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					                                                                        nascc exhibitors 2004
                                                                                                                            Long Beach, CA — March 24-27
A-Plus Galvanizing, Inc.                                  AISC – CIS/2 Interactive EDI Exhibit                       ANGLE lines. American Punch carries stock for same-
Booth 430                                                 Booth 223                                                  day shipment. Stop by the booth to pick up the catalog.
1100 N. Ohio St.                                          One E. Wacker Dr., Ste. 3100
P.O. Box 2717                                             Chicago, IL 60601                                          American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Salina, KS 67402                                          Ph: 312.670.2400                                           Booth 142
Ph: 785.820.9823                                          Fax: 312.670.5403                                          1801 Alexander Bell Dr.
Fax: 785.820.9816                                                                         Reston, VA 20191                                                                                 CIS/2 Work-        Ph: 703.295.6054
    Oversized kettle dimensions of 82” long x 10”                                             flow–Real World        Toll-Free: 800.548.2723
wide x 12” deep, A-Plus Galvanizing, Inc. is home of                                          Experiences. A         Fax: 703.295.6361
the super kettle, the world’s largest hot-dip galvaniz-                                       public       theater
ing kettle. Oversized structures have been hot-dip        where steel designers, software developers, and AISC
galvanized in a single dip, such as an 88,000# tower      representatives demonstrate how to boost productiv-
anchor for a cable-stayed bridge, an 82” x 10”            ity with CIS/2 data interchange (EDI). With the CIS/2      Ameron International Performance
smoke-stack assembly, and 81” railroad-bridge             Team-Building Lab, improve communications across           Coatings & Finishes Group
beams. Eighty acres of on-site storage, and painting      the steel team. Steel designers, detailers, and fabrica-   Booth 130
after galvanizing is available.                           tors can work with software representatives to learn       13010 Morris Rd., Ste. 400
                                                          how to apply CIS/2 productivity to their business.         Alpharetta, GA 30004
AceCad Software, Inc.                                     Sign up your steel team today!                             Ph: 678.393.0653
Booth 307                                                                                                            Toll-Free: 800.926.3766
825 Springdale Dr.                                        Allied Machine and Engineering Corp.                       Fax: 678.566.2699
Whiteland Business Center                                 Booth 546                                        
Exton, PA 19341                                           P.O. Box 36                                                   Ameron Performance Coatings and Finishes
Ph: 610.280.9840                                          Dover, OH 44622                                            Group features Steelguard Series, a complete line of
Fax: 610.280.9841                                         Ph: 330.343.4283                                           thin-film intumescent passive fire-protection prod-                                           Toll-Free: 800.321.5537                                    ucts. PSX topcoats set is a versatile, high-perform-
   StruCad, a 3-D structural-steel detailing software,    Fax: 330.602.3400                                          ance, polysiloxane technology. Amerlock surface
can automatically generate fully detailed fabrication                                      tolerant epoxies have full-range color capability.
and erection drawings, full-sized templates, CNC              Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. (AMEC)              Amershield topcoats feature high-build polyurethane
manufacturing data, and a customizable material list.     manufactures replaceable tip drills, featuring the T-      performance. Dimetcote Series shop primers protect
Increase productivity of your operation by 40%.           A(r) Drilling System, available as standard product.       steel for the largest construction projects.
Eliminate fabrication shop and erection site errors.      Range: 3/8” to 4-1/2” (9.5mm-114mm) HSS, C-2, C-
StruCad is easy to learn and customizable.                3, & C-5 substrates. Multiple coatings and specials        Applied Bolting Technology
                                                          available. Structural steel (drill diameter range, 9/16”   Booth 432
Action Steel Detailing, Inc.                              to 1-7/8”) tools are now available as Standard tooling.    1413 Rockingham Rd.
Booth 617                                                                                                            Bellows Falls, VT 05101
916 E Baseline Rd., Ste. 205                              American Galvanizers Association                           Ph: 802.460.3100
Mesa, AZ 85204                                            Booth 265                                                  Toll-Free: 800.552.1999
Ph: 480.813.8966                                          6881 S. Holly Circle, Ste. 108                             Fax: 802.460.3104
Fax: 480.813.6680                                         Centennial, CO 80112                                                                   Ph: 720.554.0900                                                                           Toll-Free: 800.468.7732
                                                          Fax: 720.554.0909                                          Arcelor International America
American Institute of Steel                                                             Booth 124
Construction, Inc.                                            Serving the needs of specifiers, engineers, con-       350 Hudson St.
Booths 217, 211 (Awards)                                  tractors, and fabricators throughout North America         New York, NY 10014
One E. Wacker Dr., Ste. 3100                              since 1935, the American Galvanizers Association           Ph: 212.520.7500
Chicago, IL 60601                                         (AGA) provides information on innovative applica-          Fax: 212.520.7702
Ph: 312.670.2400                                          tions and technological developments in hot-dip gal-
Toll-Free: 866.ASK.AISC                                   vanizing for corrosion protection. Created to educate         Arcelor (FKA Tradearbed) supplies structural
Fax: 312.670.5403                                         and train in the specification and use of hot-dip gal-     shapes to America, featuring a wide range of W-                                              vanized steel, the AGA maintains a large technical li-     shapes A913/50, A913/65, A572/50, A992, from
                      Learn about AISC’s prod-            brary, distributes numerous industry publications,         W4x13 to W44x335, including jumbos up to
                   ucts and solutions, includ-            offers free accredited educational seminars, and pro-      W14x730, W36x650 and W40x593. Large range of
                   ing information about AISC’s           vides free technical support.                              L, MC, MC and standard shapes (thru S24). Large
                   new ePubs program. Chat                                                                           range of sheet-piles (AZ, AU) and special sections.
                   with AISC staff and meet               American Punch Company                                     Entire range of metric (European) shapes.
                   AISC’s Steel Solution Center           Booth 548
                   team.                                  27101 Tungsten Rd.                                         Aztec Galvanizing Services
                                                          Cleveland, OH 44132                                        Booth 159
                                                          Ph: 216.731.4501                                           1300 S University Dr., Ste. 200
                                                          Toll-Free: 800.243.1492                                    Fort Worth, TX 76107
                                                          Fax: 216.731.3790                                          Ph: 817.810.0095
                                                                                Fax: 817.336.5354
                                                             American Punch manufacturers punches, dies and
                                                          shear blades for: IRONWORKER, BEAM, PLATE and
                                                                                                                     March 2004 • Modern Steel Construction
nascc exhibitors 2004
Long Beach, CA — March 24-27
B.D. Structural Design, Inc.                              BUG-O Systems Inc.                                      Cerbaco, Ltd.
Booth 513                                                 Booth 366                                               Booth 426
85, J-Armand Bombardier, Ste. 200                         3001 W. Carson St.                                      809 Harrison St.
Boucherville, QC Canada J4B 8P1                           Pittsburgh, PA 15204                                    Frenchtown, NJ 08825
Ph: 450.641.1434                                          Ph: 412.331.1776                                        Ph: 908.996.1333
Fax: 450.449.1772                                         Toll-Free: 800.245.3186                                 Fax: 908.996.0023                                     Fax: 412.331.0383                                                                                                   
   B.D. Structural Design is a structural steel detail-      BUG-O Systems, Inc., a division of Weld Tooling          Cerbaco will provide samples from its line of
ing business with nearly 30 years of experience. It’s     Corporation, manufactures a system of drives, car-      500+ configurations of non-metallic weld backings
certified 9001-2000, and with 40 SDS/2 licenses,          riages, rails and attachments to automate welding       that permit finished-quality, full-penetration welds
B.D. Structural Design can manage single projects         guns, cutting torches and other hand-held tools. The    from one side. Where one-sided welding is not de-
up to 10,000 tons and more with an annual capacity        equipment is a modular family of portable machines,     sirable, the backings eliminate the need for arc goug-
of more than 20,000 tons. Services cover shop draw-       which provides precise path and constant speed          ing or heavy grinding prior to second-side welding.
ings, erection plans, anchor bolts layout, connection     control in any plane or position. These features can    The company specializes in custom configurations
sketches, design calculations and more.                   result in improved weld or cut quality, increasing      and formulations. Technical assistance and free cus-
                                                          production rates and decreasing production costs.       tom design services will be offered.
BDS Steel Detailers, Inc.
Booth 526                                                 Cambco, Inc.                                            Chicago Metal Rolled Products
225 E. First St., Ste. 108                                Booth 554                                               Booth 452
Mesa, AZ 85201                                            P.O. Box 37305                                          3715 S. Rockwell St.
Ph: 480.615.1700                                          Houston, TX 77237                                       Chicago, IL 60632
Toll-Free: 888.838.1540                                   Ph: 713.781.9702                                        Ph: 773.523.5757
Fax: 480.615.1717                                         Fax: 713.781.0193                                       Fax: 773.650.1439                                                                                                                                             
                                                                                                                      Roll-curving of structural steel, sheet and plate to
BendTec, Inc.                                                                                                     a specified radius. Angles, bars, beams, channels,
Booth 423                                                                                                         rail, pipe, and tees—all curved on 50 specialized
366 Garfield Ave.                                                                                                 rolling machines. Three-day, two-day, one-day, or
Duluth, MN 55802                                                                                                  same-day service. The world’s largest bending ma-
Ph: 218.722.0205                                                                                                  chines roll up to W44×295 beams both the “easy
Fax: 218.722.6598                                                                                                 way” and the “hard way,” as well as pipes up to 20”                                                                                                 diameter. Also, curved stair stringers, helical                                                                                                   handrails, ellipses, and off-axis bends.

