers for application of piling,      provide valuable information to             Marden high end industrial drill
casing and general fabrication; over      drilled foundation contractors,             stems; manufacture of customer drill
60 years of experience.                   designers and engineers alike,              stems, large & small machines with
                                          regarding the integrity and quality of      6”-20” diameter pipe, up to 45ft in
Layne GeoConstruction                     deep foundations.                           length; complete repair& rebuild;
Indoor Booth #400                                                                     parts, stock pipe, metric hard plate,
               Congress Exhibitor Guide & Corporate Listing
slewing bearing/swivel, rubber shock    National Driller                           Thompson, CT 06277
components; shipping worldwide          Indoor Booth: Great Hall                   Phone: (800) 356-6862
                                        East/West                                  Fax: (860) 923-2617
MATEX / Control Chemical Corporation    P. O. Box 6167                             Email:
Indoor Booth #217                       Marianna, FL 32447               
7016 30 St. S.E.                        Phone: (800) 874-4245                      Web site:
Calgary, AB T2C 1N9                     Fax: (850) 482-4818                        Numa designs and manufactures
Canada                                  Email:              down hole hammers and bits for
Phone: (403) 720-7044                   Web site:          drilling hole diameters 3 ½” to 43”
Fax: (403) 720-4951                     National Driller has been serving the      (89mm-1092mm). The company is
Email:                                  construction drilling industry for         an international provider of             nearly three decades. In an                conventional as well as reverse
Web site:             increasingly dynamic industry, ND          circulation hammers & bits to the
MATEX RDO 302 E.S.; Hi-Tech 100-        offers comprehensive coverage of           construction, foundation, water well,
50; Torqueless; *sandrill; *tri-plex;   the latest trends and developments.        oil/gas, mining, quarry and
DD2000; Environmentally-safe            Providing superior information to the      exploration industries. They also
drilling additives and lubricant.       drilling industry is the mission of        manufacture the Super Jaws
                                        National Driller.                          overburden drilling systems which
McFarland Cascade                                                                  simultaneously drills the hole and
Indoor Booth #305                       Nicholson Construction Co.                 sets the casing.
P.O. Box 1496                           Indoor Booth #218
Tacoma, WA 98401                        12 McClane Street                          OCI Div., Global Drilling Suppliers, Inc.
Phone: (800) 426-8430                   Cuddy, PA 15031                            Outdoor Booth #1112
Fax: (253) 272-1398                     Phone: (412) 221-4500                      370 Industrial Park Rd
Email:                    Fax: (412 0221-3127                        Brookville, PA 15825
Web site:                   Email:                                     Phone: (513) 671-8700
Timber piling, crane mats, treated             Fax: (513) 671-8705
wood products, imported hardwoods.      Web site:                                  Email:
Mitsubishi Materials USA Corp.          Nicholson Construction Company is          OSHA
Indoor Booth #115                       a versatile geotechnical contractor        Indoor Booth: Great Hall East/West
17401 Eastman St                        specializing in deep foundations,          200 Constitution Ave. NW Rm. 3660
Irvine, CA 92614                        earth retention, ground treatment          Washington, DC 20210
Phone: (949) 862-5117                   and ground improvement. Our                Phone: (202) 693-2043
Fax: (949) 862-5182                     techniques include: micropiles, auger      Fax: (202) 693-2527
Email:                cast piles, anchors, diaphragm walls,      Web site:
Mitsubishi “SUPER MAXBIT” casing        soil nailing, grouting, soil mixing, and
advancement devices, for the            vibro technologies.                        PB&A Inc. Structural Engineers
waterwell, geothermal and                                                          Indoor Booth #210
construction market. Available in 2     North American Steel Sheet Piling          124 Greenfield Avenue
and 3 bit wing design for economical    Association (NASSPA)                       San Anselmo, CA 94930
cost per foot drilling, faster          Indoor Booth #308                          Phone: (415) 259-0191
penetration with straight and smooth    500 Montgomery St, Suite 400               Fax: (415) 259-0194
bore drilling. Sizes 3” – 42”, with     Alexandria, VA 22314                       Email:
different design models to fit your     Phone: (703) 647-6240                      Web site:
projects application.                   Fax: (866) 399-3160                        Structural Engineers specializing in
                                        Email:               the design of Earth Retention
Moretrench                              Web site:                   Systems and Geo-structures. Our
Indoor Booth #402                       NASSPA is dedicated to the                 Cutting edge technology, creativity
100 Stickle Avenue                      promotion of hot rolled steel sheet        and 30 years experience combine to
Rockaway, NJ 07866                      piling. NASSPA’s members                   give our clients that extra edge for
Phone: (973) 627-2100                   represent the major producers of hot       economical design and competitive
Fax: (973) 627-3950                     rolled steel sheet piling that supply      bidding.
