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									                                                                                                     The Newsletter of the
                                                                                                      Wild Horse Ranch

Wild Horse Talk

                                                                                                     Volume 9• Issue 1
                                                                                                      November 2008

                                                                                                 Editors:      Virginia
                               Greetings from Wild Horse Ranch!                                      & Board Members

                               From the President, Richard McGuire, Wild Horse
                               Landowners’ Association

I have several items to let you know about to keep you updated on what is happening here at Wild Horse

First of all, we are "re-establishing" the Neighborhood Watch Program. Please join us for the 1st meeting on
Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 1:00 pm at the Wild Horse Fire Department.

Second, after many complaints and requests to restore the "open-look" of the John Day Memorial Park and the
Wild Horse Pavilion, we have moved the soon to be Board of Directors Office (now a shed) to a new location
in the same area. The Wild Horse Pavilion grounds will have a BBQ grill and restroom facilities available year
round, upon request, for your family get togethers.

We are in a very dry spell and are hoping for moisture soon. The fire danger is High for all of New Mexico, at
this time. If the weather continues to be dry with no abundance of moisture, we will begin to gravel more bad
spots on the interior roads now, instead of waiting for Spring.

Thank you for your continued support for YOUR Board of Directors.

                                                                                     Richard McGuire, President
                                                                                     WHRLA Board of Directors

      Wild Horse Pavillion – Before                                   Wild Horse Pavillion - After
                                                                         Wild Horse Talk – November 2008

Treasurer’s Report, Alice Ann Lenzini, Treasurer
Thank you to everyone who has paid their 2008 Association dues. If you have not mailed your payment, it is
important to do so today. The annual dues are $125 per lot and should be mailed directly to Wild Horse Ranch
Landowners’ Association, Attn: Board Treasurer, HC65, Box 75, Pie Town, NM 87827.

WHR Funds:
As of July 31, 2008, there is $36, 760.25 in checking - we are currently getting ¼ percent interest on the money in this
We have $17,681.02 in a Money Market - we are getting 1 ¼ percent interest in this account.
At the August Board Meeting, I suggested we move money to short-term CD for a better interest rate - close to triple
what we are getting in the Money Market. The Board agreed and voted to move $25,000, into a short-term CD, 12
months or less. We are waiting on paperwork from the bank to complete the transaction.

Architecture & CC&R’s Committee, Jack Bauer, Chair
A big effort was made to get copies of the CC&R's in everyone's hands. They were all mailed out last summer. I
also contacted real estate companies in the area (Pie Town, Quemado, Datil and Grants) to make certain they give
Wild Horse buyers the proper information and disclosures as required by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission.

I am looking into the possibility of having town commercial property developed. The Ranch LLC is open to discussing a
special “business area.” Homeowners were previously told a town commercial property would be developed.

EMS Committee, Marty Lenzini, Chair
We are attempting to get a helipad on or near WHR. I contacted Richard Allison, Dept of Transportation who said the
Pie Town helipad is going out for bid next year. They are looking at 6 sites total - four have been planned - two are still
open. If Wild Horse fits their plans, they could work with us. I am going to send out a formal request for the helipad at
Wild Horse to be built.. There is room for the helipad to be built at the Buck Well site, but that hasn't been deeded to us
at this time.

From the Secretary, Virginia Lee
Board of Directors’ meeting minutes will be posted on the WHRLA Website at

Security Committee, George Lee, Chair
Thefts continue to be a problem at Wild Horse Ranch, with at least two incidents in November 2008. Although the
Board has asked the Catron County Sheriff’s Office for extra patrol, we can not expect any regular patrol in the
subdivision. Catron County is a vast area with little population and even less law enforcement. The Catron County
Sheriff’s Office has a total of seven officers, which includes the Sheriff and Undersheriff.

What does this mean for those of us who live and vacation at Wild Horse? We must make every effort to protect our
own properties. I have included a couple of websites dealing with home and construction site burglary prevention. These
are certainly not all inclusive, but can give you a good start on how to direct your energies to prevent and deter thefts.

The Board is also reinstating the Neighborhood Watch Program. The Sheriff’s Office assures us they want to be a
partner in the endeavor, and to that end we will have an organizational meeting at the Wild Horse Fire Station on
Saturday, 11/29/2008, at 1:00 P.M. I encourage all who are concerned about protecting our subdivision to attend. If you
are unable to attend the meeting but are interested in being on this committee, please contact me by phone or email.