                                                                                                                  CML USA Inc. Ercolina
                                                                                                                  Booth 126
                                                                                                                  8506 N. Fairmount
                                                             Cambco, Inc. celebrates 20 years of service to the   Davenport, IA 52806
                                                          structural-steel fabrication industry in 2004. Cam-     Ph: 563.391.7700
                                                          bco offers eight different models, from the 216-ton     Fax: 563.391.7710
                                                          Model 42D to the 836-ton Model 1700, which will
                                                          camber grade 50 beams as large as a W40x397.  
                                                          Special versions are available for conveyor-fed ap-
                                                          plications. All models are available as complete        Computers and Structures Inc.
                                                          ready-to-operate machines or as “do-it-yourself” hy-    Booth 253
                                                          draulics and design kits.                               1995 University Ave., Ste. 540
                                                                                                                  Berkeley, CA 94704
                                                          Carboline                                               Ph: 510.845.2177
                                                          Booth 444                                               Fax: 510.845.4096
                                                          350 Hanley Industrial Ct.                     
                                                          St. Louis, MO 63144                           
                                                          Ph: 314.644.1000                                           For three decades, ETABS has been used for
                                                          Toll-Free: 800.848.4645                                 building analysis and design software. ETABS has
                                                          Fax: 314.644.2246                                       evolved into a completely integrated building analy-
    BendTec is a leader in bending and fabrica-                                 sis and design environment. The system is built
tion for projects involving curved architectural and                                       around an object-based GUI and is powered by tar-
structural members. AISC-Certified for conven-                Carboline Company offers products for solving       geted special-purpose algorithms for analysis and
tional steel building structures, simple steel            steel corrosion problems through protective cover-      design, with interfaces for drafting and manufactur-
bridges, complex steel building structures and            ings, coatings, and linings. Product lines include      ing. ETABS can design simple 2-D frames or perform
major steel bridges. Products include roof                permanent zinc primers, rapid-cure shop primers         nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of a complex
trusses, parabolic arches, vierendell trusses, long       and intermediate coats, and long-term weathering        high-rise building using automatic drift control.
radius bends, light/power poles, signs, bridge            finishes. Single- or multiple-coat shop-friendly sys-
arches, park benches and window mullions.                 tems are Carboline’s specialty. Coating systems can
                                                          be selected to last 3 months or 30 years.

Modern Steel Construction • March 2004
                                                                      nascc exhibitors 2004
                                                                                                                         Long Beach, CA — March 24-27
Controlled Automation, Inc.                              CoreBrace, LLC                                           Design Data SDS/2
Booth 659                                                Booth 550                                                Booth 113
P.O. Box 888                                             5955 W. Wells Park Rd.                                   1501 Old Cheney Rd.
Bauxite, AR 72089                                        West Jordan, UT 84088                                    Lincoln, NE 68512
Ph: 501.557.5109                                         Ph: 801.280.0701                                         Ph: 402.441.4000
Fax: 501.557.5618                                        Fax: 801.280.0069                                        Toll-Free: 800.443.0782                                                         Fax: 402.441.4045
                                                             CoreBrace is the first domestic supplier of the
                                                         Buckling-Restrained Brace (BRB), an economical,
                                                         state-of-the-art, high-performance seismic device.
                                                         BRBs don’t buckle! Instead they smash and stretch
                                                         plastically, damping earthquake forces. They perform
                                                         the same in both tension and compression, dissipat-
                                                         ing energy through smooth stable hysteretic behav-
                                                         ior. The steel core is supported by an outer casing
                                                         that prevents buckling.

                                                         Corus Group
                                                         Booth 317
                                                         475 N. Martinrale Rd., Ste. 400
                                                         Schaumburg, IL 60173
                                                         Ph: 847.619.0400
                                                         Fax: 847.619.0468
                                                                                          Design Data has more than 20 years of experi-
                                                                                                                  ence producing SDS/2 Detailing Software. Version
                                                         CSC (UK) Ltd                                             7.0 is an example of how this innovation keeps cus-
   Controlled Automation was established in 1986         Booth 165                                                tomers on the leading edge of technology. SDS/2 of-
and is a manufacturer of machinery, handling equip-      Yeadon House, New Street Pudsey                          fers automatic connection design and erectibility
ment, and controls for the steel-fabricating industry.   Leeds, UK, England LS28 8AQ                              checks, along with the flexibility of creating paramet-
Controlled Automation builds angle lines, beam-          Ph:                                      rics and adaptive detailing, to produce your work on
punch lines, drill lines, plate-punching and burning     Fax:                                     time. The SDS/2 model benefits all steel parties si-
machines, and material-handling equipment. Re-                                   multaneously. From the engineer’s office to the shop
manufacturing and retrofit packages are also avail-                                         floor through the erection of the building, SDS/2
able for older machines. All new machines are                                                                     provides a central model to collaborate with all steel
manufactured in the USA. Complete plant systems          CSi – Metal Dek Group™                                   partners. SDS/2 helps keep the schedule on time for
and plant-design services are available.                 Booth 353                                                critical projects.
                                                         650 Rosewood Dr.
Copperweld                                               Columbia, SC 29201                                       DetailCad
Booth 264                                                Toll-Free: 800.554.5421                                  Booth 345
1855 E. 122 St.                                          Fax: 803.799.6811                                        P.O. Box 2008
Chicago, IL 60633                                                                       Whitefish, MT 59937
Toll-Free: 800.895.7899                                     With 50 years of service to the construction in-      Ph: 406.862.7906
Fax: 773.646.6128                                        dustry, the CSi – Metal Dek Group™ offers a com-                                     plete line of roof, floor and form deck. Product lines       DetailCAD® is an automated program working                                       include Versa-Dek® and Deep-Dek™ for flooring            inside AutoCAD® that produces shop details with
    Copperweld is manufactures mechanical and            and roofing needs. Specialty options include coil-       minimum input and enhancement. Shop details in-
structural HSS. Manufacturing facilities in Chicago      coating systems and cellular acoustic capabilities.      cluding beams, columns, bracing, stairs, HR and
provide the industry with square sizes of 1x1x.065                                                                welded frames can be produced directly from fram-
through 16x16x.625, and associated rectangles and        Daito USA, Inc.                                          ing-plan or piece-by-piece input. Anchor-bolt plans,
rounds. Copperweld is the home of the patented           Booth 625                                                erection plans, elevations and an advance bill table
Kleenkote product line. Kleenkote is primed weldable     1470 Elmhurst Rd.                                        can be produced from plan-input method. Plan input
HSS that provides benefits in manufacturing for bot-     Elk Grove Village, IL 60007                              is done by inputting grid locations, adding columns
tom-line cost savings.                                   Ph: 847.437.6788                                         to grid crossing and then inputting beams and/or
                                                         Fax: 847.437.6789                                        joists at each level. Press a button to generate details
                                                                                     or 3D model. Piece-by-piece input is done by filling
                                                            CNC drilling machines for structural beams, and       in framing sizes and/or distances, then pressing a
                                                         bandsaw machines for structural steel fabricators.       button to draw the piece. DetailCAD will produce
                                                                                                                  CNC, punch-card files or plate details for each shop
                                                                                                                  drawing for different CNC equipment.

