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ALFING Automotive Crankshafts


                                                        ALFING KESSLER GMBH

                                                        AUTOMOTIVE CRANKSHAFTS
                                                        LARGE CRANKSHAFTS

ALFING Automotive Crankshafts
                                                        HARDENING EQUIPMENT

                   Crankshafts for series production,
                               sports and Formula 1

                   PASSION FOR PERFORMANCE
    Crankshafts: That‘s our business!

                                                       Karl Kessler on the 25th anniversary
                                                     of the company in 1936

                                                     „As an engineer I travelled to different coun-
    With the ambitious aim „... of developing                                                         In the beginning, large crankshafts were        We are experts in the manufacture and harde-
                                                     tries in Europe and North America and I be-      ALFING‘s main focus:                            ning of crankshafts for automotive, racing and
    and manufacturing more robust and wear
    resistant crankshafts ...“, Karl Kessler foun-   came aware that a high-quality product such                                                      large engines for almost every conceivable
                                                                                                      For example the aircraft engines in the Zep-
    ded his own company in 1911.                     as an internal combustion engine crankshaft                                                      application and major engine manufacturer
                                                                                                      pelin airships made ALFING‘s name known
    This remains our ambition still today.           would be a suitable product for manufacture      all over the world.
                                                                                                                                                      ALFING is the partner for its customers‘
    In the meantime the company is a leader in       in my German homeland. With this in mind I       As early as 1932 ALFING became closely in-
                                                                                                                                                      crankshafts over the entire life of the engine:
    technology and with over 1350 employees          returned from North America.“                    volved in car racing:
    one of the largest independent specialist                                                         6 cylinders, 300 HP and more than 235 km/h.     From planning, optimisation, project manage-
    manufacturers of high-quality crankshafts                                                         > Mercedes-Benz SSKL                            ment, process development, logistics, quality
    and induction hardening machines world-                                                           > Auto-Union                                    assurance, material procurement, forging,
    wide.                                            Crankshafts for more power                       ... and others were soon to follow.             heat treatment, mechanical machining,
                                                                                                                                                      surface treatment, assembly, testing through
    But that‘s not all.                                                                               And in their engines:
                                                                                                                                                      to after-sales service and support.
    We are continuing to expand.                                                                      The world‘s first racing crankshafts ...
                                                                                                                                                      This is how we have become global market
    With crankshafts ranging from 300 to 8000                                                                                  ... from ALFING.
                                                                                                                                                      leader in high-performance crankshafts and
    mm in length, ALFING covers a very wide
                                                                                                      Ever since, one can hardly think of car engi-   hardening equipment.
    engine spectrum.
                                                                                                      nes without thinking of ALFING crankshafts.


                                                                                                                                                      Karl Kessler                Auguste Kessler
                             At home in engines
                                                                                         ALFING KESSLER GMBH

                                                                                         AUTOMOTIVE CRANKSHAFTS
                                                                                         LARGE CRANKSHAFTS
                                                                                         HARDENING EQUIPMENT

   History of the
  Maschinenfabrik ALFING Kessler

1911   Founding of the Maschinenfabrik ALFING Kessler GmbH by Karl Kessler (1880-1946)
1913   Delivery of the first case-hardened crankshafts
1932   Focus on the production of crankshafts for aircraft engines for airships
       and transport planes
1935   Establishment of the special-purpose forge for crankshaft forgings
1946   Death of company founder Karl Kessler
1947   Auguste Kessler takes charge of the company
1951   Manufacture of the one millionth crankshaft
1952   First induction hardening machine for crankshafts
1960   Death of Auguste Kessler
1970   New production shops for large crankshafts
1990   Expansion of the production facilities for automotive crankshafts
1995   Establishment of a separate production department for motor sports and
       prototype crankshafts
2003   Reorganisation and targeted market segmentation of the company
2004   Expansion of automotive crankshaft production
2005   Expansion of large crankshaft production
2006   Manufacture of the seven millionth crankshaft
2007   ALFING again invests in further expansion of crankshaft manufacture