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                                                                        Wild Horse Talk – November 2008
Saturday, 11/29/08 @ 1:00 pm
Location: WHR Fire Department
Can 't make the meeting but want to participate? Call George Lee at 760-219-2484

Now from me to you. I was a cop for 24 years and have been dealing with lowlife, scum sucking, drug addicted thieves,
for almost half my life. I can tell you based on my expert opinion that the people who steal from us are almost always
drug addicts. Dope is their God and they will lie straight to your face and sound believable, in order to assure income to
meet their demand for dope. Furthermore, most construction site thefts are committed by those who are working at the
site, or associates of those who are working at the job site. Those of you who are using construction crews; KNOW
WHO YOU ARE HIRING!! It is better for your project to move forward more slowly, then to bring in unknown work
crews. You should require identification from work crews and record that information. If you don’t know the person
working for you, or for your contractor, and they do not want to provide you with identification, then you do not want
them working for you. And remember, identification is a state issued drivers license, identification card, resident alien
card, military identification card, not your corner liquor store check cashing card, or video rental card..

Another part of the problem is the under reporting of crime. If you have been the victim of a theft, or any other crime, it
needs to be reported to law enforcement first. The Board does want to know about criminal activity, but you still need to
report the crime to law enforcement. Law enforcement keeps statistics on crime trends and uses those statistics to
allocate resources. If there are ten thefts at Wild Horse and only two are reported, and, for example, the village of Datil
reports ten thefts, then law enforcement will direct their efforts to the area with the REPORTED thefts, and we do not
have ammunition to encourage the Sheriff’s Office to give us more patrol. If you have concerns about law enforcement
issues, please call the Catron County Sheriff, I put their contact information below. Remember, the squeaky land owner
gets the extra patrol.

Okay then, just a moment to talk about bears, and I’ll get off my soap box. Bears, just like human thieves, like the easy
target. And the easiest targets for bears are garbage and animal feed. It is not difficult, remove the temptation of easy
food, and the bears will hopefully bother somebody else. The problem is that once you make it easy for a bear to get food
(as I have done) they WILL come back. Thus you must keep on your toes and not make it easy for them. I included a
bear prevention website below. Now the last word on bears, you can defend your property and pets from bears in New
Mexico. If your property or pets are in imminent danger from a bear, you can legally kill the bear, which is not something
to be taken lightly. If you have a problem with a bear, contact New Mexico Game and Fish first, the board wants to
know about problem bears, but just like crime, Game and Fish needs to know. I’ve included the contact information for
the Game Warden for this area below. If you have any game and fish related problems or general questions, please call
him. With that said, I like bears so lets help them stay away from us and keep them and our stuff safe.

Game Warden Josh David                                            (575) 644-2126
Catron County Sheriff Shawn Menges                                (575) 533-6222
George Lee, Director/WHR Security Committee Chairman              (575) 772-2923

Web site Information
Burglary Information                 
Construction Site Theft Information  
Bear Information                     

Water Well's Committee, George Lee, Chair
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                                                                         Wild Horse Talk – November 2008
Phase III pump house has been taken down. It will be moved when needed elsewhere. The LLC attorney stated on a
telephone message he will be providing the title of Buck Well to WHRLA. A second community well will be established
there after the title is received.

There is a State Law that commercial wells have to be metered. Our Community Well falls under that category. We are
looking into purchasing water regulating meters.

Wild Horse Ranch Roads Committee, Richard McGuire, Chair
We need your help to identify areas that need repair – we cannot fix problems we don’t know about. If you see a road
that needs grading or other repair, contact us at or call 575-772-2925 to leave a message, including the
road name and closest lot number if known. We will then assess the area and submit to the Board for action. Thanks for
helping us keep a watch on the road conditions.

Wild Horse Ranch Landowners Association’s Web Site
This valuable landowners’ resource is dedicated to providing news and information that will keep all landowners up to
date with Wild Horse Ranch. If you would like your e-mail address included in that group, send a note to Our Webmasters continue to post any Wild Horse related photographs and videos you might want
to share with fellow landowners. If you have anything you would like to have added to the site, forward via e-mail to the
admin address. The concept of the community classifieds is that the website belongs to WHRLA members. Bill says he’ll
put most anything on this page – and it’s free – and leave it there until the page fills or you ask him to remove it. Note
that third party companies will not be advertised. Note: Placing and ad in Wild Horse Talk costs $10.00 for the year. If
interested in this, contact the Secretary, Virginia Lee.


In October, Richard stated he was called regarding shots fired. He investigated and found some hunters
who illegally shot a cow elk by Silverspur and the County Road. He got a description of the vehicle and
their license plate, then called it in to Game and Fish. He followed the vehicle until it got stuck in the mud.
A Game and Fish warden came out and intercepted the hunters shortly thereafter.