Email:                the North American market. The
Web site:            Association is involved in a broad         PDSCo., Inc.
Moretrench specializes in               range                                      Outdoor Booth #1322
construction dewatering;                                                           P. O. Box 507
ground/water treatment; ground          NUB Engineering, Ltd.                      El Dorado, AR 71731
freezing; hydraulic barriers; earth     Outdoor Booth #1399                        Phone: (870) 863-5707
retention systems; soil and rock        23441 Golden Springs Drive, Suite          Fax: (870) 863-0603
stabilization; foundation support;      539                                        Email:
specialized concrete construction;      Diamond Bar, CA 91765                      Web site:
grouting; tiebacks; micropiles; soil    Phone: (888) 865-4090                      Super mud: Super mud dry: Quick
nailing; and underpinning. These        Fax: (888) 630-8890                        Floc: Aquasorb Slurry Test Kits: On-
services are available through full     Email:            site Technical Assistance: Free
service offices in New Jersey,          Web site:                   slurry estimates: Free site specific
Florida, New York, Massachusetts,                                                  slurry programs
Pennsylvania, Delaware and              NUMA
Washington D.C.                         Outdoor Booth #1300                        Pengo
                                        646 Thompson Road                          Outdoor Booth #1218
                Congress Exhibitor Guide & Corporate Listing
500 E. Highway 10                          Kansas City, KS 66103                       Piling. ICP Piling are prestressed
Laurens, IA 50554                          Phone: (913) 626-6911                       spun high-strength cylinder concrete
Phone: (712) 845-2540                      Fax: (913) 432-9810                         piling, that incorporates a steel end
Fax: (712) 845-2497                        Email:                      plate on both ends for easy splicing.
Email:                                     Web site:               PPT is a Kansas based company               Posillico
Web site:                                  that produces high quality sheet            Indoor Booth #304                   metal pile tops to the drilling industry.   1610 New Highway
Cast Back Head Kits; Cast Dirt             These tops are not affected by              Farmingdale, NY 11735
Head Kits; Foundation Components;          moisture and can be stored and              Phone: (718) 353-9616
ACIP; Casing Botator; Extreme Duty         shipped nestled for a substantial           Fax: (718) 353-9618
Bock Auger                                 savings of space. Our central               Email:
                                           location is fast and efficient for          Web site:
Penndrill Manufacturing                    shipping to your location or job site.      Civil; General road & heavy highway
Indoor Booth #117                                                                      construction; demolition &
500 Thompson Ave.                          Pileco, Inc.                                reconstruction of ramps & bridges;
Mckees Rocks, PA 15136                     Outdoor Booth #1000                         asphalt pavement; steel sheeing &
(877) 938-1250                             111 Berry Hill Road-Corporate               buckhead drilling; steel sheet piling;
Fax: (814) 938-8540                        Headquarters                                drilled caissons; slurry walls;
Email:             Houston, TX 77022                           underpinning; tiebacks; driven H-
Penndrill Mfg. has been supplying          Phone: (800) 474-5326                       piles; environmental; site
the Construction/Geotechnical              Fax: (713) 691-0089                         remediation; through on-site
Industry for 100 years. API Subs –         Email:                    sampling, testing & analysis of soil,
Duplexes – Flanges – Cutting Shoes         Web site:                    contaminated material handling.