    Whatever the make of the engine ...
    ALFING is usually inside

    Energy and mobility are fundamental cor-       The continuously increasing demand for       Whether powerful diesels for Sports Utility
    nerstones of business and the economy.         greater engine performance and efficiency    Vehicles (SUV), high-speed engines for
                                                   calls for higher performance components –    Formula 1, stationary engines for power
                                                   starting with the crankshaft.                generation or ship diesels:
    This calls for high-performance engines on
                                                   That is why ALFING has become a specialist   „Optimal continuous power“ is what our
    land, on sea and in the air.
                                                   in the surface treatment of crankshafts to   customers demand from their crankshafts.
    And high-performance crankshafts ...           increase performance.
                                                                                                To achieve this we offer:
                             ... that‘s our job.
                                                                                                > development support
                                                                                                > process reliability
                                                                                                > high-quality manufacturing
                                                                                                > fatigue strength
                                                                                                > low wear
                                                                                                > performance enhancement ...
                                                                                                ... because that‘s what our customers

                  ALFING KESSLER GMBH

                  LARGE CRANKSHAFTS

Partner ...
                  HARDENING EQUIPMENT

  … for perfect

    Crankshafts: That‘s what we know about

                                                                     LARGE CRANKSHAFTS

    Almost from the beginning of motoring,
    Karl Kessler was involved in the manufac-       Manufacture of large crankshafts ready for   Development and production of
    ture of crankshafts.                            assembly.                                    induction hardening equipment.
    This is what ALFING‘s almost one hundred        Lengths up to approx.            8000 mm     Lengths
    years of experience is based on.                Swing diameter up to approx.     900 mm      up to approx.     1500 mm
    And from where all our fields of activity and   Performance up to approx.        12 000 kW   Cylinders up to   24
    divisions have developed.                       Speeds up to approx.             3000 rpm    Engine types      In-line engines
                                                                                                                   V-engines (with or
                                                                                                                   without split-pins)
                                                    Our core competences:                                          boxer engines
                                                    Technological development, project and
                                                    quality management and logistics.            Our core competences:
                                                    One-off and series production.               Individual and modular machine concepts.
                                                    Forging and heat treatment of crankshafts.   Design and integration of hardening equip-
                                                                                                 ment in the customer‘s production line.
                                                    Rough machining, surface treatment, finish
                                                    machining, manufacture of accessories and    Consequent application of ALFING‘s harde-
                                                    crankshaft assembly.                         ning experience gained in our own crank-
                                                                                                 shaft production to customer‘s productions.
                                                                                                 Fastest hardening process technology in
                                                    From project planning …                      the world.
                                                    … to crankshafts ready to install.
                                                                                                 Hardening machines based on
                                                                                                 modular machine components

                                               Competence   MASCHINENFABRIK
                                                            ALFING KESSLER GMBH

                                                            AUTOMOTIVE CRANKSHAFTS
                  CRANKSHAFTS                               LARGE CRANKSHAFTS
                  DIVISION                                  HARDENING EQUIPMENT

Manufacture of crankshafts ready to install
in automotive and industrial engines.
Lengths up to approx.     1000 mm
Performance up to approx. 850 kW
Speeds up to approx.      20 000 rpm

Our core competences:
Technological development,
project and quality manage-
ment and logistics.
All the necessary
manufacturing processes,
perfect surface treatment
and mounting of auxiliary components ready
for installation of the crankshaft.

From prototype to series manufacture ...
... all on one site.

    Overall competence is our strength

    OVERALL COMPETENCE is written large at
    ALFING and means:
    One partner ... from the customer require-
    ment, to process development, to delivery                                                                                                                                Component testing:
    of the crankshafts ready to be installed.                                                                                         Prototype                               fatigue strength,
                                                                                                                                     manufacture                              torsion, bending
                                                                                              Material testing
    OVERALL COMPETENCE is also synonymous
                                                        Process development
    with: highly skilled personnel.
                                                            for increased

                                                                            SIMULTANEOUS ENGINEERING
    This is why ALFING places great emphasis
    on having well trained personnel through                              Customer drawing
    its own apprentice training workshops and                               Specification,
    systematic personnel development.                                         Functional
                                                                                                                                                     Just-in-time delivery
                                                                                                                                                                                              Residual d

                                                              ALFING COMPETENCE: More than „just crankshafts“
                                                              Within the scope of ‚Simultaneous Engi-      Needless to say we are experts in the     Rough machining, surface treatment/
                                                              neering‘ together we can help optimise       whole logistics chain, process develop-   hardening, finish machining and as-
                                                              your crankshafts from the point of view of   ment, tool and jig design and of course   sembly ... ALFING offers you the whole
                                                              performance, cost and design.                the machining processes too:              value-added chain at a single site.