                                                                                                                  March 2004 • Modern Steel Construction
nascc exhibitors 2004
Long Beach, CA — March 24-27
Dowco Consultants Ltd.                                  data with other systems, optional support for Mi-         Girder-Slab Technologies, LLC
Booth 235                                               crosoft SQL Server, and more.                             Booth 248
2433 Holdom Ave.                                                                                                  P.O. Box 4126
Burnaby, BC Canada V5B 5A1                              Fein Power Tools                                          Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Ph: 604.606.5800                                        Booth 518                                                 Ph: 856.424.7880
Fax: 604.606.5818                                       1030 Alcon St.                                            Toll-Free: 888.478.1100                                Pittsburgh, PA 15220                                      Fax: 856.424.6880
    Dowco is one of the largest fully automated de-     Ph: 412.922.8886                                
tailing companies in the world. Dowco’s professional    Toll-Free: 800.441.9878                                      The Girder-Slab® system is a composite steel-
solutions are unrestricted by geographical bound-       Fax: 412.922.8767                                         and-precast-concrete assembly designed for use in
aries, and the company serves regional, national and                                       mid- to high-rise residential structures. The new
international markets. During 34 years in business,                                            system incorporates a special steel girder known as
Dowco has embraced new technology and sought                                                                      an open-web dissymmetric beam (or D-Beam®)
innovative ways to improve its detailing techniques.    Ficep Corporation                                         supporting precast hollow-core concrete slabs
                                                        Booth 541                                                 grouted in place to form a composite assembly.
Esab Welding and Cutting Products                       2301 Industry Ct.
Booth 334                                               Forest Hill Industrial Airpark                            Haydon Bolts, Inc.
411 S. Ebenezer Rd.                                     Forest Hill, MD 21050                                     Booth 429
Florence, SC 29501                                      Ph: 410.588.5800                                          1181 Unity St.
Ph: 843.664.4411                                        Fax: 410.588.5900                                         Philadelphia, PA 19124-3196
Toll-Free: 800.ESAB.123                                                                Ph: 215.537.8700
Fax: 843.679.5815                                           Ficep is one of the largest machine-tool manu-        Fax: 215.537.5569                                          facturers of structural steel fabricating equipment in
   For 100 years, ESAB has been an innovator in the     the world, with a diverse product range of more than
welding and cutting industry, with the invention of     75 different CNC fabrication lines. At this year’s con-
the coated-stick electrode and processes such as        ference, Ficep Corp. will exhibit four CNC products
HELIARC and PLASMARC. ESAB Brand names like             that previously have not been exhibited in North
Oxweld, Purox, Migmaster, Allstate, Arcaloy, Atom       America. Two of the lines will be totally new and rep-
Arc, and Dual Shield have become industry stan-         resent products that were developed specifically for
dards.                                                  the North American market.

eSUB                                                    Fisher & Ludlow
Booth 358                                               Booth 128
11770 Bernardo Plaza Ct., Ste, 370                      7100 Industrial Rd.
San Diego, CA 92128                                     Florence, KY 41042
Ph: 858.675.0836                                        Toll-Free: 800.334.2047
Toll-Free: 800.493.3782                                 Fax: 606.282.7702
Fax: 858.675.2263                                                                         Fisher & Ludlow is a full line manufacturer of
    Trackpoint is an online project-management sys-     grating and expanded metal products. With seven lo-
tem for subcontractors. Trackpoint contains a full      cations, three in the United States and four in
suite of project-management applications, including     Canada, service for our customers is never far away.
daily reports, time cards, REI’s, change-order re-      Our products include bar grating, heavy-duty grat-
quests, submittals, purchase orders, and correspon-     ing, aluminum grating, gripspan, shurgrip safety
dence. All documents created are logged                 grating, fiberglass grating and expanded metal.
automatically and linked to a calendar system, which
interfaces with Microsoft Outlook.                      Franklin Manufacturing, Inc.
                                                        Booth 517                                                     Haydon Bolts manufactures and distributes all
FabTrol Systems, Inc.                                   P.O. Box 998                                              types of structural fasteners, including A325-1,
Booth 300                                               Russellville, AL 35653                                    A325-3, A490-1, A490-3, A449 & A354. Haydon
132 E. Broadway, Ste. 636                               Ph: 256.332.6654                                          carries a full line of TC Bolts in F1552 (A325) and
Eugene, OR 97401                                        Fax: 256.332.0143                                         A490. All products are offered plain, hot dip galva-
Ph: 541.485.4719                                                                nized, mechanically galvanized and in weathering
Toll-Free: 888.FABTROL                                                             steel. Haydon manufacturers anchor rods, tie rods,
Fax: 541.485.4302                                                                                                 turnbuckle assemblies and other specials, 1/2” to 4”                                         G.W.Y., Inc.                                              diameter in any length. Also available is a full line of
   Come see what’s new in FabTrol MRP, an inte-         Booth 441                                                 electric tools for both hex structural and TC-bolt in-
grated estimating, material-requirements-planning,      217 Forest Rd.                                            stallation. Haydon supplies both domestic and im-
and production-management software for steel fabri-     P.O. Box 293                                              ported products with full material certifications,
cators. The latest release introduces full import/ex-   Greenfield, NH 03047                                      performs in-house ro-cap tests, and supplies prod-
port support for CIS/2 data to compress project         Toll-Free: 888.838.6500                                   ucts for DOT projects.
schedules. Other key features include system-wide       Fax: 603.547.3801
support for material on order, improved drawing
management, modifiable nesting results, new ex-
ports for sharing accounting and production-status