– Micropile Casing – “J” Slot              Recognized for innovation in pile
Adapters – Packers Coring                  driving technology for over 40 years,       Pullmaster Winch Corporation
Equipment. Our machine shop is             Pileco represents hundreds of               Outdoor Booth #1215
equipped with the latest technology        products from BAUER, IHC, RTG,              8247-130th Street
to turn your ideas into reality in a       MAT, Prakla, Klemm and Betek.               Surrey, BC V3W 7X4
timely and affordable manner.                                                          Canada
                                           Pile Driving Contractors                    Phone: (604) 594-4444
Performance Alloys Corp.                   Association (PDCA)                          Fax: (604) 591-7332
Indoor Booth #309                          Indoor Booth: Great Hall East/West          Email:
4005 Spencer Street, Unit 405              PO Box 66208                                Web site:
Torrance, CA 96503                         Orange Park, FL 32065                       Pullmaster Winch Corporation
Phone: (310) 371-3982                      Phone: (888) 311-7322                       manufacturers a comprehensive
Fax: (310) 371-1007                        Fax: (904) 215-2977                         range of planetary winch products
Email:            Web site:               with line pulls of 1,000 to 85,000lb.
Web site:                                                                    Equals Speed or Rapid
A complete line of hard facing alloys LTD.                                      Reverse models
designed for the drilling industry.        Indoor Booth #8                                       Free Fall options available
Hard facing welding electrodes, rods       85 Hanassi Street                                      on selected models
and wire for anger flights, core           Herzlia 46399                                         Static & Dynamic integral
barrels, stabilizers, etc.                 Israel                                                 brake
                                           Phone: (972) 9957 8992                                Optional hydraulic motors,
Pile Dynamics, Inc.                        Fax: (972) 9957 8993                                   cable drums and more!
Indoor Booth #406                          Email:
4535 Renaissance Parkway                   Web site:                  Rembco Geotechnical Contractors
Cleveland, OH 44128                        CHUM-Cross Hole Ultrasonic                  Indoor Booth #315
Phone: (216) 831-6131                      Monitor, including single hole, 2D          P. O. Box 23009
Fax: (216) 831-0916                        and 3D Tomography                           Knoxville, TN 37933
Email:                       PET – pile Echo Tester, both USB            Phone: (865) 671-2925
Web site:                     and Wireless* models                        Fax: (865) 671-2895
Pile Driving Analyzer® PAX                 BIT* - Borehole Inclination Tester
wireless* (Dynamic Load Testing,           (Patent Pending)                            Rev Drill Sales and Rentals Inc
Pile Driving Monitoring); Pile Integrity   PSI* - Parallel Seismic Instrument          Outdoor Booth #1148
Tester; PIR (ACIP/CFA Automated            SAM* - Soil Anchor Monitor                  5811 Grove Lane
Monitoring Equipment); Cross-Hole                                                      Frederick, MD 21704
Analyzer (Single/Crosshole Sonic           Pipe & Piling Concrete USA Co.              Phone: (301) 662-6552
Logging); GRLWEAP (Pile Driving            Indoor Booth #203                           Fax: (301) 662-6553
Simulation/Wave Equation Analysis);        5025 Ramsay                                 Web site:
SPT Analyzer* (SPT hammers                 St. Hubert, QC J3Y 2S3                      Rev Drill will introduce the new
Calibration); E-Saximeter (Blow            Canada                                      model 124HDH Rock drill.