                                             All ...                                                                         MASCHINENFABRIK

                                                ... under one roof
                                                                                                                             ALFING KESSLER GMBH

                                                                                                                             AUTOMOTIVE CRANKSHAFTS


            Preparation of drawings,
              optimisation, design

                           MANUFACTURING PROCESS                                       Materials

                                                                                                           Rough machining

                                                                             Surface treatment
                                                                                & hardening

                                                   Finish machining
shing                             Assembly
dirt analysis                      QM/QS

                                                                      Crankshaft production at ALFING                                                 9
                                                                      using our own induction hardening machines
     Automotive Crankshafts
     The pillars of the division


     From prototype development via                Whether cast or forged crankshafts, one-          We provide optimal manufacturing facilities for   Thanks to our flexible manufacturing facili-
     pre-series production to series production,   off or large batch production, crankshafts        almost any batch sizes.                           ties, we are able to produce crankshafts in
     we are your confidential, reliable and        for combustion engines or pumps and                                                                 the smallest batch series – even one-offs –
                                                                                                     We offer our customers a dependable
     competent partner.                            compressors, for single cylinder or 16-cylinder                                                     for almost any kind of engine.
                                                                                                     crankshaft manufacturing process, assuring
                                                                                                     highly precise geometry and excellent surface
                                                   ALFING supports its customers with                finishes.                                         Such requirements often concern the la-
                                                   comprehensive expertise during the whole                                                            test engine developments with correspon-
                                                                                                     One of our outstanding qualities is ALFING‘s
                                                   development of a new engine.                                                                        dingly new demands on the crankshaft.
                                                                                                     versatility and know-how concerning surface
                                                                                                                                                       The overall crankshaft development pro-
                                                                                                     Here ALFING is able to offer all the well known
                                                                                                                                                       cess at ALFING is routinely carried out un-
                                                                                                     surface treatment processes ‚in-house‘.
                                                                                                                                                       der the utmost secrecy in isolated, access-
                                                                                                                                                       controlled departments.

                                                                                                                                                       Even top racing leagues such as
                                                                                                                                                       Formula 1, NASCAR and the DTM are
                                                                                                                                                       pleased to take advantage of our exper-
                                                                                                                                                       tise and our discretion.
                                                                                                                                                       We would be pleased to tell you more
                                                                                                                                                       in person – naturally in confidence.

                                                                                                                                                       AUTOMOTIVE CRANKSHAFTS: Comprehensiv

                                                 From prototypes
                                                    to series production
                                                                           ALFING KESSLER GMBH

                                                                           AUTOMOTIVE CRANKSHAFTS

                    SERIES AND                                   

  ALFING has various highly automated
  production lines for different series requi-
  On these we produce crankshafts ...
  completely finished, ready for installation
  and with all the accessories.
  We also have production lines designed
  for quantities exceeding 100 000 cranks-
  hafts of one type per year.
  Of course in consistent quality. This is
  maintained by our universal quality assu-
  rance process.
  Series and flexible manufacture at
  ALFING ... based on:
  > State-of-the-art manufacturing
  > State-of-the-art measurement
  > State-of-the-art measuring machines,
  > State-of-the-art testing laboratories.

ve range

     ALFING Automotive Crankshafts:

     Both in motor sports and in prototype        > CAD data transfer between all                 > Development of new processes to              > Test benches for fatigue strength,
     development, the demands as to flexibility     customer systems                                improve crankshaft performance                 torsion and bending
     and quality are on the increase.             > CAD & FEM simulation                          > Material testing & analysis, e.g. to         > Advice on materials & alternative
                                                  > CAD balancing analysis, e.g. concer-            investigate the effect of the different        materials.
     At the development stage of a new
                                                    ning lightening holes and web shapes            surface treatment processes                  > Advice on design, e.g. fillet radii of
     crankshaft, being able to draw on ALFING‘s
                                                                                                                                                   main & pin bearing, web shapes
     overall experience gives you a decisive
     competitive advantage.
                                                                         ENGINEERING                                 PRE- & INTERME-                                   SURFACE
     Every customer requirement can be taken                             LOGISTICS                                   DIATE MACHINING                                   TREATMENT
     into account here.