Modern Steel Construction • March 2004
                                                                       nascc exhibitors 2004
                                                                                                                          Long Beach, CA — March 24-27
Heckmann Building Products, Inc.                          shop drawings, erection plans, ABMs, field and shop      J. B. Long Inc.
Booth 568                                                 bolt lists, and material summaries. Drawings are pre-    Booth 619
1501 N. 31st Ave.                                         pared in accordance with AISC “Detailing for Steel       110 W. Arch St., #214
Melrose Park, IL 60160                                    Construction” and “PCI” standards. Connection de-        Fleetwood, PA 19522
Ph: 708.865.2403                                          signs are also available, based on the information       Ph: 610.944.8840
Toll-Free: 800.621.4140                                   provided in contract drawings.                           Fax: 610.944.0789
Fax: 708.865.2640                                                                                                                         Industrial Galvanizers America, Inc.                                        Booth 469                                                    J. B. Long, Inc. has supplied structural steel and
   Manufacturer of the Twist-On Groutless Masonry         9520 E. Broadway Ave.                                    misc. iron details to the fabrication industry for more
Anchor System; 2003 Modern Steel Construction             Tampa, FL 33619                                          than 18 years. The firm is certified under the NISD
Hot Product Winner! Heckmann also manufactures            Ph: 813.621.8990                                         Quality Procedures Program. Eleven detailers of a
masonry-to-steel anchoring systems that are welded        Toll-Free: 800.776.4258                                  staff of 19 are certified under the NISD Individual De-
or hooked onto steel columns, channel-slot systems,       813-621-8950                                             tailer Certification program. Detailers primarily use
dovetail systems, brick veneer anchors, wall tiles,                                     SteelLogic (an AutoCAD-based detailing package)
cavity wall moisture-control systems, the Pos-I-                                          and Xsteel to create details. J. B. Long focuses on
Tie® anchoring system, stone anchors, flashings,                                                                   small commercial projects under 500 tons, while not
control joints, and more.                                 Infra-Metals Co.                                         precluding the occasional larger project.
                                                          Booth 540
Hilti, Inc.                                               8 Pent Hwy                                               J & B Specialty Tools Inc
Booth 228                                                 Wallingford, CT 06492                                    Booth 156
5400 S. 122nd East Ave.                                   Ph: 203.294.2980                                         526-A Paradiseway West
Tulsa, OK 74146                                           Toll-Free: 800.243.4410                                  Greenwood, IN 46143
Ph: 918.252.6000                                          Fax: 203.294.2993                                        Ph: 317.883.1849
Toll-Free: 800.879.8000                                                               Fax: 317.883.1949
Fax: 918.252.6742                                                                                                                                                            J & B’s beam gauge tool won a Modern Steel                                          Institute of the Ironworking                             Construction Hot Products Award in August 2003;
                                                          Industry/IMPACT                                          and now also offers a 2’ stand-alone adjustable
Hougen Manufacturing, Inc.                                Booth 428                                                square, with anodized alum, that comes with infor-
Booth 364                                                 1750 New York Ave N.W.                                   mation about stairs with landings. No more gaps.
3001 Hougen Drive                                         Washington, DC 20006                                     Two more new tools available within six months. The
Swartz Creek, MI 48473                                    Ph: 202.783.3998                                         tools make erection easier and on time.
Ph: 810.635.7111                                          Fax: 202.393.1507
Fax: 810.635.8277                                                                     Kaltenbach                                                                        Booth 641
    Hougen® portable magnetic drills and                     The total energy and resources of IMPACT (Iron-       6775 Inwood Dr.
Rotabroach® annular cutters put holemaking capa-          worker-Management Progressive Action Cooperative         Columbus, IN 47201
bilities in your hands; whether on-site or in the shop.   Trust) are devoted to promoting “The Union Erection      Ph: 812.342.4471
Fourteen models let you custom match your needs.          Industry.” More contracts for signatory employers        Toll-Free: 800.825.5729
Choose from the HMD150 that fits in tight quarters        and more jobs for Union Ironworkers. This is the         Fax: 812.342.2336
and drills up to 1-3/8” diameter thru 1” deep, the        goal and constant mission.                     
HMD904 for drilling up to 1-1/2” diameter and 2”                                                                      Kaltenbach offers structural fabrication equip-
deep, and others that have the strength to produce        Inventory Sales Company                                  ment. Kaltenbach manufactures cold saws, band-
 3- 1/16” holes thru 3” material.                         Booth 446                                                saws, CNC drilling machines, plate-processing
                                                          9777 Reavis Rd.                                          equipment, and robotic copers.
Hyd-Mech Group Limited                                    St. Louis, MO 63123
Booth 753                                                 Ph: 314.776.6200                                         Kottler Metal Products, Inc.
1079 Parkinson Rd.                                        Toll-Free: 800.272.7883                                  Booth 544
Woodstock, ON Canada N4S 8A4                              Fax: 314.776.0054                                        1595 Lost Nation Rd.
Ph: 877.276.7297                                                                   Willoughby, OH 44094                                              Inventory Sales Co. is a source for steel contrac-    Ph: 440.946.7473
                                                          tors and erectors. Come to the booth to see tone         Toll-Free: 800.678.0808
iCAD                                                      tools and stud welders that Inventory Sales sells,       Fax: 440.946.7655
Booth 509                                                 rents and repairs. In addition to the tools, the com-
39560 Stevenson Pl., Ste. 220                             pany carries one of the largest Midwest inventories          Established in 1915, Kottler Metal Products, Inc.
Freemont, CA 94539                                        of shear connectors, and A325 structural bolts and       rolls pipe, HSS, and structural shapes. A new facility
Ph: 510.791.6000                                          tension-control bolts. The steel fabrication shop        and experienced craftsmen allow Kottler Metal to
Fax: 510.217.6666                                         makes embedment plates and miscellaneous steel           supply customers with one of the largest bending ca-                                           fabrications to spec. Inventory Sales also carries all   pacities in the United States. Kottler rolls up to 48”                                          varieties of strut channel and accessories.              Channel and I-beam, easy/hard way, 20” pipe tube,
   iCAD specializes in structural steel and precast-                                                               rail, pipe, and tee, with minimal distortion.
and prestressed-concrete design and detailing serv-
ices. iCad uses Autocad and Xsteel to prepare shop
drawings. Services include preparation of detailed