Count, Driving Logs, Energy                Phone: (888) 577-7302
Measurements); LITE* (Steel Pile           Fax: (450) 445-5597                         Ring Power
Depth Measurement).                        Email:                Outdoor Booth #1428
                                           Web site: www.pipe-                         500 World Commerce Parkway
Pile Protection Tops, Inc. (PPT, Inc.)                          Jacksonville, FL 32092
Outdoor Booth #1416                        Pipe & Piling Concrete USA CO. is           Phone: (904) 494-1285
P.O. Box 3153 / 814 Southwest Blvd         the exclusive distributor of ICP            Fax: (904) 281-0831
               Congress Exhibitor Guide & Corporate Listing
Email:                                                                             Morgantown, WV 26508               Sany America, Inc.                       Phone: (800) 331-0175
Web site:                                 Outdoor Booth #1350                      Fax: (304) 291-8970           100 World Drive, Suite 218               Email:
Sullair and Atlas Copco diesel            Peachtree City, GA 30269                 Web site:
portable air compressors from 100 to      Phone: (678) 251-2855                    Ground breaking Solutions; One
1600 CFM and 100 to 500 PSI.              Fax: (770) 631-7731                      company, Shaft drillers International,
Hurricane booster compressors up to       Email:          delivers both ground modification
4000 CFM and pressures up to 5000                                                  solutions and mechanically
PSI.                                      SAS Stressteel, Inc.                     excavated shaft on time and on
                                          Indoor Booth #423                        budget with one of the lowest EMR
Rocscience Inc.                           100 New Dutch Lane                       ratings in the industry.
Indoor Booth #405                         Fairfield, NJ 07004
31 Balsam Ave.                            Phone: (973) 244-5995                    Skyline Steel, LLC
Toronto, ON M4E 3B5                       Fax: (973) 244-0544                      Indoor Booth #6
Canada                                    Email:              300 Mt. Lebanon Blvd.
Phone: (416) 698-8217                     SAS Stressteel supplies HIGH             Pittsburgh, PA 15234
Fax: (416) 698-0908                       STRENGTH thread bar systems and          Phone: (412) 437-1103
Email:            hollow bar systems for micropile, soil   Fax: (412) 561-5936
Web site:              nail, rock anchor, and tieback           Email:
Rocscience develops geotechnical          applications. Our thread bars are        Web site:
software used worldwide by over           available in Grades 75, 95 and 150       "Skyline Steel is recognized as the
5,000 users in over 100 countries.        ksi in diamteres up to 3 inches. Our     premier provider of steel foundation
Our suite of programs includes slope      hollow core bar is available in          products in North America. Our
stability, settlement and                 diameters 1.3 inches to 4 inches.        products include H-Piles, sheet piles,
consolidation, and stress analysis,                                                drilled shaft casing, steel pipe,
support design and underground            Schnabel Engineering                     micropiles, pile points, threaded bar
modeling. Created by experienced          Indoor Booth #200                        and other various foundation
engineer-developers, our high-            510 East Gay Street                      accessories. Our parent company,
quality programs enable users to          West Chester, PA 19380                   ArcelorMittal, is the world's number
save time and money when                  Phone: (610) 696-6066                    one steel company and the leader in
designing solutions in both soil and      Fax: (610) 696-7771                      all major global markets, including
soil.                                     Email:          automotive, construction, household
                                          Web site:           appliances and packaging."
Roctest Ltd.                              With offices coast to coast and
Indoor Booth #113                         nearly 400 employees, Schnabel           SoilMec
665 Pine Avenue                           Engineering is an industry leader in     Outdoor Booth #1240
St.-Lambert, QC J4P 2P4                   services related to geotechnical and     100 Water Street
Canada                                    geostructural design, including: site    East Providence, RI 02914
Phone: (450) 465-1113                     exploration; foundation studies;         Phone: (401) 438-2626
Fax: (450) 465-1938                       excavation bracing; anchors; slope       A world leader in the design,
Email:                stabilization; underpinning;             manufacture, and distribution of
Web site:                 micropiles; drilled shafts; driven       equipment for the ground
In-situ Testing equipment and             piles; and ground improvement.           engineering field. Our
Geotechnical Instrumentation;                                                      comprehensive line of hydraulic Kelly
TEXAM, MÉNARD; TRIMODS and                Schnabel Foundation Company              bar rigs, Micropile & anchor rigs,
Peiucel Pressuremeters; Probex            Indoor Booth #407                        cranes, and special purpose
Dilatometer; *BCD Compaction              45240 Business Court                     equipment has been thoroughly
Control Device; Strain gauges; Load       Sterling, VA 20166                       updated with the introduction of over
Cells; Extensometers, Piezometers,        Phone: (703) 742-0020                    30 models in three years.