                                                    AUTOMOTIVE crankshafts: PROTOTYPE manufacture - the ultimate level in ALFING flexibility

                                                  Even where the customer has not yet got         Also for the required manufacturing            ALFING‘s support of its customers with
                                                  a forging, ALFING can still deliver the         processes, ALFING is able to test and          crankshafts over the whole development
                                                  finished crankshaft.                            optimise tools, cutters, etc. in cooperation   process of the new engine is
                                                  In this case we can make the blank from         with the customers.                            > highly competent
                                                  solid material – a so-called free-form shaft.                                                  > highly confidential
                                                                                                                                                 > very flexible
                                                                                                                                                 > and very fast
                                                            Want to build                MASCHINENFABRIK
                                                                                         ALFING KESSLER GMBH

                                                                a new engine?            AUTOMOTIVE CRANKSHAFTS


The results of customer‘s engine trials
usually need to be quickly implemented
in modified crankshafts. This not only calls
for great flexibility but also tight project
management with integrated logistics.

                     FINISH                                       ASSEMBLY

As soon as the customer has perfected          Should the customer wish to produce the
and tested his engine, we also support         crankshafts on his own production lines
him flexibly with the series production.       ... ALFING will provide the crankshafts
                                               required for start-up: appropriately
                                               machined for every stage in the process
                                               and for every station.
     ALFING Automotive Crankshafts:
     Series and flexible production

                                                                                                                ENGINEERING                        PRE- & INTERME-                        SURFACE
                                                                                                                LOGISTIK                           DIATE MACHINING                        TREATMENT

                                                                                                > Materials advice                    The cutting processes are carried   > Gas nitriding
                                                                                                > CAD alternatives                    out on our interlinked high-        > Gas nitro-carburising
                                                                                                > FEM simulation                      performance CNC machines:           > Radius rolling
                                                                                                > Preparation and testing of          > Turn-milling                      > Induction hardening and
                                                                                                  possible variants                   > Turn-broaching                      annealing
     Our customers are manufacturers of        The ability to produce batch sizes from
                                                                                                > Manufacturing and cost              > Drilling                          These are the surface treatment
     series and premium vehicles:              approx. 100 parts to over 100 000
                                                                                                  optimised design                    > Deep-hole drilling                processes most commonly
                                               crankshafts of each type per year ...
                                                                                                > Balancing analysis on a CAD model   > Internal/external                 requested by our customers.
                                                            ... those are our batch sizes.      > Development of procedures to          deburring
     High-quality series vehicles with high-                                                                                                                              For these processes, ALFING has
                                                                                                  increase performance                > Gear tooth forming
     performance engines.                                                                                                                                                 its own patented procedures.
                                                                                                > Validation of the results through   using the latest tool and cutting
     High-performance engines with high-       On our production lines we produce                 fatigue testing                     means technology.                   Especially in the case of induction
     performance crankshafts.                  crankshafts for all types of engine:                                                                                       hardening and annealing, ALFING
                                               from one to 16 cylinders ...                                                                                               can offer its customers practical
                                                                                                                                                                          experience gained over 50 years
                                                            ... and in a highly flexible way.                                                                             from its own hardening machine
                                                                                                                                                                          and inductor manufacture.

                                               To do this we need very efficient logistics:                                                                               No wish regarding increased
                                               from electronic requests via the whole                                                                                     performance and wear reduction
                                               development and production process                                                                                         is left open.
                                               chain to just-in-time delivery.

                                               Even customers who have not yet used
                                               our expertise for the development of
                                               their prototype crankshaft are pleased to
                                               take advantage of our optimisation and
                                               manufacturing know-how for their series
                                               production.                                       AUTOMOTIVE Crankshafts: The complete infrastructure ... you can depend on.