                                                                                                                   March 2004 • Modern Steel Construction
nascc exhibitors 2004
Long Beach, CA — March 24-27
Kubes Steel Limited                                      Lohr Structural Fasteners, Inc.                          National Council of
Booth 365                                                Booth 528                                                Structural Engineers
930 Arvin Ave.                                           2355 Wilson Rd.                                          Booth 158
Stoney Creek, ON Canada L8E 5Y8                          Humble, TX 77396                                         203 N. Wabash, Ste. 2010
Ph: 905.643.1229                                         Ph: 281.446.6766                                         Chicago, IL 60601
Fax: 905.643.4003                                        Toll-Free: 800.782.4544                                  Ph: 312.372.5708                                      Fax: 281.446.7805                                        Fax: 312.372.5673                                                                
                                                                                                                      NCSEA represents nearly 40 state and regional
                                                         Maeda Metal Industries, Ltd.                             structural engineers association. The council ad-
                                                         Booth 448                                                dresses professional, technical, and education is-
                                                         No 14-3 Fukae Kita 3 Chome                               sues of interest to structural engineers, and provides
                                                         Higashinari Ku, Osaka Japan 5370001                      a resource for those who need to communicate with
                                                         Ph: 81.6.6976.5567                                       the profession. The Council publishes STRUCTURE
                                                         Fax: 81.6.6973.9734                                      magazine monthly, participates in developing na-
                                                                                      tional building codes, and implements a Structural
                                                             Maeda Metal Industries, Ltd. specializes in elec-    Engineers Emergency Response Plan. NCSEA is
                                                         tric wrenches, which install both tension-control and    moving forward with a National Board Certification
                                                         heavy-hex bolts. Maeda products are a solution for       for structural engineers and sponsors annual Awards
                                                         job health and safety, cost performance and simplic-     for Excellence in Structural Engineering.
                                                         ity for harsh applications. Stop by the booth for more
                                                         information.                                             National Institute of Steel
                                                                                                                  Detailing, Inc.
                                                         Marks Metal Technology                                   Booth 232
LeJeune Bolt Company                                     Booth 360                                                7700 Edgewater Dr., Ste. 670
Booth 427                                                10300 SE Jennifer                                        Oakland, CA 94621
3500 W. Hwy. 13                                          Clackamas, OR 97015                                      Ph: 510.568.3741
Burnsville MN 55337                                      Ph: 503.656.0901                                         Fax: 510.568.3781
Ph: 952.890.7700                                         Fax: 503.656.1985                              
Toll-Free: 800.872.2658                                                   
Fax: 952.890.3544                                                                         The National Institute of Steel Detailing (NISD) is                                      For more than 50 years, Marks Metal Technol-         an international association that advocates, pro-                                      ogy (MMT) has provided metal fabrication and pro-        motes and serves the interests of the steel detailing
   LeJeune has provided structural bolting and ten-      cessing. MMT’s Diamond Curve technology is               industry. The object of the Institute’s programs and
sion-control fasteners for 27 years. LeJeune is com-     suited for curving AESS wide-flange beams the            documents is to improve detailers’ knowledge, verify
mitted to supporting its customers from contract         hard way of web. Now many large sections and             their skills, and qualify their ability to manage prop-
review and quotation, to project completion and be-      those formed from plate can be curved at MMT.            erly detailed projects.
yond. LeJeune is a single service for all structural
bolt and fastening needs, including weld studs, an-      Maverick Tube Corporation                                National Steel Bridge Alliance
chors and adhesives, anchor bolts, tool sales, tool      Booth 450                                                Booth 310
rental and spare parts.                                  16401 Swingley Ridge Rd., Ste. 700                       One E. Wacker Dr., Ste. 3100
                                                         Chesterfield, MO 63017                                   Chicago, IL 60601
The Lincoln Electric Company                             Ph: 636.733.1600                                         Ph: 312.670.7010
Booth 259                                                Toll-Free: 800.840.8823                                  Fax: 312.670.5403
22801 St. Clair Ave.                                     Fax: 636.733.1873                              
Cleveland, OH 44117                                                                    The National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA) is or-
Ph: 216.481.8100                                             Maverick Tube Corporation produces HSS steel         ganized as a unified voice for the steel bridge indus-
Toll-Free: 888.921.WELD                                  products for industrial and energy applications.         try. The NSBA seeks to facilitate/coordinate industry
Fax: 216.486.1751                                        Maverick’s industrial products, used in construction     efforts to enhance the deployment of steel bridge de-                                  applications and the manufacturing of other value-       sign and construction in the U.S.A. through
    Lincoln Electric will showcase arc-welding equip-    added products, comprises structural tubing (HSS),       technology confidence building, infrastructure
ment and consumables especially developed for the        conduit, standard pipe, mechanical tubing and pipe       strengthening, and market awareness. The NSBA fo-
rigors of the construction industry. Consumables         piling. Maverick’s energy-related products include       cuses on assisting its membership with bridge de-
will include Lincoln’s self-shielded flux-cored Inner-   Oil Country Tubular Goods, line pipe, coiled tubing,     sign needs and technical information.
shield® welding wires intended for use in applica-       coiled line pipe and subsea umbilicals.
tions required to comply with FEMA 353 Seismic
Zone guidelines. Other electrodes, intended for          National Commission for the
stainless steel, pipe welding and general construc-      Certification of Crane Operators
tion will be displayed and demonstrated. Equipment       Booth 153
includes engine-driven welder/generators, rugged         2750 Prosperity Ave., Ste. 505
construction wire feeders and submerged-arc tractor      Fairfax, VA 22031
guided systems.                                          Ph: 703.560.2390
                                                         Fax: 703.560.2392

Modern Steel Construction • March 2004
                                                                        nascc exhibitors 2004
                                                                                                                           Long Beach, CA — March 24-27
NEA–The Association of                                    Nitto Kohki U.S.A., Inc.                                  Omnitech Associates
Union Constructors                                        Booth 522                                                 Booth 250
Booth 149                                                 4525 Turnberry Dr.                                        P.O. Box 20792
1501 Lee Hwy., #202                                       Hanover Park, IL 60133                                    Oakland, CA 94620
Arlington, VA 22209                                       Ph: 630.924.9393                                          Ph: 510.658.8328
Ph: 703.524.3336                                          Toll-Free: 800.323.8828                                   Toll-Free: 888.8.DESCON
Fax: 703.524.3364                                         Fax: 630.924.0303                                         Fax: 510.595.0373                                                            
   NEA–The Association of Union Constructors was              Nitto Kohki manufactures automatic-feed mag-              Omnitech Associates provides DesconWin and
organized in 1969 as a national trade association         netic-base drills that use self-regulate feed speed for   Descon Brace software for designing steel structure
dedicated to providing its members with high-level        optimum cutting with safety features. These ma-           connections. DesconWin designs shear and moment
labor relations and safety services, as well as pro-      chines, when using JetBroach carbide-tipped annu-         connections including beam-to-column flange,
moting positive labor-management programs in the          lar cutters, can increase production while reducing       beam-to-column web, and beam-to-girder connec-
construction industry. The NEA’s membership com-          labor hours and hazardous work. Visit the booth for       tions, beam and column splices, and connections to
prises union contractors, local employer organiza-        a demonstration. Nitto Kohki also manufactures            HSS columns. Descon Brace designs braced-frame
tions and industry suppliers. NEA contractors are         steelworking tools like portable hydraulic punches,       connections including Diagonal, Chevron, K, and
committed to improving the union construction in-         bevelers, and pneumatic and electric power tools.         Knee Braces, and brace connection to column bases.
dustry through advances in contractor safety and                                                                    Both programs generate detailed calculation reports,
health, competitive marketing, and labor-manage-          Nucor Fastener–Indiana                                    drawings, and DXF files. ASD and LRFD versions
ment cooperation.                                         Booth 201                                                 available.
                                                          6730 County Rd. 60
Neilsoft                                                  P.O. Box 6100                                             Peddinghaus Corporation
Booth 719                                                 St. Joe, IN 46785                                         Booth 523
3055 Plymouth, Ste. 205                                   Ph: 260.337.1626                                          300 N. Washington Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105                                       Toll-Free: 800.955.6826                                   Bradley, IL 60915
Ph: 734.623.8611                                          Fax: 260.337.1726                                         Ph: 815.937.3800
Fax: 734.623.8613                                                               Fax:815.937.4003
Nelson Stud Welding, Inc.                                    Manufacturer of domestic steel hex-head cap-
Booth 416                                                 screws, build-to-print specials, steel hex structural
20621 Unit B, East Valley Blvd.                           bolts and nuts in both inch and metric sizes, and
Walnut, CA 91789                                          dome-head tension-control assemblies in various
Ph: 909.468.2105                                          grades and finishes.
Toll-Free: 800.635.9353
Fax: 909.468.2112                                         Nucor-Yamato Steel Company                              Booth 201                                 P.O. Box 1228
                                                          Blytheville, AR 72316
Nicholas J. Bouras, Inc.                                  Ph: 870.762.5500
Booth 254                                                 Toll-Free: 800.289.6977
25 DeForest Ave.                                          Fax: 870.763.9107
Summit, NJ 07902                                
Ph: 908.277.1617                                
Toll-Free: 800.631.1215                                      Steel manufacturer of wide-flange structural steel
Fax: 908.277.1619                                         shapes, steel, H-piling and sheet piling, angle, chan-                                        nel, miscellaneous channel, standard and car-build-
    Nicholas J. Bouras, Inc. is the sales, engineering    ing shapes. Grades include ASTM A36, ASTM A328,
and detailing subsidiary of Bouras Industries, Inc., a    ASTM A572, ASTM A588, ASTM A690, ASTM A709
manufacturer of steel construction products with          and ASTM A992.
plants and sales offices in 16 states. United Steel                                                                     Peddinghaus Corporation will introduce new
Deck, Inc. (USD), the steel deck affiliate, manufac-      Ocean Machinery                                           plate and structural fabrication technology at the
tures a complete line of floor deck, roof, deck, an       Booth 727                                                 NASCC. The FPDB 2500/3 plate-fabrication center
electrified floor deck system, and wall and roof pan-     3081 E. Commercial Blvd.                                  combines punching, drilling, carbide marking, and
els. USD is an active member of the Steel Deck Insti-     Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308                                  thermal cutting (via plasma or oxy-fuel) into one
tute. The new Columbia Joist Co. (NCJ), a joist           Ph: 954.351.0899                                          compact machine. Plate components from 4’ wide x
manufacturing affiliate, is a member of the Steel Joist   Toll-Free: 800.286.3624                                   1/4” up to 96” wide x 3” thickness can be processed