Settlement gauges .                       Fax: (703) 742-3319
                                          Email:                 Sonicaliper
RTG Rammtechnik Gmbh                      Web site:               Indoor Booth #3
Outdoor Booth #1204                       Schnabel Foundation Company is a         2631 NW 41st Street, D-1
Postfach 1260                             nationwide Contractor Specializing in    Gainesville, FL 32606
Schrobenhausen D-86522                    the design and construction of earth     Phone: (352) 378-3717
Germany                                   retention systems and specialized        Fax: (352) 378-3934
Phone: (253) 249-8792                     foundations. With engineers              Sonicaliper™ is a proprietary
Fax: (253) 638-9974                       registered in all 50 states, Schnabel    technology of LOADTEST – world
Email:                       has led the development of rock and      leaders of deep foundation load
Web site:          soil tiebacks, permanent tiebacks,       testing. This NDT sonar based
RTG is a leading manufacturer of          soil nails, permanent soil nails,        technology will enhance the quality
piling rigs and pile driving equipment.   Micropiles and tiedback elements to      of deep foundation construction.
                                          support excavations, underpinning,       Rugged, user friendly and cost
Samwoo Geotech Co. Ltd.                   retaining walls, unstable slopes and     effective, this unique device provides
Indoor Booth #404                         structures.                              contractors quality control, while
258 Ruckman Rd                                                                     delivering owners quality assurance
Closter, NJ 07624                         Shaft Drillers International             in real time, electronic format.
Phone: (201) 768-0682                     Outdoor Booth #1422
Fax: (201) 660-8250                       70 Gum Springs Road                      Spiradrill
               Congress Exhibitor Guide & Corporate Listing
Outdoor Booth #1304                      Outdoor Booth #1318                       enhancing productivity. The 800 and
112 FM 153                               35322 Bayard Road                         650 drills, and a wide variety of tools,
Smithville, TX 78957-9631                Frankford, DE 19945                       will be displayed at IFCEE 2009.
Phone: (512) 237-4140                    Phone: (302) 539-7187
Fax: (512) 237-4143                      Fax: (302) 539-4443                       Timber Piling Council
Email:          Email:                Indoor Booth #411
Web site:             Web site:                2405-61st Avenue SE
Manufacturers of a variety of truck &    Sun Piledriving Equipment dealer will     Mercer Island, WA 98040
crawler mounted auger and bucket         be joined by Junttan Oy,                  Phone: (206) 275-4751
drilling equipment, drilling tools and   Manufacturer of the Junttan Pile          Fax: (206) 275-4755
other related accessories. Depths to     Driving Rig. We will feature a Junttan
200 feet. Diameters to 96 inches.        PM20LC and hammer with a power            Trinity Products, Inc.
                                         pack. Also, located at our booth will     Outdoor Booth #1420
Star Iron Works                          be Emeca/S.P.E. USA, Pile Joint           1969 West Terra Lane
Indoor Booth #219                        manufacturer. On display, see pile        O’Fallon, MO 63366
257 Caroline Street                      joints and rock points.                   Phone: (800) 456-7473
Punxsutauney, PA 15767                                                             Fax: (636) 639-6258
Phone: (814) 427-2555                    SynchroPile, Inc.                         Trinity Products is the new source for
Fax: (814) 427-5164                      Indoor Booth #4                           piling and caissons. Trinity owns and
STAR IRON WORKS, INC is a                P. O. Box 13238                           operates the newest spiral weld steel
small, family owned, manufacturing       San Antonio, TX 78216                     pipe mill in the U.S.A., manufacturing
company located in west central          Phone: (210) 541-0540                     its signature “Lo-Profile” Spiral Weld
Pennsylvania. Parts and accessories      Fax: (210) 340-6434                       Pipe in 24” to 120” OD, with wall
for the rotary drills have been our      Email:           thickness to 1.00”. Fabrication
primary product since 1955. In our       Web site:             includes rings/bands, slots, teeth,
50+ years of experience in the           SynchroPile, Inc provides patented        and caps.
