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									 ”an Affordable One-Pass Moulder” Made in Sweden
LOGOSOL PH 260 Planer / Moulder -
                  PH 260 4-Head Planer/Moulder The First European
Logosol, a world leader in                                              Precision Construction         Small Footprint - High
wood processing equipment,                                              Insures Quality                Capacity
makes “one pass” production                                             Production                     This planer/moulder takes up
possible with the PH 260                                                One difference between the     only 43” X 35”, yet it
Planer/ Moulder. This                                                   PH 260 and other 4-sided       produces mouldings at a
unique moulder planes and                                               planers is that the top and    capacity found only in much
moulds four sides in one                                                bottom cutting head axles      higher priced industrial
pass, and does it at a fraction                                         have bearings on both ends .   moulding machines. This
of the cost of other planers                                            This provides high stability   planer is easily moved on a
with 4-sided planing capac-                                             that is not found in           pallet or wheels to where you
ity. This simple, precise, and                                          machines costing twice as      need it in your shop, or
rugged design provides big                                              much.                          mount it permanently in a
moulding features at a                                                                                 minimum amount of space
smaller planer price.                                                                                  for continous high capacity
                                             Big top windows. Easy to
                                             view cutting heads in
                                             action.                           Easy setup with
   Independent start of
                                                                               clear scales
   the 5 motors
                                                                                                       Nylon Inlay in the table with low
                                                                                                       friction guarantees feeding
                                                                                                       even with green lumber

  7000 rpm produces an
  excellent surface

Max. 10’x4"( 260x100 mm)
with all four cutters

                                                                                                               feeding 8-48 ft/

                                                                                                    30 mm spindle axles, big
                                                                                                    assortment of moulding knives.
                                                                                                    Setup time only 10-20 minutes

                                                                           Rust proofed for outdoor use,
                  The machine above is equipped with
                  in- and out feeding table
                                                                           minimum maintenance
    Quality, 4-Head Planer/Moulder
            Excellent Production            Solid Feeding Design
            You can’t see any difference    4 feeders provide a good grip
            on a moulding produced with     on rough lumber and nylon
            a PH260 than one cut with       inlays in the table guarantee
            an industrial machine costing   the secure feeding, even if
            $100,000.                       the material has a lot of sap.
            Mouldings                       The out feeder is made of
                                            rubber to prevent marks on
            The Logosol PH 260 can
                                            the Finished molding.
            handle everything from 2"
            loghome timbers to picture
                                            Quick and Easy Settings          Bertil Persson from Kalmar
            frame mouldings. You can
                                            Don’t turn away those small      in Sweden examines a
            choose from a big variety of
                                            special moulding orders          moulding made on his PH
            standard moulding knives, or
                                            anymore! 10-20 minutes is        260. This unique moulder is
            you can custom design your
                                            all you need to allow for        in use throughout Sweden
            own moulding knives. Both
                                            changing to new profiles on      and other European countries
            the standard and the special
                                            the PH 260 Planer/Moulder.       producing quality mouldings
            moulding knives have very
                                            This simple and quick setup      to the low tolerances of this
            reasonable prices.
                                            system makes changing            demanding market. Bertil
                                            moulding knives a snap!          has found his PH 260 to be a
                                                                             money making and time
                                            PH 260 Features:                 saving machine for him,
                                                                             allowing him to spend more
                                            - 4-side planing and             time at his favorite past time
                                                                             - hunting.
                                            - Large Capacity-10 1/4”X4”

                                            - RustProof.

            Big depth                       - 5 motors for precise
            The cutters can handle a
            large moulding depth. That      - Small Footprint 43” X 35”
            gives the PH 260 the
            capacity to cut deep and        - Feeding system can
                                              handle boards with high
            beautiful mouldings. The PH       moisture content.
            260 has also a fantastic
            capacity to dimension           - Planed Cast Iron Table.
            lumber, the upper cutter can
                                            - Easily reset to next profile
            cut 5/16" in one pass.          or dimension.

                                            - 10 thermogaurds protect
                                              the machine.

                                            - Large selection of
                                              reasonably priced blades,
                                              profile blades and cutters.

                                            - 4 dust collection adapters
                                              one for each cutter head.

                                            - Safety Lock on Overhead
                                                   Chip Extractor                   Molding Knife Samples
                                                   Logosol has a specially
                                                   designed chip collection
                                                   system available as an
                                                   accessory to the PH 260.
                                                   The system capacity is 2500
                                                   m3/hr. This 3-phase, 2.2
                                                   KW, 220 Volt chip collector      Swedish Home Style Panel        4” Log Home Profile
                                                   weighs only 89 lbs. The chip
                                                   collector has a special intake
                                                   for accomodating the 4 dust
                                                   collection points on the PH
                                                   260 Planer/Moulder. The
                                                   tubing available for this
                                                   system is designed for
                                                                                    Tongue      and     Groove      Log Home Style Siding
                                                   moving chips efficiently.

                   Technical Specs - PH 260                                         Other Logosol products...
                                                                                    SH 230 –Dimensioner
    4-sided planing/moulding               Standard Cutter Heads                    This planer dimensions and
    Width: 0 - 260 mm (0-10”)              Type: TB90, knives                       planes lumber in one pass.
    Depth: 10 - 100 mm (5/16”-4”)          Diameter: body 90 mm (3 1/2”)            Produce lumber to the the
                                           Height: body 40 mm (1.25/32”)
    2-sided planing/moulding
                                                                                    exact sizes you need easily
                                           Planer knives: HSS
    Planing: width 300 mm (12”)            Knives: width 50 mm (2”)                 with this one-of-a-kind
    Depth: 10 - 230 mm (6/16”-9”)                                                   machine.
    Planing                                Effect: 0,18 KW
    Planing width 410 mm (16”)             Feeding speed: 6.5- 40 ft/min
    Depth 230 mm (9”)
                                           Electric System
    Upper Cutter Head                      Moisture Class: IP54
    Diameter: 72 mm                        Total effect: 12.2 KW
    Width: 410 mm (16”)                    Supply: 3-phase, 220 V, 30 A
    Effect: 3 KW
    7000 rpm                               Size
    Planer depth: max. 8 mm (5/16”)        Length and width: 1100 x 900 mm          Logosol M7 Sawmill
    Molding depth: max. 10 mm (6/16”)      (43’x35’)                                Logosol is famous for their unique Sawmill, the Swedish
                                           Height: 970 mm (38”)                     Mill, the most versatile sawmill in the world, that is powered
    Bottom cutter head                     Weight: 370 kg (820 lbs.)
    Diameter: 72 mm
                                                                                    by a chainsaw. This sawmill produces amazing quality lumber
    Width: 300 mm (12”)                    Accessories                              economically, in all dimensions.
    Effect: 3 KW                           Rubber Feeders
    7000 rpm                               Wheels
    Planing depth: 0-4 mm (0-3/32”)        In and Out Feeding Tables
                                           Chip extractor
                                                                                    CrossCut 150
    Side Spindles                                                                   To size your lumber into
    Spindle axle: diameter 30 mm                                                    consistent lengths, use this
    Cutting height: max. 100 mm (6/16”)
    Diameter: max. 140 mm
                                                                                    precision cross cut saw from
    Effect: 3 KW                                                                    Logosol. One Pass precision
    7000 rpm                                                                        cutting using special
    Cutting depth: max. 30 mm (1 3/32”)                                             Chainsaw technology.

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