Institute, and manufactures a full line of SJI compli-    Fax: 954.351.9472                                         in one pass. The FPDB 2500 processes every AISC
ant K, LH, DLH, series joists, and joists girders.                                    plate connection. Peddinghaus will exhibit the new
                                                              Ocean Machinery will exhibit the Ocean Avenger        BDL 1250/9 structural drilling machine, with en-
                                                          beam-drill line. Taking up only about half the floor      hancements for beams, columns, tubing, and related
                                                          space required for conventional drill lines and cost-     shapes. It will be exhibited with a new mitering band
                                                          ing less than half, the Avenger is capable of process-    saw for processing sections up to 50” wide.
                                                          ing beams, angles, channels, tubes and plates up to
                                                          40” wide. Built by Peddinghaus with Siemens con-
                                                          trol and components, the Avenger uses Peddimat
                                                          software for integration with major detailing software.

                                                                                                                    March 2004 • Modern Steel Construction
nascc exhibitors 2004
Long Beach, CA — March 24-27
Peterson Beckner Industries                              RAM International                              and Sectionwizard. With Open-
Booth 406                                                Booth 123                                               STAAD, REI can integrate STAAD.Pro with third-party
1310 Spears Rd.                                          5225 Avenida Encinas, Ste. E                            solutions like LARSA for advanced building/bridge
Houston, TX 77067                                        Carlsbad, CA 92008                                      design, Structural Desktop and Tekla
Ph: 281.872.7722                                         Ph: 760.431.3610                                        Structures–Structural Information Modeling.
Fax: 281.872.5155                                        Toll-Free: 800.726.7789                                  Fax: 760.431.5214                                       RISA Technologies
   PBI provides structural steel erection services for                                          Booth 341
the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets.                            RAM International will         26632 Towne Center Dr., Ste. 210
PBI specializes in complex structures, like: sports                            demonstrate these products at     Foothill Ranch, CA 92610
arenas, convention center and hotel complexes, in-                             the NASCC: RAM Structural         Toll-Free: 800.332.RISA
dustrial process and power plants, hospitals, air-                             System: software for the analy-   Fax: 949.951.5848
ports, and bridges. PBI operates throughout North                              sis, design and drafting of
America from its home office in Houston.                                       buildings. RAM Advanse: gen-
                                                                               eral purpose finite-element           RISAFloor software integrates with a general
PPG High Performance Coatings                                                  analysis and design. RAM          analysis package, RISA-3D. Designing both the
Booth 333                                                                      Connection: customizable          gravity and lateral systems on one model, add mov-
1PPG Place–37 S                                          steel-connection design. RAM CADstudio: drawing         ing loads, one-way members and springs, tapered
Pittsburgh, PA 15272                                     management software for AutoCAD. RAM Concept:           wide flanges, plate/shell components, and other
Ph: 412.434.3131                                         design of reinforced or post-tensioned floors and       items. RISA-3D is a general analysis and design pro-
Toll-Free: 800.441.9695                                  foundations. RAM Perform: non-linear performance-       gram with total integration. Automatic physical mod-
Fax: 888.807.5123                                        based design and collapse analysis. RAM also will       eling allows definition of members as they exist in                                          demonstrate its EDI capabilities in AISC’s EDI booth.   the field rather than as multiple segments. RISASec-                                                                                                   tion, RISABase and RISAFoot provide biaxial analy-
    At the NASCC, PPG High Performance Coating                                                                   sis of custom sections, footings or base plates.
will feature high-durability, low-VOC coatings for
structural steel. PPG also will feature PPG fire-pro-                                                            The S.D.I. Stair Connection
tective coatings for structural steel.                                                                           Booth 825
                                                                                                                 360 Camelot Dr.
The Quebec Connection                                                                                            Fayetteville, GA 30214
Booth 409                                                                                                        Ph: 770.719.7936
2094 Beauregard                                                                                                  Fax: 770.719.3681
Laval QC Canada H7T 2M9                                                                                
450.688.7336                                                                                                         Steel detailing firm provides shop and field draw-
450.688.3289                                                                                                     ings for miscellaneous and light structural fabrica-                                    Research Engineers International                        tion shops.
                                                         Booth 141
                                                         22700 Savi Ranch Pkwy.                                  Seismic Structural Design
                                                         Yorba Linda, CA 92887                                   Associates, Inc.
                                                         Ph: 714.974.2500                                        Booth 362
                                                         Toll-Free: 800.367.7373                                 P.O. Box 3114
                                                         Fax: 714.974.4771                                       Camdenton MO 65020
                                                                                  Ph: 573.317.9463
                                                                                       Toll-Free: 866.750.7732
    The Quebec Connection is a group of six steel de-                                                            Fax: 573.317.1037
tailing offices. The staff of detailers, checkers and                                                  
project managers has years of experience. The latest
software helps them handle steel projects of any size.                                                           The Sharon Companies, Ltd.
They can meet your schedule for large and complex                                                                Booth 147
buildings or small and simple ones.                                                                              959 Lake Rd.
                                                                                                                 Medina, OH 44256
Quincy Joist Company                                                                                             Toll-Free: 800.723.3225
Booth 133                                                                                                        Fax: 330.723.2350
520 S. Virginia St.                                                                                    
Quincy, FL 32351                                                                                                     Sharon Drop-In Stairs are a manufactured build-
Ph: 850.875.1075                                                                                                 ing component. Sharon engineering, production,
Toll-Free: 800.277.1075                                                                                          and craftsmanship keep stair quality up and costs
Fax: 850.875.1277                                                                                                down. Sharon’s staff features more than 750 years of                                                                                       accumulated experience, and more than $200 mil-                                                                                              lion in stairway sales.
                                                            For 21 years, REI’s STAAD.Pro has been a struc-
                                                         tural analysis and design solution for 19,000 engi-
                                                         neering companies and 160,000 users in 85
                                                         countries. With STAAD.Structural Suite, STAAD.Pro
                                                         has evolved into an integrated structural engineering
                                                         solution, including STAAD.Pro 2004, STAAD.etc,

Modern Steel Construction • March 2004
                                                                    nascc exhibitors 2004
                                                                                                                        Long Beach, CA — March 24-27
Sherwin-Williams                                       tem for wind and earthquake resistance; blast and        St. Louis Screw & Bolt
Booth 323                                              impact hardening; fire attack; and progressive col-      Booth 431
101 Prospect Ave.                                      lapse mitigation. Fully compliant with current U.S.      6900 N. Broadway
Cleveland, OH 44115                                    Government Progressive Collapse Design Stan-             St. Louis, MO 63147
Toll-Free: 800.524.5979                                dards: discrete beam-to-beam continuity; connec-         Ph: 314.389.7500                            tion resilience; connection redundancy; proven           Toll-Free: 800.237.7059
                                                       connection rotational capacity. Unlimited prequalifi-    Fax: 314.389.7510
                                                       caiton of beam and column sizes, including deep
                                                       columns ICC-ES Legacy Report ER-5366.