                                                                            Passion for   MASCHINENFABRIK
                                                                                          ALFING KESSLER GMBH

                                                                       Performance        AUTOMOTIVE CRANKSHAFTS


> Corundum grinding                 > Mounting of accessories
> CBN grinding                      > Final inspection
> Super-finishing                   > Classification according to
> Dynamic balancing                   measuring results
> Automatic washing machines        > Laser engraving
> Residual dirt analysis            > Preservation and packing

ALFING finish machining is highly   ALFING assembly is the final
automated, e.g. through the         step in the production process
use of robots and synchronised      from forging blank to the finish
conveyor systems.                   assembled crankshaft ready for

     No compromises ...
          … the basis of our success

                                                                                                       „Totale“         „Totale“
     Compliance with the standards             Our multi-layer quality system has proved its
                                               value in practice:                              Kurbelwellen-            Ku
                                                                                               „Total“ crankshaft competence
     ISO/TS 16949:2002 and                                                                          kompetenz           rbelwellenkompetenz
                                               > Quality planning
     DIN EN ISO 14001:2004                                                                     The world renowned ALFING           > CAD-FEM simulation of              So that you, too, can benefit
                                               > First part acceptance after each operation    competence is continually being       crankshaft                         from these developments, we
     has for many years assured that ALFING
     satisfies the highest quality and environ- > Constant self-testing by the operator        further expanded through our                                             offer you our „Competence“
                                                                                                                                   > Development of processes to
     mental demands.                                                                           „Basic Development“.                                                     as a service for crankshaft opti-
                                                > Quality assurance based on the inspection                                          increase crankshaft performance
     Furthermore our in-house testing and         plan                                         For this ALFING developers have       within the given available space
     laboratory technology satisfy the most > Final inspection of each individual              an extensive array of state-of-the-                                      Where necessary we can even
                                                                                                                                   > Material testing
     stringent customer requirements.                                                          art laboratory, measuring and test                                       develop special-purpose machi-
                                                  crankshaft                                   equipment at their disposal, lea-   > Trials for component strength      nes to implement the newly de-
     All necessary information can be engra-                                                   ding to patents which protect our     and component optimisation         veloped process in practice.
     ved on the crankshaft at the customer‘s                                                   know-how worldwide:
     request, e.g. in dot-matrix code.                                                                                             > Balancing analyses on the CAD
                                                                                                                                   > etc.

                                               ALFING‘s environmental policy commits the       Environmental protection at ALFING is an
                                               company to compliance with all environ-         integral part of management and is lived
                                               mental laws and regulations.                    out in practice. We demand environmental
                                                                                               awareness and commitment from all of our
                                               By proactively taking into account the ef-
                                               fects on the environment, ALFING aims to
                                                                                               To assure optimal environmental protection,
                                               avoid emissions and make economical use
                                                                                               our procedures are certified at regular inter-
                                               of energy resources.
                                                                                               vals by internal and external audits.
Technology assures …     MASCHINENFABRIK
                         ALFING KESSLER GMBH

         … our quality   AUTOMOTIVE CRANKSHAFTS


     What‘s in it for you?

                                                                                             This is what ALFING offers you

     Maximum performance, quality and            We incorporate the solutions to these   Solid tradition, modern management, decades of experience
     added value.                                challenges – in the form of research,
                                                                                         + Know-how about crankshaft technology
                                                 development, education & training,
     The high demands of our customers                                                   + Understanding of how engines are designed and work
                                                 technology and productivity ...
     keep us on our toes.
                                                                                         + Competence in crankshaft manufacture
                                                 ... into our daily work.
     This is where our leadership in innovati-                                           + Modern manufacturing technology
     on and quality results from.
                                                                                         + Perfect quality management
                                                                                         + Comprehensive project planning
     That is how it should be ...
                                                                                         + Know-how in materials technology
          ... because it is to your advantage.
                                                                                         + Increased engine performance through surface treatment
                                                                                         + Complete testing, measurement and laboratory technology
                                                                                         + Reliable processes, precise logistics
                                                                                         + Know-how about induction and hardening technology
                                                                                         + Modular components for hardening machines
                                                                                         + Services, hotline & support – around the clock
                                                                                         + On-going investment in production facilities
                                                                                         + Continuous further education and training
                                                                                         = Leading the field

                                                                                           Competence, technology, quality

Win-Win ...
  with crankshafts
                     ALFING KESSLER GMBH

                     AUTOMOTIVE CRANKSHAFTS

  from ALFING

Automotive Crankshafts Division
Auguste-Kessler-Strasse 20
73433 Aalen / Germany
Tel. +49 (0)7361 - 501-4411
Fax +49 (0)7361 - 501-4408

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