                WHRLA Board of Directors                             July 2008 – July 2009
                                                                                                                  Page 46
                                                   Wild Horse Talk – November 2008
Richard McGuire, President   Phone 575.772.2909 Home - WHR
Chair, Roads Committee       E-mail: trail
                             Mail:   HC65 Box 65, Pie Town, NM 87827
                             WHR:     Phase I

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Wild Horse Talk – November 2008

                         Page 66
                                                         Wild Horse Talk – November 2008
Jack Bauer, Vice President       Phone:  575.772.2748 Home – WHR
Chair, Architectural Committee           520.366.5463 Home – AZ
                                          520.458.2800 Office
and                              E-mail: Jan
Jan Bauer, Director              Mail:    9988 S. Magic Collie Ln, Hereford, AZ 85615
                                 WHR:     Phase II

Alice Ann Lenzini, Treasurer     Phone     520.529-9387
and                              Mail:     6700 N. Ave De Las Palazas
Marty Lenzini, Director                    Tucson, AZ 85750
Chair, EMS Committee             WHR:       Phase IV

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Wild Horse Talk – November 2008

                         Page 86
                                                         Wild Horse Talk – November 2008
Virginia Lee, Secretary          Phone     575.772-2923 Home – WHR
                                 E-mail: (Virginia)
and                               (George)
George Lee, Director             Mail:      HC 65 Box 190, 258 Vaquero Rd,
Chair, Wells & Water Committee             Pie Town, NM 87827
Security Committee               WHR:       Phase II

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Wild Horse Talk – November 2008

                        Page 106
                                          Wild Horse Talk – November 2008
Dorothy Twarowski   Phone:   575-772-2745 home/fax phone
                             520-869-1758 cell phone
Director                     E-mail:
                    Mail:    HC 65 Box 192, Pie Town, NM 87827
                    WHR:      Phase I

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Wild Horse Talk – November 2008

                        Page 126
                                                                    Wild Horse Talk – November 2008

Other Information
      Wild Horse Ranch                                      Wild Horse Volunteer Fire
  Landowners’ Association                                         Department
              HC 65 Box 75                                 
          Pie Town, NM 87827                                        Office: (575) 772-2610
             (575) 772- 2925
                                         Emergencies: Dial 911

              HALLMARK MORTGAGE                                    Wild horse
                    PURCHASE                                      construction
                  CONSTRUCTION                                        New Mexico Licensed
                    REFINANCE                                          Contractor #354816
            Call Jack Bauer – a phase II                                Phase 5 Resident
                    homeowner                                             Joshua Hertel
             Main Office: 520.458.2800                                 Accepting Projects
              Wild Horse: 575.772.2748

             Glynn Buffkin                                       T & T Marble and Tile Inc
          General Construction                                     Tile, Stone, Wood etc
          Phone: 575.772.2984                                   John & Dorothy Twarowski
                 Decks                                                 Phase 1 Lot 29
              Pole Barns                                                575-772-274

                                                          THE PONDEROSA LODGE @ WILD HORSE
    Peggy Loyd Photography                                         Two Rental Cabins on lot 8, phase I,
           Majestic Panoramas of New Mexico                      next to the Day Tank Community Area
Custom Photographs of Your Property or Anything Else!   THE OAK CABIN = 1900 square feet,
            Visit Us at 462 Toms Trail, WHR             sleeps up to 12 people, 1-3/4 baths
                      575-772-2792                      $200 per day, $1200 per week, $4000 per month
We use Professional Landscape cameras and lenses, and   THE ACORN CABIN = 700 square feet,
 Print large format up to 40” X 84” on Canvas or Fine   sleeps up to 6 people, ¾ bath
                         Art Paper                      $100 per day, $600 per week, $2000 per month
           Please see examples of our work at           For availability and additional information, contact
                        Sharon or Dave Hanneman
       contact:                                 520-296-9236 (in Tucson)
                                                                      575-772-2584 (at Wild Horse)
           Ag Country Propane
           Now Serving Pie Town                                        CSF SERVICES
      Tank Leasing
                                                                                                         Page 136
                                             Wild Horse Talk – November 2008
   Full-Service Technician               BACKHOE WORK
   Commerical Rates                   
   Customer Service #1                   CONSTRUCTION
   Locally Owner & Friendly Service   
        Jimbo and Traci Williams          LOT CLEARING
     575.773.4111 or 505.238.4656      
    3553 Highway 60, Quemado, NM          EXCAVATION
                                                CHRIS FUTHEY
                                               PHONE: 575.772.2980

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