                                                       SMI Joist Company/SMI Steel Products
                                                       Booth 231
                                                       2305 Ridge Rd., Ste. 202
                                                       Rockwall, TX 75087
                                Sherwin-Williams       Ph: 972.772.0769
                                is a single-source     Fax: 972.772.0882
                                for coatings and
                                equipment. Sher-
                                win-Williams is the                                                                St. Louis Screw & Bolt manufactures and distrib-
                                largest U.S. indus-                                                             utes all types of structural fasteners including A325-
                                trial and marine                                                                1, A325-3, A490-1, A490-3, A449, A354. Also
                                coatings manufac-                                                               carries a full line of TC Bolts in F1554 (A325) and
                                turer, with more                                                                A490. St. Louis offers products plain, hot-dip galva-
                                than 2,600 loca-                                                                nized, mechanically galvanized and in weathering
                                tions and more than                                         SMI Joist divi-     steel. Size ranges from 1/2” to 4” diameter in any
                                135 years experi-                                           sion is a lead-     length range. Also supplies anchor rods in grades
                                ence in corrosion-                                          ing producer of     36, 55 and 105, and A449 or stainless steels. St.
                                control technology.                                         long-span steel     Louis carries a full line of tools for both hex struc-
                                                                                            joists,      and    tural bolt and TC bolt installation. An in-house lab is
                                                                                            deep       long-    certified by A2LA and is FQA compliant. All products
                                                                                            span        steel   are melted and manufactured in the USA. Products
                                                                                            joists and joist    can be supplied to all state DOT’s and are Cal-Trans
                                                                                            girders, with       approved. In-house ro-cap tests also are performed.
SidePlate Systems, Inc.                                                                     production fa-      Steel Erectors Association of America
Booth 246                                                                                   cilities and na-    Booth 267
23422 Mill Creek Dr., Ste. 215                                                              tionwide            2216 W. Meadowview Rd., Ste. 115
Laguna Hills, CA 92653                                                                      service. SMI        Greensboro, NC 27407
Toll-Free: 800.475.2077                                Steel Products is the exclusive manufacturer of          Ph: 336.294.8880
Fax: 949.305.6395                                      SmartBeams® in North and South America. The              Fax: 413.208.6936                                 SmartBeam® is a structural steel beam suited for                                      composite floor construction. SMI is part of the CMC
   Let SidePlate Systems help you respond to           Steel Group of Commercial Metals Company                     The Steel Erectors Association of America [SEAA]
today’s multi-hazard design challenges at reduced      (NYSE:CMC) headquartered in Irving, TX.                  is dedicated to advancing the interests and needs of
construction costs with SidePlate™ steel frame con-                                                             all engaged in building with steel. The Association’s
nection technology. A single structural framing sys-   Soft Steel Inc.                                          objectives in achieving this goal include the promo-
                                                       Booth 306                                                tion of safety, education, and training programs for
                                                       7231 Boulder Ave., #226                                  steel erector trades, development and promotion of
                                                       Highland, CA 92346                                       standards, and cooperation with others in activities
                                                       Ph: 909.863.9191                                         that impact the commercial construction business.
                                                       Fax: 909.863.9168
                                                                                 Steel Founders’ Society of America
                                                                                  Booth 167
                                                                                                                205 Park Ave.
                                                                                                                Barrington, IL 60010
                                                                                                                Ph: 847.382.8240
                                                                                                                Fax: 847.382.8287
                                                                                                                    Steel Founders’ Society of America (SFSA) is a not-
                                                                                                                for-profit trade association whose mission is to promote
                                                                                                                and develop steel castings. SFSA’s membership is lim-
                                                                                                                ited to steel casting producers. We strive to develop new
                                                                                                                technology, exchange technical and operating experi-
                                                                                                                ence, and expand the steel casting marketplace.

                                                                                                                March 2004 • Modern Steel Construction
nascc exhibitors 2004
Long Beach, CA — March 24-27
Steel Joist Institute                                      Stites & Harbison PLLC                                    Structural Stability Research Council
Booth 263                                                  Booth 233                                                 Booth 138
3127 10th Ave. N. Ext.                                     400 W. Market St. , #1800                                 University of Missouri-Rolla
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-6760                                Louisville, KY 40202                                      301 Butler-Carlton Hall
Ph: 843.626.1995                                           Ph: 502.587.3400                                          Rolla, MO 65409-0030
Fax: 843.626.5565                                          Toll-Free: 800.392.0027                                   Ph: 573.341.6610                                  Fax: 502.587.6391                                         Fax: 573.341.4476                                                                 
    The Steel Joist Institute is a not-for-profit organ-        Stites & Harbison, PLLC, is a law firm based in
ization composed of steel joist manufacturers with         the Southeast, specializing in complex transactions,          The Council, which includes engineers from pub-
professional engineering staffs that sets and main-        litigation and regulatory matters. Stites & Harbison      lic organizations, private corporations and universi-
tains the standards for the industry. These standards      has 225 attorneys and a support staff of more than        ties, offers guidance to specification writers and
include specifications, load and weight tables, and a      200. Almost one third of the attorneys are women.         practicing engineers with publications like the Guide
recommended code of standard practice. The Insti-          The firm’s attorneys are currently admitted to practice   to Stability Design Criteria for Metal Structures. The
tute also invests in research related to steel joists.     in 20 states including DC; ten are Registered U.S.        Council also conducts seminars related to the stabil-
SJI offers a complete library of publications, and         Patent Attorneys.                                         ity of columns, beams and frames, and publishes the
training and research aids to include periodic semi-                                                                 proceedings from its Annual Stability Conference,
nars for CEU credit.                                       Strand7 Software                                          which highlight new solutions to structural problems
                                                           Booth 327                                                 before they are published in technical journals.
Steel Storage Systems                                      541 Kent St., Ste. 1, Level 7
Booth 331                                                  Sydney, NSW Australia 2000                                Stud Welding Associates
6301 Dexter St.                                            Ph: 61.2.9264.2977                                        Booth 144
Commerce City, CO 80022                                    Fax: 61.2.9264.-2066                                      41515 Schaden Rd.
Ph: 303.287.0291                                                                           Elyria, OH 44035
Toll-Free: 800.442.0291                                                                     Ph: 440.324.3042
Fax: 303.287.0159                                                                                                    Toll-Free: 800.874.7860                                   StrucSoft Solutions                                       Fax: 440.324.3301                                       Booth 252                                                     Stud Welding Associates offers a full line of stud
                                                           5375 Pare St., Ste. 201                                   welding equipment, weld studs and accessories
Steel Structures Technology                                Montreal QC Canada H4P 1P7                                backed up with a network of product and service
Center, Inc.                                               Ph: 514.341.2028                                          warehouses around the country. Stud Welding Asso-
Booth 329                                                  Fax: 514.341.8856                                         ciates is committed to customer satisfaction and re-
24110 Meadowbrook Rd., Ste. 104                                                  cently earned ISO 9001-2000 registration of its
Novi, MI 48375                                                                                                       quality system. Ask for a demonstration of the Rapid
Ph: 248.893.0132                                                                                                     Ferrule Dispenser, a method to save time and money
Fax: 248.893.0134                                                                                                    on your next job.                                                                                              Taylor Devices Inc.
   The SSTC offers reference and training materials,                                                                 Booth 351
including the Structural Bolting Handbook, Struc-                                                                    90 Taylor Dr.
tural Welding Quality Handbook, Structural Steel                                                                     North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Shop Inspector’s Handbook, and Structural Steel In-                                                                  Ph: 716.694.0800
spection Workbook. SSTC training seminars include                                                                    Fax: 716.695.6015
Structural Steel Inspection, Structural Welding: De-                                                       
sign and Specification, and Steel Connections:                                                             
Seismic Application. SSTC offers self-study corre-                                                                       Taylor Devices manufactures fluid viscous damp-
spondence courses, including a complete high-                  StrucSoft is dedicated to the support and servic-     ing devices, shock-transmission units and tuned-
strength bolting series. SSTC also provides                ing of software solutions. StrucSoft’s engineers and      mass dampers for earthquake, wind and vibration
consulting services in steel fabrication and erection      technicians work with clients to benefit on their soft-   protection of buildings, bridges and many other
quality and inspection, including dispute resolution.      ware investment. As engineering software special-         structures. Other products include lock-up devices,
                                                           ists, we cover structural, mechanical,                    fluid viscoelastic dampers, cable dampers, liquid
SteelCad Consulting Corporation                            process/instrumentation and woodworking disci-            springs, crane buffers and other custom shock ab-
Booth 335                                                  plines to meet project and budget requirements.           sorber products.
110 Timberlachen Cir., Ste. 1000                           StrucSoft is the North American distributor of PROS-
Lake Mary, FL 32746                                        TEEL3D, a 3D AutoCAD-based modeling/detailing
Toll-Free: 800.456.7875                                    package with BOM, CNC output, featuring COM                                         technology for further customization capability.
    SteelCad offers automated steel detailing and fab-
rication software. SteelCad complies with AISC and
CISC standards and detailing methods, and details
beams, columns, vertical and horizontal bracing,
stairs, and ladders. It produces erection drawings,
gather sheets, material lists, cut lists, and produc-
tion control or CNC data.

