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									                 Transfer to E-Gold through GoldEx

   You have to deposit money into your E-Gold account in order to be able to
    invest it in a investment-program such as ComShares or CPU-Investments for
    instance. To do this you can use a so called "Exchanger". I recommend
    GoldEx. You can use both creditcard and banktransfer here.

   Go to GoldEx homepage

   The first time you use GoldEx you have to create an account.

   Click on ”New Member Sign Up” at the top of the page.

   Then click on the button that says: ”Step One Sign-up”.

   Scroll down a bit o the page and type in your personal information. All fields
    with an ”*” must be completed. Also type in your E-gold number and if you
    got any other accounts.

   Don’t forget to put checkmark in the ”Terms”-box before you continue.

   When everything is correct filled in, there will be sent an e-mail to you with
    your ID-number, username and password.

   Your account is created.

   I have always used creditcard when I have transferred money to E-Gold, and
    it has worked perfectly good. Now click on ”Buy e-gold with credit card” at the
    top of the page. Then click ”Place secure order”.

   If you are not automatically logged in you have to do that now.

   Type in your username and password that you received with E-mail.

   Your user-ID should show up and you can now enter the amount you want to
    deposit to your E-Gold. (It should say: “BUY e-gold with Credit Card Secure
    Order Form” at the top of the page if you want to pay with credit card. If it
    doesn’t say this text, do this oce again: click ”Buy e-gold with credit card” at
    the top of the page and then click ”Place secure order”)

   Enter the name and the phone-number of your bank. (You can find it either
    on your credit card or at the homepage of the bank or on a statement or
    receipt that you may have received from the bank).

   Enter your creditcard-numers and extra e-mail adresses (except the one you
    entered when you created the GoldEx account). ATTENTION,
    ATTENTION!!! Enter AT LEAST two extra e-mail adresses or GoldEx may not
    complete your order. This is a security detail they endorse very much. If you
       only have one extra E-mail adress, then try to find one more. Maybe your
       parents, relatives or good friends. Of course it have to be somenone you really
       trust. If you got absoluteley no more, you could always try with the e-
       mailadress you entered when you created the GoldEx-account once more.

      Enter account-type (E-Gold), your accountnumber at E-gold and the name of
       your E-gold account (for instance: Joe’s E-goldaccount)

      Don’t forget to check the ”Order Terms” – box at the bottom of the page and
       then click on ”Preview Order”

      A prewiev of your entered data and the total sum of the money including the
       service fee will now show if you have entered everything correct. There will be
       a service fee of 10% of the sum or at least $5 .

      If everything seems to be OK, then click ”Submit” or klick ”Back” to go back
       and change any details.

      The very first time you make a money-transfer with GoldEx you will receive an
       E-mail that you MUST confirm in order to complete your order. After
       confirming this E-mail the money will be deposited to your E-Gold account
       within 24 hours. Next time you don’t have to do this, your money will then be
       automatically deposited to your E-Gold within 12 hours.

If you need some more information or have any question about anything don’t
hesitate to send me an E-Mail ( and I will try to help you as
soon as I can.

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