drilling industry, we have gained a      technology related to post stressing
solid reputation for quality products    of drilled shaft and driven piling tips
and dependable service.                  using pressure grouting techniques        Watson, Inc.
                                         to significantly increase ultimate        Outdoor Booth #1132
Stucchi USA, Inc.                        bearing capacity. Increased capacity      4015 South Freeway
Indoor Booth #306                        is achieved when the post stressing       Fort Worth, TX 76110
1107 Windham Parkway                     of the shaft/pile tip mobilizes the       Phone: (817) 927-8486
Romeoville, IL 60446                     deformation of the supporting             Fax: (817) 927-8716
Phone: (847) 956-9720                    bearing strata, thereby developing        Email:
Fax: (847) 956-9723                      available end bearing.                    Web site:
Email:                                                        Watson Incorporated, located in Fort
Web site:             TEI Rock Drills                           Worth, Texas, is a USA based
Stucchi is a global leader in            Outdoor Booth #1020                       manufacturer of auger type
manufacturing hydraulic quick            210 Apollo Rd.                            foundation drilling equipment. As a
coupling products providing a variety    Montrose, CO 81401                        leading innovator in the drilled shaft
of sizes and solutions. Visit our        Phone: (970) 249-1515                     industry and with over sixty years of
booth to see our lead free products      Fax: (970) 249-1999                       experience, Watson is uniquely
that solve connect under pressure        Email:              qualified to design and build the
solutions.                               TEI Rock Drills is a family owned         most dependable, versatile, and
                                         business that manufactures drilling       productive drill rigs available.
Subsurface Constructors, Inc.            attachments and limited access
Indoor Booth #5                          drills. Our factory is located in         Williams Form Engineering Corp.
110 Angelica St.                         Montrose, Colorado where we               Indoor Booth #105
St. Louis, MO 63147                      manufacture our complete line of          8165 Graphic Dr.
Phone: (314) 421-2460                    drifters, rotary heads and drills.        Belmont, MI 49306
Fax: (314) 421-2479                      These drills are used for foundations,    Phone: (616) 866-0815
Email:                                   retaining walls, geothermal and           Fax: (616) 866-1890
lsimonton@subsurfaceconstructors.c       blasting. TEI is also the North           Email:
om                                       American distributor for EuroDrill and    Web site:
Web site:                                Beretta Alfredo.                          Williams Form engineering                                                     Corporation has been providing
Subsurface Constructors are full         TEREX Reedrill                            threaded steel bars and accessories
service geotechnical contractors and     Outdoor Booth #1212                       for rock anchors, soil anchors, high
ground improvement specialists with      5601 Plano Parkway, Suite 500             capacity concrete anchors, micro
over 100 years of experience in the      Plano, TX 75024                           piles, tie rods, tie backs, strand
deep foundation industry. We             Phone: (972) 265-7100                     anchors, hollow bar anchors, post
specialize in design/building vibro      Fax: (972) 265-7190                       tensioning systems, and concrete
stone column (i.e. aggregate pier)       Email:                 forming hardware systems in the
systems for all types of structures to   Web site:                construction industry for over 85
improve the bearing capacity and         Terex Reedrill offers a complete line     years.
settlement characteristics of soft       of drilling equipment and tools. Our
soils.                                   drills offer a wide range of drill        Worldwide Drilling Resource, Inc.
                                         speeds and high drill torque per          Indoor Booth: Great Hall
Sun Piledriving Equipment/Junttan Oy     class. Set-up time is quick;              East/West
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Bonifay, FL 32425
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