Modern Steel Construction • March 2004
                                                                       nascc exhibitors 2004
                                                                                                                       Long Beach, CA — March 24-27
Tekla                                                     Valmont Industries
Booth 241                                                 Booth 467                                                        It’s Your Choice!
600 Town Park Ln., Ste. 175                               P.O. Box 358
Kennesaw, GA 30144                                        Valley, NE 68064                                          Modern Steel Construction is putting
Ph: 770.426.5105                                          Ph: 402.359.2201                                          a new twist on its annual Hot Prod-
Toll-Free: 877.835.5265                                   Toll-Free: 800.825.6668                                   ucts awards: this year, attendees at
Fax: 770.919.0574                                         Fax: 402.359.4481                                         the 2004 NASCC in Long Beach, CA                                                                              will have a chance to view and rate
                                                              Manufacturer of Custom HSS–Jumbo Twin Weld,           products for the MSC Hot Products
                                                          square and rectangular HSS from 12” thru 48” in           “People’s Choice” Awards. Be on the
                                                          wall thickness of .312” thru 1.000”, and lengths up       lookout for participating exhibitors,
                                                          to 55’ long.                                              who will display signs that say “Ask
                                                                                                                    us about our Modern Steel Construc-
                                                          Vernon Tools                                              tion “People’s Choice” Hot Product
                                                          Booth 747                                                 Entries!”
    Tekla conducts R&D to advance intelligent, para-      503 Jones Rd.                                                  Each NASCC attendee will re-
metric 3D modeling for steel structures. As a result,     Oceanside, CA 92054-1217                                  ceive a “People’s Choice” ballot that
Tekla Xsteel has evolved into Tekla Structures–a new      Ph: 760.433.5860                                          lists each exhibitor, booth number,
way for the entire structural design sector to share      Fax: 760.757.2233                                         and their product entries. Attendees
project information and collaborate in real-time.                                will rate each product on a scale of
Tekla Structures enables interoperability and project                                        one to 10. Traditional Hot Products
management through real-time model sharing                                                                          categories will not be used for this
across all phases of construction: design-analysis-       Vulcraft - Utah                                           competition.
detailing-fabrication. With Tekla Structures, all con-    Booth 201                                                     Ballots will be collected in the ex-
tract, detail drawings and reports are generated          1875 W. Highway 13 S.                                     hibit hall at the AISC booth, and the
directly from the model, at any time.Everything is in-    P.O. Box 637                                              results tabulated. Any product that
tegrated into one, modular software solution which        Brigham City, UT 84302                                    receives, on average, a “scorching”
connects you and your partners. And it includes the       Ph: 435.734.9433                                          rating (seven or higher) will receive
data exchange standards you expect, like the latest       Fax: 435.723.5423                                         an MSC Hot Product “People’s
CIS/2 format, so existing investments can be inte-                                       Choice” Award. Any product that re-
grated with Tekla’s technology. Now everyone from                                          ceives, on average, a “very hot” rat-
general contractors to designers, engineers, detailers       Vulcraft continues to manufacture both steel joist     ing (five or more but less than seven)
and fabricators can benefit from the advantages of an     and steel deck products.                                  will receive an MSC Hot Product
intelligent 3D model.                                                                                               “People’s Choice” Merit Award. Win-
                                                          Wheeling Corrugating Company                              ning products will receive coverage
Tension Control Bolting, Inc.                             Booth 330                                                 in the August 2004 issue of Modern
Booth 443                                                 1134 Market St.                                           Steel Construction, along with our
5855 Obispo Ave.                                          Wheeling, WV 26003                                        traditional Hot Products “Editors’
Greenfield, CA 03047                                      Ph: 304.234.2300                                          Choice” Awards.
Ph: 603.547.6697                                          Toll-Free: 800.WCC.DECK                                       We will still offer our traditional Hot
Fax: 603.547.6698                                         Fax: 304.234.2330                                         Products “Editors’ Choice” Awards                                                                 later this year, but don’t miss your                                                  chance to cast your vote in the Hot
                                                                                                                    Products “People’s Choice” awards!
TXI Chaparral Steel                                                                                                 Register today (
Booth 422                                                                                                           to attend the NASCC (Long Beach,
300 Ward Rd.
Midlothian, TX 76065
Ph: 972.779.3100                                                                                                  Note: NASCC exhibitor information pub-
Toll-Free: 800.527.7979                                                                                           lished in the March issue of Modern Steel
Fax: 972.779.1236                                                                                                 Construction was current as of February
                                                                                                                  13, 2004. As of March 2, 2004, the fol-
    TXI Chaparral Steel is the second largest pro-                                                                lowing additional Exhibitors will be par-
ducer of wide-flange beams in the U.S.A. The com-                                                                 ticipating:
pany maintains a low-cost profile at it’s four rolling
mills located in Midlothian TX and Petersburg VA.                                                                 Exhibitor                             Booth
TXI Chaparral Steel recently implemented its FAST-                                                                Bull Moose Tube                         349
FRAMESM frame-delivery system. A FAST-                                                                            Canam Steel Corporation                 129
FRAMESM team consists of a structural engineer, a                                                                 LTC, Inc.                               615
steel fabricator, a detailer and the mill. The engineer                                                           QMC                                     312
designs from available inventory in concert with the                                                              SRS                                     234
fabricator. Working together from the onset of proj-
ect, teams have delivered frames 40% faster than by
                                                                                                                  TRC International                       151
conventional methods.                                                                                             Verco                                   347

                                                                                                                  March 2004 • Modern Steel Construction